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*Game* This or That???


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Choose your preference of 2 options provided stating your reason for selecting your preference and then offer another "This or That" question for the next person to read the thread...


For example if I was asked...


Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese?


I would answer...


"Cream Cheese because Cottage Cheese makes me puke."


Then I would ask my "This or That" question...


And so it begins....


Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow?

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ah, well, it was a UK based question i suppose, if your not british you probobly wouldnt get it (ask shizo when he gets online, i'm willing to bet he says city!)


anyway, well, niether really, i live in a small village, but if i had to choose, suburbs, city too full of noise, smokey cars, etc...


skiing or boarding

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