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    • By Iverica
      The following thread contains the necessary format of forms for applications to both Member and Observer Status. Included also are the forms for withdrawal.
    • By Iverica
      Template is available here: [SAMPLE]
      Please leave your applications for ATARA below.
      ATARA Panel Members and those confirmed before this date (NOV 18, 2017) need not apply. Rather, leave a post with "APPLICATION FORM FOR DELEGATE" ONLY
    • By Iverica
      During this historic phase of our great founding, the interim leadership realised the need for some simple clarifications.
      The first elections for Chairperson will be among Panel Members only. Though this process may become more open in the future. Nomination for Flags and ATARA HQ will be up shortly. Note that all members and "Honourary" positions may vote for these items as they are essential "founding" symbols. This is the founding phase, thus voting for things like flag and HQ may have to be majority-based rather than consensus-based for the moment.  
      IMPORTANT: Once all founding elections and nominations are complete, ATARA will announce and host the official SIGNING CEREMONY at the new HQ (which presumably was built or prepared in advance. ALL accepted applicant delegates must be present or must provide a signing representative. If no representative is present, your application will be reviewed and membership postponed until the next round of applicants.
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