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NationStates: Policies

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I'm pleased to announce a new way for leaders to keep an eye on what their nations are up to: Policies!

It had come to my attention that sometimes leaders could find it challenging to recall exactly whether they had enacted capital punishment, or passed universal health care, or started burning witches, or whatever. You're busy people. You do a lot of stuff. And sometimes laws have unexpected consequences; for example, you might be cracking down on shady business practices and not notice that you've totally outlawed capitalism.

Now you can check! All nation pages now have a Policies icon linking to a new page that lists major policies currently in force in that nation.

In addition, when you answer an issue, you'll be told if that creates or cancels any major new policies.

Not every decision you make is recorded in this way, but it should allow you to more reliably track the big ones.

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These policy pages are weird. My nation is classified as a left-wing utopia. However, some of those policies seem to be anything but.Β https://www.nationstates.net/nation=orioni_2/detail=policies

  • Parental licensing
  • Corporal punishment
  • Conscription
  • No immigration

Secondly, I would be interested in seeing this develop one step further. An overview of leading policies per region. For example, if a majority (2/3 or 3/4) of residing nations supports the same policy, you could say this is a signature policy for the entire region. I'm going to share this idea and see what comes of it.

Also, I am glad to see this NS news bot is working well. :)Β This should keep us informed on what's going on with NS, with the possibility to comment. I just need to tweak the topic title to prevent some errors.

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