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Independence from the Hazadjin Caliphate

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It was February 1754. The wind was cool and nurturing. After years of planning a man stands tall his name is Mikhail Vodrussya Zhukonovich later to become the first Tsar of the new Hellenic Rus. He had been planning for 11 years how to successfully gain enough support, where to attack and how to bring stability to the new nation they will resurrect. First, he executed his plan to assassinate the governor of the Hazadjin controlled province of the Hellenic Rus. He planned to shoot him while he was inspecting his troops.

He gathered 2 assassins and distributed them to their places. As the governor was inspecting the cavalry he was shot two times. One shot entered his neck, paralyzing him, the other his spine which caused internal bleeding that would kill him 4 hours later. Now that the assassination was complete 50 men invaded and captured the armory and barracks in the cities of St Stylianos, Salonica and Novgorod. They then gathered 700 more men and invaded the political embassies and parliaments of the cities. Before the Hazadjin soldiers could react they were swiftly destroyed by Hellenic Russian rebels. Soon the then small cities of St Stylianos, Salonica and Novgorod were under rebel control.

(OOC I have to do the rest of this later. Im getting very tired)

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The rebels led by the Mikhail Vodrussya Zhukonovich were tasked with one of the most important mission of the revolution, "Expand and Trap". Expand and Trap was a slogan that mean take over territory and trap it within the Hellenic Russian Iron Defence so that the Caliphate shall never take it back. Rapidly the rebels started to expand their borders and soon invaded and took over Novgorod and Sofia. They were soon occupying the area of Sparta. However the Hazadjin Caliphate were amassing their cavalry and hussars to ambush the rebels. Their first cavalry brigade came thrashing down with swords and pikes to skewer the rebels.

The Caliphates cavalry then regained a defensive position while the other reserved Hussars continues this procedure. After the mainly shattered remains of the rebel force were trying to recover a handful caught on to this strategy and pulled their clockwork and rusty muskets and fired on the Hussars. The Hazadjin Caliphate had underestimated their foes and believed that they did not have any military training. The Hussars fled the scene, scattered, leaving only the cavalry to fend for themselves. The Cavalry prepared for another charge at the Hellenic Russian rebels but were being struck down from shots coming from the town of Sparta. It seemed that the Hellenic Russian citizens had taken control of the city themselves and are aiding the rebels in battle. 

These citizens were led by a monk called Strylios Papandreas who would later become the first religious leader of the Theocracy. Mikhail Zhukonovich would later use the monk's ingenious military strategy in later conquests to regain Hellenic Russian territory. However another problem arose, The Hazadjin Caliphate requested to nations to help them retake territory from these "terrorists".

Mikhail Zhukonovich now Tsar of the Hellenic Rus requested that the Hellenic Rus be recognised as a country and allowed to keep the lands they have taken to fulfil their dream of becoming the glorious Hellenic Rus once again. 

(OOC. This is now any nations time to recognise or support the Hellenic Rus and have an impact in Hellenic Russian History. This in turn could shape alliances in the future as the Hellenic Rus will be grateful to those who had helped them in the past and hateful to those who had tried to destroy them.)

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