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Hellenic Rus's War on Terror

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It is nighttime in the Hellenic Rus. Outside in the Royal Court's balcony is the Tsar, Nikolai Zhukov. He is about to send a telegram but first has just thought about something grim. All the lives that have been lost due to the Circle of Death's regime. No more will that terror reach the Hellenic Rus.

The Telegram will be sent to all nations of Argis. It reads

"To all fellow nations. As Tsar and protector of my nation, the Hellenic Rus, I believe I have the same values of any other nation. Protect our People.

In order to uphold this value, I sense we all have a common enemy, the terrorist group known as the Circle of Death. For too long these fiends have killed my people, destroyed public property and disgraced our country. No more will those memories become reality as I plan to destroy this terrorist organisation once an for all!

However, there have been many sightings and activities of this Terrorist group outside of the Hellenic Rus most notably in @Prymont , @The Eurofuhrer , @Girkmand and @Ahrana ."

To you all, I say this. Join my armies and police forces and crack down on these terrorist members. Together we could defeat these barbarians.

 And to those who support these terrorists, the Hellenic Rus will not hesitate to declare war or sanction any nation who supports them.

Have mercy on my people, nations of Argis. Help us rid of the threat that danger the future children of the Hellenic Rus."

The Tsar had finally broadcasted the telegram to all nations of Argis and even forwarded it to Europa hoping they would aid in the war against terror. The Tsar waits for news from the other nations.

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 It grieves me to hear of these senseless murders. Your people and government have our sympathies. Rest assured that The Republic of Iverica will do its utmost to extradite any member of the "Circle of Death" (Homeland Security Office designation: "CoD") detained within our borders after interrogation and investigation by our own authorities. Our Homeland Security Office has classified this group as a terrorist organisation and as such, is now placed on relevant watchlists. Our patrol units around the Argic Ocean, Mediargic Sea, and eastern borders have been notified and will assume relevant posture. Should intelligence concerning CoD operations in your area be received by our authorities, rest assured that we shall inform you the soonest. Should it suit your position, we are prepared to send a government representative to keep constant channels with your administration.




Franso E. Deitorr,

Primo, L'República Iverica   




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As seen on Dina Diva Uncut


World's Greatest Diva Dina Diva posing with lesser divas


During the weekly 'Beach Afterparty' in the Pink Pony nightclub, usually held in the night of Saturday upon Sunday but now held earlier in recognition of King Gustov XVII, Dina Diva had the time to go into a deeper discussion. One fueled by drinks, lobbying by the arms industry and word of terrorists running a rampage in other, non-Variotan, nations. Just after downing five shots of high-quality caramel vodka, Dina Diva was quick to provide her unique and most important opinion as World's Greatest Diva and Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke of Het Huisselant Variota in regards to the Circle of Death terrorist group, which is rumored to rampage around the poorly-defended nation of Hellenic Rus.

''Well, you know, you never know what to believe nowadays seeing as there's fake news popping up everywhere all the time. Take D-Tour for example, he's Primo of Iverica you know. I mean, he just had to tell people that he's not some molesting animal! Come oooon people, what do you think? Like he'd ever let such a story come out, I mean, he leads a nation like me and let's face it, we have power. Of course, I have more because I'm f*cking inspirational to an entire bloody generation. Beyond a generation even, like the entire world is inspired by my journey and life and just generally me-ness. And why not? I mean, I'm awesome!

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oooh yeah, those Circle of Death guys. Like, honestly, I think it's really bad when a nation doesn't defend it's citizens or let them defend themselves. I mean, I remember the first guy I ever knocked out. I think it was in like... Somewhere. The guy tried to steal my purse, wanted to run off with it. Tough luck for him because I'm like really stretchy and limber and know how to walk and run in plateau boots. I still remember his face when I broke his nose with my high kick, the guy was like totally shocked! He even had the nerve to call me, ME, a b*tch! Like, what the hell bruv? Bruv, Guv, Bruv, Guv, haha. Where is Guv? I saw him downing a drink, I think but yeah... Like, I think, like, he had his uniform still on but like, this club is really hot because it's like filled to the brim with all these hot adult actors and actresses and it's also temperature-wise hot because, yeah, it's the Beach Afterparty. I just hope he survives a binger like this, you know?

Back to those terrorists, like, it's terrible. I'm sure we can set something up to get like, some Hellenic Rus citizens here. I mean, I'm sure they'll be glad to escape the cold. I never like the cold, it makes all the important things shrink you know. Makes it hard to estimate a guy's package, you know? Of course you know. But like, yeah. Let's get some refugees here, I love refugees! They're so cute and helpless!''

At this point, Dina Diva is handed a paper with a script on it by her crew, given to them by Varinco lobbyists.

''Oh yeah, I need to say this! Okay, time to get into my actor greatness, channel the Actor Diva and all that. Let's see... Oh yeah, I can do this like no problem.

To our friends in Hellenic Rus. We in Variota and Varinco, Varinco - The Proper Choice, feel the pain that your people feel and we feel that they would be much better protected with weapons from the finest manufacturer in the entire world. In order to prove to the world that Variota and Varinco are serious about protection and peace, we're willing to offer a twenty-percent discount! Please note that this discount does not work on transportation costs and only on orders larger than one-million Waarttemun, up to a discount value of one-hundred million Waarttemun. We're serious about protection and peace but also about profit, which still needs to be made. To get this discount, just log into your Varinco account and when checking out, fill in discount code DINADIVA20. Remember, Varinco is here to help you help yourself!

Well, like, I think that's a really great offer. Like, but, like, does this discount code work for everyone? I mean, I guess it could, like, be used by those Circle of Destiny... Desire? Oh, Destruction. Circle of Destruction guys to buy weapons too, right? Like, I know shopping and I know discounts so unless they made that an aimed discount... Oh well, anyone who's watching and that's looking to buy like an army's worth of weapons, just try DINADIVA20 when checking out at Varinco. If it works though, you owe me a shot or two! Or three, you know, I'm not picky. I'm not going to go 'Noooo, don't buy me that'. Anyone want to buy me anything? Just do it, like, yeah. I love getting things for free.''

Dina Diva is then seen doing body shots off of 'Hot Henk' Kolewasser, her good friend and well-known adult actor, while a crowd cheers her on. A refugee program aiming to import Hellenic Rus citizens to Variota will be set up soon, to allow those that feel like they have been terrorized too much and pass certain standards set by Dina Diva to come to Het Huisselant.

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OOC. Guys I f*cked up. Due to my stupidity and lack of communication to the other nations mentioned in the role play I may have to resort to scrapping this role play. I am sorry for my lack of communication and for my stupidity as an individual. Hopefully I do not do the same mistake again.

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To: Tsar Nikolai Zhukov

From: Boris Herjavec, Minister of Foreign Affairs


Our country’s first priority is to always protect our citizens’ wellbeing. We thank you for taking an urgent matter on this serious issue. The Circle of Death organization is a ruthless cult, that seems to be dedicated to destruction and killing by any means possible. We have immediately taken on the tough task of neutralizing these radicalized terrorists. All intelligence that our agencies receive and discover will be immediately forwarded to you, @Iverica, and @Variota. Our intelligence agencies have been put on very high alert. These terrorists are blindly killing innocent people, and we need to conquer this threat. We hope we can tackle these terrorists together with unity and diplomacy among our civilized countries.

With thanks,

Boris Herjavec, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Imperial Foreign Relations Bureau

To: Tsar Nikolai Zhukov


The Emperor have been reviewing your demand and decided that Astriedan would help the Hellenic Rus and all other countries fighting against the Circle of Death as he thinks this organization is likely to become a threat to all of Argis if it's not destroyed quickly.

Our contribution will be the following:


-The Imperial External Security Bureau (IESB) and the Imperial Internal Security Bureau (IISB) will share all inteligence gathered about the Circle of Death, its members and its operations.

-The IISB will arrest and interrogate all astriedanians that are confirmed members of the Circle of Death.


Further contribution such as military interventions and/or relief effort may be added to this list if the situation worsen on any part of Argis.


May our cooperation eliminate this threat,

Legislator Julian Merter of the Imperial Foreign Relations Bureau


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OOC: (copypasta from the RMB) @The Hellenic Rus I remember you and @Variota arguing that and I agree with Daddy Variota, you don't have to scrap it. Yes, you should have asked first before planting terrorists in multiple nations, but we went along with it and it seems like players have accepted this RP. It's cool, dude. I mean, Variota already started producing anti-terrorist bazookas, so you're fine, no need to scrap anything.

Also, you might want to think about creating an OOC discussion thread about this.

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Image result for scandinavian empire coat of armsDesk of His Imperial Majesty, King of Ahrana

Tsar Nikolai Zhukov,


With the recent Civil War coming to an end and the announcement of my first ever State Visits across the world I must say this; in Ahrana an act of terrorism is met with the same force as was given at the start. With the harsh laws in the Kingdom classifying any act that harms a Civilian or Politician an act of sedition. Plus any person who slanders the Monarchy and the Royal Household are sentenced to the most lawful punishment allotted by law. I assure you that we side no with the Illegal Activities of these terrorist but we remain neutral in all foreign affairs no matter the case, this is a precedent set by the Kings and Queens before me and it is a scared law I must uphold as is my duty to the people. I however will give you my word that if any terrorist is found they can be extradited to you country after facing the Ahranaian Law. Also as a gesture of peace your Investigation and Police forces will be permitted to enter Ahranaian Lands after being approved to operate only in apprehending Terrorist after their Trial. If the Parliament, Judicial, and Presidiums can be persuaded you can see Ahranaian support in the forms of 1 Federal Police Battalion and 40 Federal Agents placed under your governments command for the duration of the operation.  I hope you understand what I must do as we are a Kingdom of Tradition, Peace and Law.


With regards and respect,

Gustov Alexander Nichilia Chayka

Густав Александр Николаевич Чайка

(Monarch of the Kingdom of Ahrana)

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As the Tsar walks into the Royal court he is already greeted by the news that some allies came to help. "This is great news, soon those barbarians will all be destroyed". Suddenly someone rushed into the royal court and shouted "there shall be no life in the Hellenic Rus. ONLY DEATH". He then fired three shots. The Tsar fell down, he wasn't moving. Immediately the assassin was mowed down.

The Tsar was sent to a hospital. Luckily he survived but now due to the disorder the city of Kos was taken over by the terrorists. This does not look good for the Hellenic Rus.

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To: Tsar Nikolai Zhukov

From: Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Tommy Howitzer

Tsar Nikolai Zhukov,

The international community is collectively shocked and appalled at the actions perpetrated by the group calling themselves the Circle of Death.

We cannot allow such ignoble people to direct our way of life by committing such abhorrent acts of violence. Be assured that we will use any means necessary to aid your efforts in combating this grave security threat both domestically and abroad; the relevant civil agencies will be notified and any information pertaining to this group will be at the disposal of your authorities.

We extend our hand as a sign of good will, trust and co-operation.

-Tommy Howitzer

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As the Tsar was recovering the police force and armed forces began mobilizing to enter the territory of Ahrana. This was going to be a full scale invasion against the terrorists. One by one they stormed abandoned military bases and even slums that were housing the terrorists. One by one about 30 members were taken back to the Hellenic Rus to be executed.

After hearing that troops were coming to their aid, The Chief of the Hellenic Russian Military, Mihalies Poutokathis suggested to the foreign forces to attack the city of Kos as it is over run by these terrorists. The Hellenic Rus waits for a reply.

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As the Tsars troops approached the border of the Kingdom and planned on entering the Kingdom while disrespecting the Neutrality of the Kingdom as was stated by the King. The Military Officers not in the Privy, Legislative, Judicial, and Military Council of the Monarch marched in the Palace running to the Central Room of the Palace. Once they reached the room they stated that the neutrality of the Ahranaian Kingdom was about to be violated by the Troops of the Tsar and that something needed to be done. The King was in the debate with the Councils on whether to join in the operation or stay neutral and allow only One Battalion of the troops in but must be headed with one Ahranaian Military Officer in order to respect the Neutrality of the Kingdom.

"Generals, get the local Battalions in Tata ready for the Tsar troops they will be gaining one foreign battalion from the Tsars Military. We will allow them to have reign over the 25th Tata Ahranaian Army Battalion with two Hellenic Rus Generals plus two Ahranaian Generals. I will not accept any Civilian casualties created by the Military force and the Ahranaian Intelligence Service will be providing all Intelligence to the group no one else. When they enter the border please stop them and inform them on the decision and be sure to tell them that nothing else will go and if it is not agreed then it will be seen as an attempt to violate the Neutrality of the Ahranaian Kingdom."

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The general of the troops that were entering the border stated that the announcement had previously stated that "Also as a gesture of peace your Investigation and Police forces will be permitted to enter Ahranaian Lands after being approved to operate only in apprehending Terrorist after their Trial." This meant that Hellenic Rus tactical troops can arrest the terrorists, take them back to the Hellenic Rus and trial them their.

However if this is to "disrespect" your kingdom neutrality we must find another way to convict these terrorists. Anyone who has show allegiance to the Circle of Death is sentenced to death by firing squad in the Hellenic Rus.

Meanwhile in the territory of Kos troops have invaded the north east region of the city but have since been resisted fiercely by the Circle of Death's use of firebombing. This will be a perilous invasion and recapture of Kos.

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In order for any other Foreign Entity to arrest any terrorist in the Kingdom of Ahrana it will be after the Ahranaian Government has convicted and tried them under the Ahranaian Code of Laws. After which any Foreign Entity Government may lay claim to the Terrorist. 

However, concerning the recent actions all Ahranaian Borders will be closed with only three open Check points, no Military Personal will be allowed in. Only one Police Brigade from each involved Country may pass through the Check points and report to the Ahranaian Federal Police HQ to receive all intel. After which they will be allowed to conduct investigations vi partnership with the Ahranaian Imperial Intelligence Force (AIIF=FBI). Within the Kingdom travel to each Province will have Check Points and all Documentations for everyone (Civilians etc) will have to be shown to the Guards at the Points. Ahrana is willing to cooperate only if the Statute of Peace and the Laws are followed. This is the only loophole and it must be followed to the Point. 

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The Hellenic Rus understands and accepts all demands from the Kingdom of Ahrana. The Tsar (now recovered) apologizes for the illegal entry of Hellenic Russian forces to convict the criminals.

The Circle of Death has struck again when they had killed 11 personal at the Hellenic Rus's most northern military outpost. Things in Kos are doing well and most of the Circle of Deaths leaders are dead. This may be the end for the Circle of Death in the Hellenic Rus.

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(OOC: @The Hellenic Rus would you be able to hop on the Discord sometime soon to discuss this RP? It seems like you're moving it along fairly quickly and are achieving your aims in an unrealistically short period of time. If you were available we could discuss the future of this scenario as a community and see where the involved parties want to take it.)

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The Tsar was admitted back into hospital as he was fading in and out from reality. Due to his month absence, as decreed by the Tsar, his son Kosta Molotov Zhukov has taken control of the Hellenic Rus for the time being. Tsar Kosta has understood that the victories in Kos were just failures as the terrorists were regrouping to attack the forces in Kos again.

This was true as a brigade in Kos were attacked and wiped out with fire bombings and blitzkrieg strategies. They soon had retaken the north east and north west part of Kos yet again with only a few soldiers guarding north Kos. The Tsar had mobilised the Hellenic Russian Terror Iron Fist (HRTIF) which will be on petrol in the area. Their order: Kill all terrorists.


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To: Tsar Kosta Molotov Zhukov of The Hellenic Rus, and Gustov Alexander Nichilia Chayka, Monarch of the Kingdom of Ahrana

From: George Duval, President of the United States of Prymont


Firstly, on behalf of the entirety of the United States of Prymont, I deeply, sincerely apologise for our lack of a sooner response. The United States understands clearly the imminent threat that the terrorist organisation, the Circle of Death, poses to the local Argis community, and sympathises with the suffering it has caused @The Hellenic Rus thus far. Unfortunately, the United States has recently refinanced our military, and has not been in a strategically sound position to respond until now. 

I am pleased to announce that the United States of Prymont's Ground Force has formed the National Protection Unit, a specialised league of soldiers who were pulled together after the threats of the Circle of Death became widespread. The United States' National Surveillance & Intelligence Force has also been investigating leads within Prymont to identify and eliminate members of the Circle of Death. The United States are more than happy to share any documents we have gathered so far with The Hellenic Rus on those we have identified to search for common traits and to identify future potential suspects.

To prevent the terror attacks from becoming a serious level threat in the United States, and to further identify the origins of members of the Circle of Death, the United States of Prymont have made the decision to form a naval blockade at the mouth of the Canamo Sea, in line with our own Horizon Island. Incoming ships to the United States of Prymont, The Hellenic Rus, and the Kingdom of @Ahrana will be boarded by officers of the United States of Prymont's Navy to carry out a preliminary search. If the vessel fails this search, it will be sent back to its country of origin. If passed, the vessel will be escorted to a military port in Canastota, where the cargo will undergo a more thorough search. If this search is also clean, the vessel will be permitted to continue to its final destination. If any potential Circle of Death members, or fugitives, are found, they will be detained for questioning, with their information being shared to all related parties. 

I understand that this may cause some inconvenience for your countries, but I equally hope that you understand this is in the best interests of national and international security. The United States of Prymont are fully devoted to fighting the war on terror, and will go to any lengths to eliminate the Circle of Death from our neighbourhood.

Yours sincerely,

George Duval
President of the United States of Prymont


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The Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs

Het Kantor fan Buitenlant Tieplomatiek fan Het Huisselant Variota

The Foreign Diplomacy Department of Het Huisselant Variota

''Fan Lant tot Lant, gepraat met gesont verstant"

''From Nation to Nation, talks with common sense"

Het Huisselant Variota wishes to congratulate and praise the government of the United States of @Prymont for their level-headed no-nonsense approach towards rooting out the deep evil known among the world as terrorism. It is clear that the Circle of Death consists of nothing but humans who have strayed from the path of progress, peace and prosperity and have strayed so far that they seek to snuff out these and other morals and goals that we, being the free world, hold so dear. With the death toll and destruction that they have ensured during their activities, there can be no doubt in anyone's mind that we are dealing here with people that maintain nothing less than the most vilest of ideals.

While the approach taken by the Prymontian government may provide some inconvenience to other nations that operate maritime vessels on the Canamo Sea, we at Het Huisselant are sure that none of these entities would wish for these vile examples of darkness and despair in the world to escape and become able to terrorize the rest of the world or enable them to flee and come back with additional strength. As Het Huisselant knows the government of the United States of Prymont to be nothing less than completely honorable, we believe these actions have been done with only the best intentions in mind and with only the best result towards the complete and utter destruction of the Circle of Death in mind.

As it stands, Het Huisselant has been doing it's own things and operations to ensure that the Circle of Death is snuffed out in a similar and complete way as a STD outbreak in an expensive, upscale brothel. While we, obviously, cannot inform on most if not all of these operations due to their entanglement with other operations that are deemed necessary for Het Huisselant's protection and progress, rest assured that the Greatest Nation of Alharu is working tirelessly to rid the world of any possible Circle of Death terrorists on our side of the sea.

One of the few things we can share is the fact that the Propagatie en Morraalmagt has been working tirelessly to make a counter-recruitment leeffessang song about the Circle of Death. Once this has been finalized, we shall be sending out copies to all nations that wish to receive them with the nations of Prymont, @The Hellenic Rus and @Ahrana receiving the first available physical copies. Additionally, we shall be producing a music video of the song using none other than Het Huisselant's Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva as the artist with the music video being uploaded to various video sharing websites. We believe that using this combination of a music video and physical copies, which can be spread to radio stations among other uses, of the counter-recruitment song will allow for all hiding and remaining Circle of Death members to be reached with the aim being an unknown percentage deciding to turn themselves in.


We hope to have informed you enough,
Reemy Lopentlant,
Minister of Diplomatic Affairs,
Het Huisselant Variota

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The Hellenic Russian Tsar Nikolai Zhukov is deemed to be safe from further side effects in the assassination attempt that almost costed his life. As he reinstates his power in the Hellenic Rus a transmission from the Circle of Death arrives. It is a video that starts off with 15 blindfolded individuals being shot by a firing squad. A tall cool and collective man stands tall and speak smoothly. The man says " Those fifteen men were all upstanding Hellenic Russian Orthodox Christians. You must be thinking to yourself dear Tsar, why are you doing this, I will tell you: The Hellenic Rus has to be obliterated. This is just how things must be. The Hellenic Rus cannot exist in this world. We will not stop fighting unless the Hellenic Rus is destroyed. And from its ashes comes the Circle of Death union. Good day to you Tsar". The video ends with the Leader grabbing an Orthodox cross and throwing it in fire.

The Tsar immediately urged the police to track the signal of the transmission and locate the terrorists.As soon as the police reached the area, it was engulfed in flames due to planted napalm mines. 15 police officers were killed. Due to voice recognition and facial scanning the believed leader of the terrorists is Dorshuyar Medvedova who was once the son of a respected rich family in the Hellenic Rus but then disappeared in a yacht vacation. Little is known about his motives but the Hellenic Rus is patching this information to all nations involved in this war.

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