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Ahranaian Kings State Visits

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The Ahranaian King is going on his first ever Foreign State Visits away from home, since taking the throne he has had State Visits in the Palace just not outside of that. This whole month of November will be a State Visit of the following nations: Variota, @Orioni, @Sunset Sea Islands, Derthalen, @Prymont. @Astriedan, and @Cristina. It isn't known which nation will follow the first visit which Is @Variota. The next visit will be announced when the King is leaving on the Half Day upon being in the air. Two Days and a Half Day is what is being given to the Nations to give Gustov a great time in their nation.

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The Kings Plane took off at 23:00 and the destination was to @Variota from the Moskovo Capital International Airport. The Estimated ETA was to be 03:00 at the Airport in Variota. In the meantime Gustov planed on researching the culture and the structure of the Government in Variota hopefully trying to find a way to be able to leave the Public eye at 23:00 including Dina Diva. The King reads on till his assistant comes in and tells him he should get some sleep before the briefing.

An hour passes and Gustov is awake again (05:00) and gets semi dressed in the Marshall of the Ahranaian Navy. The only thing left to put on was Jacket and the sashes of the Order of Moskovo, The Bath,  St. Oleg, White Rose plus many other Military Orders and Awards. As Gustov sat down and took his Morning Cup of Black Tea the briefing started. Gustov was listening and suddenly he had a thought and a image of a new way for the Government form its self as a Kingdom. The Briefing ended and Gustov walked back to his room on the plane and asked for the Assistant to write what he is writing. As he was getting dressed he was talking to the assistant telling and telling and she was writing. AS he finished talking he started placing his medals on followed by the Order sashes. In Ahranaian History normal the King/Queen will wear one sash and have the other the badges on the uniform. However, given the status of Gustov and his rank in the Imperial Orders he wears four at a time. After finishing placing all medals on and the Admiral Saber and Cover on Gustov walks to his office and begins his day.

Gustov goes through his daily reading of the Newspaper headlines from the Ahranaian Kingdom making sure all is good, then he goes to the signatures of important documents. After which Gustov takes a nap till he is woken again by the Personal. The King then realizes that it is 08:00 in the morning and that the Variota receiving party arrives.


Waits for 08:00

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The plane carrying Gustov and his important officials were now off to @Derthalen to visit an Empire that is known to others to be Militaristic and hostile at times. The Kings officials still heavily warn against going to the Empire but the King still asks to maintain the current route and asks the Pilots not to stray from the given path to the Empire. Gustov warned the Pilots that if there is any slight adjustments in the flight plane that are not cleared by the Empire that he will fly the plane himself.

Gustov was given a ETA of 7 1/2 Hours till arrival to the agreed destination. The King started to look through the file that the Intelligence Service had prepared only for the Empire of Derthalen. The Intelligence Service had been working around the clock since learning of Gustov's intention to visit this Country and called in many favors and many reports from abroad. As he sat there reading he begin taking notes to take with him to use them if needed. Gustov came from a Military Family and from a time that the Kingdom itself was Militaristic for many years till the Republicans took over. Therefore Gustov should enjoy the country and hopes to see many aspects of how this has impacted the Culture of the Empire.


As he continued reading he looked over at the gages of the plane that is located on the internal Wall of his Office, so far the Pilots have been doing their jobs hopefully he will not have to fly this monstrosity into Derthalen. Though that would be an impressive feature on his half and would be the only Monarch to do so. At that time the Assistant came in with the days reports from back home, as he read he noticed the Tatani Parliamentary Elections were today. He asked for the Privy Council to be request on the Tele to have a Video Call meeting on the Elections. As the King discussed his fears about the Elections being to early the Council noted but stated that it was out of there hands and that the Chancellery had supported the decision. Gustov immediately slammed his fist into the table and begun yelling, "D****t I do not care what the Parliament and Chancellery have agreed on, I have seen three Wars since coming back from the exile of the Republic. The last time Elections happened this early it created another War in that same Dukedom! I did not recreate that Dukedom to have it fall back into despair, so fix it now or I will!"  Around that time the Assistant rushed in to see what was going on as Gustov was leaving the Conference Call.

The assistant soon told Gustov that the briefing was waiting him and that as soon as he is ready to go to the briefing room. He entered the room all eyes on him after his outburst, and said to start the briefing. As he sat there he listened carefully to what the Laws were in the Empire and made sure that he would follow each of them so as to not be killed or whatever may besiege him or could. He then asked that all guards be on Level 5 in order to operate functionally and to ensure that he would be safe. Gustov knew that this might interfere with something at the Palace but would make sure it was known that his guards were to look after his room, plane, possessions and so on. After the briefing he set his uniform out on the chair and told the assistant that he will be taking a quick rest and to wake him if the pilots strayed from the path or when the escort craft have arrived to escort the plane. 


Hours passed and the assistant came in and woke Gustov letting him know that the Escorts were here, he begun getting dressed in his Royal Regimental Colonel-in-Chief Uniform, he would wear the sashes of the Orders of Chayka, St, Olaf, St. Stanislaus, and the White Rose along with his other Military Medals and Awards. As he put the suspenders on followed by the tall Black boots he was given some documents needed his approval and signed them off and finished dressing. As the jacket was buttoned up he begun saying to himself, "For those who not know, need only to know that the War has begun" those words were the last words he heard from his father before the assassination that followed the last words. Gustov then looked in the mirror to be sure all was correct and walked out with his Cover in hands and walked to the Pilots hanger and watched as they deadened down to the runway. He knew this would be a different type of event but was ready for it to begin as that door opened. With in minute's the wheels were heard screeching and soon the speed was dropping and then boom the plane had officially landed. Five minutes had passed and the door was given the green to open...............


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As Gustov finished the final preparations for the take off he stepped out on to the Stairs once more to see the beauty of the Empire wishing it for his own and only wanting to return as soo as he could. The assistant came to Gustov and asked him to get ready for take off. Instead he went to his quarters and begun reading the Newspaper Headlines from the Kingdom. Even though he controlled the News Media on the TV he had no authority over the Newspapers and he wished it to stay that way. It was his way of seeing how the people view the current matters at hand, and so far there had been no disreputable situations concerning the Power Grab that had taken place.

The trip to Prymont would take roughly a little over 7 hours to get there from Derthalen, but Gustov really wasn't in much of a hurry given the current tension of the Parliament towards the United States of Prymont. The Parliament would want this entire visit to be about the blockade but Gustov is more civilized than that. As the Plane took off that's when the Briefings started and Gustov honestly didn't want to hear this briefing because it was purely political beyond a doubt. Instead of talking to the Councilors on the Plane he asked for the Imperial News to Air him on the Show and that's what happened.

"Hello and thank you for letting me interrupt the Program for a couple of minutes, as I head to the United States of @Prymont I get a briefing earlier than all other briefings because the Parliament thinks that I need to be made aware of what they think is right. As King I do not have to listen to you foolish politicians that are there for the people, you form a Government in my name but I run the Government yes! The age of corrupt Politicians is gone but the age of over exaggeration is here. It is ridiculous on the amount of crap they have brought up to make everyone seem like the bad guy and enough is enough. The Democratic Socialist Alliance has done nothing but better the country, however the minority refuse to work with the majority and it is beyond foolish of them. So here's this, the Parliament will have two weeks to settle their internal disputes, they will drop the accusations against the Country of Prymont till the actions are proven sinister. If this does not happen the Parliament will be sacked or disbanded till further notice. I will talk with the President of Prymont about access to a interference free shipping lane but that's all."


The King left the room and begun assembling his Corps Uniform for the next State Visit, Gustov will be wearing the orders of Peterburi, Moskovo, St. Ana, Polar Star, St. Alexander, Chayka Household, and of Lockiee along with his Military medals. As he laid them out the assistant came in with Orders and Decrees for signature, as he looked through them and signed he asked how the Crown Regent was doing and was told good. After that he laid down to sleep the rest of the ride their.


Gustov was waken by the assistant to allow him to dress before the landing, the King had rested more than anything on this Plane trip which was the longest yet in his mind. He begun getting dressed put the trousers and knee high boots along with the Kings Saber and belt sash. As he was putting the suspenders on the Assistant walked in and said the Council wanted a word before he landed and left for the three days. He ranted them the request and walked in to the room, they asked the King to try and settle the dispute the Parliament has with the Country so that the relations between them can go back to peaceful. He turned around and went to his cabin and put the jacket on. As he buttoned the jacket he begun thinking on how and what to do with the Parliament. If he sacked the Parliament it would end the service it has had for centuries but it might be a necessity for it to happen. He begun putting the medals and the Stars on along with the Chayka Sash he decided to wear one sash but have the other Orders Stars on instead of the sashes. He walked to the pilot cabin to see how things were going and as they landed he walked back to the middle and sat down till landing and then got ready for the most political visit he's done. "God Bless the King", he said and walked out the door........

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As the sun was rising and shinning through the Palace windows Gustov got his personal belongings ready for the next big State Trip. This time Gustov would be traveling to @Iverica. As he got into his Day suite for the Plane ride he looked out to the Capital, even though the past few days have brought destruction upon the City it still looks mesmerizing. The Assistant came in to let Gustov know that the motorcade was ready to transport him to the Airport. As the motorcade drove down Central  Ave Gustov looked at the river that flows through the Capital, as a kid he used to swim in those waters and more. Not even five minutes after leaving the Palace, he arrived to his Plane and begin walking to the stairs while the March was played, as he climbed to the top he turned around towards the People, Military, and Reporters and gave a wave of goodbye and saluted the Personal.

As he buckled up for the takeoff he sipped some on his glass of brandy as the plane speed off the tarmac. As the plane continued to ascend into the air he looked out the window to see the Kingdom he governs below. It was going to be a rough one as he was flying through the Militant Zone which is hostile to the King. As the plane reached the comfortable altitude the plane was asked to stay alert as they traveled towards Militant Space.

Thirty minutes had passed when the pilot came on the intercom to inform the cabin that they had enters hostile airspace. The King went to his quarters and begun on his coronation speech that he would give to the Public when the day came. As he wrote the alarm was sounded, an object was located on the radar heading a fast speed towards the plane. As the King and passengers took embracive actions for impact the King looked out the window and spotted what was coming at the plane. Not even fifteen seconds after that the plane was impacted by the object and in a matter of seconds explosions begun in the back and made its way up burning passengers along its way including Gustov.

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