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National Map Service

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So this is something @Orioni and I have been talking about this July, but I couldn't find a good moment to kickstart the project.

Well, now I've found it!

The National Map Service is just what it sounds like. You request a map, I do it. Please keep in mind that this is a pretty complex task and, believe me or not, I do have a real life aside from NS, so each map could take a few days/ weeks to make.
I only do maps for people who are on the map (makes sense, right?). If your nation will expand on the map after I have already done a map of your nation, I will update it, but it will have a lower priority than any other map jobs.

As an example of how those maps will look like here's mine. For those of you who know the maps I did before, you will notice that the colour pattern is different from my maps, that's because I adapted the pattern of our world map to make the whole thing more cohesive. If you prefer the older pattern, I can provide you with both patterns.



I don't like the dark grey in the first pattern, I have added it to compensate for the lack of a seventh overland colour, I might change that in the future.
My colour pattern was ripped straight out of my geography book. Nevertheless, I prefer Orioni's because it's the same as in the world map.



I hope that you like this idea, like the maps in general, etc. :) If you have any C&C feel free to post it here.



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@Prymontsure, but as far as I have thought about it I will be overlaying a zoomed in version of the world map onto my template. But sure, send me the stuff you want to have inculded in the map. The more details the better.

Although I assume that you want to expand in the future, but I'd be happy to do a map for you anyways.

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On 02/11/2017 at 1:05 PM, Sunset Sea Islands said:

I have no experience with road and/or city maps, but I'd gladly do a map for you.

Maybe one showing both you and Mantella.

City map can be complex. Fortunately, there are some nice generators that help you get a long way towards the finish line. /cc @Cristina


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Dearest Map God,

In case this is still active and you find some time to work on maps, I'd like to ask for two simple maps (although I'm sure that what seems relatively simple to me will end up being an hell-spawn of labor). One simply being the outline of Variota (and preferably also Lukinagrad, as that'd remove any need of updating in the near future, just plant it down in one of those fun little boxes or something), blank in the middle (although, if possible, do include the locations of Grootwaterflakte and Ferrefaaierhafen). The other including the elevation, such as the world map has and preferably also including Lukinagrad and the locations of Grootwaterflakte and Ferrefaaierhafen.

I intend to use both maps as a base for things like the Variotan provinces and such (handy to have when the wiki is launched), so the only thing that's really important is that they're large images, like blow that sh*t up like an atom bomb. The larger they are, the easier it will be to use them (not to mention that it's generally easier to make images smaller without issues than making them bigger, cut bits out of large maps and what not). No rush or anything but I do need it in like an hour or so, maybe quicker if that's possible...

Yes, that was meant as a joke. I don't expect this to be done anytime soon so take your time, really.

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