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Ahranaian State Letters

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Image result for scandinavian empire coat of armsDesk of His Imperial Majesty, King of Ahrana

To the Chancellery and State Officials,

As King and Head of my House I have duties that are outlined in paper and some that have been in use since the creation of the Imperial Family. One being the Ceremonial State Visits at Home and Abroad. It has come to my attention that since ascending to the throne of the Kingdom I have not had any Official State Visits here or abroad. I have asked my Privy Council for their thoughts and they have expressed that it is long over due that we have a State Visit here and or aboard. I have composed a list that you the Chancellery, the Government, must and need to sort through and create Visits either for her or away. If we are to have any Official State Visits on Ahranaian soil it will be done at the Spring Palace not the Official Residence of the Monarch.

Nations for State Visits: @Orioni, @Cristina, @Astriedan, @Derthalen, @Fleur de Lys, @Iverica, @Variota, @Prymont

I will be expecting finalizations on any of these or other State Visits in less than a week, please have for me the checks and status of these for me.

Your King,

Gustov Alexander Nichilia Chayka

Густав Александр Николаевич Чайка

(Monarch of the Kingdom of Ahrana)

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Image result for scandinavian empire coat of armsDesk of His Imperial Majesty, King of Ahrana

To the respected Heads of State and Governments,

It is my great honor and opportunity to be able to ask the Government of: @Variota, @Orioni, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Prymont, @Derthalen, @Iverica, @Cristina, @Astriedan @The Eurofuhrer To allow a State Visit from the King of Ahrana, Gustov XVII. If the request is granted the King will visit Your Country sometime during the current Month of November. There are very few requests that the King makes while making Foreign State Visits while the rest of the requests are mandatory by the Ahranaian Government. His Majesties requests are as follows:

-Private Bed and Bath in a secluded area of the place he will be staying

-All interviews will be given once at the start of the Visit upon arrival to the Country

-No disruptions will be tolerated after the time of 23:00 hours any intrusion will have to go through His Majesties Private Secretary for the Trip

-Simply call the King by the name of Gustov while on Visit

The Government has their own requests as follows:

-Ahranaian Royal Anthem plays as the King steps out of the Plane, while the Plane comes to a complete stop the Ahranaian National Anthem Plays before the Royal Anthem as is customary

-Upon arrival to place of stay and to any function the Kings Fanfare is to be played to symbolize his arrival (Included any Dinners that are labeled State Dinners)

-The King is addressed Simply as Gustov, no other names required

We hope to here a go from all Nations that are and have now been asked to host His Majesty, Gustov XVII, in their Country. After the return of the King will return from all visits and will in return host a Foreign State Dinner open to all Heads of State and Government.




With the upmost respect,

Gustov Alexander Nichilia Chayka

Густав Александр Николаевич Чайка

(Monarch of the Kingdom of Ahrana)

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Imperial foreign relations bureau

To His Imperial Majesty, King of Ahrana



His Majesty the Emperor Adrian Colegard and the members of the Imperial Council would be honored to receive a state visit from His Imperial Majesty the King of Ahrana.

Be assured that all your demands will be met. The King will reside in the Imperial Palace in  Avulens but all Houses will be ready to receive him in their respective palaces. The Ahranaian Royal Anthem will be played by the Imperial Army orchestral regiment.

To ensure the smooth running of the visit, we ask His Imperial Majesty and all his subjects that will be coming with him to obey some rules:

-No weapons are allowed in the presence of His Majesty the Emperor Adrian Colegard.

-The Imperial Servants are the personnal guards of the Emperor and must ensure his safety, you are to obey their instructions at all times.

-Any insults or agression towards an astriedanian citizen will end the state visit immediatly.

-You should never approach the Emperor of less than two meters unless he invites you to do so. Otherwise, you will be considered a threat and neutralized by the Imperial Servants (Please be informed that "neutralizing" a threat may involve killing it and that we advise you to surrender before any Imperial Servant reaches you.) (An Imperial Servant will warn you before you cross the two meters limit).




Legislator of the Imperial Foreign Relations Bureau

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[Insert fancy heading here once I have one]

Het Kantor fan Buitenlant Tieplomatiek fan Het Huisselant Variota

The Foreign Diplomacy Department of Het Huisselant Variota

''Fan Lant tot Lant, gepraat met gesont verstant"

''From Nation to Nation, talks with common sense"


As dictated by Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva to her personal assistant


Dear darling Gustov,


So lovely to have read your letter, or well, I had someone read it to me. So much easier, you know? Anyway, I saw that you wanted to visit me and I was like, sure why not? I had like, President Johansen from Andalla over a couple of days ago and it was so lovely, we had a great time. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together as well. One thing though, I have some objections and suggestions and just all round surprises for you. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll agree to all of them.


  • I have like a super important reality TV show that inspires the new generation, you know what that's like right? Having to inspire new generations. So yeah, basically, the entire visit is going to be like sort of an interview in the sense that there will be like a camera crew and such following me
  • Dina Diva don't stop at 23:00, darling. In fact, no one worth his salt on the dance floor does here in Variota! And when in Ferrefaaierhafen, do like the drunk sailors! Am I right? I'm so right! I can do like, let you go at 02:00 from the afterparty if you want but like, if you want to stay, they tend to last until 04:00 or 06:00 but we have some amazing medicine over here so don't worry about the hangover!
  • As a surprise to you, I'm going to put my own little spin on the Kings Fanfare and like make my own devilishly delicious Dina Diva dance remix of it and have them play that, it will be awesome! I'll get you a copy on a CD to take home!
  • I might end up calling you Guv. I think that's a nice name, Guv. Much shorter than Gustov as well. Guv, Guv, Guv, haha!


Anyway, hope to hear from you soon, letting me know whenever to tell my crew to book the hotels and the clubs and the after-parties. Last time, Johansen did some shots with Hot Henk, you know the porn actor? Lovely guy, I have tea with him once a week and we can just gab and gossip for hours together. Anyway, he did some shots and honestly, let's just leave it at that a girl doesn't kiss and tell, you know. I'm a classy kind of diva, you know what I'm saying? Of course you do, Guv. Oh look, it even sounds great in common convo. We'll have a great time! Let me know if you do botox, I know a terrific place where we can go together. It'll be a real bonding kind-of-thing, you know Guv.


Lots of X's and O's,

Dina Diva,

World's Greatest Diva and Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke fan Het Huisselant Variota


P.S. I've attached a picture of me winking at you as an extra goodwill gesture. xoxo Dina



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2qiy6p5.pngOffice of the Minister of Defense

To: Government of @Asgeirria

From: Minister of Defense for the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, Minister George Nagy

Classification Level: Level 5, Top Priority


To Whomever it may concern,

As the Minister of Defense for the Socialist Federation of Ahrana it is my responsibility to create agreements with other nations in area of Military Equipment. I have the full backing of the Socialist Government and the People when I ask that a relationship of defense partnership begin officially. I would like to personally come to Asgeirria to commemorate the friendship and process orders for Military equipment and so forth.

Please respond whenever it is possible to the Office of the Ministry of Defense.



Minister George Nagy

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TO: George Nagy

FROM: Hazel Zhurong

RE: Diplomatic Visit

Regarded Minister,

As our nation's liaison to friendly nations, it would be my pleasure to receive you and come to an agreement. We will make preparations for you to arrive at the Shaijing airport, from which a secure cabin suite aboard the Reach Express will take you through Nánsùo to Imhullu, where we will receive you. The shuttle should only take three or four hours, during which you will be free to roam the luxury train. We encourage you to enjoy the many exotic pleasures Asgeirria has to offer. If you would like a tour of Asgeirria after the meetings are concluded, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Yours sincerely,

Hazel Zhurong,


Republic of Asgeirria

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