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Rhyme is an international, Iverican-owned monthly news magazine published in Altaria City. It was founded in 1923 and has gained popularity and wide international readership from its coverage of prominent global personalities.

While Rhyme typically publishes once a month, it also includes a number of special editions, most notable of which is the annual "person of the year" issue. Covered personalities are of varied backgrounds and professions, but the periodical most popularly covers political figures, entertainment figures, artists, prominent scientists and businesspersons. Person of the Year is one of the most awaited and most popular issues of the year, benchmarking sales figures during its January release, after a lengthy decision-making process.

2016's title was held by Iverica's Primo, Franso E. Deitorr. The 50-year-old First Citizen of the Republic of Iverica made waves across headlines for his bold "Realpolitik" approach to domestic policy, and his long strides in rebuilding international ties. Deitorr has been described as a patient and measured diplomat in foreign dealings, while contrarily being brusque, and sharp in domestic affairs.

In any case, Iverica under Deitorr has certainly risen from its long-time obscurity, in no small measure due to the Primo's aggressive pursuit of his main campaign promise: Iverica In Altum.

2017's person of the year will be released this coming January after careful deliberation. Stay updated with the latest of Rhyme


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At 39 years old, Dina Diva is one of the youngest, most powerful women in the world. Seemingly on a whim, Diva's meteoric rise to FHfFfF of Het Huisselant @Variota , has been both lauded and questioned by Variotan citizens. Following Diva through the polls, saw a tough fight with Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier, a 73-year-old veteran politician and businessman. The sensation of the Variotan electoral race caught the attention of the international community, sparking wild support amongst foreign fans of Diva. Her seemingly outrageous sponsorship of cosmetic products and unorthodox policy did little do erode support, in fact, the boldness of her campaign appearances seemed to only galvanise followers.

Diva had already taken television and social media entertainment by storm. Her entry into politics caused a ripple of bush-fire online debates, flames and counter flames among supporters and denouncers. Regardless, Dina Diva maintained the charitable air natural to a veteran media star, and even receiving praise from world leaders like @Andallan President Johansen

Though the road to her current position was hard fought, the road to securing a successful leadership of Variota may be harder still. For now, both media and statespersons watch expectantly.

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