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Sounds of Europa


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Through NS and these forums, I have definitely seen how our nations look, function, behave, etc. but I’m also curious to know how our nations sound. 

What is your country’s national anthem?

What do you imagine the region’s theme song/anthem to be?

What is/are the theme song(s) of your country?

What songs do you imagine playing in your head when you think of your country?

What background instrumental music would be playing during a video about your country?

What are the ambient sounds in your country?

What are the top hits that your populace listens to?



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@Synturia After the second high, it dips into a longer intermezzo, followed by a third, less bombastic crescendo. It don't like that part very much, so I cut it. Now, I can use the music as a nice metaphor for my national history. (Slow growth, first empire, civil war, second empire.)

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@Synturia  That's a State Secret. ;) But in all seriousness: that's the name of the film I got the music from. I've never seen the film, but I came across some soundtrack collection of William Alwyn. And that's where I picked it up. The full version is up on YouTube, but you'll need a VPN set to USA to listen to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAE4KO6qtk8

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