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Announcement of Novrussian Independence

Novrus (Kaiser)

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Northern Europe, future areas of Novrus.

I welcome the gathered, we have come together to announce our independence-said the Great Chancellor-"This is our new constitution that protects the rights of people, animals and nature. Our republic will be a federation of duchies!Today we will send an official letter announcing our independence.Fame of Novrus!

Proclamation of Independence

,,We Novrussian people living in this area for a long time, dreaming about their own country unanimously announces their independence for the people, for God and for the world!We promise to God the supreme fight for the glory of our greatest country! Fame of Novrus! I, Felix Aristow, promise to defend the land of my homeland to the last drop of blood, for honor and glory. Every enemy of a new federation curses in the name of god and the holy trinity!

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