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Novrusian Federation

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Novrus, Novrusian Federation (pol. Federacja Noworuska, Noworuś), it is a small presidential republic, with the Grand Chancellor and the President of the People's Assembly.


Novrus is a mountainous country, but the lowlands dominate the ocean, and the capital of the republic is Ivangorod. The vegetation is very poor due to the cold climate.


The economy of the federation is based on the extraction of oil, natural resources and heavy industry. The agricultural sector is the weakest sector in the economy, as the cold climate makes the sector very difficult to develop.
Food is imported.

 Novrussians are great patriots, even during civil war they can unite and fight against aggressors. Despite the name of the state of Noworuś, Nowa Ruś is the state where the descendants of Poles.

Emblen and flag


,,Holy Flag of New Rus"


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