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The Geemeiner Fereinigung fan Waafen Fabrikatie Asosiasjies 'Varinco', generally referred to only as Varinco, is an amalgamation of Variotan defence industry corporations founded in 1951. It's name, Varinco, is short for Variotan Industries Corporation. Varinco is the largest Variotan manufacturer of military vehicles, explosives, civilian and military firearms and ammunition and is known within Variota and the international market as a manufacturer known for it's lower price bracket and general ease of maintenance. This lower price bracket and ease of maintenance has ensured a solid market share for Varinco among civilians, paramilitaries, freedom fighters and price-conscious armed forces throughout the world. Varinco maintains a production partnership with the AWFA corporation of the Klan Reiefer Gebiet in order to ensure the ability to fulfill it's orders on time, no matter the size of the order.

Varinco's weapons are tried and tested designs of solid quality, having proven their worth in the hands of the Variotan armed forces, freedom fighters and civilians everywhere. It's no wonder that Varinco takes pride in it's work, which has managed to arm those that might not have been able to arm themselves otherwise.

Current Products:


Rifles and Carbines

RPGs and Recoilless Rifles

Bargain Bin and Second Hand Weaponry

Missiles and Missile Systems

Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles

Conventional and Rocket Artillery

Submachine Guns

Upgrade Packages and Vehicles

Package Deals


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Catalog - Pistols

SAP94 'Santa Claus'


Ho, ho, ho, Santa is coming to town! The SAP94, codenamed Santa Claus, is a semi-automatic pistol that has seen incredible success on the civilian and paramilitary market, as well as seeing service with many of the militia's in the Unie fan Kommunes. A modern design, one of the newer ones at Varinco and completely internally designed, it is relatively conventional but allows the user both the price bracket and quality known from Varinco while also taking into account and adopting the many advances seen in pistol designs throughout the world.

Santa Claus comes in five export versions:

SAP94-1 'Variotan Santa Claus' - Chambered for 5.8×21mm armor piercing rounds, twenty round magazine.

SAP94-2 'Fat Santa' - Chambered for 9×19mm Parabellum, fifteen round magazine.

SAP94-3 'Santa Light' - Chambered for 9×19mm Parabellum, ten round magazine. Budget version, no modification possibilities.

SAP94-4 'Rich Variotan Santa' - Chambered for 5.8×21mm armor piercing rounds, twenty round magazine. Gold-plated.

SAP94-5 'Rich Santa' - Chambered for 9×19mm Parabellum, fifteen round magazine. Gold-plated.


Firing Action: Short recoil, locked breech, rotating barrel lock
Overall Length: 190 mm / 7.48 inches
Barrel Length: 111 mm / 4.37 inches
Empty Weight: 760 grams / 1.68 lb
Sighting Assist: Iron Fixed, 3-dot type or optional other
Muzzle Velocity: 350 m/s / 1,148 ft/s
Typical Range: 50 meters / 164 feet


PPP-99 'Sinterklaas'


With the Persoonlik Protektie Pistool-99 'Sinterklaas', you'll never walk around without protection. Allegedly used by groups such as the Variotan secret service but also seeing use by civilians such as casino showgirls, strippers, sex workers and massage parlor workers, where the smaller size works wonders to conceal it, Sinterklaas has been a steady seller among Varinco products. Whether you use Sinterklaas as a backup weapon, as a way to fill up your package before hitting the club so that everyone thinks you're blessed, as a way to keep creeps away or murder those that have found out that you're an undercover secret service agent, Sinterklaas will be sure to both excite and please you with the amount of firepower that can be packed in such a small package.

Sinterklaas comes in four export versions, all of which carry the same name but differ somewhat in size and caliber.


  PPP-99-01 Sinterklaas PPP-99-02 Sinterklaas PPP-99-03 Sinterklaas PPP-99-04 Sinterklaas
Firing Action:

Short-recoil locked breech, DAO

Short-recoil locked breech, DAO

Short-recoil locked breech, DAO

Short-recoil locked breech, DAO

Overall Length: 124 mm 147 mm 155 mm 154 mm
Barrel Length: 64 mm 90 mm 91 mm 89 mm
Width: 19 mm 23 mm 24 mm 26 mm
Height: 99 mm 114 mm 116 mm 122 mm
Weight: 283 g 430 g 480 g 520 g
Caliber: .380 Auto 9x19mm .40 Auto .45 Auto
Magazine: 6+1 7+1 6+1 6+1


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Catalog - Rifles and Carbines

KLW-56 - 'Muffin'


Korte Loop Waafen 56, better known under it's codename 'Muffin', has been a staple among carbine aficionado's, who praise it for it's many timeless qualities. It's sleek and sexy round, the 7.62×39mm, will make sure that whatever you hit will feel it. It's easy to use design and breeze of a maintenance routine ensure that this semi-automatic carbine remains popular among first-time and veteran hunters, freedom fighters and governments on a budget, rampant warlords, honor guards and Variotan weddings. While versions for the civilian market do not include the bayonet, but remain open to bayonet attachment, versions for the military market come with a free folding bayonet attached.

Muffin comes in four export versions:

KLW-56-1 'Civilian Muffin' - Lacks bayonet, ten-round magazine.

KLW-56-2 'Military Muffin' - Includes free bayonet, ten-round magazine.

KLW-56-3 'Military Muffin XL' - Includes free bayonet, thirty-round detachable magazine.

KLW-56-4 'Chrome Muffin' - Version specifically for honor guards and warlords with megalomania, features all chromed metal parts. Free bayonet, chromed at additional cost and a ten-round magazine.


Firing Action: Short stroke gas piston, tilting bolt, self-loading
Overall Length: 1,025 mm / 40.35 inches
Barrel Length: 521 mm / 20.51 inches
Empty Weight: 3.85 kg / 8.49 lb
Sighting Assist: Adjustable Front and Rear Iron
Muzzle Velocity: 735 m/s / 2,411 ft/s
Typical Range: 550 meters / 1,804 feet


KLW-AG 56/63 'Cookie'


Korte Loop Waafen Aanfals Gehweer 56/63 'Cookie' was a stopgap design, attempting to create something near to the KLW-56 'Muffin' that soldiers were familiar with while also improving the weapon's firing power and battlefield presence. Cookie operates features from both Muffin and AG-56 'Brownie' but is not a mere copy of either or both rifles, as it's gas system and magazine are completely original. The design, while keeping the longer range of the KLW-56 'Muffin' and the increase in firepower of the Brownie, proved uneasy to control when used in automatic mode and thus saw only limited operation within the Variotan armed forces. However, Cookie remains popular among paramilitaries and freedom fighters in the poorer regions of the world as Muffins also see much use there and allows for a smooth training transition and switching between the two rifles, allowing these groups a greater versatility. All Cookies come with a free bayonet.

Firing Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Overall Length: 1,033 mm 
Barrel Length: 531 mm
Empty Weight: 3.8 kg
Sighting Assist:

Hooded front post, rear U-notch on sliding tangent

Magazine: 20-round detachable box
Typical Range: 550 meters


AG-56 'Brownie'


Aanfals Gehweer 56 'Brownie' remains a popular choice in the world, it's age not undercutting it's usefulness and ability to stop the enemy from advancing or, in the case of an offensive, to cut the enemy down. One of Varinco's best selling products, Brownie has additionally led to further research attempting to inject the best qualities of this weapon into newer weapon models, such as the KLW-AG 56/63 'Cookie' and, of course, the various upgraded models and derivative weapons. Usage of Brownie in combination with the KLW-56 'Muffin', the KLW-AG 56/63 'Cookie' and other Varinco rifles has been made extra easy due to the shared 7.62×39mm cartridge, allowing for ammunition sharing and lower logistical and supply issues.

Brownie comes in three export versions:

AG-56 'Brownie' - Standard edition, fixed wooden stock and free bayonet attached. Ability to choose between permanently attached bayonet or detachable one, at a slight additional cost.

AG-56/59 'Fluffy Brownie' - Lighter edition, featuring an under-folding shoulder stock and lacks the bayonet.

KLAG-56/88 'Little Brownie' - Carbine version using a side-folding stock. Comes with a twenty-round magazine instead of the thirty-round one found on the other models.

  AG-56 AG-56/59 KLAG-56/88
Firing Action:

Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Overall Length: 874 mm 874 mm (654 mm w/ stock folded) 764 mm (557 mm w/ stock folded)
Barrel Length: 414 mm 414 mm 280 mm
Empty Weight: 4.03 kg 3.70 kg 2.85 kg
Sighting Assist: Adjustable iron sights Adjustable iron sights Adjustable iron sights
Muzzle Velocity: 735 m/s 735 m/s 665 m/s
Typical Range: 400 meters 400 meters 400 meters


AG-81 'Cupcake'


Aanfals Gehweer-81 'Cupcake' is as sweet to it's operator as it's namesake, providing the user with a user-friendly assault rifle chambered in the reliable 5.56×45mm round. It's military export variants boast a whopping 900 rounds per minute and are aided by a select firing function, allowing Cupcake to be modified according to the situation at hand. It's civilian version, which sees generous amounts of service among hunters, rifle enthusiasts and Variotan weddings, remains set in a semi-automatic version. While Cupcake has not seen service in any of the Variotan armed forces, it remains popular among paramilitary groups, freedom fighters and governments friendly to Varinco and Het Huisselant Variota due to it's impressive capabilities and low cost.

Cupcake comes in five export versions:

AG-81-1 'Military Cupcake' - Basic version, select-fire. Twenty-round magazine.

AG-81-2 'Civilian Cupcake' - Civilian version, semi-automatic only. Twenty-round magazine.

AG-81-3 'Basic Cupcake' - Civilian version, semi-automatic only. Five-round magazine. Budget version, no modification possibilities.

AG-81-4 'Double Frosted Cupcake' - Improved version of Military Cupcake, select-fire. Thirty-round magazine, easy access for underbarrel grenade launcher and ability.

AG-81-5 'Diamond Frosted Cupcake' - Same as Double Frosted Cupcake except gold-plated.


Firing Action:

Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall Length: 987 mm
Barrel Length: 504 mm
Empty Weight: 2.9 kg
Sighting Assist: Iron Sight
Muzzle Velocity: 990 m/s
Typical Range: 460 meters


GAG-81 'Chocolate Muffin'


Geemeiner Aanfals Gehweer-81 'Chocolate Muffin' is a second-generation range of assault rifles and light machine guns, incorporating lessons learned from Muffin, Brownie and Cookie. In general terms, Chocolate Muffin has better firing accuracy and a longer service life than the AG-56 'Brownie'. Additionally, Chocolate Muffin allows for the firing of rifle grenades without the need for additional modifications which enables a much greater versatility in regards to in-combat use. The design maintains key outward similarities with Brownie, allowing for users of the AG-56 Brownie to swiftly replace their rifle without the need for additional training. 

Chocolate Muffin comes in two export versions:

GAG-81-01 'Chocolate Muffin' - Assault Rifle version, thirty round magazine. 

GAG-81-02 'Double Chocolate Muffin' - LMG version, seventy-round drum magazine and detachable bipod. 


Firing Action:

Short stroke gas piston, rotating bolt

Overall Length: 955 mm (748 mm w/ stock folded)
Barrel Length: 445 mm
Empty Weight: 3.4 kg
Sighting Assist: Adjustable iron Sight
Muzzle Velocity: 750 m/s
Typical Range: 400 meters
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Catalog - Rocket Propelled Grenades and Recoilless Rifles

GW69 - 'Kitten'


Look at this beauty, standing ready to blow up your enemies, be they rebels, the corrupt government or that annoying neighbor that forces his dog to take a dump on your lawn. While this Rocket Propelled Grenade may be called Kitten, this cat has claws! Kitten no longer serves front-line duties within the Variotan armed forces, although a large amount remain in storage, but has remained a favourite among the world's finest paramilitary groups and governments. It's sleek, cost efficient design ensures that, while it may not destroy the thickest, most modern targets, Kitten provides a low-cost high-damage blow that will enhance and improve the fighting capabilities of any group. With the basic design having been upgraded and updated in the in the mid-1980's and with Varinco's wide selection of grenades for this weapon,  you can be sure that Kitten will be a total hit among your forces!

Kitten comes in two export versions:

GW69-1 'Kitten' - Basic design, lacks the user-friendly upgrades. Leftover stock, sold at a discount without warranty.

GW69-2 'Fluffy Kitten' - Upgraded design, allows the launcher to fold into two for mobility purposes.

Firing Action: Single-Shot; Reusable
Overall Length: 910 mm / 35.83 inches
Barrel Length: 910 mm / 35.83 inches
Empty Weight: 5.60 kg / 12.35 lb
Sighting Assist: Integral Iron Sight; Infrared/Night Vision Sights Optional
Maximum Range: 600 meters / 1,968 feet
Typical Range: 200 meters / 655 feet


GW89 - 'Puppy'


GW89, codenamed Puppy, is a modern Varinco-designed Rocket Propelled Grenade designed to work against newer targets, as Kitten and the other Varinco RPG's were showing signs of being unable to penetrate the newest main battle tank models. Thus, Puppy was born. Under the professional eye of Dr. Fisserseether, also responsible for many collaborations in Varinco's and Variota's missile program, Puppy was crafted and researched into a weapon that would be able to penetrate and destroy any hard armored targets without needing the use of other hard armored vehicles. While bold claims are one of the few things Varinco tends to avoid, we at Varinco can safely say that there is no Rocket Propelled Grenade better at shredding open the tanks, anti-personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and others than Puppy. Regular puppies may lack their big-boy teeth but this Puppy has a bite that the enemy won't forget! Each Puppy comes with an optional tripod.

Firing Action: Single-Shot; Reusable
Overall Length: 1000 mm (transportation ready); 1850 mm (fire ready)
Barrel Length: 1000 mm (transportation ready); 1850 mm (fire ready)
Empty Weight: 12.1 kg
Sighting Assist: Optical Sight; Night Vision Sight Optional
Maximum Range: 800 meters
Typical Range: 400 meters
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Catalog - Bargain Bin / Second Hand Items

Anti-Flieg Kannon 'Football'


The AFK 'Football' is an auto-cannon that was primarily fitted to Variotan air force airplanes between the 1960's and 1980's and still sees limited active usage in the Klan Reierfer Fliegmagt. It's age does not take away it's ability to kill however, with Football remaining a popular auto-cannon thanks to it's high rate of fire, reasonable accuracy and high stopping power. While these auto-cannons are generally more suited for air-to-ground warfare, they have seen a second life as a cheap but effective way to arm fortifications and provide them with stopping power. Whether you use this cannon on low-flying aircraft, unfortunate personnel and land vehicles or even the occasional naval vessel, you can be sure that this Football will strike true and hit the goal of annihilating your enemies.

While all available Football auto-cannons are previously used, they are delivered in a well-maintained and battle-ready manner. Varinco recommends teaming these auto-cannons in sets of two or three, in order to ensure maximum destruction.

Caliber: 30x155mm
Overall Length: 2,153 mm
Barrel Length: 1600 mm
Empty Weight: 66 kg / 146 lb
Rate of Fire: 850 to 1,000 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 780 m/s
Aerial Ammo Load: 70 rounds per gun


AMG-68 'Chili con Carne'


Chili con Carne is a beloved general-purpose machine gun, still used by some units in the various Variotan armed forces. Deemed relatively light-weight and easy to maintain, Chili con Carne has seen extensive service along all branches but especially among the border forces of Variota. The sight of the watchtowers and checkpoints, often armed with multiple of these beauties, has been the definition of a Variotan welcome for many of the civilians and armed forces that wanted to attempt, tried to attempt or succeeded in crossing into Variota. However, as with all loving relationships, you sometimes have to let go. As such, Varinco is able to offer a significant amount of slightly-used Chili con Carme general-purpose machine guns that have seen action with the border forces.

Caliber: 7.62x54mmR
Overall Length: 1,655 mm
Barrel Length: 605 mm
Empty Weight: 13 kg (incl. tripod)
Rate of Fire: 650 to 700 rpm
Sighting Assist: Rear leaf sight, forward post
Feed system: 100/250-round belt
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Catalog - Missiles and Missile Systems

OR-13 'Spam'


Why spend money on fancy guided missiles and expensive launch systems when you can have the OR-13 'Spam' at a fraction of the cost? Spam is a reasonably new system from Varinco, developed for those situations when it does not matter where the missiles end up, so long as they end up in the target area. With a Circular Error Probability of under five percent of the maximum range, Spam not only provides you with an cheap and modern non-guided short range missile but also provides you with a degree of accuracy that can only be called excellent. With it's simple to use and maintain launch system, your forces will be able to fire off their missile and quickly retreat, leaving the few enemies still alive after the impact to wonder what just happened. It's service life, an average of seven years, means that Spam will be there for you for the entire war, not just this battle.

Spam missiles come in two versions:


  OR-13-1 'Spam' OR-13-2 'Improved Recipe'
Max. range (km): 100 130
Min. range (km): 80 110
Length (mm): 6,290 8,020
Diameter (mm): 356 457
Initial weight (kg): 960 1,830
Warhead weight (kg): 130 230
Propellant weight (kg): 420 865
Type of Propellant: Solid Solid


SR-88 'Meatloaf'


Silo Raket-88, code named Meatloaf, is a single-stage ballistic missile that has been a Varinco favorite since it's inception, allowing a nation to fire off devastating ballistic missile strikes from a reasonably simple silo. While Meatloaf is not the youngest anymore, it's usefulness has remained due to it's sheer presence requiring the enemy to divert forces and equipment to take down the missiles, be that in the air or in it's silo's. This thus allows Meatloaf to be both an effective weapon for regimes in locations where warfare hasn't reached peak modernity while also proving an effective lure for regimes in locations where warfare has reached peak modernity. Varinco particularly promotes Meatloaf in regards to the scare effect Meatloaf has when it is located within range of major cities of the enemy, aiding it's user in forcing a much quicker peace.


Operational Range (km): 650
Length (mm): 12,650
Diameter (mm): 915
Weight (kg): 6,400
Warhead weight (kg): 500
Propellant weight (kg): 4,500
Type of Propellant: Liquid


KMR-03 'Chicken Filet'


Kluster Munisie Raket-03 'Chicken Filet' is a medium-range variable-launch ballistic missile, able to be operated from silo's and road-mobile launch vehicles. This allows Chicken Filet to provide the capability of moving it's offensive capabilities and range with the front lines while also ensuring a strong defensive capability basis, in the case of silo-usage. The design, near unique in Varinco's catalog due to being designed with cluster ammunition in mind, was started in 1998 with an ever increasingly hostile world in mind. While the usage of cluster munitions remain somewhat controversial due to the possibility of unspent munitions littering the fields of battle for ages, Chicken Filet has been praised for it's design, which ensures an extremely low probability of that happening. Due to it's inherit nature, Chicken Filet is only available for export to states that are deemed especially friendly to Het Huisselant Variota.


Operational Range (km): 1,300
Length (mm): 16,580
Diameter (mm): 1,380
Weight (kg): 17,410
Warhead weight (kg): 1,200
Type of Warhead: Submunitions; HE
Type of Propellant: Liquid


LAR-05 'Hamburger'


Hamburger is the Varinco answer to a bid opened by the Variotan government in the early 2000's for a fully domestic designed and produced intermediate-range ballistic missile. Somewhat similar to Chicken Filet, Hamburger was designed with the intentional purpose of providing Variota with the ability to have a bargaining chip against hostile states. In order to provide for increased versatility, Hamburger is able to be launched from specialized road-mobile launch vehicles and regular launch pads. While the warhead weight remains the same as it's distant cousin Chicken Filet, Hamburger manages to exponentially grow it's range while managing to keep weight at a reasonable level. Due to it's inherit nature, Hamburger is only available for export to states that are deemed especially friendly to Het Huisselant Variota.

Operational Range (km): 4,000
Length (mm): 12,000
Diameter (mm): 2,000
Weight (kg): 26,000
Warhead weight (kg): 1,200
Type of Warhead: HE
Type of Propellant: Liquid
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Catalog - Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles

LAW-90 'Dollhouse'


Dollhouse, the codename for the Langere Afstant Waafen 90, is one of Varinco's top-selling designated marksman rifles, combining the ease and comfort of use of a bullpup rifle with the long range accuracy and precision needed from a long range rifle. With it being chambered for the Varinco-proprietary 5.8×42mm round, you can be sure that Dollhouse will stop the enemy right in it's tracks as the round is superior to both the 5.56×45mm and 5.45x39mm cartridges found in other weaponry. It's ease of use is further shown through it's bipod, which can be quickly detached and attached when required, allowing the designated marksman to keep up with the rest of his squad without having to rush or otherwise inconvenience himself or the others. While Dollhouse comes standard with adjustable iron sights, customers can easily take advantage of Varinco's top-of-the-line scope range to fit Dollhouse with a variety of telescopic sights.

Firing Action:

Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall Length: 920 mm
Barrel Length: 640 mm
Empty Weight: 4.1 kg
Sighting Assist: Iron Sight; Others optional
Magazine: 10-round detachable box
Effective Range: 800-1050 meters


SFAW-04 'Yoyo'


Yoyo is a mixed anti-material/heavy anti-personnel sniper rifle. Firing the devastating .50 round or lesser impressive but still devastating proprietary .460 Varinco round, you can be sure that Yoyo will bring down any personnel that you need as well as any unarmoured and lightly-armoured targets that you might come across. The ease with which it's adjustable bipod and other attachments are changed have seen great praise from it's users, allowing for a quick deployment, changing of position and/or retreat, if needed. Yoyo provides you a low-cost man-portable solution for those times when a Rocket Propelled Grenade, mines or IED's are unavailable or unsuited to the situation. While a small amount of original SFAW-04-1 and SFAW-04-2 remain, and are currently sold by Varinco as leftover stock, all newly fabricated and in-use Yoyo's have been upgraded to the SFAW-04-3/4 standard, ensuring that you are able to take full advantage of all benefits that Yoyo will bring you.

Yoyo comes in four export versions:

SFAW-04-1 'Yoyo' - Chambered for the .50 cartridge. Single shot feed, no magazine. Leftover stock, sold at a discount without warranty.

SFAW-04-2 'Yoyo Light' - Chambered for the .460 Varinco cartridge. Single shot feed, no magazine. Leftover stock, sold at a discount without warranty.

SFAW-04-3 'Upgraded Yoyo' - Chambered for the .50 cartridge. Features a magazine and various accessory upgrades.

SFAW-04-4 'Upgraded Yoyo Light' - Chambered for the .460 Varinco cartridge. Features a magazine and various accessory upgrades.

Firing Action:


Overall Length: 1,370 mm
Barrel Length: 833 mm
Empty Weight: 12.4 kg
Sighting Assist: Variety of optics available
Magazine: 5-round detachable box
Effective Range: 1500-2500 meters
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Catalog - Conventional and Rocket Artillery

RW-65 'Peanut'


Raket Werfer 65, codenamed Peanut, remains a Varinco favourite even if it's old age would have made other weapons obsolete and unused. Seeing service since it's introduction in 1965, 'Peanut' has seen a variety of uses including regular usage, the development of field-made and tested single-tube man-portable versions and the ability to mount it on various vehicles, ranging from APC's to technicals. This amount of versatility, combined with the sheer amount of firepower given through it's use of twelve 105mm HE rockets, has ensured it's usage as a relatively cheap but extremely functional piece of anti-personnel MRL. Showing the true ingenuity of Varinco products, the 105mm rockets also allow rudimentary firing through usage of makeshift launch systems, such as other tubes, should a Peanut unit get damaged.

Peanut comes in three export versions:

RW-65-1 'Peanut' - Standard 12-tube version, ability to mount the system on vehicles.

RW-65-2 'Bite-sized Peanut' - Single tube man-portable version firing the same 105mm HE rocket, reduced weight of 22.5 kg (when empty).

RW-65-3 'Over-sized Peanut' - Version containing two sets of Peanut, featuring twenty-four tubes and double the weight. Not recommended to mount on vehicles.

Weight: 602 kilograms
Length: 2.90 meters
Width: 1.65 meters
Height: 0.91 meters
Crew: 5 (in non-vehicular conventional use)
Elevation: -3° to +57°
Maximum Firing Range: 8.05 kilometers




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Catalog - Submachine Guns

KMG-84 'Pigeon'


Pigeon is a simple design, allowing for ease of operation and maintenance. Designed with the masses of paramilitary groups in mind, Pigeon allows for a simple yet effective design that can be distributed among the masses to provide for quick on-point firepower that especially proves itself in close quarters and urban situations. A rarity, Pigeon has also seen good use among amphibious warfare and airborne units, who have seen that the ease of operation and maintenance that Pigeon allows also translates well into their situations, allowing for a greater reliability when compared to other submachine guns. Chambered in the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, you can be sure that your units have a large chance of finding additional ammunition among enemy units, extending the time that your units are able to fight before having to resupply. All modern-made Pigeons come with a thirty-round magazine, although old models remain in existence that use a twenty-five round magazine.

Firing Action:

Blowback-operated, open bolt, telescoping bolt

Overall Length: 410 mm / 615 mm (stock extended)
Barrel Length: 215 mm
Empty Weight: 3.10 kg
Sighting Assist: Iron Sights
Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
Typical Range: 150 to 200 meters


KLKMG-04 'Magpie'


Magpie is the current submachine gun design used by forces such as the Variotan army, special forces and police. Designed with the next-generation of warfare in mind, Magpie allows for ease of use due to the sharing of a caliber with the SAP94 'Santa Claus', the powerful and Varinco-proprietary 5.8×21mm armor piercing round. While technically a bullpup carbine / submachine gun hybrid, Magpie has filled the role of Het Huisselant's modern-era submachine gun perfectly. Magpie tends to remain within a higher price bracket that keeps it out of reach in regards to arming large groups of paramilitaries or forces from economically-lesser nations but has instead seen service among elite units in these nations, operating in situations where Magpie excels without breaking the bank too much. Each Magpie comes with a free suppressor, able to be removed by the operator if needed. Varinco recommends using it's special 5.8×21mm subsonic rounds in situations requiring the use of the silencer. All Magpies come with a fifty-round magazine.


Firing Action:

Blowback, open bolt

Overall Length: 500 mm
Barrel Length: 250 mm
Empty Weight: 2.2 kg
Sighting Assist: Flip-up rear sight
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds/min
Typical Range: 200 to 400 meters
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Catalog - Upgrade Packages and Vehicles

Grootfegtfoertuig 62 'Fliegpaart'


Varinco offers governments and groups from all over the world the opportunity to upgrade their GFF-62's/T-62's/other names into a newer era of combat, a chance to prolong their lifespan and up their performance towards standards seen in tanks of a more modern nature. Varinco is pleased to announce upgrade package 'Fliegpaart' (Flying Horse) and it's four stages, allowing for each customer to choose the amount of effort and monetary means that they wish to use to upgrade their tanks. Fliegpaart allows for the renewed usage of GFF-62's in a first-line or second-line performance, depending on the era of warfare found within the customer's theater of combat.

GFF-62 'Fliegpaart Basis/FB' - A simple upgrade of the GFF-62, with a thermal sleeve for the main gun and armored track skirts added. It is possible, for a small additional price, to add lugs for ERA on the glacis and turret sides. Also features a night vision upgrade, allowing for greater use in night time operations. In the case of other similar models that do not feature all features of the GFF-62, the tank is first upgraded to GFF-62 standard.

GFF-62 'Fliegpaart Mittel/FM' - Greatly upgraded armor protection, including composite armor on the glacis and turret front, and appliqué or thickened armor elsewhere. The appliqué and/or thickened armor is far more advanced than found on the basic GFF-62 but still manages to keep weight addition to a reasonable and maintainable level. Features a ballistic computer, added to the fire control suite, and the fire control suite has been integrated into a complete system instead of the patchwork of upgrades that were previously seen throughout the world. Gun stabilization is improved. Radios are improved, and the suspension beefed up to ensure proper use of the tank without the armor weighting it down. The new engine is a 750-horsepower model which can lay a thick, oily smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into its exhaust, allowing for a rapid retreat if needed. Lugs for ERA (Varinco's Flamm ERA) added to turret sides, and lugs on the armored track skirts and on the glacis. Lugs are also provided for a reasonable number of ERA bricks on the turret front; with the ERA on the turret front being able to protect against a reasonable forty percent of hits to the turret front. On the side of the turret, clusters of four smoke grenade launchers are added; at the rear of the turret another cluster of four smoke grenade launchers, firing backwards instead of forwards to allow for additional rapid retreat possibilities.

GFF-62 'Fliegpaart Hooger/FH' - Additional armor upgrades derived partially from newer generation Grootfegtfoertuigen, as well as a better ballistic computer and the addition of the thermal imagers. Upgraded main gun – upping the caliber from 115mm to a 125mm gun, complete with an autoloader. The fire control system is replaced and upgraded with one matching the new main gun. Uses wider tracks.

GFF-62 'Fliegpaart Ultiem/FU' - Even more armor upgrades, including rubber plated to defend against shape-charged warheads. Features a stretched chassis, including the use of six roadwheels per side instead of the usual five. The pinnacle of Fliegpaart upgrades.

Pansertransport 1966 'Stoomfaaier'


Varinco's Pansertransport 1966 'Stoomfaaier' (Steam Ship/Boat) package range is a refurbishment and partial modernization package range aiming at transforming Panserfegtfoertuig 1966's, also known as the BMP-1 in some nations, into armored personnel carriers. Stoomfaaier allows armed forces that would otherwise go without or that lack the funds to purchase entirely new armored personnel carriers to transform part of their IFV fleet into highly effective and workable Stoomfaaier APC's. Due to it's modular nature, Stoomfaaier does not only allow for an increase in lifespan but also an increase in firepower by allowing armed forces the opportunity to change between Stoomfaaier units and their armaments in a situational manner.

PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier' - Improved V-8 turbocharged diesel engine which delivers 330 hp (246 kW) and improved road wheels. Weight reduced to thirteen tons while managing to strengthen the armor further and increase the amount of passengers from 8 to 12, Stoomfaaier thus runs both faster, stronger and with more men in it. Features a heavy machinegun as it's main weapon.

PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier Plus' - Same as Stoomfaaier model but including a armor shield protecting the machine gun mount. 

PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier Moortier' - Stoomfaaier model armed with a 120mm mortar. Reduced passenger carrying capabilities.

PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier Swaare Artillerie' - Self-propelled artillery version fitted with a turret and a 122mm howitzer. No passenger carrying capabilities.

PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier Fliegfegter'  - Anti-air support version armed with a 23mm anti-aircraft gun. Reduced passenger carrying capabilities. 

Grootfegtfoertuig 59 'Berggeit'


Berggeit (Mountain Goat) is an advanced modernization program for GFF 59's, also known as Type 59's among some nations, in order to lift them towards standards that are acceptable in modern combat situations. The Berggeit package also fits unto T-55 tanks. It's 100mm gun is stripped and replaced with a far better and harder hitting 105mm gun, additionally capable of firing off certain anti-tank missiles in order to improve the tank's chances.

A new and modern Fire Control System has been added with automatic and manual gun stabilizers, a laser rangefinder, second-generation night sights, a ballistic computer, and an independent viewer and target designation system for the commander. Same as with the Fliegpaart Mittel upgrades and higher, Berggeit operates a dual system of smoke grenades and the ability to inject diesel fuel in order to throw up a smoke screen. 

Additional protection is provided by explosive reactive armor, fitted onto the tank. If the base tank is lacking side skirts, side skirts and side skirt ERA will be added. Speed and better performance is granted through an engine and transmission upgrade with the Berggeit featuring a 780hp diesel engine from the finest Variotan factories combined with a new and improved transmission system. 

Quality of life improvements include air conditioning, power steering and a fire suppression system, although these can be cut out of the design in order to lower the costs somewhat. The explosion suppression system of the GFF-59 'Bergpaart' can be added at additional cost.


Grootfegtfoertuig 59 'Bergpaart'


Bergpaart (Mountain Horse/Llama) is a heavier version of the advanced modernization program 'Berggeit'. In comparison with Berggeit, Bergpaart is heavier and larger, leading to a lower power/weight ratio and a shorter operating range, but makes up for that by being armed with a heavy-hitting 125mm gun and having a sophisticated explosion suppression system to keep crew survival rates high. This allows Bergpaart to be useful in situations where Berggeit might not reach the requirements for anti-armor or anti-fortification warfare and allows both models to work exceptionally well in a combined fashion, Bergpaart taking the plains and main urban streets while Berggeit excels in mountainous areas and smaller streets.

While the original GFF-59 'Bergpaart' was delivered with an inferior 730hp diesel engine and without armored side skirts, this was upgraded and updated with the release of the Berggeit and it's improved engine and side skirt system. As a result, Bergpaart was upgraded and the modern version of 'Bergpaart' is able to reach an operational range of 460 kilometers and operates a similar side skirt system as Berggeit. This is both an increase in range of ten kilometers and an increase in armoring and tank survival rate, ensuring Bergpaart is able to sustain hits to the side without receiving service-ending damage.

Like the Berggeit program, Bergpaart features a new and modern Fire Control System, a dual smoke grenade/diesel fuel injection system and explosive reactive armor fitted onto the tank. Quality of life improvements include air conditioning, power steering, explosion suppression and fire suppression systems, although these can be cut out of the design in order to lower the costs somewhat.


Grootwerperfoertuig 59 'Os'


Grootwerperfoertuig 59 Os (Ox) is a late '70's, updated in the 80's and recently in the 00's, heavy self propelled artillery program based on the chassis of the Grootfegtfoertuig 59. The result has remained in service since that time, able to provide large caliber firepower over an impressive range of sixty kilometers. This amazing range has seen near to no competitors, especially when keeping in mind the relatively low-tech solution that the Os provides. The secret to this success is it's Varinco-proprietary 170 and 180mm guns, which provide the GFW 59 'Os' with an incredible amount of firepower that is usually reserved for naval fleets, fortifications and bombers. 

In a bid to keep the Os a deciding factor on the modern battlefield, the Os was updated in the 00's to include the engine used in Berggeit and Bergpaart which allows it a much larger operating range and speed. In order to fully exploit the versatile capabilities of the Os, Varinco recommends using them in battalions of twelve vehicles at minimum. There are three versions of GWF 59 'Os' available.

GWF-59 'Os' - Original 1970's version, featuring a 170mm gun. Has no self-contained ammunition carrying capacity, thus needs to be followed by a munition carrier.

GWF-59/85 - 1980's updated version, featuring an slightly larger 180mm gun. Features a front cabin and a slightly elongated chassis, allowing it to carry twelve rounds of ammunition. Munition carrier following the Os remains recommended for longer salvo's.

GWF-59/02 - 00's updated version of the GWF-59/85, features the 780hp diesel engine of the Berggeit and Bergpaart. This allows it the opportunity to participate on the modern battlefield, increasing it's operating range and speed. Munition remains the same.


Transportfoertuig 08 'Aatlaar'


Transportfoertuig 08 Aatlaar (Eagle) is a modern 4x4 multipurpose military vehicle providing great versatility through its modular nature. Since it's introduction in 2008, the Aatlaar has impressed members of Het Huisselikke Aanfals en Protektiemagt and other armed forces. In its most basic form, the Aatlaar allows for rapid transportation of five passengers. Its open design allow for each of the passengers to additionally provide firepower during the transportation, if the situation asks for it. For those requiring a light and maneuverable vehicle for other purposes, the Aatlaar allows for a rapid redeployment in whatever role is required due to it's modular nature.

The TF-08 Aatlaar is available in eleven different versions:

TF-08 Aatlaar - Basic transport version, allowing for materiel and other items or passengers to be moved. Fits five passengers for a total of six people. Soft top provided, can be removed by hand if needed. Hard top version available at additional cost. No armaments built in.
TF-08 Aatlaar Plus - Light combat transport version of the TF-08 Aatlaar. Modified hard top is standard, providing minor protection for passengers. Front mounted GAG-81-02 D.C.M. LMG provides stopping power on the go, to be handled by one of the passengers or by crewing it permanently and lowering passenger capacity to four.
TF-08 Aatlaar Lichte Raketwerfer - Light rocket artillery version, no passenger or materiel transportation capacity. Uses RW-65-1 MRL, twelve tube capacity. Crew of two.
TF-08 Aatlaar Swaarre Raketwerfer - Heavy rocket artillery version, no passenger or materiel transportation capacity. Uses SRW-90-1 MRL, six tube capacity. Crew of two.
TF-08 Aatlaar A.G. Gehweer - Version mounting a 105mm recoilless rifle, intended for anti-tank duties. No passenger or other transportation capacity. Crew of two.
TF-08 Aatlaar L.A.G. Raketwerfer - Very light anti-tank and/or anti-armour version, mounted with a modernized version of the AGR-76. Cheap but relatively obsolete, intended for second-line units and against soft targets.
TF-08 Aatlaar S.A.G. Raketwerfer - Anti-tank and/or anti-armour version, mounted with the AGR-87. More expensive than the version mounting the AGR-76 but able to penetrate modern tanks.
TF-08 Aatlaar Kommandopost - Command vehicle version of the Aatlaar. No passenger or other transportation capacity. Crew of two.
TF-08 Aatlaar Sentwaaghen - Radio wave emitter version. No passenger or other transportation capacity. Crew of two.
TF-08 Aatlaar Ambulans - Ambulance version. Modified hard top is standard, single passenger transportation capacity. Crew of two or three.
TF-08 Aatlaar Ferkenner - Recon version using a shorter chassis. Limited materiel transportation capacity, no passenger transportation capacity. Front mounted GAG-81-02 D.C.M. LMG such as in 'Aatlaar Plus' model available at additional cost. Crew of two.


Groottransport en Raketwerffoertuig 94 'Falk'


[Insert flashy sales talk, it's super easy to use, can handle a great amount of abuse, able to use on almost all terrain.]

The GTRF-94 Falk is available in six variants:

GTRF-94 Falk Goetteren - Basic cargo transport version, able to carry 12 tonnes of cargo. No inherent passenger transport capabilities.
GTRF-94 Falk Pansertransport - Armoured hybrid transport version, able to carry twenty passengers or 6 tonnes of cargo. Able to resist regular small arms, IEDs and landmines. Features firing ports to enable limited ability to provide fire support. Shortened operating range.
GTRF-94 Falk Transport - Basic personnel transport version, able to carry twenty-four passengers. Lowered cargo carrying capabilities due to troop transport features.
GTRF-94 Falk Floeistoftransport - Fuel transport version, featuring a 12,000 liter tank.
GTRF-94 Falk Raketwerfer - Basic rocket artillery version, uses the FRW-70-1 MRL. Forty tube capacity.
GTRF-94/12 Falk Panserraketwerfer - Modernised, armoured rocket artillery version. Uses the FRW-70-1 MRL, forty tube capacity. Additional room to carry one reload, forty missiles. Requires no preparation or crew leaving the vehicle to fire.


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Catalog - Package Deals

Varinco - @Ahrana Branch

King Gustov XVII Commemorative Revenge Package

  • Full choice of PPP-99 Sinterklaas models, perfect for close-range militant murder!
  • KMG-84 Pigeon SMG, perfect for those that wish to spray and pray or feel like swimming with their gun!
  • Full choice of AG-56 Brownie models, a timeless classic that is perfect for medium-range militant murder!
  • Two additional magazines worth of munitions for ALL three weapons! If you choose the PPP-99-02 model, Varinco provides THREE magazines worth of munition for the PPP-99-02 and the KMG-84!
  • Commemorative photo of King Gustov XVII and Dina Diva, framed in a lovely gold-plated frame at no additional cost!

The King Gustov XVII Commemorative Revenge Package has been compiled by Varinco's branch in Ahrana and is perfect for citizens that wish to fuel their loss and pain into a bout of patriotic murder in name of the murdered King. Featuring three tried and tested Varinco weapons, additional munition and a lovely commemorative and collectible picture of King Gustov XVII and Dina Diva, this package provides both the means for your revenge and a way for you to stay connected to the reason for that revenge as the face of King Gustov XVII will be available for you to look at whenever you wish!

As we at Varinco care about this great loss and feel that every citizen should have the ability to enact revenge with proper weaponry, Varinco is proud to provide this package with a 10% discount when compared to purchasing the three weapons separately! This means that you not only receive the weapons at an amazing price but also receive, at no additional cost, additional munition and the lovely commemorative and collectible picture of King Gustov XVII and Dina Diva, framed in a lovely gold-plated frame.

All weapons are manufactured within the Varinco - Ahrana Branch but feature that timeless, classic high-quality Varinco finish that you would expect from any Varinco weapon, be they manufactured in Variota or not.
The King Gustov XVII Commemorative Revenge Package is only available to Varinco customers in Ahrana.

Due to the situation in Ahrana worsening, this package is no longer being offered. However, we do remain in possession of a very large amount of commemorative photos. If interested, call us at +32-458-VARINCO, visit our website or visit one of our many showrooms!

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