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...we interrupt the current transmission for an emergency broadcast. An explosion has occurred in the office tower of the Ministry of the Interior. Wether this was an accident or a deliberate act of terrorism is currently unknown. According to official sources the heir to the Throne of the Sunset Sea Islands, the eldest child of King Tomasso I., Prince Simon attended a meeting in the building prior to the explosion. The meeting tasked with preparing the celebrations for King Tomasso’s 84th birthday coming Friday was scheduled to continue for another two hours. We have yet to receive any news about the whereabouts of the royal heir. Wether there have been any injuries or casualties as a consequence of the explosion is still unknown. Other than Prince Simon the office tower of the Ministry of the Interior hosts more than two thousand employees.

Special forces of the Sunset City Fire Department and the recently founded Self-Defence Force have been dispatched to the scene of the disaster immediately. All authorities are on high alert as Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve has just declared a nation-wide state of emergency.

Programs on all TV stations of the Sunset Sea Islands have been interrupted for the time being. SSI News is being broadcasted on all stations. We will continue to provide you with live information about the situation and will inform you immediately if there will be any new developments.

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Dear viewers of SSI News. With the utmost regret we have to inform you that the death of the heir to the Throne of the Sunset Sea Islands, Prince Simon, has been confirmed mere minutes ago. Prince Simon, aged 27, has lost his life in the tragic events of the past day. According to the SCFD the centre of the explosion was near the conference hall in which Prince Simon was at the time of the event. The probability of the possibility to retrieve his mortal remains is basically zero.

The proximity of the centre to Prince Simon’s location at the time of the explosion indicates that this most tragic event in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands has not been an accident, but a deliberately planned-out assassination of the royal heir.

The first calculations say that more than one thousand and three hundred people lost their lives in this act of unmeasurable terror, with several more hundred people heavily injured. The whereabouts of more than three hundred citizens are still unknown. The probability of survivors being buried beneath the rubble of the collapsed levels of the building is very high.

We still cannot access the scale of this tragedy nor are we able to describe the terror this event has caused.

SSI News will repeat this transmission every full hour. The recorded footage will be looped without commentary until new events unfold.

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If you have children watching this program with you, SSI News strongly advises you to cover their eyes or to send them to a room without an appliance capable of receiving this transmission.

This is live footage. The large explosion two days ago, which took the life of our Prince Simon, critically damaged the Ministry of Interior’s office tower and endangered the structural integrity of the building severely. Oh...Oh my God. The building started to collapse! This is live footage. You are witnessing the collapse of a tower in the middle of Sunset City, our capital.

With this, the chance of any survivors left in the building to escape is gone. The forces of the SCFD and the SDF have evacuated the area around the tower. This... this is incredible. This is by far the most tragic event in the entire history of the Sunset Sea Islands. We cannot describe the horror unfolding before our own eyes.

We... we have nothing left to say.

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The numbers of casualties caused by the attacks of October 27th continue to rise. Many of the severely injured have passed away in the days following the attack and after the collapse of the tower potential survivors in the building itself are impossible. The current calculation states that the amount of casualties has reached about one thousand and seven hundred, with potential one or two hundred unconfirmed deaths within the ruins of the building.

This attack is not comparable to anything in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands, putting even the attacks on the Sunset City Stock Exchange earlier this year into its shadow.

Meanwhile, the public outcry against the ruling party of the Sunset Sea Islands, the PSS, and her head, Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve, continues to grow. The spearhead of the protests is Theresa Tumbleweed, the Minister of the Interior, who was not in the building during the events of last Friday. Mrs Tumbleweed attacks Dr Mauve harshly, accusing her of being partially responsible for the attacks because of her liberal policies. However, the strongest argument the growing protests have against the government and its head is that it failed to protect the life of one of the nations most important people: the heir to the Throne. The Prime Minister has yet to react to the charges.

The Royal Family has not released an official reaction to the death of their eldest son, which is understandable. The Royal Family must be in a state of unimaginable shock.

Even though the future seems uncertain at this point in time, one thing can be said with utmost safety: The 27th of October, 2017 will go down as the darkest day in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands.

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The whole population of the Sunset Sea Islands is still in deep shock. The general reactions of the public can be divided mostly into two groups.

The first group is led by the feeling of sadness. They hide in their homes, mourning the death of their families, their friends, people they didn’t even know, and most of all, the death of their beloved prince. Those, who are not scared of follow up attacks have laid down a sea of flowers and candles in front of the Royal Palace and some have even assembled to spontaneous worships, something very unusual in a nation with a 75% share of people without a religious faith.

Those, whose thoughts have not been swept with sadness, have nothing in their hearts but anger. Protests roam the streets of the nation’s most populous cities, demanding a stronger police force and tighter safety laws.

More and more people protest against Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve and her government. Dr Mauve announced a press conference for tomorrow.

These general motions throughout the whole population will be defining the political era past the attacks of past Friday. We will have to observe how the new government will handle those demands.

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The attacks of past Friday have become a turning point in the history of the nation, causing another surprising and dramatic event. In a press conference in the early morning hours Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve has resigned from her office and initiated rapid elections of a new government. Within her speech the former Prime Minister declares that she has no other option but to resign from her office as a consequence of the severe charges she is faced with, mainly, not being able to guarantee the safety of members of the royal family. After losing the trust of the population she calls for elections to be held as soon as possible.

Mere minutes after this press conference Theresa Tumbleweed has announced the foundation of a new political party: the Party of Radiance, lead by Tumbleweed herself, promises to stabilize the nation after these horrible events and to enact harsher national security laws to prevent future calamities like the events of past Friday. Opinion surveys conducted on the streets of the largest cities of the nation and on the internet predict that an enormous amount of voters will abandon the established parties, especially the governing coalition of the PSS and the Centrists, to vote for the new Party of Radiance.

Elections are to be held on this Sunday, not even two weeks after the attacks.

The celebrations for the 84th birthday of King Tomasso I. will be postponed for an unknown time.

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The newly founded Party of Radiance has spend all of the last day with creating a first draft for their party program. The document focuses heavily on the topic of national security, which is an expected result of the events of last Friday.

The Party of Radiance has printed out thousands of leaflets containing information on their political stances and distributing them throughout the nation. Their popularity continues to surge.

Meanwhile authorities have finalized their official number of casualties of the attacks of October 27th. 1763 people have lost their lives either in the enormous fireball of the explosion, by being buried alive underneath the ruins of the collapsed building or have succumbed to their injuries in the days following the tragedy. Two hundred and fourteen people are hospitalized and suffering from their grave injuries.

Thousands of professional and voluntary helpers are continuing to clean up the place of the attacks. Dozens of helpers need to be switched out on a daily basis because of the psychological strain this work puts on them. Truly, these brave men and women are the heroes of our nation.

This attack has left a huge scar throughout our nation, not only by taking the lives of more than a thousand citizens, but also by robbing the nation of their husbands, wives, children, relatives, friends, acquaintances and even their heir to the Throne.

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SSI News must ask for your forgiveness, but we would have never thought to have to broadcast these news. All of the events of the last week are so horrific, the redaction feels unable to convey all of the strong emotions holding our hearts captive. We cannot do anything else but broadcast the news. We have no other option but to broadcast the news as they are. We beg for your forgiveness.

Exactly one week after the attack King Tomasso I. of the Sunset Sea Islands has been found dead at his residence in the Royal Palace. Based on the medical container found next to the mortal remains of our King the Royal House suspects that the cause of death was a medical overdose. King Tomasso I. committed suicide on the day of his 84th birthday, exactly one week after the tragic loss of his eldest son.

Princess Selena and her husband, Prince Adrian gave a press conference following the death of the King. Princess Selena, who was the next rightful heir to the Throne of the Sunset Sea Islands after the deaths of both her older brother and her father, declared that she resigns from the Throne. The Royal Couple is so gravely traumatized by the events of this week that they are unable to inherit the Throne. Both Selena and Adrian resign from their titles of nobility and will be regular commoners from now on.

After this shocking revelation, the Sunset Sea Islands is left without an heir. The new government, which will be elected on Sunday, will be tasked with not only stabilizing the nation but with restructuring the whole society as well as creating a new constitution for the nation.

The events of the past week have been a heavy strike to the Sunset Sea Islandian society. Our nation will never be the same again.

As of today the era of monarchy in the Sunset Sea Islands is over.

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Never before in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands has the nation been ridden by so many tragedies and revolutions as in the past days.

  • An attack of unimaginable size has taken the lives of almost two thousand citizens, including Prince Adrian.
  • Dr Lydia Mauve has resigned from her office as Prime Minister and initiated new elections.
  • Mourning the death of his beloved son, King Tomasso I., “the Last”, has taken his own life.
  • The remaining members of the former Royal Family have resigned from their right to the Throne and from their titles, becoming regular citizens.

The whole nation is in deep shock after these horrible events. The course the history of the Sunset Sea Islands will take from now on is unforeseeable. The nation stands at the end of an era of peace which has lasted for decades.

The only thing most people are sure about is that whatever the results of tomorrow’s elections will be, they will define the fate of the Sunset Sea Islands.

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..Roiters News: "Nation mourns for Sunset Sea Islands"

To: Princess Selene of the Sunset Sea Islands
From: Empress Nabérrie of Orioni

Your majesty, Princess Selena,

The news of your father's and brother's death has moved Us deeply. Please know that in this hour of darkness, your friends are thinking of you. Given the circumstances in which you are currently living, and the rapidly changing political climate in the @Sunset Sea Islands, One can understand the desperation that has driven you to renounce your throne. Should you and your husband require it, the Orioni Empire can offer you a safe space to gather your thoughts.

My deepest condolences,

Empress Joni Nabérrie of Orioni


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All day long tens of millions of citizens eligible to vote in the national elections have been rallying to the electoral offices. After the offices were closed an hour ago the first results will be presented any minute now.

Th.. there they come:
The largest party of the next Sunset Sea Islandian government is...
...the Party of Radiance with an incredible fifty-nine point seven percent share of all cast votes!

Followed up by the Bastion Party with eleven percent of the votes, the PSS with nine, a record loss, the Centrists with eight percent, the PDPD with six point five and the Lighthouse party barely passes the five percent barrier with five point eight percent of the votes.

With this absolute majority, the newly founded party of Radiance will be able to rule with unparalleled power. This is the first time in the last one hundred years that a single party gained enough votes to form a government without a coalition partner. The previously established parties have lost an unimaginable amount of power, with record losses for the PSS, the party of former Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve.

Many politicians from all over the political spectrum have rallied under Theresa Tumbleweed to form the Party of Radiance. With the old parties now weaker than ever before, the Sunset Sea Islands will surely see the death of many established parties and the birth of new political alliances. Nevertheless, the opposition the Party of Radiance needs to face now is significantly weaker than the new ruling party of the Sunset Sea Islands.

Over the course of the next days, the newly elected government will have to create a new order for the nation, including a new, non-royal constitution. With this incredible strength, the Party of Radiance will be able to decide these fates almost singlehandedly.

The Era of Radiance has begun!

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  • 3 weeks later...



Three weeks after the elections of November Fifth, 2017, the new government of the Sunset Sea Islands has been founded under the leadership of Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed and her Party of Radiance. The first and arguably already most important task of the new government was the creation of a post-royal constitution. Today, Theresa Tumbleweed held a speech to the people that has been broadcasted worldwide.

"Today we rise. Just like a phoenix is reborn from the ashes our nation is rising above the tragedy that has taken so much from us. It has taken so much from us that it has shaken our nation in its very foundation: it has taken our Prince and our King as well as one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one more souls. Today we make sure that these losses have not been in vain. Today a nation is reborn.

However, this is more than a mere reincarnation- it is an evolution! Just like every form of life adapts to the age in which it lives in, our society needs to adapt as well if we do not want to perish. We are going even a step further than this. We are not a slave to our age, no, we will use what has injured the heart of our nation to grow closer to utopia! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger! The '17 Sorrows have shown us the horrifying face of crime but it has also been a wake-up call! Crime has been the monstrous slavemaster of humanity for centuries but we will not tolerate these chains on our hands for one more day! Truly, we will create a society in which your children will know no crime!

We are bringing the Sunset Sea Islands one decisive step closer towards its destiny: an oasis of eternal peace and prosperity!

Only a society in which every individual can live in absolute safety can they truly prosper. Our full potential has been restrained by crimes, today we break free, by any means necessary!

Our nation has been known overseas for being a peaceful paradise but the '17 Sorrows have put a stain on our worldwide reputation. How can we dare to lift our eyes to our allies all over the world if our name is being slandered by the feeling of danger in our streets? A prince, a king, and seventeen-hundred lives, need you any more justification? We need to fight crime in the twenty-first century with the weapons of the twenty-first century. And our weapon of choice can only be one: the Synapse System.

Over the last few months our engineers, scientists, sociologists and investigators have created a powerful guardian for our nation. Its eyes see clear and its mind is honed to perfection. Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to lose and a future of peace and prosperity to gain!

Now that the eyes of the Synapse System watch over our streets and its agents fight crime with a surgeon's precision we are on the verge of creating our personal utopia: a crimeless society.

Today a new era of our nation begins. Today a nation is reborn.

Long live the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands!"

The government building of the Sunset Sea Islands.

Hundreds have gathered in front of the building in which the new government resides. The building, which formerly housed several government agencies has been repurposed to be the heart of both the Sunset Sea Islandian government as well as the central nexus of the Synapse System. The crowd cheered as Prime Minister Tumbleweed proclaimed the birth of the Radiant Republic over the giant screens on the outer walls of the building as well as any other form of modern communication.

The remnants of the former royal family of the Sunset Sea Islands, Selena and Adrian have congratulated Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed on the new constitution of the nation from abroad. The couple has sought refugee in the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, which has welcomed them with open arms. Their spokesperson told SSI News that the couple needed to take some time off the trouble in their home nation. The Royal Family of @Orionihas welcomed them in their nation, which continues to be a close ally of the Sunset Sea Islands through all crises.

Now, that the Sunset Sea Islands have been reborn as the Radiant Republic, the political system has stabilised and the Synapse System guarantees the safety of millions of citizens, the nation can hopefully once more return to normality.

We hope to see you soon at SSI News.

The Sun rises.

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