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[OOC] Planning on arms storefront

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Seeing as the weekend is coming up, I have a bit more time for a big project and decided on the economy being my target this time. After thinking it over and after reviewing my position on the map and other such political and economic issues, I feel that it is realistic for me to have an arms industry. We already had some talks about it on discord, although those were more loose and light than anything concrete. Anyway, to the why. Why?

  • Current leading nation in Alharu (not really proven but eh and sure, also only one of two nations in Alharu but let's forget that for now)
  • In the perfect position to sell our weapons all over Argis, Northern and Eastern Alharu. Although we're in a pretty good trading location for the entire world, really.
  • A history of colonists makes for a nation much more quicker to establish weapon factories, in order to have a steady and reliable supply.
  • I'm not planning to sell the newest, best, shiniest weapons. We're not over here having those delicious eggplants, glorious casino's, terrific microcars, all that other magnificent sin and unbeatable culture AND the best weapons. My weapons are going to be based on the Chinese, North Koreans, Iraqi's and Iranians. The designs are knock-offs, modifications of other weapons, etc. You want cheap? We have cheap. You want something genuinely cutting edge? Check somewhere else. While I'm, obviously, open to armed forces being supplied by my weapons, my plan B will be that most customers will be civilians, paramilitaries, insurgents, etc. We won't ask too many questions so long as you pay on time and if you want it smuggled, we can arrange that through Bureau 69 (see factbook if you need information on that Bureau). I might even make a 'bargain bin' and 'second hand' section, for those really desperate freedom fighters. This might also help with roleplays, as there will be a company willing to provide arms to those in need of them.

If anyone objects, please just state so here, maybe say why and then I'll be able to comment on it, maybe talk it out and we'll all be as happy as can be. Of course, if you're thinking 'I want some of that', feel free to state that as well, or if you, I don't know, want me to produce a knock-off of one of your designs or something. The sky is the limit, people.

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