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:*:The Death of a Hero

Hellenic Russian Sniper, Grigori Malakov has died of a Heart Attack aged 75. Malakov was a 2nd Lieutenant of the Hellenic Rus army during the revolution against the Hazadjin Caliphate. This Sniper was tasked with defending the city of Kos with only three other snipers. He and his men had gunned down 2 whole brigades of soldiers and artillery that was there to invade Kos. The only people alive were himself and another man. They were both awarded the Black Iron Sharkpedo badge which is the highest award the Hellenic Rus can bestow to anyone. 

Grigori was found dead in his apartment home in Kos with a picture of his family. Despite the death seeming suspicious, Grigori did have a history of strokes and heart attacks because he was a heavy smoker. Grigori's family said that Girgori would have loved to be buried with his comrades as he had fought with them on that fateful day in Kos. The Hellenic Russian flag will be laid at half-mast for 17 days as it took 17 years until the struggle for Hellenic Russian independence was finally over.

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:*: Serial Killer Behind Bars

Notorious and Infamous Serial Killer Boris Yuri Gargain has been finally arrested and put on death row. This monster has been tried for more than 45 murder and 33 sexual assault charges, 55 of them being children and women. One of his most notorious murder/rapes has been that of a 16-year-old Debbie Volstyana. Debbie was found dead in an old hut on the outskirts of Novgorod. Her blood was spread out everywhere and her body mutilated. Forensics show that she went through tortures over a period of months and was raped several times. She was then killed brutally with a machete or a meat cleaver.

Parents of victims like Debbie were angry that they had not caught the killer earlier but, in the defense of the state, Gargain was a former police officer and knew how to cover up his tracks. Boris Yuri Gargain will face execution by firing squad the next afternoon. People are wondering how he can "sleep soundly" knowing that more than 70 peoples lives are ruined because of him.

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:*:Hellenic Russian Battleship sets sail

The THRS ( Tsar's Hellenic Russian Ship) Ottograd sets sail after construction was complete. This was a massive achievement to the Hellenic Russian people as the Hellenic Rus prides itself for being a sea faring culture and possessing a large navy. THRS Ottograd is now on stand by but was seen doing test drills of torpedo firing, shooting down fake aircraft and evasive maneuvers.

The Hellenic Russian Supreme Admiral of the Navy, Stavros Masakovitch said " We are proud to have a new addition to the Hellenic Rus Navy. Our seas are the most impregnable force in all of Europa!".

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:*:Assassination Attempt from Terrorist Organisation

The Hellenic Rus Commissioner of Police for St Stylianos is now in a critical but stable condition following an assassination attempt. This cowardly assassination attempt was from Humaddeen Kayak who tried to kill the Commissioner via sniper rifle. Kayak fired three times, missing twice but eventually hitting the Commissioner in the liver. The Police managed to figure out where the shots were coming from and fired back, hitting Kayak in the collar bones.

With the Threat neutralized and under custody the police have reason to believe that Kayak was working for the newly found terrorist group " The Circle of Death". This group is a known Satanist and Anarchist group which once became a part of the black market but soon started to "wage war" against the Hellenic Rus.

The Hellenic Rus urges other countries to arrest and detain members of this group for they have killed well over 250 people in the Hellenic Rus and may try to overthrow other governments as well.

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:*:Brutal Execution of Terrorists in the Hellenic Rus

This morning 45 members of the terrorist group "The Circle of Death" have been executed by firing squad. One of these members were 17 causing many people to believe that the execution was unnecessary. The Police have defended this execution saying "That young man like any others in this damned terrorist group were willing to die for this group. This could be the very man who pulled the trigger on pregnant woman Athena Doulachis".

Although many find this horrific, The Hellenic Rus believes that their deaths were justified.


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:*:Hellenic Rus prepares for Zombie Apocalypse

The Hellenic Rus have shot and killed Doctor Ivo Tsoukas who was responsible for spreading the Zombie plague into Hellenic Russian soil. His death was followed by a bunch of researchers and police confiscating and burning most of his notes. The Hellenic Rus urges other nations to be prepared for this Zombie Apocalypse as it could spell the end for Europa.

As The Hellenic Rus prepares their "cure missiles" the Tsar had said " In these dreadful times we must try and help one another and survive this Zombie Invasion. We will show every man, woman and child of Europa what the Hellenic Rus can do"!

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:*:Hellenic Rus School Shooting

The Novgorod school, St Spyridon Public school has been attacked by members of the terrorist group The Circle of Death. The death toll was around 32 people including 27 students. The gunmen were believed to have strolled up in a white van, enter the school gates and invade the office area. They then announced through the speakers who they were and that they will kill every one in the school. 

The school then went in lock down with one brave teacher calling the police. She was shot and killed at point blank range. They then proceeded to barge into classroom after classroom killing and torturing everyone inside. When policed arrived they had immediately assessed the situation and gunned down three of the gunman. The other two had committed suicide.

The Tsar urges any nation to arrest and even kill members of this terrorist group. He had described the scene as barbaric, unforgivable and a declaration of war. The Hellenic Rus has now increased security in airports, schools and even churches.

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