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List of RL people used/claimed in our universe

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I would like to claim Sofia Ortega (the representant of the revolutionnaries in Tropico 6) as Jeanne Maheu, one of the leader of the anarchist movement in New Lyria, during the new lyrian war of independance. I know that Sofia Ortega is not an RL people but it's still a unique character.



I would also like to claim Jacqueline Kennedy-Onnasis as Victoire Dahin, the President of the Neo Lyrian Communal Commission.


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2 hours ago, Ateenia said:

dibs on Ida Marie Nielsen as princess Tyra Ragnadóttir Kalinka (cousin of Ena Kalinka) 


(gods it feels cringe to use IRL actors as characters IRP)

I find it very difficult to describe people ("They have brown hair and... a nose") and it can be useful to help visualise people.

But usually I won't do it unless forced to provide a picture.

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[I’m not sure if this is allowed or if this would be the right place for this, but I don’t know where else it could go.]


I would like to claim the little penguin (aka fairy penguin) as the Aurelian Sheesh. It is the national bird of Zaxar and is often kept as a pet by royalty. It is known for its distinctive cry which gave it its name.

it is also a protected species under Zaxar law and the vast majority of their colonies reside along the southern Zaxari coast. I will upload their range when I have access to my computer.


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Update for additions to the lsit for Hveradalur and Stemas with Arrus soon to follow!




Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir, as President Askja Eskelson


Katrín Jakobsdóttir, as Chancellor Gréta Bjerk


Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, as Ástríður Aaberg the President of the Alþingi





Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, as Fredrik Olsen the President of Stemas



Une Aina Bastholm, as Ingrid Kristiansen the Prime Minister of Stemas

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I claim the following for the Kingdom of Gotneska.

• King Edward VI of England as Emperor Patrick XIII

• Crown Prince Haakon  of Norway as King John II of Gotneska

• Lily James as Peig Andersson (wife of Olf)

• Chris Evens as Prince and Deputy Prime Minister Olfúr Andersson

• Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as former Princess and Actress Njóla Óda Lóðmundsson. Is the youngest child of Patrick XIII

• Peyton G as Queen Sarah II of Gotneska

* Emma Stone as Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Jánger

* Sigrid Kaag as Hedvika De Jongh, wife of Prince Erik, Duke of Dale earrach.

* Luca Hollestelle as Princess Christina of Dale earrach,  & Minister of Human Rights & Services

* Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor as King Patrick VIII of the First Kingdom of Gotneska

* Isabella of Portugal as Queen Amelie von Grazen, & Regent of the First Kingdom of Gotneska. Wife of Patrick VIII

* Queen Olga of Keiv as Saint Ealga "Queen of the Ruaí"

* Saint Partick as Saint Palmer (would also be claimed by @Ebrary)

* Elizabeth Stuart Queen of Bohemia as Empress Elisbet of Goutian Empire

* Prince Rupert as  Axel, Prince of Rídearg (Crown Prince of the FIrst Kingdom of Gotneska)

* Anne Boleyn as Queen Saga I of Gotneska

* Monica Ollander as former Princess Eygerður Bella Ragnbjörg Andersdottír. Second Oldest child of John II

* Karen Gillan as  Actress Caoimhe Ó Nualláin, Half-sister of the queen

* Riley Clemmons as Singer/Songwriter Solveig Beykir

* John F. Carlson as will know painter Christian Andersson

* Éabha McMahon as popular Cordic Artist Líle Ní Mháille

last updated 10/19/2023

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I would like to claim the following persons :

Actual King Harald V of Norway as Emperor Ambroise III of Florentia, from the House of Asmavie.

Boris Skossyreff, a Lithuanian writer and self-proclaimed King Boris I of Andorra, as Prince Louis-Célestin of Javiosia-Vidal, from the House of Asmavie, and first son of the Emperor Ambroise III.

Prince Amadeo II of Savoy-Aosta as Duke Louis-Ambroise of Montcharmin, from the House of Asmavie, and second son of the Emperor Ambroise III.

Actress Clara Bow as Duchess Rosie of Montcharmin (former commoner. Former name : Bellysis). She's the wife of Duke Louis-Ambroise of Montcharmin.

Regina of Habsburg-Lorraine as Angela de Varelle, Empress of Florentia and third wife of Ambroise III, from the House of Stedoria.

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IRL Tony Benn as former Taoiseach Douglas an Gael and current leader of the opposition. spacer.png

IRL Aaja Chemnitz-Larsen as Nive Anselm, leader of the Ataqatigiit party. spacer.png

IRL Francois Pienaar as a Talamh TD. spacer.png

IRL Margrete II of Denmark as Isolde MacTurf. Previous Ríog and an influential figure in Gaellician politics. spacer.png

IRL Edward James Olmos as Chatan Hakan. A TD for Ataqatigiit and a skilled negotiator. spacer.png

IRL Jared Harris as some kind of intelligence figure. Still working on his name. spacer.png

IRL John Major as J.P. Hillgauntlet. Current Taoiseach. r8myy3o.jpg

IRL Kelly McDonald as Margaret McGillis, an important TD for Talamh.

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Just the start

Dimitri II - - - > Tsar Alexander II (of Russia)

The Rurikid -> (Ruik, Igor I, Sviatoslav I, Yaropolk I, Sviatopolk I, Vsevolod II, Andrey III)

Yuri (I) Vasa-> Tsar Vladlislav

Bulgakov-> (Feodor II, Boris Godunov, Vasili IV, Michael I, Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia, Ivan IV, Eudoxia Streshneva, Elena Pavlovna of Russia, Maria Pavlovna of Russia, Peter II)

Romanov-> (Peter I, Anna, Peter III, Aleksandr I, Michael Aleksandrovich, Catherine I, Alexis)

Nadia V-> Oxana Fedorova

Grand Duke Viktor-> Ulf Kristersson

Grand Duke Aleksey-> Ivan Fedotov

Grand Duchess Anya-> Sanna Marin

ATARA delegate Alexei Kurkov -> Bradley Cooper

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Once again i continue the cringe


Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir as Torvi Helgidóttir, the foreign minister of Ateenia



Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Calder Hrein, Jarl of Grundvik



Gustaf Skarsgard as Hakon Tofi, Minister of Defence of Ateenia



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