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List of RL people used/claimed in our universe

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Just as an aside, using FaceApp in conjunction with another editing tool is a free and quick way to create decent looking new people from pretty much...anyone, including yourself, should you choose to do so. I was messing around with it the other night and I was suddenly hit with the realization of how useful it could be for players that use actual photos.

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The only character that I have used a picture for is the Holy Emperor himself, Kommodos III.

I used the late John Hurt, as he appeared in V for Vendetta as Chancellor Adam Sutler. For some reason, that really chimed with my mental image of the Holy Emperor.

Annoyingly, the photo that O kindly photoshopped for me has long since disappeared - it was on a computer that died and the image hosting service that I used at the time seems to have also died a death.

Oh, well.

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It's not the end of the world if someone uses the same people for their characters as me. I don't intend to exercise any exclusive rights over them.

Here are the main faces of my country coupled with their real-life equivalents.

QmJoLvb.png President Gerald Webb - Rick Scott, Florida Governor

RvH4dHe.pngVice President Tommy Howitzer - Tom Selleck, Actor

J0mF05s.pngFederal Minister for Foreign Affairs Thomas Hoffman - David Hasselhoff, Actor

220px-Klaus_Scharioth.jpgATARA Delegate Gary Truman - Klaus Scharioth, German Ambassador to the United States

Most of my other cabinet members are just random East German and Swedish ministers. https://www.nationstates.net/nation=girkmand/detail=factbook/id=996103

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7 hours ago, Sunset Sea Islands said:

@Mauridiviah maybe you should include the people you have used in this post here as well for future reference. Also, your factbooks are really cool. 

Thank you, and here are the characters that represent my main political leaders:

Nicolas Manetas - Henry Rangel Silva

Enrico Mancha - Omar Abdullah

Ramon Romano - Riccardo Fraccaro

Diego Polo - Roberto Fico

Luciano Hernandez - Antonio Marzano

Simon Buenavides - Pedro Sánchez

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Another request, thanks.

  • Vitaliano Aguirre II as Senator Ädulf Fartprut. A weird, crazy and corrupt politician. Laughingstock of the Andallan government (And the Philippine government, IRL. He just got fired from his post, at long last).
  • Risa Hontiveros as MA Sylvia Holberg (Member of the [National] Assembly), notable anti-communist.
  • Kiko Pangilinan as Speaker of the Assembly Benjamin Kjærsgaard.
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Natalia Poklonskaya is currently claimed by @Synturia as one of his ministers. As Synturia has not been on the forums for a month and has not used her likeness yet as far as I could see, I do not feel it would be unreasonable to change it. In case Synturia does not respond with an objection or does not respond at all, I'll change it next Friday.

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Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorz as General Secretary Tomur Almas 


To avoid conflict with @Sunset Sea Islands, Deputy Secretary Bagabandi will be played by Nursultan Nazarbayev instead of Xi Jinping


Fulgistan's ATARA delegate Dr. Zaitao Binsar is Susi Pudjiastuti in OTL

Otryadin Gyatso, intrepid correspondent for VIRTUE News, will have her role filled by the lovely Shiori Kutsuna



That's all for now, more probably to follow.

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I'll be sorting the list of RL people by their family name first. This should make it easier to find and scan the list, since most of these people have a more famous last name.

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List has been updated, haven't yet added Alan Dale as you (@Rihan) said you're contemplating on using him. When you've decided, let me know and I'll add him in right away.

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