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List of RL people used/claimed in our universe


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The famous @Variotan tabloid Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten has updated its annual overview of Who's Who. The edition for 2018 includes names and occupations of many prominent people around the world.

The only people you'll ever need to know are those that we tell you to know.

List of People:
[Name in RL], [NS Name + Function (if available)], [Nation using said person], alphabetically sorted by first name. Nations currently included in the list: @Variota, @The Eurofuhrer, @Iverica, @Orioni, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Prymont, @Cristina, @Synturia, @Ahrana

You can find the entire, full version of our spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/europa-spreadsheet

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I am using 

  • Vladimir Putin as General Secretary Darko Divac
  • Tsar Nicholas II as Tsar Alexander IV
  • Newt Gingrich as Boris Herjavec, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Bill Clinton as Senate Majority Whip (not unveiled)
  • Boris Yeltsin as former General Secretary Roko Teodosic

(will be continually updated)

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  • Kevin Spacey, as Primo Franso Deitorr
  • Alec Guinness/Euan McGregor- as Prime Minister Abé-Juan Quenobi
  • Meryl Streep- as Foreign Minister, Tomas-Morra
  • Antonio Banderas- as Home Minister, Joaquin-Raul Hermoso (Do you like his biceps?)
  • Penelope Cruz Sanchez- as Minister of Foreign Aid, Penelope Sanchez Cruz
  • Ralph Fiennes- as Capo-Comandante dei Armaté Servicio, Ferran-Arnau Macharius
  • and Pitbull- as Labrador
Edited by Iverica (see edit history)
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Nice idea Variota. Over the years, there are a few characters I keep re-using. Especially the royals are a permanent fixture. All the other ones are politicians, so probably replaceable. If I have to call dibs on certain RL, they would be:

  • Natalie Portman (Joni Nabérrie, Empress of Orioni)
  • Sean Connery, young (Toren Nabérrie, Prince of Orioni, councillor of defence)
  • Sean Connery, old (Mario Ramius, grand admiral of the fleet)
  • Matt Lucas (Sir Andrew Pipkin, councillor of foreign affairs)

One character I introduced only recently but have specific plans for is:

  • Téa Leoni (Mrs Anna Hackney, EOS representative)

A full list of my characters can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=760533

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People I use:

  • Phillip Rösler as Minister of Transport Um Li Tung
  • George W. Bush's face on Hillary Clinton's body as Minister of the Interior Theresa Tumbleweed
  • Shinzō Abe as Masatsugu Shibahara (yet to be unveiled)
  • Xi Jinping as Minh Thantran (yet to be unveiled)
  • Tony Emulelu as Tichanoa Idowu
  • Katrin Neubauer as Margarethe Beckert
  • Vita Degutienė as Vita Astrauskas
  • Some evil looking man as Fitzroy Hedley (look it up in my factbook)
  • Nathan Tinkler as Marcellus Gerver
  • Twitter: @asihdn (no idea who tf she is) as Asih Nirmala
  • Takeo Doi (I'm not sure if it's him or not, but he looks similar and I have been awake for over 24 hours already) as Masayasu Shibahara
  • Angela Merkel as Angelina Lernel, ATARA delegate
  • Alexander Dobrindt as a potential dense motherf*cker

People who cannot be found or are RL friends of mine:

  • Random Stock Photo 1 as King Tomasso I.
  • Random Stock Photo 2 as Prince Adrian
  • Ronja Langhoff as Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve
  • Isabell Dahlenburg (Twitter: @Isabell_Dally) as Princess Selena
Edited by Sunset Sea Islands (see edit history)
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Currently my roster isn't that large, but will be expanding over time.

  • Toto Wolff - President George Duval
  • Christian Horner - Julian Nordeng, ATARA Delegate
  • Donald Glover - Foolish Bandit, rapper
  • Claire Williams - Lucy Aamot, CEO of Aamotech Technologies
  • Fritz Dopfer - Christoffer Sletvold, skier
  • Lindsey Vonn - Olivia Lindvik, skier
Edited by Prymont (see edit history)
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Some characters I use:

  • Queen Nova Maxima Korvini: beautiful random Artka’s model
  • Minister of State Adriana Monadic: Belinda Stronach
  • King Robert II: random Goth model
  • Mantellan High Chancellor Tito Vero: Sir Ian McKellen
  • Ambassador Carlo Montalto: Morten Harket
  • Ambassador Rosana Giannini: myself.
  • Volleyball Player Amandine Navara: random sportswear model
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I've added a regular list of people, containing all named people in the above posts. In case of random unknown-named people, I've left them out for ease's sake. Seeing as there's now an actual list, please post updates in additional posts in this thread or send them to me via Discord PM or via PM on these forums, to make updating the list a bit easier.

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as of now in Ahrana:

Monarch of the Kingdom and Realms:

  • King Gustov XVII [Prince Carl Philip of Sweden]

Prime Minister:

  • Olaf Dimitri Roma [Stefan Löfven Swedish Prime Minister]

Other Important People:

  • Crown Princess Victoria Elizabeth Chayka XII (Heir Apparent) [Princess Mary of Denmark]
  • Princess Elizabeth Alexandria Victoria Mishia Chayka II (Daughter of the Crown Princess) [Princess Josephine of Denmark]
  • Former Grand Duchess of Tatani, Former Governor-General of Tatani, Alexia Mishia Chayka Romani [Princess Sofia of Sweden]



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The list has been updated to include Synturia's and Ahrana's submissions. Due to general ease, the list shall be maintained from now on through the spreadsheet. However, updates and additions should still be done as I asked in my previous post here, through separate posts here or via PM on Discord or here.

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The list has been updated to include Fleur de Lys' entries. As editing the first post breaks the embed, I'm going to refrain from tagging additional nations.

With the addition of the Lysian characters, the list has reached 60+ people! What a milestone! Let's hope we get some additional nations in the region and on the list and work that number up!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Andalla has decided to be internationally recognized regarding the use of humans in its roleplays.

  • Klaus Johansen, President of Andalla - Alan Cayetano
  • Alexander Bendtsen, Andallan Foreign Minister and ATARA Representative - Ralph Recto
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Sorry didn't see this, I have literally LOADS of characters for Kaitaine and factfiles for them. I'll try and post them in a list here once I've done my factbook. I've looked at the list and I don't think there are any clashes but if anyone spots one I miss let me know and I can change it.

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Completed my characters that form the four families of Kaitaine, sorry there are a lot of them, they breed like rabbits in Kaitaine.

The post is here

I intend to post official "claims" only once I've actually used them in RP as otherwise it creates a mess for everyone potentially. If anyone spots someone they are already using please let me know and I'll change them.

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1 hour ago, Adaptus said:

Has anyone claimed Theresa May? I think I'll use her at some point for my Grand Consul, Ceres Stolos. 

@Adaptus I think someone already uses her as I remember her face on the pictures of the Antargic Treaty's signatories.


Which would mean that it's @Miiros .

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Updated the list, which I had neglected to do for a while.

Some notes:

@Synturia Added the first person, not the others as they're not yet determined.

@Kaitaine I didn't list anyone yet as per your intention to claim them once you've used them.

@Sunset Sea Islands Did not list God's beautiful angel, I'm sure no one minds you keeping an unofficial claim on her until you have something you can use her on.



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Let's see if the new plugin for embedding Google docs works...



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