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The Hellenic Rus Factbook

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Political Information

The Hellenic Rus is an Orthodox Christian Theocratic Empire that has emerged in Argis since 30AD. The Hellenic Rus has two capitals, The Winter capital: St Nicholas (Which acts as the religious capital of the country) and the Summer capital: Salonica (Which acts as the political capital of the country). The Hellenic Rus is run by a Tsarist government with the leader being Tsar Nikolai Zhukov. The Hellenic Rus has a mediocre but strong military that has specially been trained to fight in the unforgiving terrain that the Hellenic Rus has (whether it be the army fighting in the mountains and snow, the Navy fighting in the icy waters of the Hellenic Rus or the Air Force dealing with the altitude of the air). Major cities of the Hellenic Rus include Vladivostok, Sparta, Kos, Novgorod and Sofia. Security in the Hellenic Rus is one of the best in the world as youth-related crimes are unheard of and crime altogether is at an all-time low.  


The Hellenic Russian people have always been a proud and strong race of people living in the ice-cold mountains. They have fought for their independence, culture and faith countless times in order to remain an independent country. They take pride when they hear their motto of "Orthodoxy and Military shall succeed us" and follow the leadership of their Tsar loyally. The Hellenic Rus became a nation since 30AD where it was made up of 3 tribes The Rus, The Kontyaks and the Borussians. They all cam together when the Rus tribe was enlightened by the Greek religion and culture and began annexing and conquering the other tribes.

The Kontyaks willfully annexed with the Rus but the Borussians did not. They eventually would fall at the Battle of Lohkutria which is when their tribe was destroyed. The Russians began taking over territories in Argis and living peacefully until 1366 which is when they were taken over by the Hazadjin Caliphate. They would not see independence until 1754 when they finally broke from Hazadjin rule. They would then take over vast amounts of their territory back and fight off the remaining forces of the Caliphate. Now all that is left of the Hazadjin Caliphate are terrorist organisations and militias. The Hellenic Rus began to start a period of industrialization and enlightenment from sciences and modernizing to the standards of modern Europa. Now as a peaceful but strong nation, The Hellenic Rus is eagerly waiting to take to the world stage.


The Hellenic Rus has a population of 15.75 million people.

  • 85% of those peoples identify as Hellenic Russian,
  • 10% identify as Kontyaks and
  • the other 5% identify as other.

The official language of the Hellenic Rus is Hellenic Russian with the second most spoken being Kontyakish.

Environment and Wildlife

The country of the Hellenic Rus is a vast mountainous tundra. The Hellenic Rus average temperature is 11 degrees with the lowest being -1 degrees and the highest being 19 degrees. The average rainfall is 1.5 inches. The Hellenic Russian wildlife includes the Hellenic Azure Otter, the Black-footed Puffin, The Snowball Pygmy Seal and the national animal, The Sharkpedo. Plants are a rarity in the Hellenic Rus with the only flower being the national Icywater Lavender. Trees include the Charcoal Black Oak, the Iron Judgement Tree and the Silk Endeavor Tree. 

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