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Greetings. The Hellenic Rus has arrived

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Good day to all fellow nations of this region. I am Tsar Nikolai Zhukov of the Hellenic Rus. The Hellenic Rus is a nation most proud for its religious beliefs and military might. We believe in Law and Order in this world and that wherever and whenever militants, terrorists, enemies, traitors and injustice is, we will be there to stop its advances. As a frequently active nation in both trade and foreign aid, The Hellenic Rus offers future trading partners minerals, medication and wood in exchange for petroleum and spices.

We look forward to meeting all the nations in this region and to maybe get some good relations with other nations. The Hellenic Rus promises peace and justice for Orthodoxy and Military shall succeed us.

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Welcome to Europa. Here, let me take your coat. Now quick, come sit by the fire and tell us your story, oh weary traveller of distant lands.

@Derthalen I am equally reminded of the Varangians who travelled through Rus states to go fight for the Byzantine emperor.

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