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[HELP] Name of our planet

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Over the past weeks and months, there seems to have been some discussion as to the name of our planet. Personally, I prefer to leave the answer to this open to personal preference. Many languages use many different names.

  • Greek: Kosmos (world)
  • Latin: Terra (earth)
  • English: Earth, World
  • French: Terre (earth), Monde (world)
  • German: Erde (earth), Welt (world)
  • Russian: Zemlya (earth), Mir (world)

Still, for those who absolutely must know what to call it, I propose to do a quick call for feedback and ideas.

  • Orioni: Alemi (world)
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In my mind, Ivericans informally refer to the world as "Earth" (Common) or "Món" (Iverican).

However, it is highly likely that it would be formally called Alemi in academic or scientific circles that use Oharic as a result of cultural influence or reference to a widely-spoken international language.

It seems Alemi (or a similar derivative) would be a household or at least, widely accepted term

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Adaptons use the language simply called Romance. It's an amalgamation of ancient Greek and Latin. Taking the simple semantics from Latin, with additional lexical and pragmatics from ancient Greek. So technically we would use both Cosmos, and Terra in passing conversation depending on the context. 

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Ugh, I still feel the guilt for potentially starting this ongoing misunderstanding with one of my first polandball comics back in the day. :C

As we have discussed far and wide during the stupid solar system struggle, our world is just Earth with different continents. So the official name should be Earth as well. What every nation calls the planet in their own language is up to them.

(Although I really like the Oharic Alemi.)

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@Sunset Sea Islands Earth is what the English-speaking nations call it. And this forum is in English. But for the sake of realism, I like to believe there are many different names. This discussion shows a glance at this rich diversity.

On a personal note: I like Alemi as well, but Oharic surely isn't the language of science. :) 

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Earth will actually be fine. I just thought Oharic might have been quite a strong influence internationally considering the history. In any case, Earth seems the easiest to agree on and the least confusing to new members

(I still honestly like Alemi)

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