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General Assembly speaker stage


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The image of the black marble speaker stage at the UN is probably very well known. I would like to have something similar for our RP, where we can easily insert our own characters. The image should be horizontal, in landscape mode, and be about 900 x 600px. I imagine it consists of three layers.

  1. Front. The speaking stand, with microphones, reading lights, and a golden version of our MUN seal as shown here.
  2. Speaker. This layer should be empty. We can insert characters into it, for each player who wants their character to give a speech.
  3. Background. Similar to the black marble. You can see the mixed pattern. Unfortunately, I could not find an empty stage. But I'm sure an imaging wizard can recreate this.



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Alright, here we go:

GIMP file (should work with PhotoShop as well)

Just the console:

Just the marble:

I don't know why you would need this but here you go:

You can see that the marble isn't perfect in the empty background image but that shouldn't be a problem if the console is visible and a speaker has been inserted. Quick and dirty, does the job.

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