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[OOC] Realism of Derthalen RP

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@Variota, most of my country is still in the medieval period. During my civil war, the first battle was between pikemen and mechanised infantry. Culturally it is not stagnant, new stories, songs, and pieces of art are made. Economically and technologically, the country only really changes when there is a need for it to. E.G., the introduction of radio. The technology only became common once the government needed a way of quickly communicating orders and news to the masses.



I have maintained this for quite some time. The government has a monopoly on technology, and uses it only to further its own goals. Anything that gets to the general population is usually only getting to them because it benefits the government, like medicine.

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Some notes on realism.

1. Nukes vs industrial economy

The main issue is see is claiming to have nuked ones entire nation while also claiming to have mass industrial production intact. One would think the first rules out the second. I see no way for both to have happened at the same time.

2. Productive slavery

Second, the argument of a malnourished slave population doing all the hard labour. This would seem like a finite resource, given the barren and mountainous location of Derthalen. Even if these work-slaves were captured from other regions, the forced labour force in for example WWII France did their best to produce structures of low quality, notably part of the Atlantic Wall. Combined with the fallout from the nukes mentioned above, one would expect a seriously weakened working population.

3. Isolationism and self-sufficiency

Thirdly, all the factors above make me question the survivability of a large population, let alone their survival. Hermitism is mentioned several times, which would indicate having no outside partners to trade with. Unless blessed with unusual luck (~location is everything), we cannot imagine the land producing absolutely everything that is required to be self-sufficient. Even RL North Korea must trade with China, Russia, et al.

There is more to be commented on, but the following three seemed like a good place to start with. What I wish to avoid is the semblance of godmodding, which is a no-no in RP.

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Slaves have been shown to have been more efficient than their free counter parts when properly managed. If you think the slaves are malnourished, then I suggest you research how slave holding societies work. Slaves have been traditionally treated better than the poor, as slaves are long term investments by  their owners. They were fed, clothed, housed, and given medicine so as to keep them in good working condition. Why would I keep slaves malnourished? They are liable to die on me, or just be unproductive. As such, from a logical stand point the maltreatment of slaves makes no sense.

Whipping and other such treatments were primarily used for serious cases. To put it simply, a disobedient slave like a horse needs to be punished more rigorously. If a slave has done something wrong, but is otherwise quite mild mannered, then why would you punish it in such a way that it would be unable to work?




Onto the nukes! I nuked my borders. As in, the region which was getting invaded and would be the least likely place for me to build anything unless I was fine with it getting destroyed eventually. Now, unless you are a rather small country, the border should not be your entire country. 

As for resources, my country does not have all of them. If you were to look at what I discuss with others, I have actually brought up the fact that my country needs to import rare earth elements, titanium, radioactive elements, and such, as my country does not have them. Other than that, I do not think it is a stretch to imagine a country, especially one with mountains, forests, and coastline having enough food, metals, and coal to sustain itself. Oh, and my country probably gets really nice weather as we have warm currents along our coast, which sort of makes food production easier (though a bit unfortunate).

Just talk to Prymont and others about how I have been trying to set up trade deals for stuff I need.


Edit: Also, please take a look at my demographics. Most of my lower class is free, only 6% of the population are slaves.

Second Edit: I changed a few lines, and tried to make it less rude. Sorry, when writing this I was quite angry about something else, so I apologise for being short with you @Orioni.

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