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Cheap Cruise Missiles


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Yes you heard correctly...


The Jaihuian Cruise Missile... Aptly named "Mohawk" is now available for $10,000 per unit.


user posted image


Cruise missiles such as the Mohawk have proven themselves as an extremely cost-effective method of delivering a wide range of ordinance with pin-point accuracy against targets that may be up to 1,000 miles from the launch point.


By using mil-spec GPS, highly sophisticated terrain recognition systems and a raft of other previously top-secret technologies, the Jaihuian cruise missile allows its owner to deliver a powerful offensive strike against an enemy with no risk to its own troops or vehicles.


Contact the Jaihuian Cruise Missile Works to place your order today!!


[OCC: Information regarding the technology used to produce the Mohawk is available HERE, It's pretty scary that someone with the knowledge and ambition could produce their own Cruise Missile in their garage.]

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To: Ministry of War, Tamurin Imperial League

Fr: Jaihuian Cruise Missile Works


We received your order and as per Jaihuian Law submitted it to the Supreme Jaihuian Council for approval.


The response from our government was to place your order for 500 "Mohawk" Cruise Missiles on hold as a result of the current Cease Fire in your conflict with the Republicans and the Peace Talks planned for this weekend. It is our hope that the situation in Tamurin can be resolved peacefully and as a result cannot be seen as supplying arms to either side in this conflict while peace is possible.


If the peace cannot be accomplished and war resumes we would consider resuming this order and would expect the payment of $5,000,000.00 to be made in gold prior to delivery.


Stacey Walla Walla ZooooooooWANG!

Customer Relations Specialist

Jaihuian Cruise Missile Works



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FROM: Tamurin Imperial League

TO: Jaihu

RE: Cease-fire


We request that you send these rockets as soon as possible. If we get these weapons, then the peace talks will have a better chance to succeed.


Everyone knows that we buy these weapons. So the republicans cannot trick there people into another fight with us. Currently, they are saying that we don't have anything but fanatical warriors. If we say otherwise, they can say it's propaganda.


But if we have these rockets, everyone will know. The internal pressure will force the republicans to sign a peace treaty.


Plus, if you wait until the fighting starts again, it is more than likely that republican forces will destroy your transports with the rockets.


We will arrange the 5 Mio. Credits in gold as soon as possible!



Field Marshall Lord James Mason

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--------------- This is a super encripted message intended for Tamurin Imperial League only----------



user posted image


A Jaihuian Air Cargo plane with fighter escort left 90 mins ago from our facilities carrying an initial shipment of 100 "Mohawk" Cruise Missiles. The missiles will be air dropped along with a team of 5 Jaihuian Technical Advisors who will train Tamurin Imperial Forces in deployment, targeting and arming these missiles with conventional warheads.


These Jaihuian Technical Advisors will not engage in any combat operations and will only remain in Tamurin until the training has been completed.


The transport plane will approach from over neutral territory known as sector 106.

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Phil IV wishes to thank the Jaihu government for their continued efforts in the peace deliberations, by selling long range ordanance missiles to one side...with enough range to reach the Phil IV homeland. great peace tactics there... we thank you for your efforts. angry.gif

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[OCC: it was written to be funny.... But supplies are always airdropped, tanks are airdropped, personnel are airdropped... I thought it would be cool to airdrop cruise missiles.]


To:King Phil IV

Fr: King Jaihu the Great

Subject: You are welcome


I MAGNANIMOUSLY accept your graditude and appreciation regarding our commitment to Peace in Europa. I have written a manifesto which will be released shortly.



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TO: Free-Ekainak

FROM: Tamurin

RE: Chap Cruise Missiles


Dear friends,


we captured several of these cruise missiles during our civil war and we have begun to build them on our own. If you're still interested we could sell you some.


We know that this is not the correct way to obtain military technology, but since Jaihu supplied the Tamurin Imperial League we don't feel that we owe them anything.


Best wishes,

Tamurin Ministry of Defense

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The Jaihuian Cruise Missile Works has released complete schematics for the Mohawk Cruise Missile on it website and invites any nation interested to check it out. Included on the website are also the schematics for automated defense systems to protect against a Cruise Missile attack as well as a jamming system that acts against a cruise missile's navigation system.


This information has been made freely available to prevent the scum that rule Tamurin from profiting from captured Jaihuian Technology.



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To: Tamurin

From: Aulo Nexodro, Ekainak Military Representative

Subject: Missiles


Thank you for the offer of your cruise missiles, as we will take you up on it, friend. We would like to but an amount somewhere in the vicinity of 200 and 300 missiles, although I would like a price before we commit to purchase. I possible, could the purchase include mobile missiles, mounted on trucks or somthing? I will make no pretense to our interest in this technology, our ultimate plans are to produce these little toys ourselves. With Jaihu's release of the necessary schematics, this goal is around the corner and this purchase is simply to obtain physical specimens. Thank you for your time, and we will await your response.

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Since we have one of the most powerful Information Technology Sector in Europa, we are currently working on an upgraded version of the Missile. The primitive Jaihuhian technology is easy to jam, but our more sofisticated electronic systems will ensure a 99.9 % success rate.

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As a thank-you for your efforts during our civil war, we will donate twenty of the missiles including specialists who will train your people in using and building them.


The improved version of the missile can be mounted on trucks, tanks, aircrafts, ships...whatever you want, it just should be big enough.


The shipment could be there by the end of the week.

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No problem, General.


Your forces did very well during the civil war. No price can be put on that; their efforts helped to surround the capital and end the war quickly.

These missiles will hopefully help to protect your nation and this is good enough for us. No need for payment.


Field Marshall von Steinburg

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OCC: Information regarding the technology used to produce the Mohawk is available HERE, It's pretty scary that someone with the knowledge and ambition could produce their own Cruise Missile in their garage.



OCC: Sure, is I believe a New Zealander (like me) wrote that and published it on the net after the US government repeatedly ignored his warnings. Needless to say they thne tried to get the NZL government to arrest him.

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