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Organised International Sports

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Hello, I was thinking about how there would likely be some sort of sports between countries, so I wanted to get an idea of what people wanted. This poll is just to determine what sport people are most in favour of, so that we might later start a league.




Edit: Wow, we are going to have fun.

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Gladiators! (see edit history)
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I think nets and slashing blades will be used. While you need to close the distance with your opponents to get them, you also need to be wary of the enemy's net so as to not end up hopelessly immobilised. 

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Although I don't think the SSI'd be involved in any kind of brutal sports, I think it would make for a fun news Story if some rogue profiteer was organising illegal betting on such an event.

ps.: Also, hi from Saarland where my granddad's PC is struggling with all the tabs I have opened containing everything you guys have written over the past week. Sheesh. Y'all've been busy.

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