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Third Ahranaian Civil War


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Third Civil War:

Kingdom of Unified Ahrana


On 2 October 2017, the Ahranaian Federal Government was made aware of a Prison Camp in the Tatani Province (now Dukedom of Tatani) that had committed a massacre on new levels. The Local Government had hidden such a camp since the Nationalist held power in 1925 during the Monarchs exile. When the Nationalist were overthrown from the Federal Level their last hide-out was the Tatani Lands where the movement started and is the heartland of such ideology. The Nationalist were in power in Tatani till 2005 when the Constitutionalist of Tatani took power, the government however knew of such camps but yet continued to allow them to operate on full operation drive. Their is estimated that over five hundred thousand have died in the main camp in the Tatani Capital. It is currently unknown on how many have actually died due to this cause. 

The Tribunal for Tatani issued the final verdict stating that the Dukedom was to be recreated and all Powers of the Local Government stripped, however, the local government knew it would happen and had emplaced constituency plans of rebellion and disloyalty to the Federal Government and the Monarch. The night of 13 October the Military and the New Government attempted to fly in by air and travel in by land but were met with resistance by the Local Forces. The Tatani Regiments of the Military defected on the 12 October except for the Tatani Royal Guards loyal to the Monarch. Since that day War has engulfed the area and caused a division in all aspects of Ahranaian Government. The Monarch has yet to deliver his speech and declaration of war on the Tatani Lands. When the Declaration is declared all Armed Forces will deploy excluding the navy as the Tatani Dukedom is landlocked therefore the Navy has no use as of currently. 

Night of the 13th October

On the night of the 13th the new Governor-General and the Military Forces asked to join the New Government in stabilizing the area were under fire roughly around 23:00PM. The Land Convoy stopped twenty miles from the Tatani boarder and made contact with the Air Ship that was roughly twenty minutes away from the Tatani Air Space. Immediately the fighter escort came under fire from AA Guns and local Tatani Military Planes from the Defected Tatani Regiments. The main plane turned around and flew back to Dimitri Airbase in the Tata lands. As for the land convoy, the amount of resistance coming from the rebels around them caused them to halt in their tracks on retreat and ask if they may open fire in order to protect Governmental Official. The order to protect them was given and the firefight soon engulfed the now less than five mile stretch between the Boarder of Tatani. Ultimately the Convoy was surrounded and were asked to surrender. Upon debating the terms the Officials were smuggled away and were roughly thirty minutes from the base. The troops however were killed by the dissidents and the declaration of war sent to the Ahranaian Government not long after.

Morning of the 14th October

On the morning of the 14th the Chancellery, Defense Councils and the Monarch were informed of the situation, however the King did not wish to treat this matter as a rebellion as the others wish to do so. The Monarch was asked to deliver a speech on the 15th stating the stance of the Government and what actions will be taken against the Tatani Rebels if they did not stand down. The Palace and Government Buildings were put on Level 5 Security Clearance meaning only those with the clearance will be permitted into those area.


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Related imageGeneral of the Royal Military

Your Imperial Majesty, 

The situation here in Tatani has slightly improved in our favor. We have pushed the Rebel Forces from Districts 1-6 along the Tatani Boarder, we anticipate more resentment on the next five districts as they are closer to the Tatani Heartland. I believe that once the 5th Battalion of the Army and with the Corps coming from the Northern side of the Province we plan to met with all of our forces in the Capital. That is the plan however we know things will not always go as planned. We ask that the Air Force be given the green light for Operation Thunder. I believe that in the next few weeks we could be closer in the Tatani mainland and cut the head off the snake your majesty.

From the Desk of,

General Alexsandar II of Tata

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