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Toledo Heavy Industies


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Toledo Heavy Industries Ltd. is an Iverican multinational engineering, electrical equipment, and electronics company headquartered in Toledo, Iverica.

THI's products include avionics components, air conditioners, automotive components, heavy construction vehicles, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, power generation equipment, and military vehicles. Included are also, various electrical components including semi-conductors and chipsets.

THI is one of the core companies of the Toledo Group, producing the vast majority of hardware for Toledo Group subsidiaries and other Iverican corporations. As of 2017, THI produces 70% of exported machinery and mechanical components in Iverica. It also contributes to 80% of the Exersitos' ground vehicles and 65% of Iverican ship-building industry in the form of shipboard electronics systems, generators, and engines.

Primary Products and Foreign Supply

THI is one of the largest suppliers of mechanical and electronic components for civil and military equipment. Currently, it is one of the largest producers of automotive, aeronautics, and engineering devices, and parts in the continent of Argis. THI is known to own shares and rent facilities to several foreign corporations based in Iverican Special Economic Zones. It manufactures foreign branded components and distributes them to Iverican-based foreign companies

Its primary products include:

-Military Vehicles (with ARX) [VIEW ]

-Generators, Engines, and Motors (Gasoline, Diesel and Electric)

-Avionics and Aeronautics components (Aftermarket, Upgrade Packages, and Replacement Parts)

-Automotive Components (engines, drivetrain parts, batteries)

-Heavy Construction Vehicles & Equipment (Bulldozers, Forklifts, Trucks, Piledrivers, Mining Drills, etc)

THI produces components for the following:


-Skandinavisk Flyselskab A/S (aftermarket)

-Kaldestad Automobiles of Prymont KAP

-Altvarna Automotive (aftermarket)


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