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Altvarna Automotive

Altvarna - The People's Manufacturer

Altvarna - Why not?

The Aloisjus Tellervan - Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer Motorlaagher Betreif, most known under it's English brand name Altvarna Automotive, is Het Huisselant Variota's primary producer of micro and city cars. The various models of automotive vehicles of Altvarna Automotive are often made in two versions, divided between the two sections of the company and the roles they fulfill. The Aloisjus Tellervan Motorlaagher Fabrikatie section of the company focuses on more luxurious versions of the Altvarna Automotive models, aimed at the upper scale markets of the world, while the Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer MotorBetreif produces basic, low-tech versions for the poorer and lesser developed parts of the world, often made with the ability for the driver to solve most problems themselves. But no matter which model you seek or buy, the quality of Altvarna Automotive is unparalleled in the world, a product that makes all our customers proclaim proudly to their friends and family: Altvarna - Why not?


Our history

Aloisjus Tellervan, a retired Variotan race driver, started the Aloisjus Tellervan Motorlaagher Fabrikatie company in 1956 with the remainders of his winnings. His playboy lifestyle and extravagant behavior had ensured that he received more than enough attention for his first Motorlaagher, the Tellervan Elite, while his long career in automotive racing had ensured a reasonable in-depth knowledge of automotive vehicles. From the factory in Liefeheerestatt, the Elite's drove off the belt to the rich and famous of the world. While the Heere fan'es Klan Lansevoort were the first to buy the Tellervan Elite and use it as their preferred personal transportation, many around the world were quick to learn the superiority of Variotan luxury automobiles. 

Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer, shamed prodigy son of tractor magnate Renalt Lantboer, was only 22 when he founded the Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer MotorBetreif, starting with a handful employees he had poached off of his father's business and the workshop in the garden of his summer mansion. From these humble beginnings, Rocart came up with a revolutionary idea: Every landowner should have a car they can comfortably loan out to servants without shaming them if it stands on their grounds! From this humble principle, the models of the Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer MotorBetreif were born. Good solid cars at a cheap, replaceable price (for when the servant steals it) that still look reasonable on the outside. Anything fancy? No but then again, who would give something fancy to a servant? They're a servant! The first model, the RNLMB Serf was launched in 1920 and found a large market in the Unie fan Kommunes and the Klan Reierfer Gebiet, where farmer barons and mine owners took advantage of the reasonably low price and good appearance of the vehicles.

The two companies were merged into the Aloisjus Tellervan - Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer Motorlaagher Betreif in 1984, when the adopted child and heir of Rocart Nallerplat-Lantboer acquired the ATMF in exchange for paying off the tremendous personal debts left behind by Aloisjus Tellervan, whose gambling addiction was only found out after his death, for Tellervan's daughter and confidant. The ATMF's focus was quickly switched from large, fuel-guzzling luxury cars that had seen a shrinking market share to small, efficient luxury cars, filling a slice of the market that had not been previously filled. The knowledge of luxury of the ATMF and the knowledge of efficiency of the RNLMB were combined into one great, award-winning, made-for-victory package. Altvarna Automotive became it's unified brand name for the international market, featuring both sections and kind of models; both with the same, great, trusted quality of each company combined. No longer did the world have to face the blight of a lack of small cars for every occasion, Altvarna Automotive was finally born to give them their all-round automotive desires.


Our Products

Altvarna Miwaggie


The Altvarna Miwaggie, Miwaggie being Variotan slang for 'my car', has been in solid production since 2009 and has been the world's favourite no-frills car every since. It's sleek design, no nonsense price and good performance have ensured that there really is no car by rival competitors that even comes close to the Miwaggie. The Miwaggie is truly a versatile design, offering benefits to lesser developed nations (an extremely low price and ease of maintenance), first time car buyers (an extremely low price and a great design) and utilitarians (an extremely low price and versatility) everywhere. Let the fools get wet on their motorcycles, on their scooters, on their mopeds, on their bicycles. You'll be high and dry like a king in your Altvarna Miwaggie for a price that makes them wish that they had done the same.


The Altvarna Miwaggie is only available in a 0.6l 2-cylinder version but holds the opportunity for many upgrades, including but not limited to:

  • Radio/CD player
  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • Workable trunk hatch
  • External fuel filling capabilities


Price: Starting from ₩4000


Altvarna Stattsreier


The Altvarna Stattreier is the Altvarna Automotive answer to the question: How can I transport myself and one other person comfortably but at a reasonably price throughout the city? It's name already hints at it being the best answer to that question on the market. It's sleek, two-door design is beloved by it's users all over the world, proving that a low price does not have to mean that you won't be getting cutting-edge design. When you drive in the Altvarna Stattreier, all eyes will be on you, begging to be you or be with you, you stylish city slicker you. Now you might ask yourself, does it contain any luxuries for that low, low price? Of course it does! All Altvarna Stattreier models come standard with luxuries such as airbags, radio, air conditioning and power steering. The Stattreier will have you driving all around the city, just for fun!


The Altvarna Stattreier comes in three versions, a 0.8l 3-cylinder, a 1.1l 4-cyclinder and a 45 kW electric version. Possible upgrades include but are not limited to:

  • Power windows
  • Radio with CD/USB capabilities
  • (Faux) Leather seats
  • Removal of rear seats


Price: Starting from ₩10000 / ₩22500 (electric version)


Altvarna Retro Micro


The Altvarna Retro Micro is an old, trusted and reliable car in a reworked modernized jacket. While it's outward posterior remains the same as the dastardly handsome 1964 RNLMB Micro, the smallest car ever made, it's internal parts have been reworked to modern standards and with high quality, Variotan-made products. Each Retro Micro is crafted and worked by hand, giving an amazingly high quality from start to finish. The empty weight of a basic model, just under a mere twenty Grootmant, means that you could pick it up and move it if needed! There's no need to shift either, as all that work has been taken over by the automatic gearbox. Set it to drive, put your foot to the floor and enjoy the ride in this smallest of small micro car. It's sexy, sleek fiberglass body will ensure that all heads will turn your way, with all people thinking 'Where did he get that amazing automotive vehicle?'. At Altvarna Automotive, of course!


The Altvarna Retro Micro comes in two editions, a 49cc four-stroke engine or a 2,3 kW electric engine.

Price: ₩15000 / ₩14500 (electric version)

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