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The Tripartite Development Agreement

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0900, in Heinrichstadt.


After the successful testing of the nuclear ramjet engine, the Emperor found himself in a new position to barter deals, as it had impressed upon those curious onlookers that there was more advantage to be had by forming a pact with Derthalen than simply ignoring the possibility.

After the conclusion of the civil war, the Emperor now found himself in a more desperate need for allies than when he first started out by breaking isolation. His people were tired now, and if he did not show results, they very well might harden their hearts to the idea of working with outsiders even further. So, it was now or never to gain the cooperation of the foreign nations, as if left much longer they might very well be rejected. As such, the Emperor had dispatched this morning two teams of negotiators in secret to the states of @Prymont and @Iverica with a proposition for them. He was offering them access to Derthalen's nuclear research, but only in exchange for their own research in other fields, and pacts of friendship, secret though they may be.

That was how he had ended up drawing up plans for a new organisation. One which would facilitate the establishment of joint bases, and the exchange of researchers. One which would take some of the empire's most closely guarded documents, and trade them for what may very well just be trinkets. This would all be done under the name of a tripartite development agreement; as if an innocuous name like that would not alarm the Senate and Ministries when they saw it.


pic.pngHeinrichstadt outskirts 

The Emperor simply massaged his temples as he rested for a minute. His uncertainty was not healthy, and he knew that double guessing his own decisions would only lead to disaster. To him the course was clear, as he would have to appease the Senate the day after giving them this document. Of course he would only show this to the senior senators, but it was still likely to cause a commotion. 


Now all he could do was wait. Wait for the response to his proposal, and hope that something useful came of his efforts. 

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