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[OOC] Iverican Expansion

Iverican Expansion  

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  1. 1. Do you think Iverica's claim is reasonable/acceptable?

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For Reference: See Miiros' territories on the map for similar cases.

Subject: Iverica is planning to expand borders as many nations do when they reach the criteria (forum activity, NS population). This case wishes to explore the possibility of expanding Iverica's territories to include an island and two of its nearby islets shown here:


Larger Image

While this does not have to be a big roleplay involving other players (really, this can just be me), I will likely be creating a thread IC to explain the why, how and other details. 

Possible Justifications:

Noting Iverican pioneers originated from Europa, sailing northwards up the continent and then eastward until they reached the peninsula we are on today, it is possible that a settlement may have been founded there along the way. Two cases below are some possible scenarios

-Historical Case 1 (Natives Self-determine Integration): People of Iverican ancestry may be living there currently. It is possible that they have recently become more aware of global affairs through the establishment of the internet or satellite television and thus held a referendum to integrate themselves with the Republic of Iverica (interest of better healthcare, agricultural technology, access to government protection and other benefits).

TLDR: People get internet, decide to join closest, most relatable country for money, medicine, or protection.

-Historical Case 2 (Discovered by Ivericans): Documents and recent findings (maps, artefacts) on the uninhabited island prove that it was once claimed by an Iverican explorer in the name of the Republic. The uninhabited island is a part of Iverican history and must be documented and preserved.

TLDR: Explorer claimed it. We forgot. Now we remember.


Note: Suggestions, Criticism welcome. If anyone finds this so incredibly, infuriatingly, temple-pulsingly, aneurism-inducingly offensive to RP realism, I will be glad to hear why in your (reasonably worded) response. If this proves unfeasible, with good reasons are provided, I will withdraw this claim quietly and do something else :) 



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Btw, we also plan to take the teeny-tiny island here:


But that is so close to my territory I think it can be explained one way or the other. Both claims are quite small in terms of land area so I don't think its too unreasonable

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Added this poll update because it was suggested for players wishing to expand (see Map Updates thread). Found out I couldn't edit in a poll for my previous post so here we are. Alright, alright @Prymont"Maybe" means "NO". 'twas but a jest sir.

Suggestions/Criticism welcome


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2 hours ago, Miiros said:

It's a conservative request. Don't have an issue with it ic or ooc. 

I'd give him the small islands just off the western coast of Alharu as well to resemble the Canaries and I wouldn't mind him expanding up the Iverican "Throat" as well. He seems active and to make him more Spain-like I wouldn't mind him expanding further. So, @Iverica if you want to, go for that as well.

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Merged the topic and poll into one single thread.

I see no issue with those NW islands. You will need to get some feedback from @St Francoisbourg since he is the closest other player in your area.

The southern island inside the straight is another question. Their strategic importance cannot be overstated. You'd be in direct control of ships coming and going. It could work.

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@Orioni I was thinking of either "Ponta Cavespre", "Ultramar" or "Islas Valminas" (Falklands reference).

Edit: Alright, I think I've got it. The small archipelago as a whole can be called "Las Islas Ultramar" ("overseas islands" is redundant but I like it), as far as the map is concerned, that will be the map name. Since there are two notable landmasses, I have decided to call the small but inhabited southern island "Cavespre", and the larger island, "Valminas". Naming conventions seem to fit my culture perfectly so there we go.

Also, I'm assuming from the recent update that my request for the southern island will not be acceptable? That's fine with me for now if I can hope to acquire it in the future through good RP :) 

Thanks for the response and update Mr. O o7

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