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Ideas: Flame room, Archive

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nicer thank you. the MMRTA thread is dead tho and should be locked and unpinned.


and what about a flame room (rant room what have you)? there has been some touchy issues that have brought about some arguements. i myself *puts on 'Everybody Loves ~Pot~' T-Shirt* have had to calm some. everyone has differnt opinions but not all opinions are appropriate in certain threads. if we had a flame room people could rant all they want without fear of hurting anyones feelings. everyone will know what the room holds so they enter at their own risks. we would however have a pinned rule book of what you can and cannot do. harsh name calling between members will not be tolerated. those who want to debate touchy issues can but those who do not wish to argue can have the choice to ignore it by not even entering the room.

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eek! no sub forums, those suck. people tend to not even see them. i say we move the technical to a whole new catagory like Forum Related or something like that, add a hall of memories or library on there as well, throw it up top and put the flame room on the general catagory and pin some rules up there. we would be adding a catagory and boards, that would in turn make the forums bigger and provide an oppertunity for more members to get invovled. something like this.


Forum Related

- Technical

- Hall of Memories

- Introduction Area *just an idea*



- General Board

- The Art Gallery

- The Flame Room


Role-Play Department

- RP General

- RP Trade Headquarters

- RP Military & Political HQ *note the slight change in the name*

- Map of Europa


Europa Government

- UN Decision Committee

- Ministry of Interior Affairs

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Ministry of Defence



PotEdit: i could whip up a few rough draft of rules if needed. one for the whole forum and then ones for certain parts of the forums (IE flame room)

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what is a flame room involving? is it just a room where we can all randomly insult each other? or a place to rant about RL events? or a place to just generally complain about anything we want?

all of the above Phil. to complain, yell, cuss (well not so much cussin), talk about touchy subjects or just call someone a dick. that would clean the forums a little and give a place where no one has to worry about offending anyone and chasing off a member. pretty much anything goes except for member to member name calling. and whatever happens dont let Orioni mod the flame board. she's too sweet for a dirty job like that. dont want to corrupt her. atleast not yet anyways. EE or someone a little bit more rude will need to mod it. when we first built it not alot of posts will pop up at first but as soon as someone breaks the ice and lets a few posts rip then it will be on.





PS - EE, sub forums suck!

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well, i'll mod the flame room, sounds an intreguing idea, how about:


-This is the the room where you can talk about anything, complain about Real Life Events, complain about somthing happening in the NS world, complain about someone you dont like, discussions on controversial topics, just general discussion area. hopfully could get some heated debates going here!


We will have NO


-uneccecery name calling between members

-picking on new guys


I will be patroling this area, if anything gets out of control, i will hand out warnings, with possible further consequences


any suggestions people?

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From the NationStates FAQ

What can I post?

You don't have to be politically correct, but you must maintain a minimum standard of behavior.


What can't I post?

Any content that is:

    * obscene

    * illegal

    * threatening

    * malicious

    * defamatory

    * spam

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I've made a "Hall of Memories". And Smurfs, don't worry, it isn't a sub-forum. Should it be an archive/library for RP-threads only, or also OOC-threads from General?


I haven't got around to a spam/flame room yet, since I want some rules for them first.

it should be the Forum in general. OOC and IC posts, RPs and overall things that can be put there. each topic that goes there should be locked. i can think of an assload of topics and threads.



Phil, nix the new guy rule and the name calling rule. also we need a disclaimer basicly saying that if you enter into the flame room you are subject to offensive posts. no nudity or any links to negative sites but almost anything goes. also saying that Europa forum or staff members are not to be held responsible for the posts that are in the flame room its just a freedom of speech thing.

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From the NationStates FAQ

What can I post?

You don't have to be politically correct, but you must maintain a minimum standard of behavior.


What can't I post?

Any content that is:

? ? * obscene

? ? * illegal

? ? * threatening

? ? * malicious

? ? * defamatory

? ? * spam

booo thats the NS FAQ, this is our forum. hows that old sayin, if you cant take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. all of those rules should apply when elsewhere in the forums but not in the flame room.

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alright, how about, instead of calling it the flame room, how about calling it the 'Speakers Corner' that is actully a real place in London, i thik its hyde park, but coud be St Jameses, where anyone is allowed to stand up and speak about whatever they like, no holds barred, exept for racist attacks, and people can gather to either disagree and try to argue, or just to listen.


'Speakers Corner' would set it out as what it is, somewhere to have your say on anything you like, whether in RL or in NS world, the only rules being that no racist attacks are allowed. I will mod it if no-one else wants it (fed up of being the only Gov member with no job!)


Speakers Corner



-this is a place to vent any anger or opinions you like

-post anything you like in here, whether about Real Life events, or somthing in NS

-The only rules are that no Racist Attacks are allowed in here, at all

-this is a place for debates, rants, and whatever else you would like to post



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also the Orioni delegate situation should be put there as well as the forum thread.

OK, moved the "Orioni deleted" thread down there. Any other suggestions? Oh, and please supply a URL, makes my job easier. laugh.gif

exactly, your job...


j/k biggrin.gif


ill have some more just give me time to catch up on these RPs. did anyone close the MMRTA thread. and unpin it?

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OK, first off all, I've split off these ideas for new forums (Archive, Flame room) from this original thread.




There're indeed some historical thread in there.


"Should Orioni return as delegates? A referendum concerning this issue."

No doubt about this one.


"Should I stay or should I go?, my possible departure"

The departure Jin-Sei wasn't that important to our region. I wouldn't archive this thread, especially since it were actually 2 threads I merged.


"New Regional Delegate, Towungabadi"



"Europa Empire kicks S.S.S.S. out!, S.S.S.S. no longer in the Europa gov."

Heheh rolleyes.gif


"Paranoid Schizos march into plot 67"

Not bad (role-play)


"Civil War in Brawandi"

The first RP on the Europa-forum (role-play)


"Expansion of Borders, small reorganisation of Byzantine border"

Started nice, ended a bit abruptly, dunno about this one (role-play)


"New Emperor"

Nice (role-play)


"Byzantine space ambitions, (Part I) *continued RP*"

I definatly would add the sequel too: "Knives in the Night, (Part II)"




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ok didnt know it was a merged topic...




a must have, its history!!!






liked this one becuse it had pics of the old map. figured it would serve as a historical account on that too. BZ is now the map guy and he's doing a great job. its good to see how far we have came...




i musta thought i had them both on there but thats a definite...

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I suggest that also the thread of the pact of Orioni?s islands should be moved to hall of memories. Its not active anymore and definitely is history.

It's not locked yet and I do plan to post a report of the furtherment of the colonisation. It's just that I have exams (untill halfway februari) and people are counting on me for a lot of stuff, so my RP is rather calm.

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