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Het Huisselant Variota

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Please note: Due to the addition of the wiki, all information in this factbook will be transplanted, checked, polished and reworked if needed. Due to this, some information may not be correct. Thanks.



Het Huisselant Variota, known in English as the Unified Variotan State (literal translation to English The Homeland Variota) and also simply known informally as Variota, is a country located in north-eastern Alharu. Het Huisselant Variota is a Federal Republic and contains three additional, separate states that hold some form of autonomy, namely the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota, Unie fan Kommunes and the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. Due to this situation, the position of head of state is shared between the Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke of Het Huisselant Variota, the Eerste Heere fan'es Folke of the UfK, the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke of the KfHV and the Folke Heere fan'es Klan Reiefer of the KRB while the position of head of government is held firmly by the FHfFfF of Het Huisselant Variota. The current Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke of Het Huisselant Variota is Dina Diva.

The name Variota comes from the Fijf Klan Heere, the first colonists to settle the land, as they found the land to be far more varied in landscape than their own and thus gave it it's name, a combination of the Variot words for variation and land. In the local dialect of Ferresprak, a version of Variot primarily spoken in the KRB, the nation is still known as Variolant, the name that was used before 1483. Het Huisselant Variota is a founding member of ATARA, the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association.



States of Variota

The Variotan State - Capital: Ferrefaaierhafen / Administrative Capital: Grootwaterflakte

The largest section of the Unified Variotan State, called Het Huisselant Variota in Variot, is Variota itself. The majority of population and land belong to Variota and most of the population within the Unified Variotan State are culturally, demographically and officially Variotan. In comparison to the other parts of the nation, Variota can be seen as the standard, often leading the other sections of the nation through it's parliament. Said parliament features permanent representatives of the Unie fan Kommunes and the Klan Reiefer Gebiet, who receive voting privileges and power when the parliament votes on issues that they hold autonomy on. The third autonomous part of the nation, the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota, receives greater autonomy and in return has relinquished any right to vote on issues, instead the leaders of the Variotan Christian Church elect two representatives who maintain an advisory function on issues pertaining to or having an effect on religion and it's place within the Variotan nation.

While it's historical capital Ferrefaaierhafen remains the capital of the nation on paper, the city of Grootwaterflakte has taken over the administrative roles of a capital, featuring the parliament, the residence of the FHfFfF and multiple ministries. Grootwaterflakte has fulfilled this role since 1829, when it's more advantageous location in comparison to the rest of the nation was deemed important enough to force a move.

Unie fan Kommunes - Capital: None
The Unie fan Kommunes, or Union of Communes, is a collection of somewhat self-sufficient farms that trace their existence back to the original farmer barons of the Variotan 'outback'. Originally fortified and well-armed to protect themselves from bandits, the farms led by these farmer barons allowed miners and soldiers to claim the Variotan 'outback' without having to worry about their immediate dietary and clothing needs. Once the 'outback' provinces were relatively pacified, regular farmers moved in and the farmer barons expanded their territories, often establishing outpost farms that allowed them to diversify while maintaining their importance.

Around the 1900's, most of the farms slowly began cultivating marijuana, a short step from the hemp that some had been cultivating for decades. The primary usage was domestic, with most of it being used on the farms themselves while only a small amount found itself brought back to other parts of Variota. The 1920's saw a large increase in production, as reputation had grown and prices for marijuana were catching up as the prices for food and hemp were stabilizing due to increases in technology, with some farmer barons using the increase in funds to expand their businesses beyond the agricultural sector. In this time, the farms were seen expanding into proper small towns, forming an industrial base for the later revolt and forming the base for the later Kommunes.

The Unie fan Kommunes received their semi-independence through the 1947 Revolt and the 1949 Peace Accord, the revolt being instigated by far-right elements of the Variotan government in the guise of a war against marijuana. Through a charm offensive, creative use of machine guns and the government not lending any official help, the Unie fan Kommunes managed to force their semi-independence, achieving free reign over trade and some other sections of government in exchange for a flat tax on all exports, recognition of Het Huisselant Variota as their overlord in perpetuity and other stipulations.

Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota - Capital: Kattetralerstatt

The Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota, the embodying state of the Variotan Christian Church, is the smallest of the three territories and the one with the most privileges. When the Fijf Klan Heere (Five Clan Leaders), the first colonists of Variota, arrived, they found a land that was riddled with natives. Without funds large enough to start recruiting colonists from other sections of the world and not willing to call it a failure, they made a deal with the Pope. In return for recruiting colonists and granting funds, all future churches were to be combined into a separate government, the Pope's long arm in Variota.

The schism between the Pope and the Variotan Christian Church in 1780 changed the arrangement, with the Variotan Christian Church taking over the Pope's side of the bargain while also granting more benefits to the Variotan state, such as the Pope's tithe being granted to the state and giving up the seat in the Parliament that had belonged to the Pope's representative in Variota.

Klan Reiefer Gebiet - Capital: Reieferplattoterp

Klan Reiefer is the sixth 'clan' to arrive to Variota, originally made up from fringe and outcast sections of other colonists. Their name, Reiefer, refers to the fact that they traveled to the outer borders of Variota, even beyond the wildest sections of 'outback'. While most perished, some communities managed to thrive and work towards self-sufficiency. Communications remained spotted, as roads to the areas lacked beyond those carved by repeated travel and most settlements lacked anything to trade.

As the outback advanced towards their territories, Klan Reiefer managed to thrive, advance and expand as well. The strange mix of fringe, freaks and outcasts had a wide variety of knowledge as well as a unified purpose to remain alive and defend each other, allowing them to provide in their own needs. While population figures remained small and many died while travelling to the area, the people managed to form together. The first Gathering of Leaders, as Klan Reiefer's occasional parliament was called, happened in 1422 and featured six representatives from the six larger settlements and various petitioners. Further Gatherings happened every year, taking up to two weeks. Roads and communications improved around the 1600's and small amounts of emigration happened from other parts of Variota, often citizens with nothing to lose, although the territory kept it's independence from the Variotan state.

Klan Reiefer formed their own state in 1546, calling themselves Klan Reieferlant, and sending an Ambassador to the Variotan state. While these Ambassadors often were unofficial, as they lacked any real power with the Variotan state not recognizing their claims or sovereignty due to the overlap with their own claims. When Klan Reiefer began their colonization efforts to areas outside of their traditional claims in 1646, they were able to do so with ease due to the general self-sufficient and independent nature of their citizens. The Variotan state's attempts to do the same failed, although they did manage to split Klan Reieferlant in two by taking advantage of the collapse of the Reierfer Mittellant Colony, when it's mines dried up. Sensing an eventual conflict and lacking the hate of the Variotan state that has held by some of their former generations, the Klan Reiefer leaders offered the Variotan state negotiations in regards to their absorption into the Variotan state as an autonomous area in 1720.

Capital Cities of the States

  Belongs to: Population figure:
Ferrefaaierhafen Variotan State 935,000
Grootwaterflakte Variotan State 1,650,000
Kattetralerstatt Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota 65,000
Reierferplattoterp Klan Reierfer Gebiet 220,000
N/A Unie fan Kommunes N/A




Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant - Variota's parliament building, Grootwaterflakte


The Variotan Parliament

The Variotan Parliament is the main political body in Het Huisselant Variota. Due to it's federal nature, the Parliament holds six chambers or Kaamers. 

Het Kaamer fan'es Folke (Chamber of the People): This chamber holds sway over the entirety of Het Huisselant, any and all citizens are allowed to participate in elections for the KfF and as a result, the KfF knows many independent politicians and small parties. A prime example of a Kaamer fan'es Folke politician is Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier.

Het Kaamer fan Variota (Chamber of Variota): Holds sway over the Variotan State only, only citizens from the Variotan State are allowed to participate in elections. Overlap between Het Kaamer fan'es Folke is allowed, although this rarely happens.

Het Kaamer fan'es Kommunes (Chamber of the Kommunes): Holds sway over the Unie fan Kommunes only, doesn't hold elections. Each Kommune sends representatives and may select these how they wish, so some elections happen on an individual Kommune basis.

Het Kaamer fan Klan Reiefer (Chamber of Reierfer): Holds sway over the Klan Reiefer Gebiet only, doesn't hold elections. Only members belonging to Klan Reiefer are seated here as Klan Reiefer doesn't allow non-Klan members to become representatives.

Het Kaamer fan'es Lant (Chamber of the Nation): Filled with representatives from all four states of Het Huisselant, holds sway over the entire nation but is often seen as more of an advisory body than anything else.

Het Kaamer fan Ministers (Chamber of Ministers): Seats the twenty ministers that Het Huisselant counts, they hold sway over the entire nation. Their votes are seen differently from others as the Chamber of Ministers only votes on the feasibility of select plans and issues that are deemed tantamount to the expansion, improvement and progress of Het Huisselant.

Name: Number of Seats:
Kaamer fan'es Folke 200
Kaamer fan Variota 150
Kaamer fan'es Kommunes 60
Kaamer fan'es Lant 40
Kaamer fan Klan Reierfer 30
Kaamer fan Ministers 20


Subdivisions of the States

The Variotan State

[TBA once a place on the map and square kilometers are available]

Unie fan Kommunes

The Unie fan Kommunes is divided into twenty subdivisions, all called territories. These twenty territories are based off of the twenty Kommunes that make up the UfK. Unlike the Variotan State, which features subdivisions not divided by the other states, the UfK's territories consists entirely of enclaves. This situation comes from the fact that the Unie fan Kommunes originally were a faction of cooperating farmers and drug peddlers within Variota, operating various smaller outposts, farms, storage locations and more. While some attempts have been made by the richer, larger Kommunes to solidify their lands, made possible by the stipulation in the 1949 Peace Accord that enables the Kommunes to purchase land off of the Variotan government, these efforts often end up short due to the Variotan government's reluctance in regards to selling land near Variotan settlements. Ironically, the reason of existence for these settlements tends to be the employment opportunities and needs of the nearby Kommunes.

Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota

The Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota knows no subdivisions, instead each Kartnaal fan'es Kerke reports back directly to the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke of the KfHV and his Ratsheere Kartnaals, who act as the general government for the autonomous area. While subdivisions, divided according to their location in the Variotan State's subdivisions, had been suggested by Ratsheere Kartnaal Koert von Jasselback in 1956, that proposition was quickly shot down due to the relative size of the KfHV and the additional costs that this would bring, especially when compared to the small gains that could be made in return.

Klan Reierfer Gebiet

The Klan Reierfer Gebiet operates two provinces, Veesjterlant (or Westland) and Uustherlant (or Eastland). Between 1646 and 1702, the KRG maintained a third province, Mittellant (or Middleland) that was eventually given up after it's mines, the primary earner for the province, ran out of economically viable resources. The area belonging to the Mittellant province was eventually absorbed partially by Veesjterlant and Uustherlant, with the largest section resettled by the Variotan State.

Veesjterlant, the larger and more populated province of the two, is further divided into six Algmeiner Gebiete while Uustherlant only knows three Algmeiner Gebiete. Each Algmeiner Gebiete is generally named after the largest settlement in it's area, which is also where one can usually find the so-called AG Kantor, which operates as equal parts community center and center of bureaucracy.


Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota

The Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota operates a small armed force, the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps. The Fegtkorps consists of an army and an integrated air force, which solely consists of the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke's jet and some outdated anti-air batteries that protect Kattetralerstatt. Gillofan V, Heere fan'es Ghestelikke is the current commander of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps.

The seven-hundred and fifty-large force is completely based in Kattetralerstatt, although their aerial assets are located at the international airport in Grootwaterflakte. Due to the small size of the force, it only consists of three sections namely the five-hundred men large Geemeiner Fegtkorps, the one-hundred men large Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps, the fifty men large Kerke Kenniskorps and the one-hundred men large Motor Fegtkorps, which provides mobile assistance to Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota assets throughout Variota. All members of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps are volunteers, recruited throughout Variota from healthy, Variotan-Catholic men between the ages of 20 and 30. Unlike the rest of the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota's society, the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps approves of and seeks out homosexuals, as the KfHV feels that they have a lower chance at bonding with non-Fegtkorps members.

While the KfHV is allowed to demand aerial defense from the Unified Variotan State and does so for the most part, the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps maintains five batteries of twin 40 mm L/70 anti air guns in the Kattertralerstatt area. The locations of four of these batteries are known, the fifth battery's location is hidden but rumored to be located in a secret section of dome of the St. Michealkattertraal, which has the ability to open up. Members of the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps are generally lightly armed, operating pistols and sub-machine guns, although each of the five batteries are assigned two Ameli light machine guns as area defenses.

Its Motor Fegtkorps, the same size as the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps, is a small but mobile force that offers protection and aid at events and during problems. Most of the Motor Fegtkorps equipment is exactly the same as that of the Geemeiner Fegtkorps except that they operate a fleet of fifty modified AMB Akrobaat SUV's, that they use to travel around Variota in order to fulfill their protection duties. These SUV's most important feature is light armoring, enabling protection against small arms fire, and their noticeable purple and gold colour.

The third part of the force, the Geemeiner Fegtkorps consists of a small military unit that consists mostly of infantry. However, in order to escort the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke and his Ratsheere Kartnaals, the Geemeiner Fegtkorps also operates a small vehicle park consisting of six Varinco-made PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier Plus' APC's. While the Geemeiner Fegtkorps operates multiple machineguns and operates a special 10-man long distance squad, the force notably lacks anti-armour capabilities. This is done by the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota to keep costs down, on one side, and because the KfHV can and will call in support from the Variotan army if a situation involving armour will occur. In it's history, the Geemeiner Fegtkorps has never been in a war but has had plenty of experience with the protection of the HfG and his Ratsheere Kartnaals during their travels. Training levels are high in all three of the sections of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps due to the forces receiving training from the Huisselikke Aanfals en Proteksiemagt.

The Kerke Kenniskorps is a special part of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps, operating from their own secure section of the basement of the St. Michaelkattertraal. It's sole duty is to perform intelligence missions, providing information on targets selected by the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps, the Ratsheere Kartnaals or the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke. While some are quick to underestimate the service's ability to do so, as they only count fifty men, the Kerke Kenniskorps is often given a blank cheque in regards to their methods and is rumored to have working relations with many of the major crime syndicates throughout the world and various bureaus of the Variotan secret service.

Name: Size:
Geemeiner Fegtkorps 500
Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps 100
Motor Fegtkorps 100
Kerke Kenniskorps 50

Klan Reierfer Gebiet

The Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt constitutes the main military and border protection force of the autonomous Klan Reierfer Gebiet. Foorste Fegtlaiter Gerardus Reierfer is the current Foorste Heere fan'es Fegtmagt fan'es KRF.

The ten thousand-large force is mostly recruited through the general draft that is instated within the KRG, with only twenty percent of the force coming from volunteers. Generally, these volunteers come from those that decide to stay after their draft is over or those belonging to Klan Reierfer, as they are de facto exempt from the draft due to the Department for the Protection of Reierfer Youth and it's governing body, the Ministry of Klan Affairs' influence in regards to the drafting system.

The 'Sons of Reierfer', stationed in the Klan Reiefer Gebiet capital of Reieferplattoterp, is the only Laager Groupha fully staffed by volunteers, the other LG's maintain an equal ratio of draftees to volunteers among each other. Each Laager Groupha holds command over one thousand troops, totaling ten Laager Grouphas in total, and is commanded by a Fegtlaiter who reports back to the Foorste Fegtlaiter of their territory. Due to it's elite status, the Sons of Reierfer are personally led by the Foorste Fegtlaiter of Veesjterlant. Seven of these are stationed within the Veesjterlant territory, the larger and more populated section of the KRG, while the other three are situated in the separate and smaller Uustherlant territory. Due to the numerical majority of the Veesjterlant units, the Foorste Fegtlaiter fan Veesjterlant is automatically the Foorste Heere fan'es Fegtmagt fan'es KRF and thus the one to report to the Folke Heere fan'es Klan Reiefer, the leader of Klan Reiefer and the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. The Foorste Fegtlaiter fan Uustherlant is elected among the three Fegtlaiters stationed there and thus, the territory knows no set headquarter location.

All Laagher Groupha's are supported by a minimum of a Division of the Volunteer Civilian Militia and a Column of the Motorised Militia. The Volunteer Civilian Militia is a voluntary force that the Klan Reierfer Gebiet government tries to form in every town and city above a hundred inhabitants, something that they have mostly succeeded at. These volunteers receive a rifle, some ammunition, a combat knife, a uniform and one mandatory day of training every two weeks, although additional training sessions are available to zealous participants. In return, these volunteers receive a small tax rebate and are to be able to be called upon by their assigned and often nearest Laagher Groupa, to be ready within two hours. The Motorised Militia consists of police officers trained to handle military situations, more elite than the Volunteer Civilian Militia but still very much a paramilitary force. These officers receive a slightly higher pay but, somewhat like the VCM, have to be able to be called upon to be ready within one hour at all times, even during their off-duty days. A column of the Motorised Militia consists of ten vehicles, most often second hand APC's from the Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt, the Variotan military or ones that could be bought cheaply from other nations.

Training of the Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt troops are done entirely internal within the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. While this has led to the Fegtmagt holding excellent training facilities for mountainous warfare and close quarters combat, observers of the Variotan military have noted that the Fegtmagt does not shine in most other situations and tends to use outdated techniques that have already been improved upon by the Variotan military.


The Klan Reierfer Fliegmagt constitutes the air force of the autonomous Klan Reierfer Gebiet. The 4,500 large force has operates twenty pure trainers, twenty-eight trainers that can fulfill a light attack role, six tactical airlift aircraft, forty-eight multirole fighters while it's helicopter compliment is made up of five dual-purpose utility/transport helicopters, one VIP transport helicopter, two search-and-rescue helicopters and sixteen dual-purpose scout/light anti-armor helicopters.

Klan Reierfer Fliegmagt composition:


I. Wing Veesjterlant - twenty-four multirole fighters

I.W.V. I. Trainer Squadron - fourteen trainer/light attack aircraft

I.W.V. II. Trainer Squadron - ten trainers

Transport Wing - six tactical airlift aircraft, five dual-purpose utility/transport helicopters, one VIP transport helicopter

I. Light Support Squadron Veesjterlant - eight dual-purpose scout/light anti-armor helicopters

Search and Rescue Detail - one search-and-rescue helicopter




II. Wing Uustherlant - twenty-four multirole fighters

I.W.U. I. Trainer Squadron - fourteen trainer/light attack aircraft

I.W.U. II. Trainer Squadron - ten trainers

I. Light Support Squadron Uustherlant - eight dual-purpose scout/light anti-armor helicopters

Search and Rescue Detail - one search-and-rescue helicopter


Name: Size:
Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt 10,000
Klan Reierfer Fliegmagt 4,500


Variotan State

The Variotan State, making up the majority of Het Huisselant Variota in both territory and population number, maintains the largest fighting force of all states. Het Huisselant's Huisselikke Aanfals en Proteksiemagt (Het Huisselant's/The Homeland's Homely Attack and Protection Force), often shortened to the Huisselikke Aanfals en Proteksiemagt (HAP), maintains a standing force of two-hundred-and-fifty-one thousand divided into four branches. The Huisselikke Lantmagt officially defends Het Huisselant against and attacks towards its enemies on land, the Faai'nere Marienemagt does so in Het Huisselant's waters, the Fliegmagt fan'es Huisselant protects Het Huisselant's skies and the Propagatie en Morraalmagt protects the minds of Het Huisselant's people and military while attacking those of their enemies.

Name: Size:
Huisselikke Lantmagt 100,000
Faai'nere Marienemagt 85,000
Fliegmagt fan'es Huisselant 65,000
Propagatie en Morraalmagt 1,000


Opper-Geen'raal fan'es Propagatie en Morraalmagt Filomedes Jonkheere, better known as Fabuleuse Filo het Fuller (Fabulous Filo the Filler)

Additionally, the Variotan State holds the proud tradition of people and corporations penny-pinching the small tax rebate that is granted to members and supporters of Folke Milisies (People's Militia). Many corporations and citizens make an evaluation if the tax rebate is worth the effort of giving up the minimum of one day a month or in the case of corporations, giving up a chunk of money in order to end up saving more at the end of the year. For many, this evaluation ends positively and as such, there's a multitude of Folke Milisies with almost every town, village, neighborhood and large and/or prominent business maintaining a Folke Milisie. Originally intended as a way for the central government to ensure that there were enough armed and trained men in the colonies and outback, this tradition was never discontinued as it was seen afterwards as a way to promote outward growth during the Variotan - Klan Reierfer colonization rivalry.

In modern times, there have been multiple attempts by politicians to remove the tax rebate but none of these have ever seen a positive outcome, with almost all parties except for the far-left voting against as it is deemed too important to the armaments industry in Variota. While the politicians also maintain the reason of improved defensive capabilities, almost none in Variota's armed forces hold genuine beliefs that the Folke Milisies will have a great impact beyond the few that are very well equipped and trained. Due to the lack of faith among the armed forces and it's Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Folke Milisies are placed under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence and it's Minister, which is almost always a retired general from one of the HAP's branches with the position often seen as a relatively easy retirement position.

Many businesses maintaining an in-company investigation and/or protection force, such as banks and insurance agencies, require those employees to maintain membership in a Folke Milisie, ensuring that said employees maintain a good level of training and enabling the businesses to claim some of the costs of arming their employee as supporting the Folke Milisies. Some of the businesses and business associations that maintain their own Folke Milisies include Altvarna Automotive (Altvarna's Aktiemagt/Altvarna's Action Force), the Collective of Ferrefaaier Casinos (Het Gautgehweer'n/The Golden Rifles) and the East Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors (Het Fullermagt/The Filling Force).




The Variotan economy sees a great deal of agricultural export, primarily due to the rich soil and beneficial climate that the land knows and due to the fact that one of Het Huisselant Variota's autonomous states is the Unie fan Kommunes, a collection of primarily-agricultural based business-states. While traditional products like potatoes, hemp, marijuana remain popular with internal and external markets, the absolute favorite Variotan agricultural product is the Variotan eggplant. While scientists have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of the miraculous growth and superior taste of the Variotan eggplant, it has become one of the most sought after agricultural product of the world. While other, lesser eggplants remain small and bland of taste, the Variotan eggplant grows to extraordinarily large and thick sizes with it's unique flavour being hailed as magnificent among the food critics of the world, with one critic calling the flavour 'a flavour explosion of rich, creamy meatiness, a wondrous culinary experience that everyone should have happen to them atleast once. Almost addictive in it's texture, flavour and mouth feel.'.

Another benefit enlarging the agricultural sector of Variota is it's high measure of mechanization, ensuring a lower amount of people needed for a larger amount of produce. This mechanization has also seen the emergence of large scale animal farms, which provide reasonable quality and cheaper meat for the international and domestic market. Thanks to advances in chip and automation technology and the lower population density of Variota when compared to other nations leaving enough room for animals to roam around if needed, these farms have seen a surge of popularity as cows, as an example, no longer need to be milked or even put in place by humans. Thus, cutting costs while keeping the animal welfare at a reasonable level. The only section of the agriculture not to see large scale mechanization has been the eggplant, as prices for the Variotan eggplant have only grown over the years and farmers are afraid to do something that might lower the quality of their eggplant to non-Variotan levels.


With gambling being legal in Variota, many larger towns feature some sort of casino or gambling hall. Both of the capital cities, Grootwaterflakte and Ferrefaaierhafen, operate their own specialized gambling district. Ferrefaaierhafen's Gokkiewaaghen district has been primarily aimed and developed with the lower class tourists, citizens and sailors that frequent the city in mind with it's casinos featuring low-buy in card games, rows upon rows of slot machines, shows by magicians and washed out international celebrities and a free meal at Vooters if you gamble for more than two-hundred Waarttemun. The Ligjesbranner district of Grootwaterflakte operates as the complete opposite of Ferrefaaierhafen's Gokkiewaaghen district, with no flashy casino's to be found. Instead, each of it's many similar buildings feature the same exterior with only a sign with the casino's name and certain color lights depicting what the place in question offers. This is a leftover from Grootwaterflakte's time as a frontier town, when casino's attempted to stay under the radar so that they wouldn't get robbed as often. Slot machines are nowhere to be found here, to be played at in bars or nightclubs instead, and buy-ins tend to start at one-thousand Waarttemun at it's many tables and other games. Shows are given by artists still in their prime, which some might say is less fun than seeing fading starts try to relive their glory days by performing for a bunch of drunk gamblers that are probably mistaking them for another Variotan one-hit wonder.


Somewhat older photo of Variotan children gambling their hearts (and allowances) away

Kattetralerstatt, the capital city of the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota, is the only place in Variota where gambling is banned. Of course, the banning is only done officially as many in the church love to gamble themselves or otherwise see the benefits of allowing small amounts of gambling to go on, instead of forcing it into criminal hands. The most popular way among Kattetralerstatt inhabitants to gamble is through so-called gamble cruises, on sightseeing vessels that are transformed into a floating casino for the day. Organised through social media, as so to avoid the need for printed advertisement, inhabitants pay a small entry fee that includes a specialty drink of the evening and are then free to gamble away at the various tables, bet on events or play away on the one-armed bandit while the vessel itself goes up and down the Kattetraalwaater, the river that splits Kattetralerstatt in two. These gambling cruises are condoned by the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota and the businesses running them, often located in the nearby Variotan State town of Koksdaal, are completely legal, paying taxes to the Variotan State under a specialized tax code with part of these taxes being granted back to the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota as 'tourism tax rebates'.

The legal age for gambling is 14 when unaccompanied by an adult, although some casino's may decide to bar you entry when without an adult until you are 16 or 18, and 8 when accompanied by an adult, although some casino's may decide to bar you entry until you are 12 or 14.

Bureau 69 - Economic Tricks and Deception Department

Publicly available information:

Bureau 69 is a rumored section of the Variotan secret service, aimed at acquiring economic influence through mostly underhanded means. The term economic influence is a vague one but it is rumored that Bureau 69, among other things, maintains smuggling operations for the Unie fan Kommunes, provides untraceable foreign currency to Variotan operatives and operates shell and regular corporations throughout the world. While some think that the bureau is just a figment of imagination from conspiracy enthusiasts, it's number would make sense within the Variotan secret service hierarchy as all other known bureaus dealing with the economy and economics have been numbered into the sixties, such as Bureau 64, which handles economic counterespionage within Variota. 

Private information (only OOC'ly known outside of Variota's government):

Bureau 69, the official name for the Economic Tricks and Deception Department of the Variotan secret service, is the section responsible for acquiring economic influence and means through secret and often illegal ways. It's sister bureau, Bureau 68, handles the acquisition of economic influence and means throughout legal ways. While Bureau 69's only official responsibility is the procurement of untraceable foreign currency and setting up of shell corporations required by operations of the other bureaus, it has slowly grown into it's other duties and activities. Some of these include running the off-the-books marijuana shipments, into nations where the substance is illegal, of the Unie fan Kommunes, often done through foreign nationals and sailors that frequent Variota's many ports in order to keep suspicions low and the operation of shell companies, some of which through good fortune have managed to become fully functioning, legal businesses. It cooperates and shares information with Bureau 64 and Bureau 65, the economic espionage bureau,, as it's businesses and contacts are able to funnel back information that might and often do aid them.

One of it's efforts in cooperation of Bureau 64 and Bureau 65 has been to stake out and approach potential informants, often those in dire needs, which are then paid in a mix of genuine and counterfeit currency, both as a way to cut costs and in order to check the general quality of the secret service's counterfeits. While it was customary in the early days to use these people, code-named Neppies, for more than once, this custom was changed after the bureau was almost discovered in an investigation following a batch of unacceptable quality foreign counterfeit currency. Currently, Neppies are only used once and are approached mostly through security protocol 231.1b, namely by having them drugged or drunk under the table by one operative who then brings him/her to a secure location, where a second, full body-covering spandex costume-wearing operative offers them the deal. Currently, success rates are around 76%, with most Neppies stating that the full body spandex costume was one of things that could be improved. Bureau 26 has offered their expertise in developing suits that may transmit a human figure on them, in order to lower the impersonal feeling of the costume, and prototypes of these suits are well on their way.

Through it's smuggling routes and shell companies, it also handles special assignments in regards to other, off-the-book goods. These services, while expensive, are popular among citizens of the world with peculiar tastes and large bank accounts. However, while Bureau 69 maintains very little standards or prejudices in regards to the goods or clients, it still maintains a basic sense of human decency and thus refuses to provide in goods of extremely black and bad taste such as slaves, weapons of mass destruction and eggplants that are not Variotan-grown. Potential procurers of such products are, instead, often found maimed, mangled or otherwise manhandled at their local garbage dump, with the most vile ones receiving the bonus of the local police department suddenly receiving anonymously-sent evidence. Success rates vary but Bureau 69 has succeeded to maintain a minimum rate of delivery of thirty percent, with prices scaled according to success rate.


Prostitution is legal in three out of four states that make up Het Huisselant Variota, only the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota has prostitution banned within it's territory. Brothels and rules vary by location, with the Klan Reierfer Gebiet operating centralized brothels owned by the government, the Unie fan Kommunes only allows it as part of bars and nightclubs and the Variotan State is pretty much a free for all. One of the more popular ways in the Variotan State to meet the prostitute of your dreams is the 'HookR' app, which helps anyone interested in selling their body with registering with the Variotan police and sort out the required taxes while allowing those wanting to hire someone ease, with profiles, if they are available and prices readily at hand. Those selling may choose if they ask a set hourly rate or work with a flexible time rate, in which the client pays per half hour, fifteen minutes or in some cases, per minute. 

The easy way through which the money is earned and the ability to choose your own times has meant that prostitution has become a popular way to increase their income among college-goers and other students. Those living in Kattetralerstatt that wish to seek out companionship often travel to the nearby town of Koksdaal, where there are three large brothels especially aimed towards business coming from Kattetralerstatt. Those wishing to partake in prostitution need to be atleast 14 years of age, although the prostitute in question may ask for a document stating that you have permission from your parents when under 18, while those wishing to work in prostitution need to be a minimum of 18 years old or emancipated and a minimum of 16 years old, with an additional requirement of filling in and filing an official police document stating that you understand and accept the risks.




The official language of Variota is Variot, which is spoken by the vast majority of Variotan inhabitants. The Variot dialect of Ferresprak, spoken in the autonomous area Klan Reierfer Gebiet, is recognised as the official language there, with Variot the second official language in that area alone. While the language technically features the entire basic Latin alphabet, in reality the letters d, q, v and x are generally never used in modern Variot with these letters slowly phased out throughout the ages. Their only remaining Variot usage remains in names. Due to the smaller amount of letters and the relatively easy grammar, Variot is seen as one of the easier languages to learn within the world by the Variotan people, a sentiment that might not be shared by the rest of the world.

All Variotan inhabitants learn to speak English during their primary and secondary school and thus, English is the second most spoken language within Het Huisselant Variota with approximately ninety-three percent of the population knowing enough English in order to be able to read, write and have a conversation on a level that is deemed acceptable by the Variotan government and governmental standards.



Variotan Customs and Etiquette

The Variotan people maintain an unofficial code of etiquette that applies equally to everyone, from the highest politician to those working in the sewer systems. While foreigners often find it quite strange to see the lack of hierarchy that is manifested within businesses, this etiquette or lack of etiquette flows from tradition, from times when a mistake could mean the death of an entire colony. It is, thus, not uncommon to see an employee propose other ways of solving a problem or telling their boss that their course of action is a bad one, so long as the employee has viable experience in the field of work. Private situations are much more different however, with the general Variotan etiquette being far more loose and strict at the same time. The accepted rule is that someone has to be held separate from their work and their private life, one might be an extremely talented worker and yet be an degenerate gambler and alcoholic in his private life without it affecting his standing at work. So long as one does their job properly and only uses their own money, one may do whatever they feel like. Only when one starts to make debts or it starts to affect their work, will it affect ones standing at work. This comes primarily from the Variotan sense that they work hard and thus, should be allowed to play hard without receiving judgement from others. One prime example of this unofficial and informal code is Kristiano Delano Lansevoort, Heere fan'es Klan Lansevoort, the current Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke. While the man is known for his love of parties and younger trophy partners of both sexes, he manages to portray the perfect leader of the Variotan nation during his working hours without any scandals. As such, he is respected by the Variotan people both due to his position and the way he fulfills it and due to the fact that he is able to juggle it with a healthy appetite for the Variotan nightlife and youth.

Those that accumulate wealth are allowed and somewhat expected in the eyes of the public, to flaunt their wealth in ways that they enjoy, so long as this flaunting is somewhat balanced by some form of caring for lesser-offs. For the regular Variotan citizen, this can mean as much as giving a Waarttemun or some spare Waartteteil's to their local beggar after having done their weekly grocery shopping. Other promoted, through government programs, methods of caring for those lesser-off include giving away unwanted or unneeded clothes that are still in good condition, doing groceries and tasks for elderly citizens that are unable to do so and, for those that have useful skills, giving courses. Those that have accumulated wealth but do not flaunt it are seen as suspicious individuals that must be hiding something, unless they have a good reason not to flaunt it such as saving money to ensure that a handicapped child remains able to pay for their needed aid and caretakers after the person's death.

After a Variotan wedding, it is custom for the newly married couple to fire on life-sized figures representing the other. The meaning of this ritual is to, through the rifle, shoot out and leave behind all issues and anger that troubled the couple about the other before they got married, allowing them to start their marriage with an emotional blank slate. The type of weapon used in this ritual depends on the type of wedding, the theme of the wedding and the place where it will be done. Due to the cost of purchasing a weapon for this occasion, if neither or only one person owns a weapon, there are companies that rent out bridal guns. Rocket propelled grenades are by law protected and may only be used by a head of state, a head of government, a Klan Heere or someone who has permission from the Variotan government, often celebrities, and under strict watch and aid from a trained professional.


The Variotan Measurement System

Due to it's colonial history, Variota has not participated in any standardized international measurement systems done by any of the other nations in the world but has instead, developed it's own measurement system throughout the ages. The primary length within the VMS is the Waagen, based on the general length of a Variotan wagon or 4,9 meters. Many of the other measurements are also based on the basics that the colonists had, such as their elbows, thumbs and legs but also wagon forts and land claims. The longest length within the VMS is the Koloniekant or kk on road signs, literally translating to colony side, which is 196 meters. A proposed length, the Langkoloniekant or lkk, which would have equaled to ten kk, was voted on in 1988 but was rejected. The Metric system is used alongside the VMS in many situations, in order to ensure easier cooperation with other nations that do not use the VMS.

While the Variotan government has been lobbying the use of the Variotan Standardized Measurement System among other nations, no nation in the world has yet followed it's lead. A copy of the Variotan Measurement System can be retrieved from the Department of Measurements. (OOC: Just ask me on discord.)

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Thanks for both the welcomes! I'll be expanding this piece by piece. If you happen to think of something that you'd like to know about Variota, feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to add it in.

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The List of Terms

1 - 0

1947 Revolt: Short, informal war between the Unie fan Kommunes and paramilitary groups led by the far-right Sons of the Variotan Motherland and it's leader Wiktor Walensa. Ended in victory for the Unie fan Kommunes.

1949 Peace Accord: Held between the Variotan government and the Unie fan Kommunes, the 1949 Peace Accord ended the 1947 Revolt and established the autonomous status of the UfK. The Sons of the Variotan Motherland are banned, Wiktor Walensa jailed and all actions done by far-right paramilitary groups are condemned.

A - C

D - F

Department for the Protection of Reierfer Youth: Part of the Ministry of Klan Affairs of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. Depending on who you ask, respected or despised. Among their duties, they screen media such as games and films to ensure that no nefarious elements reach the youth of the KRG, protect the members of Klan Reierfer from the draft and raid brothels, cinemas, music stores and more that display 'nefarious behavior or content' and have not paid them off.  

Dina Diva: Current Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke and self-proclaimed 'world's greatest diva'. Also has a reality TV show, Dina Diva Uncut, and has had several hits as a singer. Campaigned with slogans such as #tightfacesfillworkplaces and #letsmakepoliticssexy, ideas to give botox to unemployed people so they'd be more employable and to subsidize plastic surgery for politicians, so that more people would get interested in politics.

Eastland: English name for Uustherlant, one of the two current and one of the three historical territories of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. 

Eerste Heere fan'es Folke: Title held by the leader of the Unie fan Kommunes. Chosen every year from the leaders of the various Kommunes.

English: Mediocre world-spoken language that lacks the glory and vocal finesse of the Variot language. 

Fegtlaiter: Commander of a Laagher Groupha of the Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt.

Ferrefaaierhafen: Current and historical capital of Het Huisselant Variota, named after the Ferrefaaier Klan that led the original colonists to the site. Has diminished in importance since 1829, when Grootwaterflakte became the administrative capital of Het Huisselant Variota.

Ferresprak: Variot dialect spoken primarily in the Klan Reierfer Gebiet, also the only area to have it as an official language.

FHfFfF: See Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke.

Fijf Klan Heere: The first original colonists of Variota, who took names depending on their professions. The Lansevoort Klan took part as diplomats and soldiers, the Kewastesmere Klan were artists and craftsmen, the Ferrefaaier Klan consisted of sailors and fishermen, the Kokkiemaaler Klan were bakers, poisoners and alchemists and the Mesijner Klan were butchers, healers and torturers.

Five Clan Leaders: Infrequently used English term for the Fijf Klan Heere.

Folke Heere fan'es Klan Reiefer: Title held by the leader of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. Not elected by the general populace of the KRG, only by Klan Reierfer members, and elected for five years. Often held by the Heere fan'es Klan Reierfer.

Foorste Fegtlaiter fan Veesjterlant: Commander of the seven Laagher Grouphas located within the Veesjterlant territory of the KRG and personally in command of the elite Sons of Reierfer Laagher Groupha.

Foorste Fegtlaiter fan Uustherlant: Commander of the three Laagher Grouphas located within the Uustherlant territory of the KRG. Chosen from and between the three Fegtlaiters in Uustherlant.

Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke: Female equivalent of Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke.

Foorste Heere fan'es Fegtmagt fan'es KRF: Title held by the commander of the Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt.

Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke: Title held by the Head of Government of Het Huisselant Variota. Elected by popular vote every two years, does not have to be a seated politician but often is.

Foorste Fegtlaiter: Title held by the commander of all Laagher Grouphas located in a Klan Reierfer Gebiet territory.

G - I

Gathering of Leaders: Name used for the first, mostly informal, parliament meetings held within the Klan Reierfer Gebiet, back then called Klan Reierferlant.

Gatherings: The name used for multiple Gathering of Leaders'.

Grootwaterflakte: Administrative capital of Het Huisselant Variota since 1829, location of most embassies in Variota and overall reasonable place to live.

Heere fan'es Ghestelikke: Title held by the leader of the autonomous Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota area and leader of the Variotan Christian Church.

Heere fan'es Klan Lansevoort: Title used by the leader of Klan Lansevoort.

Het Huisselant Variota: The Variot name for the Unified Variotan State, it is translated as The Homeland Variota. Also the greatest nation in the world, a place without an equal.

J - L

Kartnaal fan'es Kerke: Leader of a church, monastery or another Christian religious building within Variota, reports back to the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke and his Ratsheere Kartnaals.

Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota: Autonomous area of Variota that is in control of all churches, monasteries and other Christian religious buildings within Variota. Also owns a seventy-five square kilometers strip of land on which it's capital Kattetralerstatt is located.

KfHV: See Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota.

Klan Reierferlant: Old name for the Klan Reierfer Gebiet, no longer used except in casual conversations or historical discussions.

Klan Reierfer Gebiet: Autonomous area of Variota originally founded by Klan Reierfer, the sixth Klan to arrive in Variota. Somewhat more authoritarian in nature with fitting discriminatory policies in place benefiting members of Klan Reierfer. Provides many raw materials for Variotan industries, thus enabling such policies.

Kommunes: Parts of the Unie fan Kommunes, there are 20 Kommunes in total. These fulfill a shared role of business and government, with each Kommune holding the right to govern themselves within the boundaries of the specifications of the 1949 Peace Accord.

KRG: See Klan Reierfer Gebiet.

Kristiano Delano Lansevoort, Heere fan'es Klan Lansevoort: Former head of government for Het Huisselant Variota and head of state for the Variotan State, current leader of Klan Lansevoort. One of the few Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke that was elected without being seated in parliament. Has a history of having young 'trophy partners' of both genders. Was forced to abdicate after a game of high stakes poker, was succeeded by Dina Diva.

M - O

Middleland: See Mittellant.

Ministry of Klan Affairs: The governing body of the Department for the Protection of Reierfer Youth and other Departments, the Ministry of Klan Affairs has the power to intervene in any situation within the Klan Reierfer Gebiet that involves Klan Reierfer or a Klan Reierfer member.

Mittellant: Historical province/colony of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet that was abandoned after the mines there lost their economical viability at the time. Was partially absorbed by the Uustherlant and Veesjterlant provinces of the KRG on their respective sides while the middle majority part of Mittellant was resettled by the Variotan State.

P - R

Pope: The Representative of God on Earth for a Catholic religion. Deemed illegitimate by the Variotan Christian Church with the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke being deemed the only legitimate Representative of God on Earth and in Variota.

Pope's long arm in Variota: Unofficial name for the unnamed entity that was to become the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota.

Pope's representative in Variota: Official name for the person selected by the Pope to act as his representative. It was his job to ensure that the Pope's demands towards the Pope's long arm in Variota were fulfilled. Most often, due to the distance, this position was simply fulfilled by the most powerful clergyman in Variota.

Ratsheere Kartnaal: A Ratsheere Kartnaal holds a rank similar to a Cardinal in a Catholic Church but due to the autonomous nature of the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota, they also hold duties similar to a Minister.

Ratsheere Kartnaals: Term for a multitude of people in the position of Ratsheere Kartnaal.

Reierfer: The sixth klan to arrive in Variota, they were named as such because they had to travel long distances. The name Reierfer literally translates into 'rides far' or 'drives far'.

Reieferplattoterp: Capital city and largest city of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. The base for the elite 'Sons of Reierfer' LG of the Klan Reierfer Fegtmagt is located here.

Reierfer Mittellant Colony: The colonial government and official name of the Mittellant territory of the KRG. It's primary earnings came from mining resources, said earnings drying up in 1702 when the mines began to lack economical viability.

S - U

The Homeland Variota: Literal translation of Variota's official name, Het Huisselant Variota.

UfK: See Unie fan Kommunes.

Unie fan Kommunes: Autonomous part of Variota, originally a non-autonomous collection of farms growing hemp, marijuana, foodstuffs and other such items. Became autonomous through the 1947 Revolt and the 1949 Peace Accord. While all Kommunes are technically businesses, the Unie fan Kommunes is one of the more socialist states in Variota.

Union of Communes: English name for the Unie fan Kommunes.

Unified Variotan State: English name for Het Huisselant Variota.

Uustherlant: One of the two current and one of the three historical territories of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. Smaller than Veesjterlant.

V - Z

Variolant: Old name for Variota in Variot, changed in 1483. Still used as the name for Variota in the Variot dialect of Ferresprak.

Variot: The language spoken in Variota, Variot is clearly the most superior language in the world and is unparalleled in it's ability to convey the deep emotions, feelings and events happening to people. It sounds great when sung too!

Variota: The informal name for Het Huisselant Variota and it's territories.

Variotan Christian Church: Organisation propagating the majority religion in Variota and the organisation holding the right to lead the autonomous Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota area. Had a schism with the Pope in 1780.

Veesjterlant: One of the two current and one of the three historical territories of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. Larger than Uustherlant.

Westland: English name for Veesjterlant.


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Random things I'll need to work into my factbook somehow but for now, will stand here:


States of Variota - Sizes:

Klan Reierfer Gebiet - 37.634 km2 / 26.704 km2 (Veesjterland) / 10.930 km2 (Uustherlant)

Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota - 75 km2 (Kattetralerstatt)

Unie fan Kommunes - 32.968 km2

Variotan State - 310.293 km2


Population + Density:

Total: 41.910.000

Klan Reierfer Gebiet: 2.716.659 / 72/km2

Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota: 136.575 / 1.821/km2 - In reality much lower, as only Kattertralerstatt is counted as their territory km2-wise

Unie fan Kommunes: 2.814.960 / 85/km2

Variotan State: 36.241.806 / 117/km2


GDP (nominal):

‚ā©1.241.535.548.142 (Variotan State)

‚ā©112.610.948.868¬†(Klan Reierfer Gebiet)

‚ā©5.965.732.575¬†(Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota)

‚ā©90.821.869.440¬†(Unie fan Kommunes)


GDP per capita: 

‚ā©34.257 (Variotan State)

‚ā©41.452 (Klan Reierfer Gebiet)

‚ā©43.681 (Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota)

‚ā©32.264 (Unie fan Kommunes)

‚ā©37.914 (Average without taking into account population differences)

Government budget: 

‚ā©541.309.498.990¬†(Variotan State)¬†

‚ā©51.801.036.480¬†(Klan Reierfer Gebiet)¬†

‚ā©3.579.439.545¬†(Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota)¬†

‚ā©44.502.716.026¬†(Unie fan Kommunes)¬†



Military budget:

‚ā©24.830.710.963¬†(Variotan State) - 2 gdp

‚ā©4.504.437.955¬†(Klan Reierfer Gebiet) - 4

‚ā©164.057.646 (Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota) - 2.75

‚ā©1.634.793.650¬†(Unie fan Kommunes) - 1.8

‚ā© (Total) 2.14

Waarttemun = 1.05 USD


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Known Bureaus of the Variotan secret service:

Please note: Not all bureaus are known IC'ly or are known but only in conspiracy theories etc.

Bureaus 10 to 19 - Asset Protection:

Bureau 10 - The Internal Bodily Protection Department

Bureau 11 - The External Bodily Protection Department

Bureau 12 - The Special Bodily Protection Department

Bureau 13 - The Internal Activity Protection Department

Bureau 14 - The External Activity Protection Department

Bureaus 20 to 29 - Research and Development:

Bureau 26 - The Mundane Non-Weapon Gadget Department

Bureaus 30 to 39 - Identity:

Bureau 30 - Identity Control Department

Bureau 31 - Identity Acquisition Department

Bureau 32 - Identity Fabrication Department

Bureau 33 - Identity Replacement Department

Bureaus 40 to 49:

Bureaus 50 to 59:

Bureaus 60 to 69 - Economy:

Bureau 64 - The Economic Domestic Counterintelligence Department

Bureau 65 - The Economic International Intelligence Department

Bureau 68 - The Legal Economic Development Department

Bureau 69 - The Economic Tricks and Deception Department

Bureaus 70 to 79:

Bureaus 80 to 89:

Bureaus 90 to 99:

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The Klan Lansevoort insight into the Variotan lines of defence

As written by K.D. Lansevoort, former Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke



The first line of defense for Variota is the fact that it has no defined, unitary first line of defense. It's first lines are those that are already there. The spies and friends it has everywhere, funneling little bits of information back to the homeland, siphoning and strengthening the economies both black and white from other nations. It's singers and artists, exporting and projecting it's culture. Het Huisselant does not attempt to look unbeatable, as that would be costly and foolish, but instead focuses itself on being in the know, of ensuring it's position as a place too important for one's nation to invade.

This works in a more practical martial method as well, as it's first lines of defenses are able to portray the nation as far more efficient and strong than it might actually be. And herein lies yet another part of the Variotan mentality, the mentality that you do not need to be able to beat someone one-on-one in order to defend yourself on a practical level. Instead, the Variotan doctrine aims itself towards the lines of a Pyrrhic victory for the enemy as means of deterrent as no sane nation would attack a target that means, at best, their own near-ruin.

In a sense, the missiles that the armed forces command fill in this state of mind perfectly, allowing the government to go on an all-out offensive if need be and make the victory so costly on the home front that the enemy will be forced to negotiate on neutral terms or, preferably, on terms more favorable to the defender. It's arms industry, providing the pinnacle of Alharun weapon technology, allows for this and provides for both in-field testing of the Variotan weapons as well as additional funds. The connections made there, as the Variotan nation knows very little rules in regards to the groups it's industry sells to, are cultivated and worked out. Be they regular armed forces or a rag-tag band of freedom fighters, the secret service will attempt to provide leverage to the nation when needed. While nations wrecked by civil war and internal strife are generally not those attacking others, this helps at keeping options open. Antagonizing Het Huisselant will sooner lead to diplomatic scorn and secretive operations intended at strengthening the internal strife and hostile groups located within the antagonizing nation rather than actual military action, as Het Huisselant sees an economically-oriented solution as much more effective when compared to a full-on military one, bringing the chance of Variotan deaths.

In between a first and second line of defense are it's criminals (and citizens that would be deemed criminals under a different regime). If the secret service knows anything, it is to show the scum of the earth that life is much better under Variotan thumb than under another's. In return, if criminals know anything, it's survival and taking advantage of the situation. Now, a lot of governments and people tend to be optimistic about crime, thinking that it can be eradicated. Het Huisselant sees that for the lies that they are as even the most perfect nation will have its rebels, its black sheep, the people that do not fit in there. 

Let's say you invade and succeed. The stripper that allows your soldier to put a note in her thong? She's also seeing if there's any blackmail possibility. That black marketeer that sells your soldiers some of the harder to get items? He's also slowly seeing if any would be interested in pilfering and selling him military supplies or other useful items. The croupier that takes your bets? He's also listening in on your conversation. The prostitute that you bed? She could just as easy stab you when you're tired and weak, check your pockets, secretly tape you. These are just some examples of the Variotan impromptu line of defense, when it comes down to repelling or hindering the enemy from gaining more of Het Huisselant

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Ministries of Het Huisselant Variota


Diplomatic Affairs

The Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs is split between the Internal Diplomacy Department and the Foreign Diplomacy Department, each dealing with their own side of Diplomatic Affairs. The Internal Diplomacy Department works both as Het Huisselant's internal diplomatic mail service, sending and receiving letters from and to diplomats and politicians of any of it's four states, and as it's mediating service, working to solve small problems between the states in a diplomatic matter before they get out of hand. The Foreign Diplomacy Department works in the same way as any other Foreign Affairs office.

The current Minister of Diplomatic Affairs is Reemy Lopentlant.


Economic Issues

The Ministry of Economic Issues is a specialty one, holding some sway over others that deal with the economy. It's task is to spot trends and effects that will end up ensuring issues for the Variotan government and thus advises and recommends courses of action in that regard. While this seems a mostly ceremonial task, current law requires the Ministry of Economic Issues to give out a recommendation on every economic proposal and major business deal in Variota. Due to it's natural connections to the Variotan business world, various universities and a seemingly uncanny ability to properly assess economic trends and effects, the Ministry of Economic Issues' recommendations are often followed up on.

The current Minister of Economic Issues is Hilly Geeferskost.



The Ministry of Industry operates the state-owned industrial businesses, makes assessments on the state of Variotan industry for the Parliament, promotes the introduction of new industries and the expansion and innovation of current ones and gives advice and recommendations on proposals that include sections on or are about industry. One of the exceptions on it's control over state-owned industrial businesses is GFWFA Varinco, with it's state-owned share being under the control of the Ministry of Defence.

The current Minister of Industry is Bas Wildefink.



The Ministry of Defence is the civilian equivalent of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, holding control over the state-owned share of GFWFA Varinco and other state-owned shares of companies deemed needed for the defence of Het Huisselant. Additional responsibilities of the Ministry of Defence include the organisation and support of the various Variotan paramilitary groups, who fall under the Ministry of Defence due to their nature being more civilian than military.

The current Minister of Defence is Ret.Gen. Aleiksander fan Gillofan-Lantboer.


Armed Forces

The Ministry of the Armed Forces holds control over the various Armed Forces of Het Huisselant, in as far as the individual autonomy agreements allow. The ministry further maintains standardized defensive and offensive plans, organizes war games and maintains military assessments on neighboring and notable nations.

The current Minister of the Armed Forces is Ret.Gen. Henk Linkefaaier.

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Notes to self in regard to wiki:


Bernart Volta - Dead due to being hit by fireworks fired off by the Allavatian Kommune in their new year's celebration

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