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Using our world map in Google Earth Pro


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  • Want to see our planet as a globe?
  • Want to measure accurate distances without complicated mathematics?
  • Want to crash your computer with heavy software?

You are in luck! Because now you can, by following this tutorial. You will learn how to take our flat world map and turn it into a functional layer with Google Earth Pro. In this tutorial, I'll take you through each step of this process. Let me know in the comments if you are experiencing any issues.

1. Download Google Earth Pro

At the time of this writing, you can download this free software package from https://www.google.com/earth/desktop/ . There are versions available for PC, Mac, or Linux. Follow the instructions on the aforementioned website, install the software, and open the program. If things go wrong with the installation, find your answer in Google. In case this installation fail to work, I cannot provide support on how to debug your computer. Sorry about that.

2. Add image overlay

The interface may look somewhat different for each operating system (PC, Mac, or Linux). But the basic operation is the same. Menu bar > Add > Image Overlay.

Google Earth Pro: add image overlay

3. Image overlay settings

Step three, and we're almost finished already. You are doing great there!

  • Name. Give your custom overlay a name. You can call it "map of Europa" or "map of nationstates" or "home sweet home". This is something you can always change later. The next two steps are much more important.
  • Link. You can either (a) link to an online file as shown in the screenshot, or (b) browser to a local file on your computer. Keep in mind: if you choose (b) to work with a local file, and then move this file, your image overlay won't work anymore. But you can easily fix this by linking to the new file location.
  • Location. This is in the tabs (see screenshot). With these settings, we can stretch the image to fit onto a complete globe. You want to stretch the image all the way, in all directions. Meaning: 90°N, 180°E, 90°S, and 180°W. In the screenshot this is much longer, including minutes are seconds. But if you just add 90°N, and hit enter/return, then the program will add the right data anyway. Easy!

You can safely ignore all the other settings and options. Just enter the settings as explained above, and you should get this to work. Click "Ok" when you are done.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 17.08.59.png

4. Done

Enjoy playing with your new ball. :)


5. "Wait I messed up!"

No worries there, buddy. Just right-click on your custom map overlay, go to "Get info" and change your settings. If that still doesn't work, go back to step #2 and try again.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 17.17.02.png

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Part Deux: measuring up

So you've figured out how to set a custom image overlay.

But now you wonder: how big is my nation? Because, when you think about it, isn't everything about size? (Answr: no, it isn't.)

Nonetheless, should you wish to start measuring your stuff, you can.

1. One button to rule them all

Click the ruler icon at the top. This will open a nice dialog box. This includes several options:

  • Line
  • Path
  • polygon
  • Circle
  • 3D path
  • 3D polygon

You'll want to select "polygon".

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 14.13.19.png

2. Draw around the edges

Now this becomes tricky. Like any 3-year-old knows, colouring inside the lines is already hard enough. But now you'll actually have to draw on the lines. On the lines of your borders and/or coastline.

The more detailed you draw, the more accurate your result will be.

Once you're done with that, you'll get two nice numbers:

  • the perimeter of your nation (how long is the border), and
  • the area of your nation (how much dirt is there).

Sidenote: if your nation contains a lake or other body of water, you should probably go and subtract that.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 14.15.19.png

Now isn't that neat.

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      Map of Eurth v4 (2017-present) Map of Europa v3 (2006-2017) Map of Europa v2 (2004-2006) Map of Europa v1 (2004) 2. Qualifying for the map
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      After a long absence, your nation will be reduced to the area around your capital. Your nation will be considered to be in crisis.
      An exception can be granted for nations with a considerable contribution to RP.
      4.2 Expansion
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      Why would any nation expand its borders? In theory, all of the land on Eurth is taken up by properly constituted nation states. At this point, all the available land has been taken, so a nation cannot expand its borders without taking land from another nation. Here are some plausible reasons for expanding a nation:
      Negotiation. There have been occasions where adjacent nations have negotiated to adjust their borders, but this is relatively rare. Re-integration. Interestingly enough, RL Belarus has been trying to unite with RL Russia for some time, but for some reason, Putin hasn’t been interested and has even gone to measures to filibuster their request. Belarus seems to have made that decision that Russia should absorb them, but Putin doesn’t seem to care about them. Conviction. Nations can only takeover other nations if they can convince us there’s some moral or historical justification for doing so. “Ruling better” is something left to the people to determine. Religion. Because God wills it. Many RL European preachers felt that it was their obligation to change over the whole world to Roman Catholicism. Along these lines, they went to South America (principally) and conveyed Christianity to the locals. Later, even the Muslims succumbed to this trait of converting as many as possible, which led to fanaticism, which in turn led to their so-called Jihad (Holy War). However, we should note here that neither Christianity nor Islam propagates this attitude of war or conversion. Following a religion should be either one’s own choice or birthright. In fact, no religion upholds this idea of conversion. All religions actually propagate how our daily life should be led. Extortion. Many individuals considered states to be markets for their completed items, and providers for their crude merchandise. A nation needs plunder. Basically, immaculate avarice. England controlled the Suez channel in Africa to secure the quickest watercourse to India. England controlled India because it was a decent place to develop tea and opium, something the British couldn't develop at home. Invasion. There is also the possibility of nations expanding their borders by acquiring adjacent territory through military conquest. It must be admitted that most national borders around the world today are the consequence of just such a thing at some point in the past. Here are some examples of previous expansion RP's that can serve as an inspiration.
      Examples of good expansion RP's include:
      Project Canamo and Prymontian Rus by @Prymont Terra Nullis or how I learned to stop invading and love the Theodolite by @Gallambria Securing our Holy coast by @Sa Hara Ugeria's bankruptcy by @Jilderen Collapse of Abyssioan Government. Peacekeepers are sent in to secure a previous player's nation. Operation: Hammerfall. One nation reacts to terrorists attacking from an adjacent plot, and reacts by invading it. Other nations didn't agree and sent military forces. Plot 21 Incident. A nation of one alliance expands into the sphere of influence of another. Nearly went nuclear! Examples of bad expansion RP's:
      Media Transcript Storage by @Poland-Lithuania Don't be afraid to be controversial or reluctant to stir up trouble. In fact, this is often the best way, as it means that much more fun can be had. Maybe you're taking over a plot that was originally another player-nation? You could RP the fact that that nation had recently fragmented and you're going in to "pacify" it. Or perhaps the plot you've got your sights set on has always been vacant. In this instance, there could be a minor regime with an opposite political ideology to your nation's, sponsoring terrorism within your borders. Time to invade and scrub out those communists/fascists-supporting terrorists!
      Just because your nation is expanding, it doesn't mean that every nation will automatically agree. In fact, the majority of wars in this region, whether minor or major, have originally been started over nations expanding. This is perfectly valid and, to a point, does reflect real-world tendencies, as some nations resent others moving into their spheres of influence.
      4.3 Or just don't
      On a final note, I must add that when your nation does get big enough to expand into another plot, it doesn't mean you absolutely have to expand. If and when you do wish to take over another bit of land, be prepared to have a proper reason and story thought through to explain this expansion, as well as the fact that other nations may not accept it.
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      Where are the borders of the oceans? We call these the maritime boundaries. Technically our planet only has one ocean: the giant, not-so-creatively named “world ocean.” But that makes it hard to talk about different parts of the ocean on different parts of the planet. It makes sense to split it up, but how do you divide a continuous body of water? Since we humans have a habit of making things all about us, historically we have divvied up all that water based on our own perceptions.
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