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Welcome to the online catalogue of Aamotech Technologies, Prymont's leading aerospace company. Founded in 1963 by Edgar Aamot, Aamotech has developed a unique speciality in superior commercial and military aerial solutions, and is the leading supplier of the United States of Prymont Air Force. Due to recent economic upturns, Aamotech welcomes new international buyers and offers lucrative deals to secure new long-term partnerships.




The latest invention by Aamotech's top engineers, Nålestråle takes commercial passengers to speeds never seen before. With a maximum speed of Mach 1.9, Nålestråle offers a cheaper, better alternative to its competitors. Currently undergoing test flights, it will be used for governmental travel as well as being the pride of Montair's fleet upon its release in summer 2018.

Length - 65.7 metres
Height - 12.6 metres
Wingspan - 28.8 metres
Passengers - 140
Powerplant - 4 x Aamotech AP-7XE turbojet
Max speed - Mach 1.9
Cruise speed - Mach 1.8
Range - 4000 miles
Service ceiling - 20000 metres
Crew: 4




Fettstråle has been in active service since 2000, and is a favourite amongst Prymontian users. With an upper deck dedicated to first class and business travel, the Fettstråle allows global flying at the lap of luxury. 

Length - 70.7 metres
Height - 19.4 metres
Wingspan - 64.4 metres
Passengers - 660
Powerplant - 4 x Aamotech AP-2NU turbofan
Max speed - Mach 0.9
Cruise speed - Mach 0.85
Range - 7500 miles
Service ceiling - 13747 metres
Crew: 2




Slankstråle is an extended range commercial airliner, boasting a higher MTOW and increased fuel capacity over its competitors. With a maximum of 396 passengers able to travel a total of 8500 miles, the Slankstråle is perfect for any airline looking to offer long-distance flights with great comfort and accessibility.

Length - 73.9 metres
Height - 18.5 metres
Wingspan - 64.8 metres
Passengers - 396
Powerplant - 2 x Aamotech AP-2NV turbofan
Max speed - Mach 0.89
Cruise speed - Mach 0.84
Range - 8500 miles
Service ceiling - 13100 metres
Crew: 2



Litenstråle is a twin-engine medium range turboprop airliner, with its main feature being a rather short take-off and landing performance. Used predominantly in the United States of Prymont for domestic flights, its popularity has recently soared due to cheap operating costs and flight frequency. 

Length - 32.8 metres
Height - 8.4 metres
Wingspan - 28.4 metres
Passengers - 86
Powerplant - 2 x Aamotech AP-3FB turboprop
Max speed - 414 mph
Cruise speed - 400 mph
Range - 1266 miles
Service ceiling - 8229 metres
Crew: 2




Virksomhetstråle is a luxury business jet, mainly purchased by private clients for leisure use. If you have a healthy bank balance and are looking for the perfect international mode of transport for you and any friends or business partners, look no further than Virksomhetstråle.

Length - 20.9 metres
Height - 6.3 metres
Wingspan - 19.6 metres
Passengers - 19, depending on configuration
Powerplant - 2 x Aamotech AP-1BB turbofan
Max speed - 541 mph
Cruise speed - 528 mph
Range - 4274 miles
Service ceiling - 12500 metres
Crew: 2




Dvergstråle is an upcoming light business jet, designed to take advantage of the smaller niche market that Virksomhetstråle misses. It is currently undergoing test flights, and became available in autumn 2018.

Length - 13 metres
Height - 4.5 metres
Wingspan - 12.1 metres
Passengers - 4-6
Powerplant - 2 x Aamotech AD-2DF turbofan
Max speed - 486 mph
Cruise speed - 423 mph
Range - 1388 miles
Service ceiling - 13000 metres
Crew: 1-2




Turstråle is an STOL propeller-driven aircraft, produced by Aamotech in 1969. 400 were built until the production cycle ended in 1979, but it remains a vital component in the USPAF Coast Guard division for coastal patrol missions. It allows take-off and landing on either tarmac or water, and is therefore the perfect all-rounder for coastal activities.

Length - 12.8 metres
Height - 3.8 metres
Wingspan - 17.7 metres
Passengers - 9-10
Powerplant - 1 x Matlock Weston Q7 9-cylinder air-cooled radial engine
Max speed - 160 mph
Cruise speed - 121 mph
Range - 945 miles
Service ceiling - 5730 metres
Crew: 1




Tvillingstråle is a direct evolution of Turstråle, but now featuring a second engine. While used for larger search and patrol missions, it is mainly used as a cargo and Medevac aircraft. Tvillingstråle also found use in the 1980s as a national commercial aircraft, but was soon replaced by jet engines. While production started in 1980, Tvillingstråle's sale figures remain strong to this day, with over 800 units being produced.

Length - 15.8 metres
Height - 6 metres
Wingspan - 19.8 metres
Passengers - 19
Powerplant - 2 x Matlock Weston AJ11 turboprop
Max speed - 195 mph
Cruise speed - 173 mph
Range - 609 miles with long range tankage
Service ceiling - 7620 metres
Crew: 1-2



Sveverstråle [USPAF: VTOL F-A]


Sveverstråle was introduced to the USPAF in 1996 as a revolutionary piece of equipment to use on aircraft carriers with short runways. It can also take-off and land conventionally, and serves multiple purposes including air-to-air attack and defense, air-to-surface, anti-ship and aerial reconnaissance. As a result, it is a must have for any successful air force.

Length - 14.2 metres
Height - 3.7 metres
Wingspan - 7.6 metres
Powerplant - 1 x Aamotech AP-2NA turbofan
Max speed - 735 mph
Range - 620 miles combat, 2000 miles ferry
Service ceiling - 16000 metres
Crew - 1

Guns - 2 x 30mm cannon pods, 130 rounds each
Hardpoints - 4 x under-wing pylons, 1 centreline fuselage pylon, 2 x gun pod attach points
Rockets - 4 x rocket pods, 18 x 68mm rockets each
Missiles - Air-to-air, air-to-surface, anti-ship
Bombs - Selection of unguided iron bombs
Extra - Reconnaissance pods & 2 x auxiliary drop tanks for ferry flight and extended range

All-weather airborne radar
Tactical Air Navigation System
Microwave Airborne Digital Guidance Equipment



Lysstråle [USPAF: Sparrow F-D]


Lysstråle is a light multi-purpose fighter aircraft, first flown by the USPAF in 2001. It has since become an icon in the Prymontian Air Force for its agility, relaxed stability design and highly advanced, adaptable avionics. It is a fantastic choice for a smaller air force seeking an adaptable all-rounder, or a larger one looking to expand its range.

Length - 14.1 metres
Height - 4.5 metres
Wingspan - 8.4 metres
Powerplant - 1 x Aamotech AP-2AC afterburning turbofan
Max speed - Mach 2
Range - 497 miles combat, 1983 miles ferry
Service ceiling - 15240 metres
Crew - 1

Guns - 1 x 27mm revolver cannon with 120 rounds
Hardpoints - 8 in total, 3 per wing and 2 under fuselage
Rockets - 4 x rocket pods, 13.5cm rockets
Missiles - Variety of air-to-air and anti-ship
Bombs - Laser-guided & cluster bombs

Pulse-Doppler radar
Infra-red search and track sensor


Soniskstråle [USPAF: Robin F-E]


Soniskstråle is a legend of the USP Air Force, designed solely for achieving Mach 3+ on aerial reconnaissance missions. It operates at high speeds and altitudes in order to outrace any threats, and was designed with a reduced cross-radar section. Despite only two being made in 2003, its facilities have been exceptionally preserved to begin production immediately at any given moment. 

Length - 32.7 metres
Height - 5.6 metres
Wingspan - 17 metres
Powerplant - 2 x Aamotech AP-8XX continuous-bled afterburning turbojets
Max speed - Mach 3.3
Range - 3682 miles
Service ceiling - 25900 metres
Crew - 2

Astro-inertial guidance system
Infrared imagery
Side-looking airborne radar
Electronic intelligence gathering system


Tungstråle [USPAF: Whitebeard F-H]An-225-Depart-MSP-1170x429.jpg

Tungstråle is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft, designed for all your heavy lifting purposes. It can carry a payload of approximately 255000 kilograms, making it a world record holder for total payload. It is one of Aamotech's biggest projects to date, and only four have been made to date, with three of those belonging to the @Iverican air force.

Length - 84 metres
Height - 18.1 metres
Wingspan - 88.4 metres
Powerplant - 6 x Aamotech AP-2MB turbofans
Max speed - 528 mph
Cruise speed - 497 mph
Range - 9569 miles with maximum fuel, 2500 with 200 tonnes payload
Service ceiling - 11000 metres
Crew - 6




Tykkstråle is a turbopop military transport aircraft. It was designed to carry large loads while landing on rougher surfaces to meet the needs of the USPAF. Tykkstråle is quite the versatile plane, with the capability to perform aerial refuelling and Medevac duties if required, and is a great multi-purpose plane for any military. Released in early 2016, it is currently used only by the USP Air Force, with international purchase available from 2018 to meet production demands.

Length - 45.1 metres
Height - 14.7 metres
Wingspan - 42.4 metres
Powerplant - 4 x Aamotech AP-7CX turboprop
Cruise speed - 485 mph
Range - 4698 miles
Service ceiling - 12200 metres
Crew - 3-4
Capacity - 116 fully equipped troops / 66 stretchers with 25 medics 




Smidigstråle is an advanced trainer aircraft, popular among rookies in the USPAF. It can also be used as a low cost combat aircraft, and is currently used by Prymont's Yellowjack aerial performance team. Introduced in 1990, the Smidigstråle remains a popular seller to countries across the globe.

Length - 12.4 metres
Height - 4 metres
Wingspan - 9.9 metres
Powerplant - 1 x Aamotech AP-2AA turbofan
Max speed - Mach 0.84
Range - 1565 miles
Service ceiling - 13565 metres
Crew - 2 (1 student, 1 instructor)

Cannon: 1 x 30mm in centreline pod
Hardpoints: Five in total, able to carry 3085 kilograms




Vannstråle is an amphibious flying boat used by the USPAF Coast Guard for search and rescue missions. Considered by many to be the military brother of Tvillingstråle, it began production in 1981 solely for military use. Production came to an end in 2003, but it remains a popular plane for amphibious missions.

Length - 19.2 metres
Height - 7.9 metres
Wingspan - 29.5 metres
Powerplant - 2 x Matlock Weston AJ11C turboprop
Max speed - 236 mph
Cruise speed - 124 mph
Range - 2850 miles
Service ceiling - 6550 metres
Crew - 4-6
Capacity - 10 passengers


Dobbelfugl [USPAF: Beetle F-J]


Dobbelfugl is the only military helicopter manufactured by Aamotech, but it's certainly done well. The tandem-rotor heavy lift helicopter is among the best of its kind, and is used by the President of the United States of Prymont for domestic flights. It is also popular in the USPAF for transporting troops and heavy pieces of equipment.

Length - 30.1 metres including rotors
Height - 5.7 metres
Rotor diameter - 18.3 metres
Powerplant - 2 x Aamotech HP-7CD turboshaft
Max speed - 196 mph
Cruise speed - 184 mph
Range - 450 miles
Service ceiling - 6100 metres
Crew - 3
Capacity - 33-55 troops / 24 litters and 3 attendants / 10886 kilograms cargo




Krigstråle is an upcoming supersonic bomber jet, based on the existing commercial Nålestråle. It will feature variable-sweep wings and will be capable of Mach 2+. It is due to be publicly tested in 2019.



Thank you for visiting the Aamotech online catalogue. If you are interested in any of these products, please leave your details below. A professional Aamotech representative will be in touch shortly.

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GdB. Luis R. Mateo, Air Force Rep.

Office of the Iverican Air Force,

Corregidor HC, Iverica


September 30, 2017


Aamotech Technologies,

United States of Prymont


For the Aamotech Sales Representative:




Please consider this a formal request by the Air Force of Iverica for a preliminary inquiry into the purchase of a unit from the Aamotech catalogue. The Ministry of Defense, and the Office of the Air Force both wish to express their interest in the catalogue unit  Tungstråle "Whitebeard" F-H. As a representative of both departments, I General dei Brigada L. R. Mateo, have been authorised to request an introductory business visit for the purpose of inspecting any demonstrative units and discussing any points of interests. For this visit, the Air Force of Iverica is willing to dispatch a delegation to the United States of Prymont pending acceptance and reply to this request.

Yours Truly,

GdB. Luis Roman Mateo,

Representative of the Air Force of Iverica


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Jennifer Hesse
Customer Service Representative
Aamotech Technologies

September 30 2017

GdB. Luis R. Mateo, Air Force Rep.
Office of the Iverican Air Force,
Corregidor HC, Iverica

Mr Mateo,

Thank you for contacting Aamotech Technologies. Your interested in the Tungstråle unit has been noted, and we thank you for such interest. To advance business proceedings, Aamotech would like to invite yourself and your party to our headquarters in New Halsham, Prymont, to view the facilities and discuss a potential purchase. A private jet, our very own Slankstråle, is being dispatched to Iverica as we speak to collect you.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Hesse
Aamotech Technologies Customer Service Representative

- - - 

Aamotech Technologies had been growing at an impressive rate over the past decade. With the recent push in larger commercial airliners and government investment into the USPAF, CEO Lucy Aamot was able to see her grandfather's creation rise to incredible heights. Her father, CEO in the late 1990s and early 2000s, had left her with a substantial company to run, but she liked to think she was doing well.

With the recent economic upturns due to a healthy democracy as opposed to forced, unwanted communism, exports were doing very well. Tariffs had been negotiated to lower prices, more countries were interested in their growing aerospace industry, and most importantly, profits were soaring. It was a good time to be CEO of Aamotech.

Most of Lucy's days were spent in her office, overseeing progress on their upcoming planes and sending business emails to high profile customers. It was a drowsy, miserable Saturday morning until she noticed an email from her secretary. It had been forwarded to her by a customer service rep, who had been contacted by... no. Surely not? She removed her glasses, remaining calm as she wiped them and looked again. It was true. The Iverican Air Force had requested a visit. 

They didn't want a fighter jet either, or a commercial airliner - no, they wanted Tungstråle. Aamotech had only ever made one for the USPAF, and their facilities for making another weren't preserved well like the Soniskstråle, but it was recent and could easily be reproduced. Immediately, she ordered the rep to send a response, inviting the Iverican representatives to their headquarters. A private Slankstråle, typically used by Lucy for business travel, was ordered to taxi for take-off at the nearby Fort Kanacky aerodrome to collect her customers. She had a busy weekend ahead, and had to impress.

"Molly, clear my diary for the weekend. We have visitors."

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