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Declaration On The Use Of Nuclear Energy.


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From: Queen Nova Maxima Korvini, Minister of State Adriana Monadic, all Government Body and all the good People of the Kingdom of Cristina

To: President World Assembly; all Leaders of Government and Heads of State; politicians, companies and Non-governmental Organizations; all good People of the Earth.


City of Cristina

September 24, 2017


Dear brothers and sisters,


In the days preceding the Summit on Artificial Intelligence that will be held in the paradisiac Sunset Sea Islands and in which will be discussed the policies and guidelines for the ethical and moral use of AI and the concerning escalation of the nuclear program of some nations that intend to use nuclear energy for war purposes, the good people of the Kingdom of Christina present themselves before the world.


Today, we declare to the whole international community that the Kingdom of Cristina, also widely known as the Free Port of Cristina, is applying for the recognized condition of Free Nuclear Zone. In anticipation to any international policies, Her Majesty Queen Nova Maxima Korvini set down the  Proposed Constitutional Amendment number 15 (PCA-15), whose purpose is to include in our Constitution a chapter prohibiting the development, manufacture, dealing and tests of any nuclear devices for war purposes. This PCA is being discussed by the National Council at this very moment.

We assure to the entire World that our recent investments in the arms manufacturing industry within and outside our country are intended solely to defend the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Christina and should not be regarded as a threat by any other nation. We also ensure that none of our military projects, programs and dealings use or will ever use the nuclear energy as a weapon or the AI for military purpose. The same holds true for any chemical and biological weapons. We are inviting all nations to send delegations of experts and politicians to visit our facilities and verify our statements.


The Kingdom of Cristina reaffirms its commitment to support, including financially, any national and international projects and programs aiming the promotion of pacific and intelligent uses of nuclear energy, those for the improvement of the human race.

Also, we take this chance to express our most sincere wishes to initiate the talks on the possibility of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries.


Finally and most importantly, we wish you all the best of the days and a glorious future, full of peace and prosperity, under the blessings of the Good God.


From all the People of Cristina, with sincerity.

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From: Queen of the Kingdom of Cristina, Nova Maxima Korvini

To : Président du Conseil de la République de Fleur de Lys, Charles André Alexandre Mécra



Know that we are happy for having given the first step towards a future free of such terrible weapons, but that we are even happier for not have to give we the next ones alone.

Once more Fleur de Lys shows to the world its commitment to the human development and the people of Cristina is honoured to have such a brave friend. Much can be reached if we stay strong and united in this friendship.

Perhaps we can talk about how to bring others to this and about the possibility of establishing an international programme of development of the pacific use of nuclear energy in this region of the Europa in our meeting in Venège. A meeting that I am very excited to attend.

Have wonderful days you and your country that I love and admire so much. God bless you.


Semper Servus

Queen Nova Maxima Korvini

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The glistening golden yellow seal of the Free Port sat atop the communique, toying with Mrs Stolos. It clear now more than ever that the Old Europan paradigm was now over. The Old Guard has faded, and it was becoming increasingly apparent that Adaptus was on it's own now. With the lack of Support for the @Derthalen blockade, the formation of new world treaties, and now this. Mrs Stolos knew her response. She knew it would be backed by the Federal Assembly, and the King. But she also knew the further reaching consequences was a more isolated Adaptus. None the less, her reply was sent. 

From: Grand Consul  Ceres Stolos, of the Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus. 

To: Queen of the Kingdom of Cristina, Nova Maxima Korvini.

Could Concern: The remaining internationally active nations of Europa. 

Your Highest Majesty. 

While I must at first commend you on your endeavour to establish this region as a 'Nuclear Free Zone' as you put it, in terms of military nuclear development and production. I must sincerely decline this opportunity to forfeit  the nuclear arsenal, production, and research and development within the Grand Kingdom. 

It brings me some sadness to remind those in the international community. and to educate those, who may otherwise not have known. But due to previous transgressions by former sovereign nations  against our own, we feel that to reject our nuclear arsenal would be to reject our own sovereignty at this point. Previous history saw our Grand Kingdom on the receiving end of a minor nuclear exchange. This history has given us the resolve to hold onto our deterrent for our own survival. 

I must also remind those around us, that, we live in an increasingly polarising world. And while we in Adaptus feel we are upholding our Europan values, and pursue to adhere to them, it is clear that those values are not as widely accepted as they once were. Because of this, our government, and our people feel, that it is our duty to champion those values, for the betterment of our region. Or else should we fall back into the abyss. 

We greatly understand this stance will put you, and many other leaders at odds with the Federal Kingdom, and as such are happy to open dialogue to help you and others understand our position. 

Yours in the greatest of faith. 

Grand Consul Ceres Stolos. 

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From: Queen of the Kingdom of Cristina, Nova Maxima Korvini.

To: Grand Consul Ceres Stolos, of the Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus.


Dear Mrs Stolos,

We are aware of Adaptus recent past and how it was many times threatened by foreign forces and  so we do understand the concerns of Adaptus on get rid or even reduce its nuclear arsenal.

It is not our intention to create misunderstandings between our nations and we would never be at odds with one nation that is just as concerned with the security of its sovereignty as the Kingdom of Cristina is with its own independence.

In fact, the Kingdom of Cristina’s decision to declare itself a Nuclear Free Zone should be seen by the World as an opportunity for new dialogues on the matter of the use of Nuclear energy.

Our decision and arguments were based on the fact that in recent years, many mainstream Cristenese politicians, academic analysts, and retired military leaders have asserted that far from making the world safer, nuclear weapons had become a source of extreme risk. Our rationale and conclusion was based on the instability in many states possessing the technologies and the lack of wherewithal to properly maintain and upgrade existing weapons of mass destruction.

I see that the risk of accidents, misjudgments or unauthorised launches has been growing more acute in a world of rivalries between some states that may lack the security safeguards developed over many years by nations like Adaptus. The emergence of pariah states armed with WMD is adding to the fear as was the declared ambition of terrorists to steal, buy or build WMD devices.

You see, please, that I criticize the Theory of Deterrence in its very assumption about opponent rationales. Firstly, because suicidal or psychotic opponents may not be deterred by any forms of deterrence. Second, if a country that possesses WMD try to gain a first-strike advantage by suddenly launching weapons at its enemy, with a view to destroying it’s nuclear launch silos thereby rendering that nation incapable of a response. Third, diplomatic misunderstandings or opposing political ideologies may lead to escalating mutual perceptions of threat, and a subsequent arms race that elevates the risk of actual war. Such an arms race is inefficient in its optimal output, as all countries involved expend resources on armaments that would not have been created if the others had not expended resources. That would generate military expenditures resulting in higher taxes and increasing budget deficits.

Also, today we can see that Nuclear deterrence is a far less persuasive strategic response to a world of potential regional nuclear arms races and nuclear terrorism than it was before. It is anachronistic in the age of information warfare since disinformation and kompromat are the current threats to suggestible populations.

Again, it's not our intention to judge Adaptus policies. In fact, we wish to declare that we politically support your country's blockade on Derthalen. The Kingdom of Cristina will not use its military for that manter since our Royal Defense Forces was built only to be the guarantor of the Kingdom’s independence. However, we will close our port to Derthalen products until they agree to retreat in their recent aggressions.

Finally, it is the wish of the people of Cristina to establish a diplomatic relation with Adaptus in a near future so we can initiate the construction of a durable friendship.

May the Blessings of the Good God be upon His Majesty King Augustus and all his subjects inside and outside the beautiful lands of Adaptus.


Semper Servus,

QueenNova Maxima Korvini

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From: Grand Consul  Ceres Stolos, of the Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus. 

To: Queen of the Kingdom of Cristina, Nova Maxima Korvini.

Dearest Majesty. 

I must start by saying I, and my nation very much applaud your stand on the use of these weapons, and we wholehearted understand your stance. We agree that there is much need to open a dialogue on these weapons with other nations, and come to some form of understanding to avoid any misuse. 

I must assure your Majesty, that here in Adaptus all forms of weapons that are considered 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' are handled with the upmost care, and a great deal of our military, and general budget is dedicated to the safe handling, storage and frameworks around which these weapons exist. Although beyond that, you must understand I can not disclose much more information. 

We very much also, would like to extend our gratitude in your support for our actions against @Derthalen and their occupations, and use of barbaric practices. We understand the nature of our armed forces are defensive, and we support that continued doctrine. 

I am very happy to see that you and your nation wish to extend formal political relations to us. We would be more than happy to reciprocate. As an initial gesture of friendship, I would extend to you, the formal invitation for you to inspect our Nuclear Arsenal, so that you can see, how these weapons can be handled in a safe and controlled manner. 

Additionally, we would like to formally recognise that Adaptus be open to further relations with the Kingdom of Cristina and we very much wish for a lasting friendship to ensue. 

Your sincerely, 

Grand Consul Ceres Stolos. 

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