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Ahrana's Leading News Agency


Here the News from Ahrana will be open to the entire World, it is the Ahranaian only news channel that employs hundreds of people to help create a divers company. It is a State Owned and Royal Patented company as well. The Imperial News is what the Ahranaians wake up to on T.V. or on the internet or whatever device they use. Website Address: http://theimperialnews-com.webnode.com/

To view the most recent headlines please Visit http://theimperialnews-com.webnode.com/

here you will find the News of Ahrana.

All News will be witched to the Website

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18 September 2017

Hello and Good Morning People of Ahrana, You are tuned to Imperial News for the Monday edition of the news for the Week!. Today, the Palace Announced that His Majesty the, King Gustov XII, will be hosting a celebration for his second cousins engagement to Lady Sophia Oleggont Brattishn of Tata. Prince Phillippe of Ahrana and Lady Sophia of Tata had been in a prolonged relationship away from public eye for privacy and respect. The Wedding is to take place in seven months in April on the 14. The Royal Family will all be summoned for the occasion and the Royal Cathedral will be used in downtown Moskovo, The Prince was quoted saying, "The entirety of the populace will able to attend the Wedding ceremony and will be permitted to join on the celebration in the Royal Park downtown after the wedding. The Monarch, your King, has allowed for the Royal Household to pay for the meals for all."


In other news, Today the Chancellery and Parliament butted heads in the Chamber today. The Issue of the Military Service and if all sex's should be allowed to serve. The Chancellery states that, "it is the duty of every citizen of the age of 16 to serve in the Military for four years. It has always been that way since 1850 and must stay that way. No one should be able to buy their way out, everyone is to be treated equal and all must serve the four year service requirement." However the Minority disagree claiming that women should be disclosure in the bill due to the need for mothers. The Chancellery vowed that the Parliament will not repeal the Historic Bill and that the Monarch will have final say over the changing of this Bill. The session ended in a heat of arguments before the Chamberlin of the Parliament called for recces of the Parliament till tomorrow and will reconvene at 08:00 AM.


The Military announced that the Amphibious Corps will begin their yearly training thus all members will be called up and must submit their Military Leave card to all jobs or Schools. The drills will last for three months and will cease in the middle of November. The Ahranaian Navy also announced that a new Submarine Class and Aircraft Carrier will be produced for the Fleet. The Navy's drill season will begin in January of next year.


The Economy today hit a all time high today, reaching a entirety of +2.05 Krone which is the highest to date. The Marketing team for the Chancellery believe the Economy will continue to grow, thus creating lower Petrol Prices and others as well.


Thank you for joining in for the Morning edition of Imperial News, we will return at 17:00 to present the evening News for the People of Ahrana. Thank you and enjoy your morning. May the Country Go Far, Long May She Live!


The Ahranaian Anthems play as the program ends


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18 September 2017 Evening Edition


Tonight, on the evening edition of the Imperial News we welcome the Prime Minister and a Royal Household member on the program. Also in the program we will cover the blizzard that is heading towards the Province of Tatani. With more to come in this night edition of the Imperial News.


Hello and Welcome, my name is Charles Olev and I am your host tonight for the evening edition. With us first we have the Prime Minister, Dimitri Oleg, himself here with me. 'Mr. Prime Minister, what can you tell me about the Parliament session that took place today if I may ask?'

'Well, first I was summoned to the Chamber today during a meeting with the Defense Council of the Monarch as our King wishes to double the efforts of Humanitarian aid across the World and the only way to do so is to use the Military in this effort. The whole idea of repealing the old law of Military Conscription started with a member of Parliament that got out of serving his four year required service to our country. I served ten years in the Ahranaian Army in the Special Arms Division. He, which I will not disclose his name, cheated his way through and by the time his conscription date was here he had bought his way out. He proposes that Woman and Men of important wealth value should not have to serve in the Military for the required Conscription.'


'Wait hold on Mr. Prime Minister, so the Member of Parliament cheated the system and got to hold a position in our Parliament without serving in the Military? If you ask me or anyone else, that's illegal. As its a Law to serve if you do not serve you cannot be a Politian in the Parliament am I correct?'


'Indeed you are correct Charles, It is stated in the Law in order to be a Member of Government, unless Royal Bloodline, you have to follow all laws to the point and have served at least the minimum of four years in the Ahranaian Armed Forces. How ever he bought his way out will be sealed and no one will bend the law. I have vowed before the Monarch, the People and the Constitution that I will serve the Law of the Land and the Monarchy till death. Today I told the Chamberlin of the Parliament that I wish to start a Constitutional Trial on that specific member and I will see it through. As for this repeal it will die down with the person.'


Well thank you Mr. Prime Minister that is all the time we are allotted to give you, which you got a wee bit extra. Thanks for coming on and discussing this matter in depth with us, we appreciate you and wish you luck Mr. Prime Minister.

IT has been said that the future Monarch of our Country is not existent and that the oldest dynasty of our Royal Household will fall. Tonight we have His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Alexander Chayka of the Chayka Household. Tonight we will finally learn what our Crown Prince Looks like and who he is. If the Crown Prince would please come to the chair.


'Hello Charles, thanks for having me here tonight and hello People of Ahrana.'


'Your Highness, why haven't you made any public appearances since your birth?'


'You might as well lay out you list of question Charles so I can give you a consecutive answer if you don't mind.'


'Aye sir, Did you take the option of Serving in the Ahranaian Military, did you get a third degree of education in the education system (University), when could we expect a Mrs. to be joining you and what have you been doing all this time?'


'Haha, well Charles their hasn't been a serious special lady yet I'm still enjoying my life I have time to find that right lady. AS for my Public Appearances, I took the Military path of Ahrana. I attended Tatani University and gained a degree in Engineering more specifically Nuclear Engineering, which was highly sought after by the Armed Forces still today. Upon graduating from University I joined the Ahranaian Navy and Army under the Special Arm Corps and Engineering Corps. I served on three ships total and went to battle twice under a foreign regiment, which my father didn't know about till now Haha. So by the time of the age of 25 I was Lt. Col. in the Army and Navy. I had many honors and awards and so on. I have kept away from the public eye because I am a member of the Defense Council and a member of the Household Division of the Army. I have only been notice guarding the Palaces once by a former Comrade at arms, he was kind enough to keep that quiet though thankfully. As for recently I have left the Military but am still in the Defense Council, but I have also picked up my duties as the Crown Prince of Ahrana. One day I will find that special someone one day Charles.'


'Well thank you Sir for your time we enjoyed meeting you and I'm sure the people enjoyed seeing your face.'

The weather in Tatani is about to start the Winter season with its first snow storm of the year. Approximately 200 KM from the Gulf Tatani the storm is hurling its way towards the People of Tatani. The experts say the storm will stay in the area for three days and a total of 25 inches of snow. The Provincial Government has issued an State of Emergency to help supply people with the needed supplies and of sort. The business of the Province will be closed till it is safe to travel outside. So please keep close to the heat and a radio box.

That will be it for the night edition of the Imperial News, please join us tomorrow for the morning edition.


Anthems Play as the Program ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency


Hello and welcome to the evening edition of the Imperial News, tonight we will discuss the defeat of the Repeal of Conscription. We will also give an update on the blizzard in Tatani.


The Parliament resumed today and the Conscription Bill failed to get enough support to pass through the Parliament. The Prime Minister said that today was a victory for the Tradition and History of Ahrana and that radicalism and corruption has no place in todays Government. Their was a motion that highlighted the Conscription Laws clause #003.4 which states,


..Under the Conscription Law no one can serve in the Government without serving their required four year Conscription Service...


With the Chamberlin of the Parliament being told that an investigation of all members service record should be started and that everyone should be told to submit their Service Card. The Constitutional Court Justices have been summoned to rule the final verdicts on all of the members who will be unqualified to be a Member of Government.


The Blizzard that was to hit Tatani has hit early this morning, knocking out all roads making them unusable. The Meteorologists say it will stay around for a few days before moving on to the Province of Ahrana before dissipating into the sea.


That is all for the evening edition of the Imperial News please join us in the morning for the Special edition of the Kings Birthday.


The Ahranaian Anthems playing till the program ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency



23 September 2017 Morning Edition


Hello and welcome to the Morning Edition of the Imperial News, today a message from the Palace of the Monarch by the King himself, the Chancellery and Judiciary makes a important decision today and today could mark the shortest time a Parliament has been in power since the recent Election two months ago.


07:00 AM

"People of Ahrana around the World I have news regarding the upcoming Legislative decisions, today will mark two months since the last Parliamentary Elections. The Chancellery and Judiciary have released their statements and final decisions on the issue plaguing the Parliament today since last week.  I will say only this, those who do not follow our Laws will be put to the bar and will answer for their Crimes against our Great Country! Since becoming King, I've wanted nothing but a Democratic Government that is Elected by the People, for the People. As it is our duty as Elected Members of Parliament to uphold the Constitution and the Laws that follow the Constitution. Our People look to us as modals of a great society. How are we being great modals when we don't even follow the Laws? I pay my Taxes like everyone else, I do my Charity Work, I talk with my People on a daily basis in the Peoples' Council. I get told grievances of the Government and then I'm left with no choice but to fix the issues. As King, I take it to heart when people do not believe in the Government that is in my name! It makes me feel shamed. 

I will release another Press Statement later this evening when the Judiciary and Chancellery release their verdicts, If I deem that they did not go far enough to clean out the Corruption then I will be sure that I fulfill the peoples expectation on corruption in our Parliament."




09:00 AM

The Chancellery and Judiciary has released a joint Statement at 09:00 this morning two Hours after the King made his Public Broadcast this morning. The Statement stated the following:

"People of Ahrana the Constitutional Court and Chancellery have reached a decision on the Investigation on everyone Member of Parliament at this time and the final decision is that 50 members will be Sacked and those Chairs and the Constituencies will have the right to hold Elections for those Chairs if they wish to do so. Those Sacked will no longer be able to hold any form of Public Offices. They will be required to take a cut of 50% of their Yearly Pay as a member even after losing the Chair. Those who do not proceed by the verdict will be arrested on charges of Corruption and all possessions will be confiscated by the Government and auctioned off to the Public."

Their you have it the final verdict of the Investigation.


12:00 AM

Message from the King (Public Broadcast)

"My People, I promised you a non corrupted Government with my Name. The Statement released at 09:00 AM as a Joint Statement of the Chancellery and Judiciary was a lenient one, a verdict that I cannot say I support and I will not sign the verdict as I have told the Representative's from the Constitutional Court and Chancellery. I want the Government free of all corruption and a lenient Verdict is a corrupted one in my views. By the Powers invested to me by the Constitution of the Ahranaian Kingdom, I hereby sack the Current Parliament and Chancellery. A Intern Chancellery will be chosen by the Constitutional Court and confirmed by me. Their will be fresh elections two weeks prior to this date of, 23 September 2017, all Chairs will be up for election. As for those fifty Members of Parliament, you are barred from all Public Offices both Federal and Provisional levels. All assets abroad will be confiscated and handed over to the Officials of that Country. All Banks abroad and at home will become frozen and will be investigated by the Supreme Court of the Kingdom. You will also be arrested and will be place under arrest and will be placed under Surveillance House Arrest and will not be permitted any visitors or be allowed to leave the property. You will be moved to a State House to await the final Verdict by the Supreme Court of the Kingdom."


It is safe to say that His Majesty will not tolerate any form of Corruption in any Public Office that is in his name. Now to the Weather, the Blizzard in Tatani has preceded southwards out of the Country and is not due to return. The Province of Ahrana will have severe thunderstorms today till midnight tonight. 

That is all for today please join in this evening for the Evening Edition of the Imperial News. Thank you and have a great day today!


Ahranaian Anthems Play as the Program ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency


23 September 2017

Hello and Welcome to the Evening Edition of the Imperial News, tonight we discus the state of the Parliament, we will announce the released date for Parliamentary Elections and as well for the Chancellery, and the Military Call ups. All here tonight on the Imperial News.



This morning the Federal Police and Military Police begun arresting those who have been charged with corruption and  treason against the Constitution. Over fifty people were arrested today, all were given their rights and were asked if they would like their families moved to a State Owned Residence for their Safety. While the arrests were going on the Household Division of the Army, the Tatani Guards, were going to the residents of all Convicted Criminals and asking for the families to either leave or be taken to a State Owned Housing Authority. All bank assets were frozen by the Federal Investigation Bureau and all Foreign Residences were confiscated by the respected authorities. 

Today, we have seen more arrests than ever in the history of Ahrana. When the King said he will not stand for the injustice of those against the Constitution and its People he truly meant to keep his word as well. Today only marks the beginning of the Corruption crackdown,  The Monarch has asked that the next Government make this a priority of its agenda. Not only has the Parliament seen arrests but the Monarchs own Councils as well have been under investigation as requested by the King. So far five people have been arrested from the Councils in all. The Monarch is said to not replace those Chairs till the next Government is in session.




The next Election date is 30 September and is a Compulsory Election, meaning all are required to vote in this Election. All Business will close at 12:00 AM and wont reopen till 15:00 PM which all voting will be done and no votes will be casted after that. All voting will be done electronically and all Voting Stations will be done at every City Hall across Ahrana.


The Central Committee of the Armed Forces of Ahrana has announced that the following brigades are to be called up from reserve to active for three months: Ahranaian Army Brigades 145, 11, 201, 501; Ahranaian Naval Brigade 41, 66, 56, 78,12; Ahranaian Air Brigades 21, 22, 23; Amphibious Corps are all being activated; Home Guard is also being completely activated. The Following Household Divisions will switch roles: Tatani Guards will switch to full Active Status with the 501st Army Brigade, the Ahranaian Guards will switch to reserve for the three months period, the Tata Guards will take the Ceremonial Guards Duties till 12 July 2018, the Lockieeani Guards will switch to full active status with the 145th Army Brigade.



That is all for the evening edition of the Imperial news please join us tomorrow for the morning edition.


Ahranaian anthems play as the program ends.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency


24 September 2017


Hello and Welcome to the Morning Edition and Evening Edition of the Imperial News. We will be combining this Mornings and this Evenings News together due to the Election Results and due to the Elections themselves. We have full coverage over the tallying of the Votes as well as Speech that will follow the results.

This Morning was filled with commotion and worried souls as everyone got their Voting Cards ready and awaited for all business to close. Were are told that the complete results are in as of 22:19 PM, the results of the Parliamentary Elections is as follows:

United Democratic Alliance- 25 Seats

Socialist United- 10 Seats

Green Party- 20 Seats

Constitutionalist Alliance- 35 Seats

Republican-Democrats- 25 Seats

Monarchist Imperialists Alliance- 99 Seats

Democratic Socialist United- 130 Seats

Independents- 5 Seats


Therefore by Direct Vote from todays elections the Democratic Socialists United has the majority of the Parliament. By Law the Parliament has to acknowledge the winner as the successor to the Chancellery. The Intern Government will be asked to stand down at 09:30 AM in the presence of the Monarch and the Democratic Socialists United will be asked to form a Government within twenty four hours from the Power Handover. However, if the King refuses to acknowledge the Election Results and nominates another Party to form the Government which is possible. All will be announce around 23:00 PM through a speech from the King.

23:00 PM The Kings Speech

"People of Ahrana, today you have went to the Voting booths and made your voice heard through your ballet. I am proud to say that I acknowledge these results and tomorrow during the Opening of the New Parliament of the Kingdom I will ask for a Government to be formed. Today is a turning point in our Legislation. Within twenty days of a Government being formed I will ask that all of the People that are an Ahranaian Citizen to revisit the respected City Halls to either approve of the Chancellery or not to approve. I leave this solely in the respected Hands, Yours. As I have faith that the People of this great nation will make the right choice.!"

-The King-


There you have it, the Elections are final and they are set to go in the History Books, the turnout to all City Halls were as normal the highest percentage, 99%. For those who did not vote or couldn't make it to the City Halls you will get a chance to have your Voice heard. On the Twentieth Day of the new Chancellery in power a Government Official will be present at your door with a ballet that will remain secret till arriving to the Polling Station. These Officials are from the Office of the Monarch and are the most trusted People in the Government. 


Thank you for joining in on this special broadcast of the Election Day and as always, join us for the Morning Edition of the Imperial News.


Ahranaian Anthems play as the program ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

25 September 2017


Hello and welcome to the Morning Edition of the Imperial News, today marks the first day of the Newly Elected Parliament. Today the Leading Party will be asked by the His Majesty to form a Government in His Name for the People of the Kingdom. They will have twenty-four hours from the Audience with the King to form the Government. Most likely they will have already formulated the structure of the New Government.


"Today we the Democratic Socialists United have been given the mandate of creating a Government in the Favor of the People under the name of His Majesty, King Gustov XII. I swear before all the People of Ahrana, that I, Olaf Dimitri Roma, and my Party and its members will uphold everything dear to the people. We will swiftly persecute those who have broke the Conscription Law."


The Prime Minister of the Chancellery has been announced and Olaf Roma will be the next Prime Minister. It is expected that he will release a full roster of the Government within the coming hours.


That is all for this morning edition of the Imperial News, please join us later for the evening edition.


Ahranaian Anthems play as the program ends 

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

26 September 2017

Hello and welcome to the Evening Edition of the Imperial News, tonight we have for you a release roster of the new Chancellery and the mandate of the new Government. We will also give the line ups of the Regional Legislatures of the four regions of Ahrana.


From the Office of the Prime Minister

Today I announced that we the Democratic Socialists United had took the Chancellery with a landslide victory in the Snap Elections, thus by Law and by request of His Majesty I was given twenty-four hours to create a New Chancellery. We have done so as a Party and are proud to announce that at 09:00 AM tomorrow the Chancellery will begin serving the Public at full service. The Following positions have been filled and will be in the Chancellery for the first months:

Deputy Minister of the Treasury

Minister of Education

Minister of Defense

Minister of Internal and Domestic Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of the Armed Forces

General of the Joint Chief of Command

Minister of the Monarchs Office

Minister of the Judiciary

Minister of the Legislature

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

02 October 2017

Hello an welcome to the Morning Edition of the Imperial News, today we bring you news of a Massacre in the Tatani Province of the local Capital of the Province. We also bring you news of the Health of the Monarch as he was admitted to the Royal Infirmary Last Night. All this on the Imperial News today.

It is with great sadness that we must report that in the Rural Country Side of the Tatani Local Provincial Capital that a massacre has accrued, over five hundred people have been killed and at least twenty people were rescued from a Prison Camp that was ran by the Local Government of the Province. The Federal Government has vowed that all families who were affected will receive the appropriate accommodations from that Provincial Government. The main culture of people found in this camp we're Tata Lowlanders from the Tata Lowlands. There is not much that we can truly release at this time to the Public, but the Prime Minister released this statement earlier today,

"Never in the History of modern day Ahrana has one Cultural Group subjugated another Cultural Group to this form of brutality. It angers me that the Local Government sponsored this act of extremism and that it was seen as a okay thing to do! I have a feeling that this may have went on longer than we may think and the Federal Police will be conducting a full on investigation of the Tatani Capital and everyone in the capital ranging from Businesses to the Regular People. This act will not go unpunished for sure, I will ask the Chamberlin of Parliament to call for an emergency session of Parliament to debate possible actions to take against the Tatani Province.'

-Prime Minister


In other news today, it has been reported that the King has been admitted to the Royal Infirmary Last Night with a case of coughing blood and having uncontrollable shakes. Nothing has been released yet but the Executive Council has the Succession Act ready to go just in case the King will not be able to perform his duties. We will know more later on and we will relay it to the People of Ahrana.


Thank your for joining the Morning Edition of the Imperial News please join in later for the evening Edition.


Ahranaian Anthems play as the program ends 


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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to the Morning and Evening Edition of the Imperial News, today we have ran the two air times together to create a full two hour broadcast at the request of the Government. Today we have a report from the Investigation team from the Tatani Prison Camp, a report on the King, and more. 


The Investigation into the Tatani Local Government and People has revealed stunning and alarming answers that has so far made the team uncomfortable in the area, the team has been issued threats, curses and many more from the people. The Local Government has issued a warning that if the Investigation continues to interfere with the peoples lives the Local Police will escort and close the investigation. However, the Federal Government has issued the following statement and Warning:

'If the Local Tatani Government interferes with the Federal Investigation that is ongoing then severe repercussions will follow and any means to find a definitive answer to this massacre will be used if needed so."

The Parliament continued its session of a three day emergency session with a unanimous outcome to sack the local government and its police if it is deemed corrupt and interferes with the investigation any further. Further more the Chamberlin made the final verdict as follows:

"It is with great sadness that in our modern history that the Federal Government must take actions to secure another Cultures place in our Government in both Federal and Provincial. Furthermore, it saddens me that our brethren of Tatani would commit such an act against a friendly neighbor. Today however, I will say this! Today this will never happen again in my lifetime or in another lifetime past me, we will secure all rights to all people no matter their race, creed or religion. It is stated in our Constitution on what illegalities are and this is one of them. The Chancellery, Heads of Parliament, Heads of the Judiciary and the Monarchy have met to discus our next move on this issue. It is with great respect that I say the following. As of today the, 3rd of October 2017, no matter a persons Race, Creed, Religion and whatever else it may be can be discriminated amongst or by any person of Ahranaian Nationality. Those who are not of Ahranaian Nationality will be asked to uphold this clause as well. If any form of discrimination such as imprisonment based on culture, religion or race happens those responsible will face a $25,000 K fine and face up to twenty years in a federal prison with no option of early release or prole. This goes for Foreigners as well, we will have no exceptions on this in our country. Those responsible for the recent massacre will face a lifetime imprisonment, $30,000 K fine to be used to pay a retribution to the families, and will give up all assists to the Federal Government. More so, the Tatani Government will be sacked and the Federal Government will step in for a period of four months then fresh local elections will be held."


The Federal Government is not taking this issue lightly they are making sure all those responsible will face justice. In times of crisis sometimes the Ahranaian Government will be viewed as Authoritarian but in-fact it is more Democratic when times allow it to be. We hope the World only sees the Federal Government only trying to make things right and not trying to spearhead a democratic government.


The King His Majesty, Gustov XII, has been released yesterday and was seen walking with a cane with a brace on his torso, The King gave a brief statement saying he is alright and will recover nicely from a horse-riding incident and will be able to carryout his duties as Monarch. Upon arriving to the Parliament today he was seen in his Colonel-in-chief uniform of the Ahranaian Life Guards and told the public that those responsible for the crimes will pay. It is said that His Majesty wished for harsher punishments for those responsible but was told that it would be seen as a move to make the Democratic Government a Totalitarian State like in its past. He accepted the final outcome however. His Majesty will sit on the six plus one Judge Panel that will condemn those involved in the Tatani Prison Camps.


That is all for today please join in tomorrow for the news

Ahranaian Anthems Play as the program ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to the New and improved Imperial News, we have changed the timings of the Program to mid-day only and cover not just Ahranaian News but now we incorporate world news as well. Today on the Imperial News we bring you more news on the investigation in Tatani and the King visits the Parliament during the morning session before mid-day.

The Officials investigating the recent discovery of the Massacre of now over six hundred people and the count is only rising. It has been found that this Prison Camp has been operating for over a decade and only just recently started killing occupants. The Camps Overseer has refused to aid in the investigation and therefore has been stripped of all possessions and all documents at the Camp and any of the Camps Officials will be confiscated. It has been said by those who were alive when the camp was found and in technical sense liberated, that many horrors and atrocities have been taking place for years with everyone in Tatani either accepting or helping with the atrocities. The AFIB has vowed to bring all to justice that are responsible. The Federal Police believe that the possibility of other camps is likely considering the extent and length of time this Camp has been in use. The Police have requested that this become a Military Issue and investigation and a complete AFIB Investigation therefore allowing the Police to turn to arresting the accused.


In other news today, His Majesty paid the Parliament a surprised visit today during the morning session and sat in the entire session before giving his speech. It is said that His Majesty will be joining the MP's in the afternoon session of Parliament.

"Fellow Members of Parliament, I come to join this session of Parliament today instead of my bedrest because of the recent troubles in Tatani. I stand before you in massive grief and disappointment that this has happened. It is not just the fault of the Tatani People and Provincial Government but yours and mine as well. I know that many of you knew of the atrocities have been happening for sometime, things like this just does not go unnoticed. Its purely impossible and infeasible that no one here or there knew of this. In order for those things to happen it has to be planned from the top and not just out of a thought. In all my years of life and learning have I ever been made a fool in front of my own people, NEVER! I'm and disappointed in this Government that is under my name plus the past Governments. I have awaited for the Parliament, Chancellery and Judiciary to enact the Emergency article that is in the Emergency Clause of the Constitution. I have waited for the paper to slide on my desk, but it hasn't came. The reason I believe is that this Government and this Parliament does not care about justice. I have asked for my Military Councils, Justice Departments, and the Courts of the Kingdom to send representatives to this session to hear this so that it is legal in all forms of legality. By the Powers given to me, The Monarch of the Kingdom of Ahrana and her Lands and Peoples, state that the Emergency Clause section 0142.52 of the Emergency Acts render the Tatani Government dissolved and stripped of all powers and authority. Furthermore in the Act I place the Province under Military Jurisdiction and under a strict curfew at level five. The Defense Department and Justice Department will take the role of the Government and will be in-place until further notice. This may not and will not be motioned over by the Judiciary, Parliament or Chancellery therefore this is now a Head of State Declaration and Authorization."


With the King stated the Emergency Act in power the Province of Tatani will now longer have a Government until further notice. That is all of this Mid-day edition join us tomorrow again at noon.


Ahranaian anthems play as the program ends.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

13 October 2017


The Federal Investigation in the Tatani Governmental Affairs over the Prison Camp has come to a close, the evidence was given to the Federal Court that will ultimately give the final verdict. This Court that will hear the case closing segments is a court made up of a four Justice Panel headed by His Majesty and the Chief Justices of the Federal Courts. The Final Verdict will be ruled by noon tomorrow.

*****Fast Forward a Day*****

Today the Court Panel will hear the last statements of the Federal Police and Military Police Investigators. upon the final call and verdict what is said is said and is final with no repeals on any reasoning.

"Today we are to hear the final pieces of evidences as we have heard all of the first hand accounts available. Upon receiving the final information we the panel will retire to come to a verdict. As King I will say this, for the Law to be violated so severely no matter what has been said someone or something will have to pay the consequences for the actions of a few. I look to my Tatani Brethren and ask you one last time, admit the wrong doings and allow justice to prevail.

Your lords and Your Majesty, I bring forth to you today our findings and I am shamed to say that it is no better than the rest. The People of Tatani have been fueling the hatred they shown to the Tata People but not just them. We have found that not only did people from a Tata Origin perish in the Camps but those of Lockieeani and Ahranaian Decent as well. It has been found that not only was there only this camp but there exists three more across Tatani. We have not yet located these camps but rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to find them your Lords. This act was purely Government Sponsored and created but not only that we fist believed it was only in place for a couple of years. In fact the first camp was established as a "Labor Camp" for Criminals which included convicted criminals and just people not of Tatani Origin. The establishment date was 25 February 1912 your Lords and Grace. For 105 years the Local Government has been doing this. How the Federal Government was unaware of the atrocities is astonishing to me......

I'm sorry to interrupt Councilman but 105 years and 1912, which puts the Federal Government in the Hands of the Tatani Nationalist and when the Government was not a Monarchy for the brief time it was a "Republic" which was ran by the Nationalists at the time if I may add to your statement Councilman.

Yes as His Grace pointed out the Monarchy was overthrown by a Nationalist Coup that put the Royal Family in Exile which rendered the Monarchy Powerless and Nationless for twenty five years. The Nationalist Governments was based in the Provincial Capitals but none were heavily in debated as the Tatani nationalist which after their fall from power held power in Tatani until 2005. Now I am not saying that the other Nationalist did not commit same acts which they probably did but this is the only one to come to light. The four camps in Tatani only started admitting all who were not Tatani or not perfect to camps to either work to death or be killed. The modern Government in Tatani kept the practice going in order to cleanse their lands of filth to create a new Tatani Nation separate from the Ahranaian Kingdom and Government. They were willing to start a war and are still willing to even thought they are out of power currently you lords and grace. Given to you this morning was picture evidence from these camps and document, we have not made a slide template for the Public due to the graphic contexts.

Councilman I am going to as you to stop, and to retire to your chair. We the panel will take twenty minutes to talk amongst one-anther to see if we nee anymore to be place in front of us after this horrific scene I have looked at.

*****Twenty Minutes later*****

With the evidence compiled and the severity of this situation and how venerable this will become on our nation we have come to agreement on our verdict. As the defender of the Ahranaian Constitution and her People of all creeds, I sanctify the final verdict. We the Panel of the Justice Department and Head of State, come to the conclusion that the Tatani Governments from 1912 to 2017 have committed Crimes Against Humanity on an untold scale ever seen before. As your King I feel guilty for not knowing and not being informant of all Government Activity. The Government of Tatani is outlawed and exiled from Power and their lands. The Government will be place under a system composed of Military, Justice and Federal Police Officials as well as headed by a member of the Royal Household. I will be re-establishing the Dukedom of Tatani and will be giving Executive Authority to Duchess Alexia by third cousin and fourth in-line for the Ahranaian Throne. Furthermore the Military will still be imposing Martial Law and ID's will be passed out to all Citizens of the entire Kingdom plus Tatani. The People of Tatani will be required to pay a nonrefundable tax to the Government that will go to the families affected by the Massacres from all decades. This is the final Verdict.


Ahranaian Anthems Play as the Program ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to the mid-day edition of the Imperial News, today we bring you live events from Tatani and the Rebel Governments attempts to keep the new arrivals of Military and the new Governor-General Duchess Alexia. 

Since the final verdict was issued the Tatani Government in Exile had set up plans to stop the Ahranaian Government from taking complete and direct control through the recreation of the Old Tatani Dukedom which will be governed by the Duchess Alexia of the Ahranaian Lowlands. The Tatani Government had issued warnings to the Federal Government upon removing and confiscating all possessions of the Government Members and so forth. The Tatani Royal Guards however have remained loyal to the Monarch and have asked that the Monarch not disband the regiment. However, other Tatani Regiments in the other Armed Forces have mostly defected to the Tatani Government in exile thus labeling them and their families as traders of the Kingdom. It seems as if the most unwanted thing has happened in Ahrana, a new Civil War, one over Crimes Against Humanity that should be ended and punished those responsible. His Majesty has asked to keep Peace amongst all Provinces of the Kingdom. His Majesties Government has asked for the Ahranaian, Lockieeani, and Tata Governor-Generals and MP's to convene in the Federal Parliament for what is called the Federal Assembly. The Monarch, Chief Justices, Military Generals and the Chancellery will head the Assembly. The question of loyalty and unification will be asked and those who will join will asked to do so while those who do not may leave the Assembly in Peace and will not face prison time due to them being immune while the Assembly is in session. 


Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs Departments have issues Embassy Visas and Permits for the following countries: @Orioni, @Prymont, @The Eurofuhrer, @Fleur de Lys, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Germanic Staat, @Synturia, @Variota, @Astriedan, @Iverica, @Cristina. With these Visas and Permits comes with rules and regulations for all Foreign Government Officials and Personal and citizens. 

Regulations for Foreign Governments

1)All Foreign Government Embassy Employees must have their Ahranaian Issued Governmental Visas on them along with their Passports at all times when not in the Embassy

2)All Officials and Employees are able to be subjugated to all Ahranaian Laws in all Provinces

3)No Foreign Official or Employee may enter an Ahranaian Military Base on any circumstances not negotiable

4)The Monarch of Ahrana can request your presence at any given time

5)Visas, Passports, or Permits can be revoked at anytime for any reason by His Majesties Government

6)Respect all Laws and Federal Police in the Kingdom

7)Official Governement Holidays apply to all Foreign Government Offices in the Kingdom as well

8)No one can slander the Monarchs name for whatever reason and can be punished by the Law of Ahrana

9)Diplomatic Immunity is issued to Employees and Officials of Embassies after three years of service

10)Diplomatic Immunity can be revoked for only serious reasons or by the Monarch


The nations permitted to open an embassy in Ahrana have five days to respond to the invitation after which the invitation on the sixth day will expire and the nation will have to apply for a permit through the Foreign and Diplomatic Office.

******Four hours pass and the kings speech is aired across the Kingdom******

My people, it saddens me to have to stand before you in the Telecommunications Wing of the Palace to issue what I will regret for the remainder of my life. The Tatani Dukedom has issued a Declaration of War on the Unified Kingdom and therefore have recalled all regiments except the Royal Tatani Guards which have swore before me to uphold their oath of loyalty to me and the People. After much conversations since the 13th the Defense Council, Chancellery and Parliament have asked me to do the following, as of 15 October 2017 the Kingdom of Ahrana and her Military will be at war with the Tatani dissidents. I promise to you all to liberate the Tatani People and the Camps from the tyranny of the Government in Exile. 

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to the Imperial News Mid-day edition. Today we have updates on the Civil War in Tatani, Embassies openings and more!


We take you to the Dimitri Base in Tata where the Kingdoms forces stage their Command Center, the base houses the back up regiments for the regiments that are deployed in the warzone. The Regiments are relived every two months so that fresh troops can enter the battlefield, The Generals have asked for more Call-ups to help quickly end what they call a uprising. Since the 15th October the Military Forces have only made it 20 miles into the Tatani Territory and have met heavy resistance along the way in. The prospect of using the Special Units of the Military have been pushed up into a possibility. 

His Majesty has issued statements for the Families in the Kingdom including Tatani:

My People, I ask that we all seek the end this war before things that no one wants to take place happen. I have been ask to call-up more units and I have also been asked to give the green light for Ballistic Missiles and whatever is needed. The General s and the Chancellery all are wanting to end this War quickly with the less amount of life lost.

That is all for now thanks and join in tomorrow.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays edition of the imperial News, today the King visited the Battlefront to check on the troops and to give them support and his backing. The Prime Minister released a statement regarding the War. The Parliament ended in a brawl between Tatani Supporters and Government Supporters. The Federal Police in the Capital had a bomb scare. And more to come on todays edition of the Imperial News.

The King visited the troops at Dimitri Base in Tata and even made an appearance at the front lines to help rally troops, it was even said that while His Majesty inspected the troops he replaced several soldiers boots himself. The King has returned to the Capital and is currently working on getting better equipment for the troops.


The Prime Minister also released a statement about the War asking for the Rebels to place their weapons down and allow the Ahranaian Military to do its job to ensure Democracy returns to everyone of Tatani not just of one group. The Prime Minister even went as far to say that 'Peace is what we all want for the Kingdom and it is and should be the most important part of our Democracy'.


The Capital Federal Police responded to a Bomb scare in the Capital today. It was rung into the Local Station of the East-side of Moskovo and the crews responded immediately to stop the bomb from going off and killing over hundreds of people. By the time the location of where the bomb was to be found was reached it had been noticed that it was hoax but the Police investigated and evacuated the area to be sure. The Federal Police Commander released a statement afterword's saying that all bomb threats no matter how slim or gigantic the chance the Police will respond to keep the loss of life to a minimum.


Todays Parliament Session saw a brawl between Rebel Supporters and the Government Supporters after a heated debate. The Chamberlin suspended the Session and Parliament for the rest of today and tomorrow and those responsible will be charged with disorderly conduct in Federal Buildings as a Federal Employee. It seems that the war is already taking its toll on the Government.


Today also saw a new Nuclear Power Plant being open in the Ahranaian Province in District of Kale, it is the biggest Power Plant in Ahrana to date and the most sophisticated in technology as well. The Station will be powering the Central Center of the Capital along with minor areas in the Capital as well.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays evening edition of the Imperial News, today we have information on the bombs that have went off across the Capital today and more.

The capital was rocked by over 15 explosions by car bombs and exploding buildings, the Tatani Rebels have claimed reasonability for the bombs and were cited saying that if the Federal Government did not stand down and withdraw from Tatani Lands more would come and that no one not even the King and his family would be safe. The first bomb was recorded at going off around 09:00 this morning on the business district of the Capital. As commuters and people out shopping and children out of school enjoying the day were not even spared the days devastation. It has been said that over a 100 people are either dead, injured or missing. For those who are missing it is feared that they were killed by the blast and are the charred remains left behind. Today was a National Holiday for the people thus all schools were closed for the day. Around 13:00 in the afternoon his majesty was making a public announcement in the Palace grounds behind the Palace Gates and suddenly a bomb three blocks away exploded. 

The Federal Government has riisein the Terror Level to the highest its been in three centuries, it is now at Level 6 and therefore places a curfew on the Capital District wide. from 20:00-08:00 no one is to be out and about and if caught outside they will be fined and sentence to terrorist sympathy until found otherwise. The Royal Palaces are on Red Alert and all Royal Regiments are deployed to the Palaces to protect the Monarchy, they have orders to apprehend any protesters, Non-Law abiding Citizens and may use deadly force on anyone who charges the Royal Guards. Therefore the Palace has asked that no visitors or tourists come to any Government Buildings unless it is their rightful embassy. If you are a Visitor with a Level 5 Clearance you must show ID and Passport to enter gates under guard and will be escorted to the Palace. The Federal Police will be heavily armed till the Threat level is lowered to Level 3, therefore the Police ask that no one tempt the Police as the nerves on everyone is high. If you would like to report a bomb citing and have any knowledge of any bomb locations the Police ask that you call the Bomb Hot Line and give over all information related to the cite. The Royal Military in the Capital will be responding to all Bomb Threats and will use any force necessary to end the Threat.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays edition of the Imperial News, today we have news of last nights attacks while curfew was in place, also the Monarchy has a public broadcast that will be live at 10:00 this morning. The Parliament has also called an emergency meeting of all members of Parliament.


As of last night the entire Capital was under Curfew  from 20:00-08:00. Around 23:00 there were reports of bombs and soldiers attacking homes and killing the occupants on St. Olaf Street in the Residential District of the Capital. The Federal Police and Military have yet to release a statement about the attacks and the behavior of some Soldiers and Policemen. However when the news reached the King at 00:00 last night he ordered that all reserve Royal Regiments be called up at once and to relieve all Federal Police and Military Troops. The statistics from last night were 12 Family households destroyed with 50 people killed including children. 

The Government has called for all schools to be on level 6 alert and to allow security measures be taken for the safety of all students and staff of the schools. The Federal Buildings and Palaces are still off limits to anyone without level 5 clearance and appointment. The attacks have shaken the Capital but if anything it has shown that the Tatani Rebels will stop at nothing to ensure they get their independence and are able to continue their massacre.


********Royal Broadcast interrupts News*********

My People, in the past two days the Capital has seen more murders of innocent people than most of us will see in our life. The Tatani Rebels have stated that if the Federal Government issues a withdrawal and grants the Tatani Region Autonomy over all aspects of Tatani Government, Land, and People that the War would end. However, I do not believe such words from such criminals. They have no respect for the People of this Kingdom, they have killed too many innocent people to be able to let go and not persecute to the laws full extent. As I was given the news of last night I called up the remaining regiments of my Royal Guards to protect and serve the Public as the do to me as is their Oath when they swear loyalty. All Federal Police and Military that are station in the Capital are relieved of duty until further notice. By the powers invested in me by the Constitution I enact the Marshall Clause and permit Marshal Law to come in-effect as of now. I ask the public to not provoke any Royal Regiment Troop as they  will do what is necessary to protect the lives of others. If you are taken into custody a trial date will be set at a later date after this scare is over. 

Now more than ever as a people we must unite against these Rebels that have caused mayhem in our Capital, we must show that the Kingdom will not allow these acts to go unpunished. We must stay together as a Country United against tyranny of a terrorist Government. We must give are full support to the Troops over in Tatani fighting to end this war of murders, the Government will prevail and those who are responsible will not survive the judgment that has been placed on them by the People, God, and this Government.

******End of broadcast*******

The Parliament called an emergency session of Members of Parliament including the Monarch, the session will decide the fate of Tatani and the Government-in-exile. When the decision is reached and the Legislation regarding the session is passed in the Parliament it is expected to be signed by His Majesty at once given recent events. The Parliament has also asked that new military options be discussed by the Military, Defense, and Generals Council and approved by His Majesty as well.

With the recent events it is seeming that the Government are no longer treating this as a minor Civil War but giving it top priority and the possibility of no return from some options.


Thank you for joining us for todays edition of the Imperial News join us tomorrow and remember to be safe, follow the laws and report any suspicious activity.

Ahranaian National Anthems play as the credits play

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays Edition of the Imperial News, today the King addresses the Parliament and the People during todays Session of Parliament, also the update on the Civil War in the Tatani Dukedom, as well as the condition of the Capital at the current time.


During todays session of Parliament His Majesty addressed the Populace and the Members of Parliament in todays speech:

People of Ahrana and the Members of Parliament, I stand here before you today to deliver this speech of Peace and Unity for our Country and for the Countries abroad. I know these times have made our Kingdom seem as if it has fallen into ciaos. Well I tell you as of now, it has not come to that and it never will no matter the situations that come at us. For we have strength in numbers and Unity and Peace in our hearts. The Dukedom of Tatani may have succumbed to a bitter dispute between right and wrong, but that does not mean we can turn our back on our brethren in Tatani. As the former Kings and Queens of Ahrana has said time and time again, through Brotherhood and Unity we shall achieve Prosperity and Peace that will last an eternity and generations to come. We must care for them while they cannot for themselves, we must forgive them for their sins even for the most horrible ones as well. We are all kin to one another no matter what we say so therefore we are all Brothers and Sisters through our ancestry.

I also look to the People of other Nations and hope that one day they may have what we have had in the Past and will have in the Future. Though many look to a Worldly Organization and cooperate together through it, we on the other believe in ultimate Neutrality. With the illegal Occupation in @Fleur de Lys by @Derthalen on the worlds center stage I see that mostly the World is powerless to end such disputes. This Kingdom will under reign stay Neutral in all Worldly Conflicts and Organizations until I deem that Ahrana should join such acts. However, I do not foresee this Kingdom doing such a thing will I'm King, we must stay true to our founding Principles of Peace. This is my ultimatum of this issue and therefore tis closed and not for debate. 

Please enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and enjoy the festivities.

With the Monarchs speech done there was massive amounts of discussion on the ending of his speech. Many people believe we should cooperate with Worldly Organizations to help advance the world in a better age. But as the it was an Ultimatum from the King it is illegal to be debated by anyone.


The War in Tatani has been in a stalemate and no progress by any side has been made, many lives have been loss in this conflict and with a sliver of hope of a treaty evitable many have begun protesting in the Dukedoms regional capital. Many of the population are starting to denounce the Government-in-exile and are asking for Peace through establishing a stable government as well as asking for the Tatani Forces to stand down. The possibility of this becoming reality is not known currently but is hoped for.

The Capital has been bomb free for two days now and many hope that with the Marshall Law in place that no terrorist threat will happen for some time now. It has been suggested that the Marshall Law be lifted but that the Royal Guards continue being the sole Law Enforcement until the wars end.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays edition of the Imperial News, today and tomorrow is the biggest part of the weeks Celebration. Today is the Monarchs Official Birthday and tomorrow is the State Official Birthday we know what that means! Its Trooping Day!

Every year on the 29 of October the Kingdom Celebrates the Monarchs State Birthday on this day and has been this way since 1652 When the then Queen Lia Alexandra Victoria Mishia made this day the Official Birthday Celebration for the Monarch. Today we get the honor of celebrating His Majesties 31st Birthday and His 15th Year on the Ahranaian Throne. Today the Spring Palace is open to the Public to come and have great food, drinks, and have the time of your Life. All is paid for by His Majesties own finances. 

Tomorrow at noon the streets will fall silent for the Ahranaian Bell Tower to ring out five rings to symbolize the Monarchs Birthday Parade is to start. The Royal Regimental Guards will troop all Colour in front of the Monarch. The Corps will also make a appearance with the 35th Corps Legion in the Parade as well thus being the only non Royal Regiment trooping in the Parade. The Parade route will be from the Monarchs Official Residence in the Center of the Capital, the Official Parade Grounds will be at the Royal Victoria Park four blocks down from the Palace. The Grounds are opened to the Public and after the Parade there will be amusement rides and carnivals set up to finish the days celebration out. The weeks Celebration will end on Sunday with a concert in the Royal Park by the Regimental Royal Bands with a massive display of Fireworks..

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to today’s coverage of the Imperial News, today is the State Official Birthday Parade for the Monarch. Today marks the 15th Year that King Gustov XVII has been on the Ahranaian Throne, it also marks the 80th Year since the Monarchy was re-established as the sole Ahranaian Government.

The Coverage of the entire Parade will start at 12:00 when the Bell Tower rings, the end of the Parade will commence when the Air Force does the Salute over the Monarchs Palace.


**The Ahranaian Bell Tower lets five rings out to symbolize the beginning of the Parade**


There you have it, the Bell Tower has rung and the Parade has commenced. Now we wait for the Royal Salute to be played to Symbolize that the Royal Family has begun their proceeding to the Parade Grounds. The ‘Kings Song’ will symbolize the Monarch has begun proceeding to the Parade Grounds. The Life Guards will escort the Monarch to and from the Parade Grounds while the 25th Tata Regimental Guards will escort the Royal Family to and from the grounds as well. The Life Guards Royal Musicians will be in front of the Life Guard Escort to the King and procced playing Marches to the Grounds. Upon arriving to the grounds the Royal Anthem will be played to symbolize that the Monarch has arrived to the grounds. After the Royal Anthem the Kings March will play as the King inspects the Regiments. The King will sit in the Royal Platform and inspect and enjoy the birthday celebration salute from the Royal Regiments.


**The Royal Salute is sounded**


The Royal Salute has been heard thus meaning that the Royal Family and the Tata Royal Regimental Guards have begun their possession down the Main Road to the Parade grounds. The Carriage Possession is in the order of Heir Apparent to the Last member of the Family. There will be a 5 Carriage possession with. Crown Princess Victoria Elizabeth Chayka XII (Heir Apparent), Prince George Alexander Nicholai Chayka (Brother of the King), and Duchess Sasha Ana Chayka (Wife to the Brother of the King) in the first Carriage. Princess Alexia Chayka (Daughter of Prince George), Princess Anastasia Chayka (Daughter of Prince George), Duke Alexander Chayka (Son of Prince George) in the second carriage. Count Victor Mishia (Cousin of the King), Countess Natasha Mishia (Wife of the Count), Lady Winsor (Daughter of the Count) in the third carriage. Lord Alexander Brimmiov (Adopted Son of the King), Lord Oleg Romano (Lord in Parliament, Cousin of the King), Lord Marron Roski (Lord in Parliament, Cousin of the King) in the fourth carriage. Duke Albert Roski XV (Brother to the Wife of the King), Duchess Swaine II (Sister to the Wife of the King), Grand Duchess Alexia Victoria Alexandria Roma I (Cousin to the Wife of the King) in the fifth and final carriage. The 25th Tata Royal Regimental Guards will provide the Royal Families escort to the Parade.


**The ‘Kings Song’ and the Kings Salute is sounded**


The ‘Kings Song’ and Kings Salute has been heard therefore it represents that the Monarch and the Queen have begun their possession to the grounds. The Life Guards Royal Musicians have begun playing are beginning the travel to the Grounds they begin with the Kings March as is tradition. The Life Guards have set up to place the Imperial Carriage in the middle of the Regiment. Now that the Imperial Carriage has been placed in-between the Life Guards the possession has begun traveling down the main street to the Parade grounds. It has only been three days since the Kings last official public appearance.



**The Royal Anthem is played**

The King has now arrived on the Parade grounds and with the King March being played thus symbolizing that the Royal Inspection has begun and all Regiments will be inspected by His Majesty before the entire Parade begins.




The Royal Inspection has ended and the King has taken his seat in the Royal Balcony used only on the State Official Birthday Salutes from the Royal Regiments. The Mass bands have sounded the Troops Salute thus beginning the Troops Salute to the Monarchs.


The first Royal Regiment to troop the King will be the Tatani Royal Regimental Guards, they petitioned the King to be the first Troop to salute the King to show their sign of respect and loyalty to His Majesty. The Tatani Royal Regimental March has begun and the March of the Tatani has begun. The troops are in straight rows and columns showing the precision of the Regiment that they have been keen on in the past. The Royal General sounding the command to face the King has been given and the Regiment has the Official Salute given to them by His Majesty. The General Salutes the King with his sabre and proceeds forward with the Regiment.


The next Regiment is the Ahranaian Royal Regimental Guards, unlike the other Regiments this Regiment has a special Salute they give to the King as they march past the Balcony. The Regiments March is sounded and they march forward to the King their Salute. The Ahranaian Regiment General gives the command to salute the King, the Regiment begins to sing the former Ahranaian Royal Anthem ‘Christ Has Risen’ and all weapons are shouldered as they march along.

Image result for swedish royal life guards

Then we hear the ground shake and a thunder like noise which means the Kings Troop have arrived to salute the king. The Kings Troop March is sounded and the Kings Troop Calvary trots in front of the King and they salute His Majesty and ride off to the other end of the Royal Park to ready the 15 Gun Salute for the King.


Next we have the Lockieeani Royal Regimental Guards march played and the Regiment marches to salute the king. The General gives the command to salute His Majesty and all Weapons are shouldered and a salute is given by the Lockieeani Guards.


The Life Guards March and Trumpet Call are played to symbolize that the Monarchs Life Guards are to salute His Majesty. As they pass the balcony all swards are drawn and point out up in the air as the Guards salute to the King. The Kings Guard Regimental March is played to symbolize that the next pass is in double time and all must face the King as they pass.

Related image


**The Royal Anthem is played**

As all Regiments March back to the Palace grounds to accept the King and Royal Family into the Gates. As the Carriages leave the Kings Guard March is played as the carriages procced to the Palace. When they get to the Palace the Regiments will let a Rah out and it will be heard for miles from the Palace as is tradition. When the Royal Family come out on the Palace Balcony to witness the Ahranaian Air Force flyby which will be followed by the 15 King Troops Gun Salute with the 21 pounder cannons.



The Ahranaian Air Force Flyby has commenced and all available aircraft Military and some Civilian will make their way down the Main Street and will fly over the palace being the only time allowed by the Government to do so. The Flyby lasts for 15 minutes.

Image result for air force flyby

Image result for air force flyby

Related image


The Flyby has ended and the Kings Troop has been given the green light to start the 15 gun salute to symbolize His Majesty, King Gustov XVII, years on the Ahranaian Throne. As the last gun is heard there is a plume of white smoke seen rising from the south side of the Royal Park. The Monarch has now retreated to the Palace to enjoy the rest of his Birthday Celebration with His Family.

Related image

Tomorrow the celebrations will have ended and the normalcy of the Capital will have returned, the King asks that the People of Ahrana enjoy the celebrations and have a great time. That is all of today’s special edition of the Imperial News.

Ahranaian Anthems play as the program ends

Edited by Ahrana (see edit history)
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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Today on the Ahranaian Imperial News we have the weeks World News of the week along with the Ahranaian Local news.

In the @Sunset Sea Islands it has been said that the Heir to the Throne has been killed in an attack on what is to believed by our News Sources a Government Building. We are still gathering information from our sources, but due to the sensitive nature of the issue at hand our sources are checking out every bit of information to be sure it is the proper information they are getting.

In other News the Ahranaian Government has agreed to allow two more Embassies to be opened up in the Federal District. The newest Embassies are for @Cristina, and @Astriedan. The Embassy will be opened up in the sum of two months after which all activity will soon start regarding their mission statement for being in the Kingdom of Ahrana.

The Ahranaian King has presented a list of Formal State Visits he will be commencing, most of which he will be traveling to or be hosting in the Palace. Those nations on the list will be examined by the State Department and a decision on safety will be made, if it is classified as a level 5 then the green light for that nation will be given, however anything below a level 4 will not be given the green light.

The Crown Princess (Heir Apparent) made round rounds today, she stopped at the Ahranaian Home Guards barracks and trained with them today for the upcoming changing of the guards. During the Changing of the Guards, the Home Guard is given the duty to guard the outside perimeter of the Palace while the police are asked to stand down during an official ceremony.


In other news today, the new budget of the Federal Government has finial been finalized and will go to the Monarch and the Advisors and the Judiciary for the check of Constitutionality. If approved this terms Government spending will be the lowest its been since the modern age came round. The expected surplus is not to exceed 800 Billion Krone, however that is a figure that is purely estimated figure.

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays Edition of the Imperial News, todays edition will cover a three day gap of news due to Technical problems of the last few days. On todays programe we have the latest from the @Sunset Sea Islands and the status of the Government there, The Ahranaian Civil War has started to come to a draw, His Majesty the King has released an announcement concerning the Royal Household and more!

Today the Ahranaian Government was informed/updated on the situation in @Sunset Sea Islands regarding the Royal Family and the Monarch. The Chancellery has given their upmost respect to the People of the Country. Meanwhile the King of Ahrana has given his condolences to the Royal Family. Little is known at this current moment on what will happen to the current Government, the Ahranaian Parliament and Chancellery has given their support to the Government in whatever the next step will be.

We have news of the Civil War in Tatani, the Rebels Government-in-exile has practically be taken from their Powerbase in the Tatani Regional Capital by the People of Tatani. The People have set up what is now called the Peoples Government of Tatani of War-time. They are calling for a diplomatic mission to end this Civil War, as also asking for the Rebel Forces to put all arms down and surrender to the Ahranaian Government. The Tatani Peoples Government has also said it will respond to any demands made by the Capital of the Kingdom. 

So far though the only demand made by the Capital is that all Rebel Forces stand down and allow the peaceful process to take hold of the situation in the Dukedom. Even though they are answering the demands of the Capital the Dukedom is asking for some of their Demands to met as well. 1)All Ahranaian Forces will not enter the Capital of Region until the Capitals Delegation arrives 2)No Citizen is to be placed under arrest for any reasoning by the Kingdoms Military 3)The Military must release all POWs and Civilians from any Prison Camp at the arrival of the Ahranaian Delegation 4)Upon finalizing the Peace Treaty the Government-in-exile must be arrested and given the death sentence.


The King has announced that the Crown Princess and Heir to the Throne has had the Royal Baby that will be 2nd inline from the Crown Princess upon ascending the Throne. With the new born member of the Royal Household, as is customary to revel the gender of the baby His Majesty will announce the Title of the newest member at 12:40 during the news Broadcast.

******12:40 Palace Broadcast******

It is a great honor and with great pride that I am able to announce the Title, and Name of our newest member of the Royal Household of Ahrana. Today at 09:35 AM this morning my daughter, Crown Princess Victoria Elizabeth Chayka XII the Heir to Throne and title of the Monarch, has given birth to a healthy baby that looks like my daughter. Grand Duchess of Lanvindria, Duchess of St. Peterburi, Countess of Regia, Princess Elizabeth Alexandria Victoria Mishia Chayka II. She is the ruby of my eye and the Heart of my heart. Please today is now a day of Celebration, for three days all Government Offices will be closed and the Public Business will begin a half day for three days. Please celebrate with me and the family in welcoming the newest member of the Family!

****End Palace Broadcast******

With the newest member of the Royal Household came a new title of nobility, Grand Duchess of Lanvindria, never as the District of Lanvindria been given such a grant of a Dukedom. The Princess will be third in-line to the Throne till the ascension of Crown Princess Victoria upon that day she will be 2nd in line.

The Monarch has been given the green light to visit the following countries:






@Sunset Sea Islands



The Monarch will be asking the nations if they will and are open to a visit from a Foreign Head of State.

That is all of the Imperial News today, please enjoy the three day Holiday from the King.

Ahranaian Anthems play as the prgrame ends

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Hello and welcome to todays edition of the Imperial News, on todays programe we have more information on the event in @Sunset Sea Islands, we have more news on the birth of the new Crown Princess Elizabeth, update on the Tatani Peace Process, The Kings State Visits abroad and more!

Our News reporters and investigators have told us that the recent election in @Sunset Sea Islands have brought forth a new Political Organization and has won the majority in their Legislature. It has been announced that the Monarchy will no longer have a place in the Nations Government therefore the first thing on the new Governments agenda will be a new Constitution outlining a new Executive. It has also been said that @Orioni has given the remaining Royal Family of the Sunset Sea Island the ability to take a disclosure away from everything within its borders.

His Majesty, Gustov XVII, has expressed his concern that the New Government of the Nation may ask for the Remaining Royals to present themselves in public to voice their support to the newly elected Government. As it is a Royal's Duty to not interfere with Politics and Political Organizations at any given reason. He also fears the worst for the Royal's as they could be targets for something bigger in the future.

***Message from the Palace***

It has come to my attention that the time of the Monarchy in the Sunset Sea Islands has come to an end, with the most terrible events of the past few weeks and with the new Elected Government of the Nation, I voice my opinion. It is said that voicing ones mind and interfering with Politics & the Organizations is above a Royal let alone a Monarchy. However, I fear the worst has yet to come for the Former Royals of that nation, I fear they will be used and manipulated by the Political Organizations within the new government. As the nation of Orioni has sent a hand of friendship to the Royals I to offer the same. If the Royals of the Sunset Sea Islands need to seek refuge for any reason they are permitted to do so in the Kingdom of Ahrana. If they need to just take a five year Vacation away from the Public Ahrana is open for that as well. Whatever they need in order to reconcile is and will be done to make them at home. I only wish to see them to grow from the past weeks.

***End of Message***

The new Royal Crown Princess Elizabeth has made her first public appearance today on the Royal Balcony. Many people camped outside the Palace grounds just so they could be there to witness their future Queen and the Princess. The crowds cheered ecstatically when the King announced that the Baby would make the appearance today, the Royal Guards performed the Princess First Royal Salute as the Kings Guard fired the 21 Gun Salute in the Royal Park. It has been said that the Princess was Baptized as Orthodox and Catholic, thus being the only Royal Member to have been so. The reasoning of this is not known yet but it is hoped that the King will elaborate in his Winter interview with the News agency in a weeks time.

Today the Ahranaian Troops entered the Tatani Regional Capital as all Tatani Soldiers laid down their arms as requested by the Officials in order to begin the Peace Talks. The Governor-General and Duchess of Tatani (same person) were welcomed into the Office where the Peace talks will be held. Both sides are very optimistic and we hope to see a deal soon.

The Kings State Visits abroad will start after next week and after the Winter Interview with the Imperial News. The King has released which Country will be visited first will be, @Variota the Country after that will be announced before the King leaves Variota. 

Programe ends with the Anthems playing

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Ahrana's Leading News Agency

Today on the Imperial News the top stories are; the King leaves for @Variota to begin the month long State Visits around the world, Peace in the Dukedom of Tatani has been achieved, and the Chancellery issues warrants for the arrests of Tatani Rebels. All this today on the edition of the Imperial News.

The Palace has announced that the King will leave tonight at 23:00 heading for the Country of @Variota capital to begin the first Foreign Visit that the King has done out of his Country. The visit will last two and half days and after the half day the King will leave for the next Country which will be announced as the King is in the Air by the Palace Media Outlet. The Crown Princess Victoria will take the Office of the Monarch as Regent while His Majesty is away, upon returning all State Powers will be hand back to the King. 

It has been announced that the Dukedom of Tatani has been given Peace for the fist time in 30 days since the Civil War started. The Government that the King was to establish in the recreated Dukedom will take power with the Grand Duchess of Tatani being the Executive Head, which will report to the Monarch and Chancellery, as well as the New Legislative Council of Tatani. This Government will be in power for five years after which the Government will be handed back over to the People with Free Elections. In the meantime all Regional Parliaments are no longer in power and the members will for the Legislative Council after a thorough background check and must be cleared by the Governor-General in order to be part of the Council.

The Chancellery has issued 35 Arrest Warrants for the Top Tatani Generals and Government-in-exile Rebels and they will face trial and be sentenced by the Supreme Court and then they will face trial in the Military Tribunal Courts as well. Whatever sentence is given is final and will be carried out.

Ahranaian Anthems play as the programe ends

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