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INBC's IVERICA ONE is now live!


We here at I1 are proud to announce the launch of Iverica's first worldwide coverage news channel! I1, bringing the world closer to Ivericans, and Ivericans closer to the world.


Stay tuned for more to come!

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INBC's first international news broadcast, IVERICA 1, is now live on major cable providers and via satellite signal in all ENN coverage areas. Catch the first Prime Time news broadcast on Channel 1, 9:00 PM IST (national) for this hallmark moment in Iverican media history.

We have an exciting news lineup for all our viewers and readers whether you are watching on TV, or just browsing our website. Later tonight, join us for the timely coverage of the Providence Day celebration at Deiargon Monument Park, but for now we cover two national headlines today straight from the Pearl of Thalassa, Intreimor City.


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Dusk today was a special moment for Iverica and the whole team at INBC as the first Satellite Relay Station in Iverica finished its uplink with ENN satellites. Minister of Public Communications, Maria Francesca Farfalla herself was present to break the baptismal bottle of Tempranillo over one of the satellite dishes.

The dish park is a 2.2 square kilometre array of facilities and dishes located just an hour's drive out of Intreimor. It boasts some the finest satellite communications (SATCOMM) systems made in the Sunset Sea Islands. The station is owned and operated by the Iverican Private Media Group (IPMG) and was planned with significant contributions from the Corregidor Institute of Technology.

Plans to expand the station are currently being considered by the IPMG.



After announcing his Party's policy agenda this year in a press conference earlier this noon, Primo Franso Deitorr mentioned his office's intent to contact the closest neighbouring states with a request to mutually construct embassies. During the conference, Primo Deitorr mentioned that the proposals are currently being drafted by the Executive Drafts Committee and that he would consider expanding the proposal to farther away states in the near future.

For now, the Office of the Primo has commented that it will be considering closer neighbours such as Cashar, Sunset Sea Islands, Prymont, Girkmand and Eurofuhrer.

When approached after the conference Primo Deitorr had this to say about the embassy proposal: "The Executive Ministry and my own office have agreed that proposing mutual embassies with our neighbours would be fitting with the launch of Iverica's global news broadcast. It is about time we make a greater impact on the world stage. Establishing embassies will be but the first step in creating better relations with the international community. We are confident this will usher in a new age of cooperation with our great neighbours."

OCC: based my formatting off of Sunset Sea Island's formats bc they are awesome *shameless rip
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On this day, September 18 in the year 1620, Esteban Deiargon landed the first Ivericans on the beaches of Santa Maria, outside Intreimor, and first pitched camp where Deiargon park is located today. the eighteenth of September is a national holiday and celebration. Citizens from all walks of life gather at Santa Maria beach, and Deiargon Park to celebrate our deliverance from the tyranny of the Iberic Dictatorship.

It may seem strange to tourists, but there is none of Iverica's famous Tempranillo or Monstrell reds, but a special historic beer created especially for the occasion by the Brewers Guild of Intreimor (est. 1655). They offer the traditional brew called Cervesa Provid?ncia, a strong, full-bodied, and piney ale created from the same recipe as used by Iverica's first pioneers.

The celebrations last all night, with the highlight being the spectacular firework displays that light the sky at midnight. Tonight's programme was especially made wonderful by the Intreimor Philharmonic Orchestra, who played several traditional favourites, and the Iverican Cultural Society- Strings and Vocals, who performed several folk favourites.

Join us next year, for Providence Day 2018! Buona Nuotses!

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 Ministry Releases New Tourism Banner


Today, the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) released the first of this year's banners for international distribution via their social media platforms. Local critics praised the use of the simplistic Iverican Art Deco style, calling it "the best Iverican Tourism poster yet". But recent information from our inside source revealed that the banner was made in 28 minutes by Minister Sanchez's 9-year old son using the Paint app on the government issue Doors 10 tablet. Critics have since declined comment.

MoT also mentioned on their Wittier account, that this will not be the last poster released this year as they have recently made inquiries with Sunset Ad Agency for future commissions by their experienced and professional staff. 

Want more stamina with the missus? Click here and show how much you love your significant other. 

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September 26, 2017- 07:00 PM

This evening, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Desdemona Tomas-Morra shared positive news at an MFA¬†press conference. Minster Morra announced that several foreign governments have responded to the Primo's announced intent to establish embassies earlier this month (see our September 18 article). Governments of¬†The Federal Republic of Girkmand,¬†and¬†The Commonwealth of Andalla,¬†have now fully confirmed their acceptance of mutual embassies with Iverica. Morra also added that her department has received positive responses from the governments of St. Francoisbourg, The New Hellenic Colonies, and the Slavorepublik of the Eurof√ľhrer, but is still awaiting complete confirmation.

Currently, Iverican officials at the MFA are coordinating with their Andallan and Girkmandian counterparts in planning the details of the project. Morra stated that locations were currently being surveyed by the joint teams in Girk, Arkhavn, and Intreimor.

More updates here as they develop.

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September 28, 2017- 7:00 PM IST

Primo of Iverica, Franso Deitorr made a strong, clear message denouncing the Europan and @Afropa-based "Violetist Liberation Army" (VLA) for their heinous acts of terror. The Primo began by offering solemn words of condolence to the families who had experienced such grave loss at the hands of the VLA. Primo Deitorr continued by announcing his administration's plan to observe the situation for possible future Iverican aid.


"My fellow Ivericans-- tonight, I want to address the string of tragedies that have befallen the Afropan people. As some may have already heard from international news sources, the Violetist Liberation Army has so far claimed the lives of twenty-thousand Afropans, humanitarians, and foreign workers. It is a grave tragedy, but one brought about by a force acting cowardly behind the shadows. Having spoken with Afropan officials, we now know that they are in need of foreign assistance. Assistance that we must consider given the nature of the VLAs actions which prove to be anathema to the Iverican ideals and way of life. We have requested Afropan officials for permission to establish a consulate and deploy Iverican observers so we can better understand the crisis."


Applause followed as the Primo departed the stage. Pal√° Chief Spokesperson Bernat Vilar soon followed by announcing that the Primo and Ministry of Foreign Affairs were currently coordinating with Afropan officials on the details of establishing a consulate and formalising foreign observers. Follow this story on our Wittier account for updates as they come


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October 11, 2017- 1:00 PM IST


Embassies Underway
As construction efforts are currently underway, the mutual embassies between the Republic of Iverica and the respective countries of the Federal Republic of @Girkmand, and the Commonwealth of @Andalla have now been allotted temporary positions in Intreimor and the relevant capitals.

Iverica has delegated Ambassador Joseph Yulo to Girk and Ambassador Anne Dalla to Arkhavn. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced its intentions to hold introductory gala dinners in each embassy upon completion.

Minister Tomas-Morra also announced further plans to contact the United States of @Prymont , the Empire of @Derthalen , and the @Sunset Sea Islands with similar offers to establish embassies. According to Primo Deitorr's announcement last month, his administration had planned a gradual inclusion of embassies starting with closer neighbours and moving to steadily reach farther away states like the Empire of Orioni, the Republic of Fleur de Lys and the Consortium of Miiros.


Representative to Afropa
The Office of the Primo was quick to follow up on promises of foreign aid and observation in Afropan regions struck by the terrorist group known as the "Violetist Liberation Army". Just yesterday, the Office announced that plans to fly Representative Dídac Brau and an entourage of observers to @Afropa was being finalised within the week. In a surprising announcement, Representative Brau told INBC that he would not been flying to Afropa in a government executive aircraft, but would be using an Iverican Air Force E-9 Toro, along with 10 tons of medical supplies and equipment as it would better express Iverica's intention of strong aid support rather than a stately courtesy call. Brau also mentioned that the observers would include non-government organization personnel and military observers from the Republican Armed Service.

Exact details of Representative Brau's flight schedule and plan are currently classified, but he is expected to depart within a week's time.

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October 17, 2017- 7:00 PM IST


Referendum for Territorio Ultramar

-Locals ask for integration, hold referendum

    Yesterday, members of the Iverican consulate in Cavespre City, Ultramar were greeted by the pleasant but surprising news that the local Ultramares congress had voted in favour of integration with the Republic. The 5 person strong congress of the islands Cavespre, Valminas Major and Valminas Minor (collectively known as Las Islas Ultramar), had convened after a popular poll by the Ultramar Gazette, a monthly periodical, which sells roughly 80 copies per month, showed over 98% of residents desiring integration on the grounds of military protection, agricultural development, healthcare, and public education. The publically released minutes of the meeting revealed that the one-party Congress had taken 48 minutes to reach a unanimous decision (quorum was typically 3 votes), the longest decision in Ultramares history. A formal charter was drafted and submitted to the Iverican consulate in Cavespre.
    Consul Maria Termino had been delegated to represent and observe Ultramares affairs at the behest of the local government and encouragement from the Cámra Nasional in 2004. Relations with the ethnically and culturally similar Ultramares had always been cordial and friendly, Iverica providing food and medical aid in some of the small archipelago's worst winter crises. Desires of unification and integration had always been voiced bilaterally, twice by the Ultramares in 1991 and 2004, as well as by the Iverican government in 1945, and 1951. However, changing political factors and disagreements in administrative issues had always forced plans into passive decline. Recent opinions have shown to be more and more positive, sociologists citing the ever-growing presence of Iverica in international media and affairs as one of the largest factors. Since satellite television and internet connection were introduced in 2008, consumption of Iverican media (soap operas, cinema, and Carlos Gardel) has skyrocketed in the islands likely since Iverican is the only language islanders seem to understand among the international broadcasts. Consul Termino has expressed her positive opinion of the integration citing the Ultramares as "peaceful, simplistic, and community-centric" in her recent follow-up report to the Executive Ministry.
    While relations and expectations between islander citizens and Iverican Peninsulares are positive and high, the decision ultimately rests with quorum from the elected Members of the Chamber (MEC). The Cámra Nasional has called for a congressional referendum, to decide the fate of the integration. MECs will convene this Thursday for the referendum. In the meantime, the Judiciary has deployed one of its subdivision offices, the Commission on Higher Elections (COMELEC) to make formal inquiries and observation on the validity of the Ultramares local referendum. The local congress has consented and officials will be conducting interviews, and drafting a judicial review within the next few weeks.
    More on this as it develops.

Primo Accepts Ahranian Invitation, sends well-wishes, warns Ivericans in Afropa

    After discussing his administration's response to the Ultramar question, Primo Franso Deitorr expressed his concern for the growing unrest in @Ahrana . 
    "I wish for a speedy end to this strife. Iverica has not maintained model ties with Ahrana but we certainly hope for the peaceful resolution of the troubles there now. In response to this, Iverica wishes to enhance our current channels by accepting  His Majesty, Gustov XII's gracious invitation for mutual embassies in hopes of better understanding their troubles. If possible, Iverica shall not shy away from supporting another Argic neighbour."
    Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar later confirmed that the Foreign Affairs Ministry would, in fact, be accepting the Ahranian invitation.
    In addition to addressing the situation in Ahrana, Primo Deitorr also gave additional comment to yet another tragedy in @Afropa , this time offering stronger words in response to the attacks carried out quite close to the Iverican Embassy.
    "I address now all Ivericans currently residing in and around Afropa Be vigilant, and be cautious. The embassy will be placed on higher alert, and the Republican Marines stationed there are ready to protect you. If you suspect VLA activity in your area, please seek shelter in the embassy, accommodation will be provided for all Iverican citizens. As for the Afropan people-- I have received word that Representative Brau will be arriving soon with the aid promised. You will have our medical support and armed support from the platoon of highly-trained Airborne personnel. Rest assured that this is not the end of our aid, my cabinet and I are currently working on solutions to send a much larger relief and armed support force. Rest assured that we are fully dedicated to supporting your rightful democratic government."
¬†¬† ¬†Spokesperson Villar mentioned later that channels discussing the deployment of the blue-water Carrier Strike Group Rep√ļblica are open with Afropan officials.

Ambassador to SSI: Respect the UBPSSIF Perimeter

Minister Desdemona Tomas-Morra has since appointed Ambassador Irma Sola as official Ambassador to the @Sunset Sea Islands , and head of the Iverican Embassy in Sunset City. Madame Sola is a veteran diplomat at 62 years of age, having served as Representative to Andalla in the 1980's and envoy to other Europan nations in the past. She was previously Member of Chamber, representing the Borsa Constituency from 1971-1975. Ambassador Sola's first official statement was made during the opening dinner hosted at the newly established embassy. Ambassador Sola had this to say:

"Seeing our Sunset Islandian friends so quick to accept our invitation is extremely encouraging. Your warm welcome has been much appreciated by myself, my staff, and by Ivericans at home. I'd like to officially begin our relations in this twenty-first century by saying that Iverica and her maritime vessels shall commit our best efforts to uphold the UBPSSIF perimeter over the core and contested territories. I speak for Primo Deitorr in saying that our Islandian friends should not doubt our support against any challenges to the outlined areas."

After her statement, Ambassador Sola officially opened the night's entertainment programs and banquet to the gathered envoys and ambassadors invited from across Sunset City's diplomatic district.



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Embassy Blast: Ivericans Outraged


October 18, 2017- 9:00 PM IST

    Outraged citizens take to the streets and parks around Carrer Capitol in response to yesterday's bombing of the Iverican Embassy's annexe building in Dieudonné, @Afropa . The blast, carried out by operatives of the "Violetist Liberation Army", left 2 embassy workers, 2 marines dead and also claimed the life of Representative Manuel Osmena, whom Representative Dídac Brau was scheduled to replace. 

    Just hours after INBC covered the breaking story of the blast, citizens appealed to the Deitorr administration to ensure the safety of the remaining Iverican citizens in Afropa. According to the National Statistics Office, over 382 Iverican citizens are currently within Afropa either as permanent residents or embassy workers and foreign aid volunteers.
    According to CCTV footage released by the Executive Ministry, two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) were seemingly deployed with the purpose of targeting the Iverican Embassy complex and crowded civilian areas around it.
    Two vehicles were responsible for the attack, the first was disabled after a brief firefight, and the second was immobilised just outside of the perimeter gate of the extension office. The footage shows two Marines in the process of securing the second vehicle when it detonates for an unknown reason. The pair of marines, Ernesto Javier, and Jose Peralt were killed instantly. The blast levelled the extension office's front façade and rooms, severely compromising the building's structure. Falling debris and shrapnel killed two workers, Anna Santos and Pablo Herrero while injuring eight others. Representative Osmena who had been visiting the extension office for a round of farewells with his staff, was killed instantly by a particularly large piece of falling debris. In a solemn statement, the Representative's wife asked only for privacy and space for her and her family to grieve. Representative Osmena is survived by two daughters and a son. 






October 19, 2017- 9:00 AM IST

-C√°mra Nasional and Primo Agree: Armed Response, War On Terror
    Breaking news as the Office of the Primo announced the Cámra Nasional's quorum deciding the deployment of an armed response to secure Iverican citizens living in Afropa and to aid the nation with its insurgent problem.
¬†¬† ¬†Corregidor High Command has declared the activation of Carrier Strike Group Rep√ļblica, currently operating in the Oriental Ocean on blue-water patrol of Iverican shipping lanes. The group's flagship, the VRI Rep√ļblica, is one of two carriers of the eponymous class and will be activated on war readiness-conditions for the first time in three decades. Units from the Marine Air Cavalry are being flown in to supplement the Rep√ļblica's ground force complement while a hospital ship, VRI Concepci√≥n will be following a few days behind. Further details of the deployment will be discussed in tomorrow's special news report.
    We tune in now to a flash conference at the Palá dei Primo where Primo Deitorr is expected to address the national response to yesterday's bombing of the embassy.
    "My fellow Ivericans-- tonight, I want to address the tragedy caused by the heinous acts of the so-called, Violetist Liberation Army. I have already spoken at length of the VLA's gross acts of murder and rampage- victimising the innocents of Afropa. It is my duty to speak for all Ivericans in response to their latest act, proof of their growing desperation and further emboldened extremism. Yesterday's tragedy, an attack on the very symbol of Iverica's Guiding Star, claimed the lives of 2 brave marines, two dedicated personnel, and our very own Representative Osmena. More than three hundred of your fellow citizens are still in danger of this threat, the countless Afropan civilians which have hospitably welcomed them for past decades have since last year, been subject to this tyranny many times over. This cannot continue.
    Their actions prove them anathema to the Iverican Ideal. They are enemies of liberty, using the guise of religion to scourge an innocent people with the flails of tyranny. We must now, together, resolve to execute the Iverican will for the common good in order to fully engage and uphold the truths behind our great constitution. The vows of our establishing writ, that we, a united people will strive to establish a community free from the evils of enforced silence, free from the oppression of man's personhood. That under a common flag, our united strength will ensure a defence against the evil the VLA represents. A defence we vowed to raise in protection against threats from within, and from without. Such were the words of our forefathers.
    Ivericans! Innocents die by the same flames that consumed the Fatherland. We must join with the noble forces of Afropan Democracy, and add our will to this combined arsenal of liberty. Afropans listening now! We, the people of Iverica do pledge to support your just cause with the efforts of our own sons and daughters. This very night, we endeavour to launch a well-planned and coordinated operation to deploy our defenders overseas, on 
Afropan soil. As the elected voice of the Iverican people, I ask that God bless this worthy cause."
    The address ended in rapturous applause, citizens watching from Deiargon Square greeted the speech with raised portraits of the 5 dead civil servants and Iverican flags. Corregidor High Command issued a public notice, that the Iverican war colours would be flown from the deployed vessels.


OOC: In hindsight, the speech is quite cheesy. I think the situation calls for some extra cheese on top though, so I think I'll keep it

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October 20, 2017- 10:00 AM IST


-Prioritises Afropa Issue

CARRER CAPITOL, INTREIMOR- Today, Prime Minister Abé-Juan Quenobi announced that the Cameral Referendum for the integration of Los Territorios Ultramares will be delayed. Standing in a brief and informal conference at the steps of the Cámra Nasional building, Quenobi stated that Parliament policy dictates that all issues regarding armed forces deployment would take precedence over other administrative issues. Quenobi mentioned that deployment of troops in @Afropa was currently being planned meticulously by several members of the Executive Ministry as well as relevant Members of Government (Parliament). He claimed that so far, "Opposition parties were more or less in consensus with the armed response."


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International News

Sunset City Blast- Ivericans Shocked

October 28, 2017- 11:30 AM IST


-Ambassador and Foreign Minister: "Thoughts and Prayers to the Islandians"

SUNSET CITY, SSI- Less than 24 hours ago, the scene outside of Sunset City's Ministry of the Interior building was one of abject chaos. The @Sunset Sea Islands' government has yet to release a statement detailing the status of likely victims caught in the blast, one of which is rumoured to be the heir apparent to the Islandian throne, Prince Simon.

The incident strikes a particularly sensitive nerve with Ivericans, happening just 10 days after the bombing that resulted in the deaths of 5 Iverican civil servants, including the well-liked and respected Representative Manuel Osmena.

Foreign Minister Desdemona Tomas-Morra cautioned the press and the public against over-sensationalising what might still be, a tragic accident.

"We haven't the details yet. It is best not to speculate, and instead, offer your thoughts and prayers to the victims of such a tragedy. With such a sensitive case, I think I must remind the press and all concerned citizens to await confirmed statements from the Islandian government before jumping to wild guess-work."

Ambassador Irma Sola also issued an earlier statement in a letter to the Islandian Ministry and Crown, expressing the well-wishes and hopes of the Ivericans residing in the Sunset Islands.



International News


October 28, 2017- 12:00 PM IST


-Peaceful passage, Armada open to joint-cooperation

ORIONII CHANNEL- INBC war-correspondent Isabel Roces reports from the aft deck of the cruiser VRI Intreimor, secondary flagship of the Strike Group:

The morning wind is strong, whipping Ms Roces' hair about wildly. She wears a flak jacket emblazoned with the words "PRESS". Behind her, the forms and silhouettes of four other strike group vessels. Of all, the carrier Rep√ļblica looms the most prominent and imposing.

"A pleasant morning to Ivericans watching from around the globe. My name is Isabel Roces, war-correspondent for INBC. Its an exciting time for many of the crew here, being the first occasion for many to go beyond waters around the Oriental Ocean proper. Excitement is building up amongst marines, pilots and crew alike with the halfway mark of the course within reach. Soon, the strike group will be entering the waters of the Azure Sea, and then onto the southern coasts of @Afropa in Rivdon Bay.

Throughout the voyage, there has been word about possible cooperation with other Europan states. The Admiralty has expressed willingness to open this uncommon opportunity to cooperation with foreign naval and aerial services. Discussions about joint-exercises and possibly joining the peacekeeping coalition have been on-going, though the exact details are kept under tight wraps of operational security."

In the distance, a shrill whistle sounds out.

"Join us later for coverage of marine and aerial drills on the Rep√ļblica. Isabel Roces, INBC, signing off."

OOC: Potential RP with @Fleur de Lys, is marked here

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International News

October 29, 2017- 8:00AM IST


At break of the shocking news, the Primo held a flash-conference outside the Pal√° dei Primo to inform the Iverican people of the grave news of the assassination of Prince Simon, heir apparent of the @Sunset Sea Islands. He urged Ivericans and foreign press to show deference to allow Islandians time for silence and mourning.

After the short but solemn address, Primo Franso Deitorr sent an open letter to the Royal Family and citizens of the Sunset Sea Islands. It was personally delivered by Ambassador Irma Sola to the post reception office of the Islandian Royal Castle

To the Royal Family and People of the Sunset Islands 


Deepest sorrows,


Though this letter finds you at a moment of great tragedy, the Iverican people wish only to offer their sincerest condolences at such a loss.

While our two nations have not been deeply engaged in recent decades, we feel as shocked and outraged as many of your close neighbours and allies certainly do. Despite our distance, which we have been attempting to bridge, the Iverican people feel that Prince Simon was a man to be respected, both as a leader and as a man of good character.

We understand that the Royal Family and the citizens of the Sunset Islands must have time to grieve. It is with solemn conviction that we offer whatever measure of support, great or small, that we can humbly present without intrusion.


Yours with respect and condolences,


Primo Franso E. Deitorr


*enclosed are the signatures of the Iverican Executive Ministry and leaders of Parliament

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International News


November 7, 2017- 7:00PM IST

The recent tragedy that claimed over a thousand Sunset Islandians, have taken on a melancholy moniker in online media- the '17 Sorrows, in grim homage to the 1763 deaths, and the year 2017. Victims included the heir apparent, Prince Simon, whose death has been ruled by local authorities as a "deliberately planned-out assassination of the royal heir". SSI authorities have also claimed King Tomasso I's drug overdose as an act of "suicide", though this information has been largely touted by SSI NEWS, the foreign press has yet to receive any direct confirmation from the Islandian Royal Family. In any case, Primo Franso Deitorr issued another letter, this time personal to the Royal Family, according to Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar, the contents were "of solemn condolences" regarding the double loss of Islandian leaders.

The events that followed had caused a social media firestorm, as the rise of Theresa Tumbleweed and her party-dominant administration has been largely surrounded by the scepticism of the inconclusive investigations and the stunning, meteoric victory of the "Radiance Party". The changes were fast, almost too soon for many- as individuals on social media expressed some mild confusion and scepticism. The query on everyone's minds, "Who is responsible for the bombing?", "What changes will Radiance bring?". With speculation and confusion abound, all the world can do is wait and see.




Domestic News


November 7, 2017- 1:00PM  IST

A string of online tabloid controversy hit main-stream last week. Leaked photos and false witness claims had apparently placed Primo of the Republic, Franso Deitorr at the heart of a sexual harassment claim involving a 14-year-old boy. The posts were tracked by an investigatory NGO, their findings claiming that the leaked story originated from "memes" and "roleplaying games" posted on the websites 4Chance and StateofNations.

StateofNations has been identified as an online game where players assume the role of made-up countries, solving various issues and posting "roleplay stories" on 3rd party forums. The false story had originated from the player with the username "Stados Unidos dei Americ√°", who had used Deitorr's photos and edited them into the identity of a fictional character "Kevan Spacer", a man of dubious sexual identity and ethics.

Previously dismissive of the articles, INBC correspondents managed to receive this from the Primo:

"These people obviously have too much time on their hands. Cavorting on online forums, misrepresenting real people for their personal amusement. For Taco's sake, they even have 'news channels' that parody real news!"

Deitorr has since apologised for taking Taco's name in vain.


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International News


November 15, 2017- 9:00 PM IST


-Corregidor High Command: Marines Deployed 2 weeks ago. Confidential due to operational security

Earlier this evening, the Pal√° dei Primo gave the green light for press inquiry about the Afropa deployment zone. INBC was present to hear Capo-General Ferran Arnau Macharius' official announcement at the Corregidor Civilian Functions Hall.

"Fellow Ivericans, two days will mark the first month since the dastardly attack that claimed five Iverican lives. In this period, another twelve were injured and a further eight killed in various attacks around Afropa. As you already know, your very own sons and daughters of the Republican Armed Forces have been deployed in an operation to prevent further senseless loss of innocent life.

It makes me proud to announce to all of you, at home and abroad, that the first steps leading to this mission for peace have already been achieved by our brave Republican Marines and dauntless Exersito Airborne. Nearly two weeks ago, on November the tenth, at 0200 hours, a break-off group from the strike group Rep√ļblica dropped anchor on the southern coasts of Afropa, not too far from Dieudonn√©. A week before that, Airborne scout surveyors and advance Service Battalions of the Marine Corps started the arduous task of preparing sites for the acclimatisation training of our troops by the veteran bush-hardened instructors of the Afropan Armed Forces.

Now, the first of Iverica's best and bravest are undergoing the closing days of their training in Afropa, better prepared than ever before to combat the VLA menace in the jungles and savannahs of Afropa. They have been facing the damp, the trying heat, the stinging pains of an environment just as hostile as it is beautiful. They have been given the proper vaccinations and armed with the best arms and armour Iverican artifice has formed. But the trappings of steel and weapons of fire can have their limits.

The VLA insurgents are ruthless and blinded by religious zeal. They will attempt any desperate means to achieve their misguided aims. As you may have heard this morning, an Armada SAR-24 Cérvol gunship was brought down by three shoulder-launched missiles from a hidden site around the war-torn Eastern Regions, a testament to how determined the VLA menace is halting our attempt to rescue our own civilians trapped in Afropa. It is this that tells us that item and machine will not bring pacification to their blackened hearts. It is this that tells us that the very foundation of our victories will not be through the strength of arms alone but through the resilience of the indomitable Iverican spirit, the Iverican's will to fight."

The Ministry of Defence has released the overview of the landing and acclimatisation operation through the following link:


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Domestic News


November 18, 2017- 7:00 PM IST


-Executive aircraft of the Primo to be replaced soon

Last month, the official Primeal aircraft, Primo 1 underwent several reviews by defence inspectors, safety inspectors, and foreign affairs advisors. Amidst the wide-spread modernisation efforts being undertaken by the Deitorr administration, the subject of Sr. Primo's own executive vehicle has been put under the spotlight.

The "Primo Uno" or Primo 1 is the title reserved for such a role. In the past, the callsign was held by a modified @Andallan SK-1, and an SK-3 shortly after. The current Primo 1, is a two-time titleholder, the Suisa Aeronautics S-1011 Trestrell. Since 1986, the Trestrell has been the trademark aircraft used by the Executive Ministry and Iverican flag-carrier PeninsulAire, sought for its sleek exterior and abundant interior space, comfort, and advanced avionics. Suisa would have been happy to continue the line of aircraft had disaster not struck and left the aeronautics company bankrupt.

While safety, defence, and aeronautics experts found nothing amiss with the iconic S-1011Trestrell aircraft, executive officials found that it lacked in two critical aspects needed for Iverica's expanding role in global affairs. Indeed, the review published stated that it had neither seating capacity, nor range and facilities to accommodate the Primeal and executive staff in event of a national crisis. Currently, the ExecMin review board has shown interest in the Magenta from Aérospatiale- a manufacturer based in @Fleur de Lys.

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International News


November 20, 2017- 6:00 PM IST


-GENERAL FERRAN-ARNAU MACHARIUS comments on the USP Navy's Blockade against CoD

EARLIER TODAY- Corregidor High Command issued a statement from the Capo-General's office congratulating @Prymontian measures to bolster national security with the formation of counter-terrorism units and extensive, yet civil and reasonable naval action.

In the statement, Macharius specifically cited how such actions would be critical in halting the spread of the "Circle of Death" terror organisation, believed to have a foothold in @The Hellenic Rus and @Ahrana. He commended the action in saying:

"It was a responsible, reasonable series of actions. Security in Western Argis can only benefit from the USP initiative to contain the threat."

General Macharius' statement also included some possibilities being considered by CHC and the Home Security Office. The Capo-General ended with this to say: 

"Our neighbours can rest assured that the Republican Armed Service will do its part to act upon the reprieve given by such timely measures. We can only hope that our other neighbours will see such operations for what they are- a necessity in fighting terror, not as individuals, but as responsible members of the international community."

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Domestic News


November 21, 2017- 6:00PM IST


-Minister denies all claims of nepotism

MoT BUILDING, INTREIMOR- Today, Primo Franso Deitorr appointed Roberto "Bobby" Sanchez Jr., son of sitting Minister of Tourism- Roberto "Bob" Sanchez Sr., as the official Pal√° Chief Artist for Tourism Ads. Once again, the young man, having only turned nine years of age, stunned critics with his PAINT 3D prowess.

The young Chief Artist Bobby is now the youngest official on the Executive Ministry staff (noting consent forms and legalities). He now receives a "salary" of $10 standard global units a day, what the youngster calls, "a huge boost in my allowance- heck yeah!". In a short interview, Bobby Jr. had this to say:

"ummm. My dad said he'd get me a YBox 720 if I did this. Its been great so far- the office and pal√° and everything. I get to work next to dad's, but the desk is like as big as mine is at school and like way shorter *gesticulating."

Bobby noted some problems however:

"Yeah my friends at school keep teasing me now. They ask me stuff about Senior mister Primo sir, and if he's ever asked me to go inside closets with him or something. I don't really know what they mean since he's always busy but he's like really friendly and stuff. He gave me a wink and the "like" hand- you know, the thing with the thumb going up- but then some photo guys went wild with the pics and people started shouting. The secret service guys started grabbing cameras and I think one of them got pepper-sprayed. It was hilarious like in a tv show or something. I have a video, wanna see?"

Both primeal spokesperson Vilar and the Secret Service chief have declined to comment on the incident.

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Domestic News


December 2, 2017- 6:00 PM IST


-Plebiscite reveals positive Iverican opinion, COMELEC review declares the Ultramariano Local Referendum as valid

PORTO CAVESPRE, ISLA CAVESPRE- The mood here quickly gained positive momentum as Ultramarianos woke to the results of the Iverican Plebiscite on the Ultramares question. The results of yesterday's polling proved that a landslide 95.7% of Ivericans agreed with the idea of integrating the small archipelago of Las Islas Ultramares.

The amendment for integration, one which will make a significant addendum to the Iverican constitution, continues the slow and perilous battle through referrals with both the Constitutional Attorney Committee and the specially created "Integration Committee" at the same time.

In the long and quiet lulls between legislative process highlights, a national plebiscite taking place around schools and voting centres around Iverica from the dates of November 30th to December 1st was conducted by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) on Executive Order Authority, provided many of the Members of Chamber with popular pressure and motivation to expedite and hopefully--pass the amending bill.

This plebiscite comes timely, as the COMELEC Review Board dispatched to investigate the validity of the Ultramariano's local referendum, had released its findings in a public statement a few days ago, November 28th. The review stated that the electoral procedure and authenticity of votes were "sound and valid", giving both people and Chamber peace of mind to continue with the legislation.

For a final answer--Ivericans will just have to sit and wait for Chamber and Ministry to shake hands and finally stamp the bill.




Domestic News


December 2, 2017- 4:00 PM IST


-paramilitary raid descends on neighbourhood after gathering suspicious "CoD" activity

TOLEDO, NOU STILLE- Saturday afternoon in a quiet suburban neighbourhood, 16-year-old Georgio Dias was settling down for a day of action and flying bullets from his Ybox 720. The last thing he expected was for the action to knock down his basement door.

When the Guardia Civil's special response unit arrived in force, they were taking no chances. Just like in Georgio's game, the team of trained operators took positions around his house and threw flash grenades through the windows before kicking doors down-- a tactic which succeeded in traumatising Dias' house cat.

When the smoke had cleared, the unit had not arrested any @The Hellenic Russian terrorists, but rather, found themselves with a hand-cuffed, shell-shocked, and terrified-to-tears teen detained during a "live stream".

According to a Guardia report filed later in the day, several tip-offs from anonymous sources pointed their intel section at an online chatroom which contained a number of highly-explicit conversations which bore a resemblance to terrorist plots. Apparently, the teen had been using the abbreviated "CoD" to refer to the popular "first-person shooter" video game "Company of Duty"-- which was promptly interpreted as the Homeland Security's designation for the "Circle of Death" terror organisation.

Various messages of "Killstreaks", "Kill-to-Death Ratios", and "planting the bomb" set-off many alarms in the Guardia's intelligence apparatus. However, the final straw was when the chatroom lit up with messages stating that Georgio was "ready to waste some n******".


Georgio has since been acquitted of any terrorism charges, but now faces time in a youth detention facility for possession of "ludicrous" quantities of banned smelling salts.



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Domestic News


Iverican Flag Carrier Rebrands

December 6, 2017- 5:00 PM IST

ALTARIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Porto Altaria-- Iverican Flag Carrier, PeninsulAire, unveiled its latest move to rebrand in a grand event held at the prestigious AIA Terminal 1. Operating since the early 1930's, PeninsulAire only acquired the rights and position as flag carrier after they had merged with Altaria Airlines (ALTAIR), pushing them securely ahead of their Manille-based domestic competitor, Argis Airways. 

In a stunning show, two @Andallan SK-7s, and two @Prymontian Slankstråle served as the main event, landing in quick succession showcasing the new tail and fuselage branding in four schemes. While both aircraft are used widely by PeninsulAire on long-haul routes, the airline has expressed much interest in @Fleur de Lysian options in recent years, likely attracted by growing number of Iverican passengers willing to fly long distance in First and Business classes.

PeninsulAire CEO, Januario Gavina had stated many times during the event that the airline was indeed planning to expand its luxury options--tacitly suggesting that the airline is leaning towards a Lysian fleet, or at least, a flight division, in the near future. However, many reviewers say that while the rebranding and new motto of "there, in flair" is both catchy and aesthetically pleasing, it may come across as, "snobbish" or "pretentious". Whether or not such criticism will put any lasting dents in their sales figures, Iverica's flag carrier will just have wait and see.

I'm Maria Estancia, for Iverica One.





OOC: you'll never guess which part of my flag the logo looks like

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International News


December 12, 2017- 1:00 AM IST



For your own safety, please evacuate to the nearest Iverican embassy, consulate, or @Prymontian border station. Your safety under Ahranian sovereignty can no longer be guaranteed by the Crown. It is the Foreign Ministry's prerogative to process and evacuate you and your families to the nearest sanctuary.

Should any Ahranian or rebel personnel belay your evacuation, please present your passport and relevant papers for examination with due courtesy. Under no circumstances are you to surrender these documents to non-Iverican authority.

The Fuersas L'Aire has been fully mobilised to provide relief and evacuation from all airports and airfields sanctioned by the Ahranian government. 

Your loved ones in the Peninsula await your safe return.


INBC IVERICA- In a stunning and rapidly developing situation, the Ambassador to @Ahrana has used given powers as highest ranking Executive Ministry Representative in Ahrana to enact "A State of Emergency" for Ivericans residing within the Kingdom. According to reports from the newly re-established SATCOMM link, the order was sent last week to all FM and AM radio receivers around the country. Unfortunately, the bombings around Moskovo had critically damaged the embassy's communications infrastructure so much that both this warning and the condolence letters sent by Primo Deitorr and his Ministry to the Royal Family had been unable to be forwarded electronically.

According to the brave and dedicated INBC corespondents relaying this news via Satphone, these messages had to be relayed by several Republican Marine runners, four of which were shot by "stray fire" and killed, with another two currently missing in action.

In a hasty and badly connected video call, Ambassador Biel Soley related the embassy's terrible predicament. In the background of the video call, lights were flickering, and dust regularly poured from the ceiling as distant explosions and gunfire could be heard.

"We need immediate evacuation. The Marine security have been engaging unknown contacts these past two days! We don't know whether they're looters, rebels, or..."

*muffled vibrations followed by static*

"Our emergency provisions can't last much longer. We tried contacting the Ahranians for assistance but our comms went down almost a week ago! We dispatched runners but six of them haven't returned and-" *static*

"Repairing the hardlines is impossible, none of the Marines sent out could find a solution. They even took fire from an unknown source! We've only just managed to get this SATCOMM working again and-" *static*

"I have one-hundred and twenty-four civilians here plus my own staff. If we don't get some support soon, we-"

*Transmission cuts*  

The Primo and the Foreign Ministry are currently attempting contact with the Ahranian Royal Government for possible permission to intervene on the behalf of the stranded civilians.

More on this grim situation as it develops.

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Domestic News


January 3, 2017- 4:00 PM IST


-After a lengthy process spanning nearly three months, the amendment to the Iverican Constitution integrating "Las Islas Ultramares" has finally passed the Parliament.

C√ĀMRA NASIONAL BLDG., INTREIMOR-¬†The results of the second cameral assembly on the "Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 103" (R3-CAB-103) could not have been given a cheerier response. After months of fighting in the committees, slugging in the subcommittees, and nearly failing¬†the First Executive Ministry Review, the answer to integrate the Ultramares is finally on its last leg.

CAB 103, in a comfortable chamber majority, scored 500 votes "Aye", to 7 abstain, and 5 "Nay"--becoming the 16th amendment to the Iverican Constitution. It is expected to be signed into order in the following days by Primo Franso Deitorr and his Executive Ministry.

The reaction in the capital seems to be generally positive with a few scattered doubts and some citizens having evidently lost interest in the topic, likely thanks to the inordinate amount of time the amendment spent wallowing in what the Chamber calls "Subcommittee Hell".

As for the Ultramarianos around the archipelago, the mood seems to be a long-awaited sigh of satisfaction, owing to the expected employment opportunities, market outflow, and market influx to the islands quaint economy.

Already, insider sources in the ExecMin are buzzing about the four-way cooperation between the Commerce, Foreign Development, Public Works, and Home Ministries said to be in the works for an infrastructure, economic and administrative plan aiming for efficient and prosperous integration.

Bringing you the good news straight from our nation's capital, I'm Sandra Peralta, for Iverica One.


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Domestic News


January 7, 2017- 7:00 PM IST 


-Previously seeking refuge in @Prymont, the last Ivericans fleeing the situation in @Ahrana have arrived on home soil.

Porto L'Norte International Airport, Galicia-  Today marks a final joyous reunion with the remaining few Ivericans displaced by the civil strife in Ahrana. Tears and strong embraces went around as family and friends greeted the final dozen to complete their identification processing in New Halsham. 

After months of waiting and extra security checks, the displaced staff of the Iverican embassy in Moskovo and their immediate kin accompanying them were finally cleared last night for a flight home. Special Security Office (SSO) Spokesperson Manuel Herrera issued an official statement saying that "since the spread of terrorist activity in the Canamo region, the SSO has been receiving reliable and frightening reports of terrorist operatives and affiliates crossing borders disguised as refugees". The SSO and Homeland Security Office (HSO) have since tightened checks of immigrants and returning citizens from the so-called "Potential Threat Regions".

¬†Critics are generally positive of the administration's immediate and reassuringly heavy response as a move which certainly expediated and secured well-being. However, many in the Opposition cite an unnecessarily costly, and provocative use of force.¬†Operation Paloma¬†as the evacuation was dubbed, cost an approximate ÍĚě45 Million in fuel, relief, transport, and miscellaneous fees. Furthermore, critics add that the operation needn't have used as much force in the form of Special Forces, Air Superiority Fighters, and other heavily armed elements to complete the mission objectives. One called it:¬†

"An incredibly expensive and mastur*atory use of military assets. It was undiplomatic, overtly aggressive, and fiscally irresponsible. Neither the taxpayer nor the international community needs the Iverican state ham-fistedly using a wrecking ball for a ball peen hammer's job"  

Pundits on the other side of the aisle have been quick to point out that:

"Only a half-wit would use a ball peen hammer to knock walls down."

They further asserted that the opposing arguments were widely twisting the narrative "like a pair of over-wrung lingerie", by giving figures which are speculative and unfairly representative. According to the Fiscal Office, these figures given by the opposition "would already include accounts for housing, upkeep, and healthcare for the displaced".

Regardless of the newer, more stringent border measures, the political cockfighting, and the international implications, the mood remains one of general relief. Primo Franso Deitorr, along with dozens of other Iverican families, sent open letters of deep gratitude to officials in @Prymont for both offering temporary asylum, accommodation, and steadfast cooperation throughout the entire ordeal. Because of these combined efforts, families and the concerned waiting anxiously at home can now, for the first time in months, rest easy beside their loved ones.

I'm Anita Gamboa, for INBC's Iverica One.


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January 19, 2018

-Cost of production for heavy industry to fall, say projections. Industry expects good fiscal year


Toledo, Nou Stillia- Expectations of higher oil supply and lower cost per volume are putting optimistic airs on in business capitals like Toledo, Manille, and Altaria. Previously, a lower supply of oil and high demand prevenented manufactured goods from being produced at an optimal cost. With the private sector now having a secure vein for oil at its price equilibrium, the manufacturing sector is projected to see growth. This development places two issues that the forefront of the Iverican Manufacturing Sector's sights: Labour wages and Exports. 

Unions and lobby groups have been pushing Chamber (Parliament) and big business leadership for a rise in labour wages. Among the cited reasons are the predicted income tax hike owing to the speculation of the Deitorr Administration's probable overspending on foreign aid and subsidies issued to the Public-Private Partnership Office's (P3O)Commerical Infrastructure Programme. Defenders of the administration are quick to respond to this rationale, using similar projections which hold that the yields from progressive public-private programmes enacted since the beginning of Deitorr's term in 2014 would offset the tax increases through rising incomes across the spectrum. While evidence of the administration's policy has borne fruit on some occasions, namely the rising income of workers in the consumer electronics sector, across the board in the service industry, and the multi-media industries, it has yet to impact Iverica's second largest demographic of labourer--those within the lower echelons of the Heavy Industries. As to whether this stroke of fortune in oil price will trickle down to the middle class, will depend on how well the P3O handles the stakes.

Meanwhile, economists around the Tricontinental area are taking guesses at whether the foreign markets will capitalise on this warm-front in Iverican Manufacturing. The trifecta of @Prymont's KAP, @Andalla's Skandinavisk A/S and @Variota's Altvarna have long topped the scales within the Iverican Free Economic Zones, this new turn of events puts prices for renting or purchasing additional production infrastructure at the lowest its been in the decade. Local conglomerate, Toledo Group is doubling down on its assets and holdings, already having acquired the assets of several smaller businesses since the beginning of the fiscal year. Other corporations have followed suit, eager to take advantage of the lower production costs in the face of an emerging global consumer market.

Some such as CEO of ARX Arms, Guillermo Spano, remain skeptical of what is now being dubbed as "The MANA (Manufacturing Asset) Rush", saying that this could be "bank for Heavy Industry, but bubble for start-ups and R&D firms", on the reasoning that, "only the biggest manufacturers would make significant profit from increasing their production with such purchases, and then only if export demands exist at the given period". Still, a few Altarian start-ups large enough to cover the capital have already begun expanding facilities to take full advantage of what looks to be a 5-8% (at the least) cut in production costs. Who and even if these ventures benefit, shall remain to be seen in the coming years.

I'm Economic Correspondent Sean Corran, for Iverica One.



-Iverican Craft Beer drinkers create foreign demand. Beer industry enjoying bumper sales, imports profiting from widespread demand.


Sant Bastién, Argon- Party goers and beer enthusiasts here at one of the peninsula's most popular tourist destinations have been running local craft taps dry. As Craft Beer enjoys a wider popularity and sales around the nation, beer lovers from all demographics have expanded their tastes to the more exotic Spice Beer from Jerboa Brewing, @Kaitaine. 

*Transition to interview with obviously inebriated 20-something hipster* 

"Its like, spiced. Ya know? Like. You can really get the umm- spices and stuff. Its sooooo different man. You gotta try this [expletive censor], some good [expletive censor]."

*Transition to over-weight foreigner*

"Eughhh!!! What the [expletive censor] is this crap? It tastes like old lady, someone get me a Crud Lite"

*Transition to slightly less inebriated 20-something beach-goer*

"In the past, people generally saw craft beer lovers as pretentious 20-somethings with too much money, too much snobbery, and too little sense. Its not like that at all, well for many of us at least. I like this stuff because it isn't some ammonia-smelling piss lager from @Jilderen. Is it snobbery to not like crap? Its like food, some people are fine with McDonny's, others like ordering from nicer places on occasion."

*Transition to better dressed white-collar banking lady*

"Hmm *agitates beer with finesse*, good head retention, fine deep amber colour, smells of- *sniffs delicately*, strong cinnamon, strangely lacking the stale odour of the "spice"... nutmeg (?)... aaaand a slight hoppy citrus with stone fruits and liquorice. *drinks (delicate gulp, not sip)* ... *swallow*... ahh. Nice body, medium to light, moderate carbonation... got a few jabs from the barley they used, but altogether not unpleasant with the "spice" teasing in the first touch to the finish. Pleasant dry finish--evaporates like the deserts of Kaitaine. Overall an 8 out of 10, not bad for a big brew."

With demand set to plateau by next year, brewers foreign and domestic are all gunning for excellent brand recognition and familiarity by the end of the quarter. Noting the high standard for craft in tourist spots like Sant Bastién, producers will be facing some tough standards to beat with their upcoming brews.




-Iverican Civil Maritime Authority investigating crew and records from CF Claridad. "We want the greatest possible assurance that Iverican crews maintain the highest standard of seafaring. If the culpability is Iverican, we shall prosecute them with the appropriate and strict measures"


Meda, Orioni-  After the news maritime incident covered by local Orionii News Agency, Medani Monitor, reached the Iverican Government's Civil Maritime Authority Office (CIMAO), spokespersons of the superior Ministry of Marine and Air Transport were quick to launch domestic inquiries with the shipping corporation the CF Claridad was registered under and is making inquiries with @Orionii authorities for possible cooperation with any ongoing investigation.

The incident occurred off the coast of the city of Meda, with culpability for the collision being currently unclear and under investigation by both authorities. When approached for an update, the CIMAO officials had this to say:

"We offer our sincerest condolences to the @Miirosi, @Orionii, and all other victims of this maritime tragedy. It is currently unclear as to with whom culpability lies. We can assure the families of those aboard the Claridad, that their loved ones are alive, and currently receiving treatment covered by company insurance. We are overseeing their care and treatment with the utmost attention and wish them a speedy recovery. We can also offer information that the Claridad did, in fact, sustain extensive damage--having developed a serious list to the port-side bow, and will likely be scuttled to create a new reef around the affected area, but away from any oil spills."

More on this as it develops. This been INBC's foreign correspondent, Ian Torralba, for Iverica One.


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International News


January 24, 2017- 1330 IST 


-Pal√° officially announces Tricontinental Treaty, a charter to form a defence alliance among allies in the Argic, Thalassan, and Alharun areas.

PAL√Ā DEI PRIMO, INTREIMOR-¬†An official statement was made today by Primeal Spokesperson¬†Bernat Villar, concerning the following stage in what has become a series of light multilateral conferences by assorted heads of state armed forces from nations around the Tricontinental Region such as the Commonwealth of¬†@Andalla, the Federal Republic of¬†@Girkmand, the United States of¬†@Prymont, and Het Huisselant¬†@Variota

The conferences, having been discrete, unannounced affairs were the press was concerned, had been taking place since the third quarter of last year, 2017. When approached for comment, Corregidor High Command simply issued a brief statement in August 29th of 2017, quote:

"The nature of the conferences concern mutual national security and do explore the strong possibility of cooperation between our long-time trading partners around the three continents. Since the issues discussed are sensitive and concern on-going matters of security and unfolding situations, it is necessary for the safety of those involved, for the military authorities of Iverica and other stakeholders to maintain a level of information confidentiality for operational security. Should any developments concern the public and the legislatures of the involved governments, the assembled authorities have agreed to make these matters transparent as soon as it is safe and appropriate."

Since the release of this initial statement, follow up statements have been made by Iverican and foreign military authorities which have loosely hinted that a plan for greater cooperation of armed forces was on the agenda. Though military cooperation had been expected, speculation as to the full extent of this ranged from standardised arms agreements to joint-exercises--it has still come as a surprise to many that not one, but a great majority of these possibilities summed into one agreement--of which the full details and articles have yet to be released.

So far, Corrgeidor High Command has only released an introductory document outlining the substantive nature of the organisation, its legal articles, and some potential projects. What is considered is a mutual-defence treaty with goals of unitary "bloc" responses against acts of aggression, plans for future joint-research and development, as well as projections for fiscal requirements needed by such multi-partite body.

The mood in the capital is generally lukewarm and divided. Some half-heartedly site the strain on taxpayers, while proponents more strongly cite the recent rise in terrorist and imperialist threats around the region as reason enough to form a strong response. 

Where this will go next, is anyone's guess. I'm Sandra Peralta, for Iverica One



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