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[OOC] The Giant Awakens

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So, it been a (long) while. After some years of turning inward, Akiiryu is returning to the world stage. As some of the older hands know, this means interesting times for Europa are ahead. To call Akiiryians prickly and honour obsessed is an understatement. You've all been warned. LOL.

IC topic: http://www.europans.com/topic/4362-it-begins/

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If I recall you previously held a position of RP mod. As such, I expect you won't need much guidance on realism and rules.

For you return, I have un-archived your old factbook. You can consult it here and make any edits you find necessary. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=1402

Do you have any idea of how to RP this re-awakening? For example, a few years ago, I presented the storyline of elections as an explanation of my absence. See: http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4030

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Whichever you feel most comfortable with. I have been told by others that the scale of these forums can be jarring. Take some time to review what's happened these past 10 years.

An easy approach is continuing the Akiiryan News Network. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=1274

Another easy path is reviewing your input of the almighty spreadsheet. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4259 Comments can be added to each cell via the "insert comment" button. Someone with edit rights will process them later.

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