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Republic of Burgundy-Brabant

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Hello, I am Senator Gaius, official representative of the august Republic of Burgundy-Brabant. Pleased to meet you all. My nation is a democracy, but only those with property can vote, and only the very rich can stand for election. But the great thing is even poor people can rise high, so it's all good!

Look forward to seeing more of our neighbours!


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Pies and potheads and sticks, oh my! XD


Anywho, we of the Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes (Tribes coming together for the good of the common individual person) welcome you to the region of Europa. Mind the pies(or lack, thereof), mind the potheads(they eat everything else), and watch the sticks(fake or not, they hurt).

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Following the advice of the Piemakers Union, the senate of Burgundy-Brabant will not take up the challenge laid down by the Mongol-Swedes, as we are currently preparing pies for the Memorial Feast to the 27 journalists killed in the Senate Hous Massacre earlier this week.

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