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[OOC] Sa Hara claims coastline

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So I was thinking of expanding Sa Hara towards the sea in the south. One of my cities is a port city, so it makes sense to be connected to the sea. With the old map rules, I had more than enough posts to do so. But the new rules force me to come up with a story for it.

So I was thinking of taking a cue from Saddam and claiming the coastline as always having been a territory of Sa Hara. It is where the holy sites of Sufism are located. And as only true protector of Islamic faith, the Supreme Leader will take this as a rightful casus belli.

I expect there to be some opposition from the international community. We should discuss this here.

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Well, you still have a condemnation coming for being involved with that terrorism in Afropa. We really didn't like our embassy being attacked. Claiming some oil-rich coastal areas will certainly prompt a response. Then again, we don't want to upset the oil price.

Anyone else wanna join?

As for the map claim. I think you already asked for this a long time ago. And I remember also having to add your capital city.

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Miiros would welcome the reunification of Sa Hara, and be happy to help invest in the energy infrastructure of the region and to provide private security contractors to protect said investment. The best way would be to allow the expertise and experience of the Consortium's leading energy multinationals a solid foothold in the region. tongue.gif

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@Miiros Your support for our claim will be noted. There are opportunities for shareholders to invest.

@Orioni True. My capital is not on the map. You can place Khwarezm right between the "Sa" and "Hara", just about on that second color level.


I hope you can enjoy my writing, even it is contains a lot of words you might not be familiar with.


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@Sa Hara How far exactly would this claim stretch? Reviewing the plot sizes on our map v3, the plot directly to your south encompasses the entire coastline between Afropa almost all the way to @Novanya .


Edit: What I'll do is mark the zone as "Disputed" until your RP is finished. I have done something similar to the islands north of @Sunset Sea Islands .

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Quick update on this story. I just published an update. I know I'm jumping through several hoops here. I wanted to write some deeper stories. But time and stuff got in the way. Realistically I want to have the Sa Haran flag waving over Makkah by Friday. You can compare it to Saddam invading Kuwait. He only needed 2 days to accomplish this. I am planning 5 days. Resistance will be limited. The people of Siwa are addicted to Dzaïr News so they have been fed the same lies about their weak and incompetent leadership. So keep in mind this is my official expansion RP.

@Orioni Yes the entire southern coast as you can see on this older map.

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Invasion of Siwa is complete. http://www.europans.com/topic/4417-securing-our-holy-coast/?do=findComment&comment=40006115 I see there is no opposition from anyone. So I don't expect any drama after the fact.

@Derthalen You said you supported my claim. Feel free to officially recognise this expansion. Maybe say the new governor is the only acceptable partner.

@Orioni Can you please update my nation on the map?

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Sorry but the story has some serious holes for me. You're sabre rattling while they do not mobilize or anything (in reality any nation would mobilize it's forces after an attack, especially one close to a holy site), you are invading a piece of land about as large (wild guesstimate) as your nation but somehow do it in only a few days? Your army needs to secure the land, men have to stay behind to keep it secure etc. which will take much longer. Kuwait isn't really comparable as Kuwait is tiny in comparison to Iraq and really just in general.


Are you on discord? We could discuss the issues and such there.

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Hey @Variota . I was expecting this. Someone to comment only after I have made my moves. That's ok. I get your points. Let me address each of them.

Sabre rattling. I'm going for media manipulation and civil unrest in Siwa. Unhappy with the ruling elite. Feeling oppressed. Seeing Sa Hara as the savior. For all intents and purposes, the Makkah bombing might as well have been plotted by Sa Hara, just to have an excuse for invading liberating. 

Land size. The area is unclaimed. I am RPing this because it is fun to do. The area is comparable to Arabia. Flat. Some highways. Not much cities. My main targets for takeover are the holy sites (Makkah and Madinah) and the capital city (Siwa City). In size the areas may look the same. Size isn't everything. Tunisia is tiny with 11 million, while Libya is massive with only 6 million. But I'm RPing as a stronger nation absorbing a weaker neighbour.

Enemy mobilisation. I don't know what kind of military forces there are in Siwa, since I'm making this up as I go along. Commandos to disable the communication infrastructure. Cripple the air forces with bombing runs. A rush of mobile infantry along existing highways. Sure there will be rebels for many months, maybe even years.

Victory conditions. Supreme Leader Rohas is a propagandist. He likes to exaggerate things. The invasion is far from finished. Hoisting a flag (or a banner with "Mission Accomplished") does not mean the fighting is over. Rohas is a dictator who needs to show his strength from time to time. Whether or not the international community believes him is optional.

Now: what exactly do you think I should add to improve this?

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Honestly, no real point responding before you make your moves because it could have easily been that you were planning on the invasion stalling etc. And seeing as you're not on discord, it makes it harder to just shoot a quick question off. Anyway, are you planning on keeping your population or expanding it with the people there? How many people would the area have? Do you plan on expanding the RP with posts about the post-invasion 'clean-up'? Or perhaps news articles about it? As the area is a bit like Arabia, I would imagine there'd be insurgent groups popping up as the various villages and such would allow for relative operational ease for these group. Try to blend in with the populace (I'd imagine a large amount of citizens owning a firearm anyway) and then strike on a patrol and such. Also, don't forget the economic pains, as I'm sure the area would still need rebuilding and getting in line with Sa Hara standards and such.

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Thanks for that @Variota . Those are some good ideas. I can continue this for a few weeks longer. But in the end I just want to get a nation that is no longer landlocked.

Public reason for this invasion liberation is "securing our Holy coast" as the title suggests. Siwa's incompetence leads to mismanagement of the holy site and discontent. What the general public thinks, is of little matter. They can either fall in line or disappear in the night. Sa Haran secret police know which elements they need to get rid of first.

Secret reason for the liberation invasion is future development of the Siwan offshore oil reserves. Existing assets will become nationalised. I'll write that into the story. We already produce oil. Now we will produce more. Western nations will let us because we allow the oil to flow. Perhaps you were never happy with the Siwan price increase anyway. I can see this is a story hole that should be plugged. This could be part of the post-invasion cleanup. Also, the police of Free Siwa will need improved weapons. That's an opportunity for other nations to come sell us their stuff.

Insurgents could potentially come from the east past Makkah. There are mountains there. I don't know what @Afropa will do. He's got his own conflict to deal with. Keep in mind that the population is of the same ethnic Arab background. More like brothers or cousins instead of neighbours. If the post-invasion economy booms, the people will be happy. Insurgency could also be part of something tribal, depending who is rewarded for joining the new regime of Free Siwa.

Population. 62 million in Sa Hara. I estimate Siwa at 8,7 million.

  • 1.7 million (Siwa City)
  • 1.5 million (Makkah)
  • 1.2 million (Madinah)
  • 4.3 million elsewhere

If I reduce Sa Hara to 53 million before adding Siwa, I can keep the same total number of 62 million. This would mean a population increase of 16%.

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Ok so a quick update.

I've chatted with @Variota and a few things are now more clear to me. I'm also looking into perhaps arranging an arms deal. But we'll have to figure out how that could work. I already wrote about the new police forces that will need to be reorganised to work in this larger nation. Of course any arms deals depend on getting some form of international recognition. I'm also looking at @Derthalen for a helping hand here.

Also: Sa Hara is now no longer landlocked. That means we can start shipping more oil. I know @Miiros wanted to make a deal there. No scruples that guy.

In an international context I keep following what is going on in @Afropa . We agreed that I'd be the bad guy and sponsor the VLA to destabilise his nation. With an international coalition arriving from @Iverica  and @Cristina  it's not clear to me how those additional soldiers will influence my plans.

Edit: Variota suggested I could send 'advisers' to support the VLA. I like this idea. If these are unofficial volunteers I have strong deniability of government involvement.

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@Derthalen Thanks for your news story. I've made reference to it.

@Variota So the exiled Sultan of Siwa will mount a resistance. Some guerilla or rebellion. A loyalist insurgency might happen. You are welcome to sell weapons to both sides. I imagine the Sultan still has a lot of money stowed away in offshore bank accounts. Maybe @Andalla or @Sunset Sea Islands can become our version of the Cayman Islands? Or @Magnaeus .

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On offshore bank accounts.

  • Pretty sure @Sunset Sea Islands is looking to slowly turn into a surveillance state, generally those aren't the ones that you'd pick for an offshore account (and yes, that information isn't known IC'ly as far as I know but it'd make sense to pick a place for offshore bank accounts that can be used for a while in the future, if need be).
  • @Andalla seems like a reasonable choice, especially as it holds the benefit of being on a different continent, thus lowering the pressure that Europan nations and your government could put on them.
  • @Iverica also seems like a solid choice with Altaria (pretty sure an 'everything goes' island would also have 'everything goes' banks) or of course myself, Het Huisselant has a lot of money that comes from things like gambling, 'grey market' trade (legal in Variota, illegal in the destination), weapon deals, that sort of thing so generally speaking, we'd also be a place where you could stash away money without it becoming a problem.
  • @Magnaeus also seems like a solid choice but would also have a greater chance of getting the funds discovered due to relative proximity and such. Much easier for your nation to seek out and put pressure on monetary funds located close by, so to say.
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@Sa Hara,

Banking in one of my cities, Altaria will be perfect for your needs as @Variota mentioned. The city sits on its own administrative district, where the authorities are far less scrupulous with regards to ethics and international hoohah. A person with significant wealth could get away with anything there and privacy is of prime, near inviolable importance.

Aside from the shameless plugging, I must admit that while Altaria would be great for your ehrm "accounts", it might be a bit awkward given the situation we are currently in with the VLA. On the other hand, it might also be a good opportunity for people to sling controversy and mud at my administration, which I wouldn't mind facing.

Bit of info on my factbook in the signature link below. Also @Cristina, using your hometown as image for "Porto Altaria". Hope you don't mind :)

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Kidding, but seriously, sorry about this absence. It'll take a bit of time to catch up with stuff. I have several things on my Europa to-do list already, so I'll have to put this somewhere at the end... Again, sorry.

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On 14/11/2017 at 3:33 PM, Variota said:

@Magnaeus also seems like a solid choice but would also have a greater chance of getting the funds discovered due to relative proximity and such. Much easier for your nation to seek out and put pressure on monetary funds located close by, so to say.

Nobody is getting nothing out of our data infrastructure. Security and discretion are priceless assest of the Magnean reputation. So please consider the Richüz Insurance Group as your priviliged partner for any financial transactions.

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