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EOS Antargic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan


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🇲🇰 EOS Antargic Territory

The EOS Antargic Territory (EOSAT) is a sector of Antargis managed by EOS as an Overseas Condominium, of which it is by far the largest by area. It comprises a wedge-shaped region that extends to the South Pole, neighbouring the Antargic AOR of the TCSI-ISTC.

The EOS Antargic Strategy sets out EOS' multinational Antargic interests and our vision for EOS's future engagement in Antargis. It recognises EOS's strong scientific interests in Antargis and the Antargic Ocean and sets out actions to support these over 20 years.

Key actions that EOS will deliver are:

  1. A new world-class research and resupply Antargic icebreaker.
  2. New and stable funding to support an active ARTHA programmes.
  3. Establish EOS's position of scientific leadership in Antargis by constructing a permanent base and settlement.
  4. Strengthen the Antargic Treaty system and our influence in it, by building and maintaining strong and effective relationships with other Antargic Treaty nations through our international engagement.

Under the 20 Year Action Plan the Entente is committing to the most significant package of measures ever developed by a multinational organisation to build EOS's role as a leader in Antargis.

  1. Understanding, protecting and conserving Antargis and the Antargic Ocean is in the interests of all mankind.
  2. The EOS Quorum is committed to protecting EOS' interests in Antargis and maintaining EOS leadership.
  3. This Action Plan sets out actions to support ournational interests in Antargis over the next 20 years, setting targets for year one, year two, year five and year 10.
  4. In addition to the actions listed, this plan will provide a roadmap to guide EOS investment in this vast and unique continent.
  5. Through this Action Plan, the Government is committing to the most significant package of measures ever developed by an EOS Government to build EOS' role as a leader in Antargis.
  6. The Action Plan is staged to achieve and assess progress against the EOS Antargic Strategy.

With the scientific and operational capability delivered through the EOS Antargic Strategy and the 20 Year Action Plan, EOS will be well-placed to lead environmental stewardship in the region and address the major scientific challenges of the next few decades. The Antargic Strategy will ensure Antargis remains "valued, protected and understood".



🇲🇰 Miiros

🇲🇰 Orioni


In absentia,

Bainbridge Islands
Nan Gorwaith

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How sad that the EOS members have dwindled so. However, this is as good a time as ever to tell everyone that the Eurofuhrerian National Science Academy has established a research station, airstrip, and shipping locks for travel in a spot right below the continent of Aurelia. This station and port will merely serve as a junction for some ships and planes travelling to the continents of Marenesia and Thalassa. All profits from these spots will go towards our science academy for further scientific advancement. We hope we can share peace and prosperity on this new continent, and discover many exciting things together. Hopefully, this can be the beginning of fruitful relations between our two economically and scientifically advanced countries. Antargic Slavia is the official name of our settlement. I hope we can pay a visit.


Cordial Greetings,


Chairman of Antargic Slavia Research,

Boris Teodosic

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(OOC @The Eurofuhrer: Where exactly can we read your roleplay of creating this station in Aurelia? If it's not written somewhere then it doesn't exist yet. I look forward to having this closer cooperation.)

EOS HQ island
Tamurin Sea

Sir Pipkin felt proud to be part of yet another great moment of EOS' history. He had even prepared a short speech. A stagehand pointed at him, signalling to exact moment for him to go on stage. Or perhaps 'roll on stage' was a better term to describe it. He took a sip of water, smiled his iconic smile, and spoke into the microphone.

user posted image

"EOS has inherited a proud legacy from generations of Orinese expeditioners. A legacy of heroism, scientific endeavour and environmental stewardship. This includes a profound and significant connection with Antargis. Today, we follow in their footsteps."

"The EOS Antargic Territory occupies a unique place in our global identity. Antargis is of great importance to EOS, and the Antargic science program will become one of our most iconic and enduring shared endeavours."

"Antargis is an extreme and hostile environment. Providing new operational funding is critical to enable Antargic operations safely and efficiently. Modern and effective Antargic operations and logistics capabilities are the lifeline of EOS' activities and presence in Antargis."

"Orioni will bring EOS' Antargic presence and science into the next generation through the launch of a new world-class icebreaker, creation of inland traverse capability, preliminary work to develop year-round aviation access and establishing Antargic science infrastructure."

"The icebreaker represents the biggest single investment by Orioni in the Antargic program. Reliable access to Antargis and a modern, sophisticated and multidisciplinary science platform in the Antargic Ocean is essential to EOS' scientific research and leadership in Antargis. The efficient and effective use of the new icebreaker will be maximised by the delivery of associated infrastructure in Antargis."

"Delivery of an overland traverse capability with associated ice core drilling and mobile research station infrastructure will enable Orioni to take a lead role in major research projects including the search for a million year ice core."

"The EOS Antargic Strategy and its accompanying 20 Year Action Plan will guide Antargic engagement into the future and build on our past decade of leadership. It will ensure that Antargis remains valued, protected and understood."

Thank you,
Sir Andrew Pipkin
Foreign councillor of Orioni

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