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Arstotzka Naval Patrol!

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The Waters that surround Arstotzka for a full 500 km (310 miles) radius is patrolled without rest by the Arstotzka Imperial Navy or AIN for short. It is a common policy within AIN Security Patrol Doctrine that any ship that enters illegally (whether knowingly or not) into Arstotzka Territorial Waters, is to be reported, and then sunk if possible if the second condition cannot be met... then a ship awaits reinforcement, and then sink the trespasser.


An Average AIN Patrol Fleet is not really much of a fleet, in reality it only consists of a single destroyer; specifically a "King Crab" Class AIN Destroyer. A Multi-roll Destroyer, made to fulfil any and all roles that may or may not be needed from Anti-Submarine Combat, Anti-Air, Anti-Ship, to Anti-Missile Defense and more. It weighs in at 11,000 tons (even more when fully loaded, which personally places it dangerously close to being considered a cruiser instead of a destroyer). It's sensor, targeting and tracking range is approximately 375 km's (233 miles).


It is safe to say that any ship unlucky enough to come into contact with a King Crab Destroyer within Arstotzka Territorial Waters... tend to be found at the bottom of the sea.


This has been true for nearly a hundred years.


Until Today.


Today, Captain Radec makes history and it's only his first day in command. After 200 years, the AIN navy will not sink a ship found in their waters illegally.


The ship that shall avoid its untimely end was detected approximately 309 miles off the North East coast of Delta City, by the AIN King Crab Class Destroyer "Pathfinder." The Commanding Officer Captain Radec under strict orders from the Inquisitorial Administration and AIN HQ had to physically restrain himself from turning the unknown ship into scrap metal, and instead, sent a shortwave communique to the ship.


Unidentified Ship. You are trespassing within a Sovereign Nations Territorial Waters. I am Captain Radec of the AIN "Pathfinder", by my authority I command you to Cease further operation or be deemed hostile.


"Please be hostile" constantly played out within the Captains mind...


I repeat Unidentified Ship you are trespassing within the Glorious Meritocracy of Arstotzka's Territorial Waters. Cease further unsanctioned encroachment into our Territorial Waters or be fired upon. There will be no second warning. You have 10 minutes to respond.


He is obligated to give them a full 10 minutes to respond.


Then he can blow em up.

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Onboard the destroyer Forward In His Light

Sir, a local vessel has been detected by our Auger, it appears to be attempting to warn us away. Should we start jamming Vox and destroy them?


No, the Inquisitors are not away. Tell them over Vox that we will leave their waters, but first we would like to meet with them. Maybe we can have the Inquisitors sneak aboard their ship.

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The Communique from the Unknown ship was begrudgingly accepted. As Captain Radec could simply demand them leave... but considering his lack of veterancy, he was not fairly certain what his next action was, so it was better to relay a message to further up the chain of command. He sent orders to the unknown ship to retain its position, whilst he contacted a more suitable candidate to receive them.


A signal was sent out to nearby naval patrol of large agency; Fleet 107632, which consisting of 2 King Crab Destroyers, and a Patrol Cruiser AIN "Victory".


The "Victory" detailed to Captain Radec to stand down. Whilst the Commanding Officer of the Victory Captain Ishmael, would receive the now designated "Visitors to Arstotzka."


The "Victory" sent word to the unknown ship stating its intent to pull alongside themselves, and a representative of the Captain Ishmael would receive them on board under close watch of course... for security reasons.

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Onboard the destroyer Forward In His Light

The foreigners have signalled for us to maintain position while they pull alongside us. Apparently the new ship is called 'Victory'. Should we seize it?


No, we will maintain position and have let the Inquisitors board their ship once it gets close enough. We will head over and meet with them, and then leave once the Inquisitors are settled in. We will try to learn as much about them as possible.


Aye sir, I will go get my dress uniform.

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The "Victory" pulls up slowly alongside the unknown ship. Being of a significantly larger class of ship the "Victory" (although a lighter weight class then the King Crab...) towered over the unknown ship casting a shadow over it, this was part of a tactic to draw attention to the "Victory" instead of to other members of the Patrol Fleet, that now circled around the ship at a low speed, weapons not yet trained on the unknown ship... but still loaded.


The Victories Deck was made ready to receive guests... of a sort. Officers designated to receive the guests dressed in Ceremonial Arstotzka Officer Garb.


(Pictured Below)


user posted image


Moderately Armed Guards were also posted alongside the Officers.

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Onboard the destroyer Forward In His Light

Over Vox - Captain, this is Inquisitor Markon. We have prepared to infiltrate the enemy vessel and are standing by in the water; if we are to do this we will have to climb aboard on the vessel starts to pull away.


Over Vox - Acknowledged, we will meet with them and exchange pleasantries. May the Emperor guide you.


Despite the vessel's size, it was able to manoeuvre aptly alongside the Forward In His Light. As the ship pulled along side, a small contingent of sailors began firing a solute while in dress uniform, so as to greet the foreigners. After doing so, a gang way was lowered onto the deck.


Oboard the Victory's deck


In Great Burlington English - We are here on behalf of the Imperial Government of Derthalen, we bring unto you the Imperial Truth and a coal of friendship. Hopefully our countries will be able to establish a most beneficial relationship, and your people may one day learn to walk the path of the righteous.

I am Commander Rododusk of the Imperial Navy Vessel Forward In His Light; with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?

user posted image

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The Victory's Crew were well trained and professional. It easily avoided any unnecessary or dangerous movements that may have cause the ships to collide.


The Officers on board (to their best possible ability) respectfully welcomed the Derthalen Officers.


[Translated By An Officer Whom Spoke Great Burlington English] In the Name of the Lord High Administrator, I welcome you Honored Guests to the Glorious Territorial Waters of the Meritocracy of Arstotzka. I am Fredrick Heimer Adjutant First Class to Captain Abdalla Bodaway. Forgive us for the inhospitable reception made by our Comrades upon the AIN Pathfinder, we are not used to others visiting unannounced. My superior Officer Captain Bodaway awaits you in the meeting room. Me, My Fellow Officers and Honor Guard are to escort you to the Good Captain so you may convene and discuss whatever matters that bring you to our waters.


Heimer waves a hand and the Guards make way for the Commander and his choice men to descend into the interior of the ship.



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Inside the Victory's Interior

The commander and his officers were led inside the foreign vessel. Its interior being crude, and lacking the signs of proper reverence. After a few minutes of navigating the ship's cramped corridors, the Arstozkans led the Imperial delegation into a relatively comfortable meeting room.


In English - We would like to establish contact with your government, and would like for this to happen as quickly as possible. As such, we have prepared a packet of all relevant information about our country and people. That said, we would like to also take some of your people with us for questioning, would this be acceptable?


After that, we would be more than happy to receive a proper delegation from your government in our capital.

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The Victory was an old ship. It's weapons and engines were still up to par for the current generation of naval warships, but even the finest paint can't hide the tired look it held. Their were still signs of combat ushered all over the cramped hallways. Their is also a whirling sound echoing through the hallway's of the ship, and lights playing out in the darker sections of the ship.


Despite the important people entering the ship, the crew and like still went about their business albeit out of sight of the guests; but you can't hide the noise...


The meeting room was cleanly kept, and held only the Captain Bodaway as well as some other higher ranking Officers attending. They were discussing something silently but stopped as soon as the Derthalens entered the ship the chatter ceased.


Captain Bodaway was a very tall man, bald and well shaven face with a smile that never seems to leave his face, his skin was a deep shade of brown unlike his officers, he spoke in a jovial and otherwise heavily accented version of English in contrast to the Officer before whom had translated.


Greetings Friends. I am Captain of the AIN "Victory", Abdalla Bodaway. In the Name of the Lord High Administrator, I am honored with your presence here on my ship. We do not get many visitors and would be more than interested to begin opening relationships with anyone within the International Community.


The Captain takes hold of the information present to him... He flips through the intel presented to him, his fellows... sort of tore into the intel... metaphorically and literally, images were taken of the intel, several images of individual pages, sentences, words, and more, after the Captain feels he has a reasonable deduction of your people. He pulls out something from his pocket and places it upon the table of the meeting room sliding it over to his guests, on it reads in English "Glory Greatest Country of Arstotzka!"


"A Guide to a History of Greatness"


Then the Captain spoke in Derthalen... still with a deep hint of his original accent, but clearly and understandable.


In Arstotzka their a belief in fair trade (at least on paper). I thank you for the information given here... my people will greatly appreciate such interesting information.


The pictures images and the file are taken away into another room by an ensign. What happens to the files is anyone's guess.


I do not have the authority to approve of any diplomatic or otherwise agreements; its far above my pay grade. However I am capable of sending men with you to associate yourselves with our Glorious Nation. But in exchange for the Men of whom I send with you, my nation requests the same action of which you request of us. If this is acceptable to you; then I believe we are off to a very good start in our nations. That I hope you may find profitable.

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Inside the Victory's Interior

After mulling over the words, Commander Rododusk decided this would be a good arrangement. He nodded his affirmation before sending over Vox for some arms-men.


'You will need to be prepared to stay with them for sometime, it is likely that they might interrogate you for tactical information. Be on guard and watch out for drugs. Other than that, give them only light information.'


After receiving confirmation from his crew, he informed Heimar of the fact that his men would be boarding the ship. Other than some other basic exchanges of information, the Commander spent his time attempting to 'charm' the foreigners, and telling of the great cities of Derthalen. Specifically he spoke in length of his home city of Vyrd, one of the main ports for the Empire and one of the most prominent of the Free Cities. Its great spires, and deep bay lined with monumental forifications creating an awe inspiring image as a ship comes into port. Despite his best efforts though, he was unable to get the foreigners to reveal any useful information, and was not certain as to what they were thinking.


After finishing with his attempts at being diplomatic, he asked permission for he and his ship to leave and return to their country, as there seemed to be nothing left to discuss. In the back of his mind he wondered how the Inquisitors were doing.

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Captain Bodaway; relayed his intentions to Arstotzka Imperial Naval Command... Imperial Command gave the Captains decision their blessing. The Captain then took inventory of his men. His aides provided him with the necessary paperwork to make the best choice to send alongside the Derthalens.


Heimar made ready accommodations for the men. The "Victory" did not have much room in way places to rest or sleep, but it wasn't as if they were going to be sitting in this ship for very long. No... the Lord High Administrator had other plans for them. It was the duty of every citizen that those plans were fulfilled.


After exchanging men with the Derthalens, Captain Bodaway, gave his command to the other Arstotzkan ships to withdraw. He gave his permission to the Commander and his crew that they may leave Arstotzkan Water un-molested; adding:


May we meet again under better conditions!

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