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President Gerald Webb Sends Condolences To Those Affected By Typhoon Notai and Hurricane Aletta


President Gerald Webb sent his personal condolences to the victims of Typhoon Notai and Hurricane Aletta over Twitter.


user posted image


Aug 25th

Typhoon Notai caused over 400 flights to be cancelled as winds reached speeds of 192km/h (119 mph).


Several people have been injured and at least three casualties have been reported in the region of Bainbridge Islands. Clear-up operations have since begun.


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Sep 1st

Hurricane Aletta made landfall on the southern island of Kualoa, Rotuma.


user posted image


President Gerald Webb stated that federal relief efforts to the affected regions were "under negotiation" in a later interview.


-Travis Dice

3 Sept. 2017. Federal Herald.

Edited by The Federal Republic of Girkmand (see edit history)
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Sunset Sea Ad Agency




"I looked over my shoulder just as he was hit" -Republican Army Veteran Sergeant Tony Stonesburgh Talks Urban Warfare In Operation Orange

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Pictured: Sergeant Tony Stonesburgh (right) in the northern region of Girkmand titled "Operation Orange" by Federal forces during The Disorders


The Disorders were a period of violent confrontations between the proclaimed Federal government and various cells of insurgents, the most notable group being the Allied Secessionist Movement (ASM).


Field Marshal George Watson, then head of state, was assassinated by a member of the ASM. Subsequently, Vice President Oswald Henry Beyer took his place in office. Beyer appointed General Herbert Walls as the Minister of Defense. The Beyer government divided the country into several operational areas: The West (Operation Oak), The South (Operation Candle), The Midlands (Operation Gecko), The East (Operation Tundra), and The North (Operation Orange).


user posted image

The Republican Army mobilized its reserves following the assassination of Field Marshal George Watson


Divided districts would be "cleared out" by waves of Republican security forces. The first wave scouted ahead and moved into their positions by the border to intercept enemy reinforcements and prevent present insurgents from escaping the sweep. The second wave would then thoroughly search any buildings or personnel in a district and link up with the first wave. The third wave remained in reserve and could be called on if any problems were to occur.


user posted image

Pictured: Tony Stonesburgh, aged 65, holding his old M1 helmet


Sergeant Tony Stonesburgh served in the 3rd Infantry Brigade stationed in the northern sector of Girkmand, Operation Orange.


Stonesburgh was field promoted to sergeant after showcasing exceptional courage and decision making skills in combat. He assumed control of a 14 man strong infantry squad tasked with 2nd wave sweeping operations in the northern Orange sector:


"The first wave had just passed through the sector. Everyone in the 2nd wave dreaded the sweep, but somebody had to do it. We picked up our rifles and started our journey to link up with the boys from the first wave. The scouts didn't report any hostile elements in the area. Some of us naturally felt relieved, but the scout reports held the same credibility as a weather forecast. The insurgents, they had- they had the time to dig in and only came out when they wanted to.


user posted image

Pictured: Federal forces patting down captured insurgents


We were approaching a small town on the outskirts of Noray when my commanding officer grabbed me by the arm. He told me he had a bad feeling about this and wanted me to send a fireteam to clear out the town. I said, alright, and took two of my best men with me while our sweep held still. We curved around and entered from the east. We spent maybe ten, fifteen minutes clearing the town. I concluded that we'd be clear to move through. We came out of our building and started to head back to our line.


That's when I heard a shot ring out from the back. It felt like time stood still. I looked over my shoulder just as he was hit. The young corporal slumped over immediately. My second man pointed out that the shot had come from the bell tower of a church that was at the end of the street. The first shot was now accompanied by the sound of several other rifles. The individual shots blurred together when a heavy machine gun began to fire at our position. We picked up the corporal and carried him into an alley. We evacuated back to our lines and gave the corporal over to our medical staff. Our field cannons started to pound the town until it was nothing but rubble, which was standard procedure. After the dust settled we picked off any stragglers left in the area and linked up with the first wave. We later found out that the corporal who was hit got transported to a field hospital by the third wave. The bullet had hit him in the back of the head. There was nothing the doctors could do. I still think about what I could have done differently back then and if he'd still be alive."


Tony Stonesburgh settled down with his wife, Maria, in the city of Bric after the end of the war. They had 3 children together. He enjoys collecting post stamps and spending time with his grandchildren. When asked about the personal impact the conflict had on him, he had this to say:


"We did what we had to do back then. We all had varying ideas of how to bring this country together. I think we chose the right path. For the future, I think that we should try to resolve things like these peacefully. There is nothing worse than countrymen killing each other, or others."


-Travis Dice

10 Sept. 2017. Federal Herald.

Edited by The Federal Republic of Girkmand (see edit history)
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Smuts Steel Company CEO Trashes EOS Antargic Plan

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Pictured: SSC CEO Jean Smuts


The gargantuan scientific initiative to establish permanent settlement on Antargic territory has come under fire by Smuts Steel Company CEO, Jean Smuts.


Smuts appeared on popular morning TV show: "Good Morning Girkmand" to discuss SSC's recent undertakings in Kimberly city's urban development, Girkmandian economic policy and the economic policy board introduced by the Webb administration to curb unemployment and inflation.


When international markets were brought up, discussion about the new EOS Antargic Plan followed shortly afterwards. Jean Smuts was asked about the probability of the 20 year strategy's success and the manufacturing costs of the initiative:


"It's going to be a total economic disaster for everyone involved. You're going to need billions of dollars to build and maintain that new icebreaker they're planning to build. You're gonna see delay after delay; someone's going to be pulling their hair out when they're managing the costs of equipment, materials and manpower. I'd give it eleven years tops for it to be commissioned, that's without delays."


Smuts continued, stating:


"Then, you're gonna be driving that thing back and forth for resupply. You see people complaining about the fuel prices for their family sedan, now imagine how much oil that thing's gonna use per trip. After the end of that 20 years, you're lucky if these glorified ice cubes haven't melted from the ship's emissions. That's not even touching the tip of the iceberg, yet they want to build a research center there that's gonna run 24/7. All for what? So a bunch of eggheads can pick some ice? If that's what they want, I hear Prymont's got great ski resorts."


Following the interview, Jean Smuts received criticism on social media by people supporting the Antargic research colony, citing the importance of science and progress.


-Travis Dice

13 Sept. 2017. Federal Herald.

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Federal Foreign Ministry Approves Girkmandian-Iverican Embassies



In today's press conference, Senior Minister for Foreign Affairs Thomas Hoffman announced the creation of mutual embassies between The Federal Republic of Girkmand and The Republic of Iverica. The Senior Minister complimented the initiative of the Iverican government and laid out the future plans for the construction and administration of the embassies. The project will be undertaken in joint co-operation with Iverican officials.

Senior Minister Hoffman ended the conference with high hopes for the future: "We're willing to work with anyone who wants to work with us. We will pay back the respect given to us by Iverica."

-Travis Dice

27 Sept. 2017. Federal Herald.

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Federal Armed Forces Requests Refitting of Fighters


Pictured: Girkmandian SeT-91C carrier fighter performing a high-altitude climb

The Federal Minister of Defense Victor Heinz announced in today's press conference that the Federal Air Force will request a refit of its SeT/TA-201, SeT-91A and SeT-91C models from the Suisa Defense Aeronautics (SDA) based in @Iverica.

The Federal Air Force was founded in 1988 following the purchase of several training aircraft from domestic manufacturer Girkmand AeroTechnic founded in 1937. President Alexander Turner greenlighted the Federal Aviation Program on June 4th 1989 which saw to the establishment of the Federal Aviation School. Experienced foreign pilots were brought in to help develop the young independent Air Force with no previous history in aviation. The project cost an estimated 500 million dollars.

The Federal Air Force acquired several SeT-91A multirole fighters in 1997. The Federal Military Aviation Committee chose the SeT-91A as its primary fighter for its great adaptability to new systems and ease of maintenance and production in 1999. Further purchases of SDA-made fighters continued in 2000 with the acquisition of 45 SeT-91C carrier fighters and 15 SeT/TA-201 air superiority fighters in 2002. Due to financial difficulties the SeT/TA-201 was the last aircraft ever produced by Suisa Defense Aeronautics, as the company announced it would halt further new development indefinitely.

The refitting is standard procedure, according to Federal Minister of Defense, Victor Heinz: "We've been very happy with the performance of our fighters, but just as you would change the oil for your car, so must you maintain a plane."

-Travis Dice

9 Nov 2017. Federal Herald



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Crisis in Ahrana - Girkmandian Nationals Being Evacuated, Federal Government Does Not Recognize New Leadership


Pictured: President of the Federal Republic, Gerald Webb at the emergency press conference

The currently ongoing political turmoil in the Kingdom of Ahrana has prompted the Federal Government to take action.

In an extraordinary emergency press conference, the President of the Federal Republic, Gerald Webb, insisted that all Girkmandian nationals in Ahrana follow the Federal Foreign Ministry's instructions on how to safely leave the country and how to contact embassy officials.

The Foreign Ministry estimates that there are currently 1,298 Girkmandian nationals in Ahrana.

Furthermore, President Webb released the following statement:

"The Girkmandian Federal Government publicly and openly condemns the actions perpetrated by the self-proclaimed provisional communist government in Ahrana. The unjust and savage killings of the Ahranian government's head figures is nothing short of an act of terror. We must oppose those who wish to see our freedoms stripped away through brutality and violence in favor of radical ideology whether politically, culturally, racially or religiously motivated.

We will continue to support the legitimate authority of the Kingdom of Ahrania's true government-in-exile. All diplomatic relations to the new regime will be cut-off indefinitely. As staunch patriots we remember in our own history how similar groups attempted to divide and destroy our society by spreading their woeful lies of ignorance to further their own pitiful goals. Our hearts and minds are with freedom and liberty loving people everywhere in Ahrana. The people of Girkmand march with you."

When asked about possible military action, President Webb stated that: "The security and safety of Girkmandian nationals will be guaranteed, but further action will have to be discussed with the international community as a whole."

-Travis Dice

14 Dec 2017. Federal Herald


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March 6th, 2018 Federation Day Parade


The Guards' Rifle Regiment (right) during the 2008 Federation Day parade.

Preparations for the 120th annual Federation Day celebration began earlier last month and the Federal Armed Forces have now released their official schedule for the event.

The parade is to take place in Girk Square on the 6th of March, the same day the Federal Council was founded in 1898 following the deposition of the Girkmandian monarchy on New Year's Day by the Republican Army.

Participating in the parade will be some 1,670 reservists including 40 military vehicles and 20 aircraft. The honorary Guards' Rifle Regiment will be joined by members of the Federal Veterans' Association, the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Provincial Infantry Company of Girk.

Chief of Defense, General James Williamson will be opening the ceremony accompanied by members of Girk City Council and the Speaker of The Tribune, Emily Noon. The parade troops are under the command of Brigadier General Charles Trautman. Aircraft from the 31st Fighter Squadron detached from Kannas Air Command are under the command of Air Marshal Gunther Untenvik.

9:00 - General Williamson opens the parade. The Federal Veterans' Association raises the Federation's flag.

10:00 - Assembly of troops at the square's parade grounds.

10:15 - Brigadier General Trautman inspects the troops. The Federal Veterans' Association's donation drive opens. Audience members can view the standing convoy behind the designated parade grounds.

11:00 - The troops begin their march through Girk Square, Republic Street and Harrison Street. 5 SeT/TA-201 air superiority fighters, 5 SA-21 ground attack aircraft, 4 SAR-26 attack helicopters, 2 SAR-24 gunships and 4 SUR-31 cargo helicopters will be flying over the convoy during the march.

12:00 - The march ends.

13:00-15:00 The Federal Armed Forces hosts an equipment showcase on Federation Street.

The Federal Armed Forces warmly welcomes all Girkmandians.

Source: faf.gov

-Travis Dice

1 Mar 2018. Federal Herald

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FEDERAL NETWORK LIVE: Federation Day Parade


Click the "Play" button above to begin streaming.

Watch the Federation Day Parade with our live coverage: all net, all channels. Reporters Travis Dice and Laura Haysworth are on scene with our special LIVE TV crew.

You can see the parade schedule on the Federal Armed Forces' official website: faf.gov.

-David Fitzgerald

6 Mar 2018. Federal Herald.

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FEDERAL ARMY: Additional Refresher Courses Necessary For Aging Reserves


Pictured: Army reservists training with a GW69-1 launcher.

Chief of Defense, General James Williamson appeared before the National Tribune on Tuesday to discuss the Federal Army staff's proposal to increase the amount of refresher courses for reservists.

Conscripts, upon completing their military service, are moved into the federal reserve pool with their wartime rank-and-file. The length of training varies from 6, 8 and 12 months depending on the individual's assigned branch of service.

Presently reservists are expected to attend quindecennial (occurring every 15 years) refresher courses until reaching 50 years of age, but the statistics collected by the Federal Military State Districts show that attendance and willingness to attend refresher courses is at an all time low. The proposal put before the National Tribune suggests issuing welfare sanctions on citizens who do not comply with orders to attend refresher courses as well as fines of up to FRG$900 to offenders. Additionally, the statistics provided by the State Districts' Reserve Office outlined the desperate need for additional funds in the refresher course program's budget:

"The quality of training directly correlates with the lack of funding provided to the program's annual budget. We've received numerous complaints over the years about the lack of staff, equipment and organization" -General James Williamson at the National Tribune.

Finally, the Federal Army staff proposes more frequent decennial (occurring every 10 years) exercises for those who entered the reserve in the year 2000-onward.

The debate on the proposal is scheduled to continue for another six weeks until the deciding vote in April, which can still be vetoed or approved by the Federal Council.

-Travis Dice

13 Mar 2018. Federal Herald

Edited by Girkmand (see edit history)
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TRIDENT: Exercise ATGEIR, Girkmand To Join International Joint Naval Exercise


Pictured: Kimberly-class fast attack craft GNS Gulper, commissioned in 2004.

Vice Admiral Douglas Layman officially confirmed Girkmandian attendance in the very first Tricontinental Defence Treaty (TRIDENT) joint exercise code-named "ATGEIR", to be hosted by the Andallan Commonwealth Navy in the waters of the Tiahuai Sea.

A small detachment composed of four Kimberly-class fast attack craft, two minelayers and two minesweepers left the Port of Goodwill for their destination earlier this Thursday morning. The fleet is to travel along the coast up to the Verde Sea where it will pass Porto Altaria and Sao Preste, eventually continuing south of the Alharu to the designated training zone.

Unlike its professional counterparts like the Iverican Armada and the USPN, 400 of the 1,200 participating Girkmandian seamen will be career staff personnel, the remaining 800 being Navy conscripts. Similar ratios of career to conscript crew for the conscription practicing Andallan Commonwealth Navy and the Variotan Navy are expected. Vice Admiral Douglas Layman underlined that the exercise will be a great opportunity to compare the effectiveness of volunteer versus conscript personnel.

-Travis Dice

22 Mar 2018. Federal Herald

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GOODWILL NPP: Resurrection of Infamous Third Unit Project


Pictured: The Goodwill Nuclear Power Plant in 2017.

The state-owned Federal Power Corporation announced that construction work will resume with the intention of finishing the project by Q1 2019.

The Goodwill Nuclear Power Plant is infamous for its third reactor unit which is still under construction as of 2018.

The project originally began in December 2006 when the licensing request for the plant was accepted by the federal government. Initial estimates set the project's completion date to 2011: units 1, 2 and 3 were scheduled to begin commercial production the same year. The two Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) were successfully completed on schedule and began commercial production a year later. However, in late 2012 it was revealed that the final reactor's deadline would have to be pushed back to 2013 due to unforeseen complications with its Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR), among other things.

Project progress was quiet until early 2013 when the Federal Power Corporation sued contractor ARTISAN (a Girkmandian engineering and construction conglomerate) and several other companies for the previous delays. Federal Power cited ARTISAN's failure to adhere to the project's quality standards. The situation was, quote, "not good" according to Project Manager Richard Hutz, who moved most of the blame for the project's failures on the alleged poor worksmanship and project management skills provided by ARTISAN and other hired contractors.

Construction was halted for the duration of the court cases, during which the controversial story gained its tacky nickname: "The Goodwill No-Power Plant".

In 2016, ARTISAN settled with Federal Power, agreeing to pay FRG$450 million dollars of the requested FRG$3 billion dollars to Federal Power for the lost revenue (ARTISAN had counter-sued Federal Power and demanded a similar sum of three billion dollars for lost revenue). Production remained halted until 2017 when the Federal Power Corporation announced that it would lay off over 2,500 employees involved with the third reactor project.

Spokesperson for the Federal Power Corporation Ricky Dick declared the Easter resurrection of the project this evening on the 2nd of April, 2018. In the news conference, Mr. Dick emphasized the company's intentions of bringing closure to the project:

"By God we're going to finish this plant, or we'll find someone who can!"

-Travis Dice

2 Apr 2018. Federal Herald

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VERDE CRISIS: Navy Recalled, Troop Readiness Lowered to Default


Pictured: Girkmandian Coastal Jägers

The Federal Ministry of Defense announced earlier today that it will cease operations in the Verde and that all Girkmandian units would default back to normal readiness as a result of a total recall of TRIDENT troops sent to the blockade.

The Verde Crisis that officially began on 9 April has now ended after two long weeks in neither triumph nor defeat.

Federal Minister of Defense Victor Heinz stated that: "Girkmand has demonstrated to the world and Her allies Her determination to defend Herself and others, in order to preserve our security and freedom in a free world." Minister Heinz further elaborated on the reasoning behind Girkmandian involvement, noting that: "We took an oath, and we've fulfilled our duty to help our allies."

Chief of Defense General James Williamson mentioned that there was a general feeling of relief among the general staff. "It puts into perspective the kind of turbulent times we live in. This has been another reminder that we have to always remain vigilant." General Williamson commended all Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen for their quick actions during the crisis. All Girkmandian brigades have been kept in suspended readiness over the last two weeks, with a select number of coastal units being fully mobilized. Brigade General Feodor Trautmann of the Viburk Brigade shared that: "The last two weeks have been extremely tough for the boys, but I have nothing but good things to say about all of our servicemen. Everybody knew what to do when we were put on the spot, and I am extremely proud of that."

-Travis Dice

23 Apr 2018. Federal Herald

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Pictured: The Girk Federal Building

The Federal Ministry of the Interior declared the creation of a joint state committee between Sachsenian and Girkmandian officials in today's press conference. The appropriately named Joint State Committee will be overseeing the management and execution of the unification referendum, publicly scheduled for July 1 2018.

Several campaign ads have begun to spread on social media and on the streets of Girkmand and Sachsen, the vast majority of which appear to be in favor of unification.

August Hacklehoff, the leader of the largest political party in Sachsen, The Centre, proclaimed his support for the unification referendum on Sachsenian TV news channel Daily Pager during an interview. Hacklehoff cited the economical benefits of unification as the primary point for his stance.

"There's been debate over unification for many years now in parliament. We're living in an increasingly globalized world that directly correlates with the efficiency of our economy, and we have to adapt to that in order to stay competitive on the long term." -August Hacklehoff.

Internet polls on various tabloid sites point to a very likely unification. 17,000 voters participating in an online survey hosted by popular Sachsenian online tabloid "The Good News" were asked: "Do you support unification with Girkmand?" to which 87% (14,790) voted "Yes" and 13% (2210) of which voted "No".


Pictured: May 25, counter-protestors clashed with Sachsenian law-enforcement at a fascist pro-union demonstration

However, several groups have already begun campaigning against the referendum. The one-issue party "Independent Sachsen" founded by Fritz Vessel, a prominent "Left" party member in Sachsen, has voiced concerns over the difficult process of integrating the two countries and claiming that the benefits of this procedure are "next to nil". Vocal members of east and west Slavic minorities, as well as select few other Argic nationals protested unification on the grounds that it seeks only to bolster the already entrenched Saxon population's social power.

Several pro-union rallies are to be held by the controversial Girkmandian "Varma League" and Sachsenian "Sachsenpartei" over the coming two months. Initial demonstrations held on May 25 in Sachsen were interrupted by large groups of moderate protestors and self-proclaimed anarchists. The Girk Police announced that all further demonstrations would be provided police escorts, regardless if the demonstration is pro- or anti-union.

The leader of the Varma League, Barbara Stumm denounced the violence "on both sides" and proclaimed that the party's demonstrations are not trying to incite hate against "any race, culture or nationality." Sachsenpartei leader Klaus Monch declared that the party will continue its demonstrations under police supervision, as agreed, and defend itself "if necessary".

-Travis Dice

26 May 2018. Federal Herald



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The First International Congress of Saxon Peoples will be hosted in Saxonia.

The First International Congress of Saxon Peoples will be hosted on the 29th of July in the Sachsenian capital of Saxonia, reported Sachsenian news agency Daily Pager.

The formation of the congress was decided on by representatives from Sachsen and the federal government of Girkmand, as well as minister-presidents representing the federated states of Vanisten, Jugen and Orde. Plans are underway to construct a brand new meeting hall for the congress in Saxonia, which would be jointly funded by the aforementioned members. Following the initial meeting this Friday, the Congress will officially establish the Saxon Peoples' Consultative Committee which will include delegates from all founding member states.

The purpose of the congress is to promote Saxonian heritage, unity, identity and to support and protect Saxonian minorities living abroad. Furthermore, aside from publicly held festivities, the organization will continue to actively fund the research of Saxonian history, genealogy and language.

Sachsen president Walter Fischer is scheduled to appear and host the first meeting of the congress, after which the honor will rotate annually among other representatives.

The congress is largely considered a byproduct of a resurgence in the public interest for national identity and heritage. Although the reception for the idea has been mostly positive, several groups advocating for the rights of Slavic minorities have expressed their concern and voiced their opposition against the strengthening of any single national identity.

-Travis Dice

26 July 2018. Federal Herald

Edited by Girkmand (see edit history)
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Pictured: The jointly operated polling stations in Sachsen are open from 8:00 to 23:00 local time

Voting has begun on the Girkmand-Sachsen unification referendum, announced earlier in May.

Early votes have been received through postal votes and early polling stations between June 20 through June 30th. Official voting opened earlier today at 8:00 in the morning and are scheduled to stay open until 23:00 local time.

Voting will continue from Sunday to Tuesday at altering times in order to maximize voter turnout.

On the ballot is the question: "Should Sachsen unify with the Federal Republic of Girkmand?" with two boxes pertaining to "Yes" and "No" respectively.

Sachsenian unification would mean its integration into the federal republic as an autonomous federated state which would retain all of its administrative privileges and infrastructure, Sachsenian citizens would receive dual citizenship in both states.

Economic assimilation would help to relieve trade dependencies and slash tariffs, thus increasing revenue and ease of business in both countries. Several large energy companies in Girkmand and Sachsen have lobbied in favor of unification due to several undergoing plans to construct hydroelectric facilities on the rivers of Kraken and Teutoburger.

Campaigning was primarily dominated by pro-union organizations, although several one-issue anti-union groups were established since the announcement of the referendum. The most vocal supporters of both sides engaged each other mostly over social media, although several violent confrontations have happened during public rallies and protests, mostly between the far-right Sachsenian "Sachsenpartei" and self-proclaimed anti-fascists and anarchists. Similar violence occurred in Girkmand during rallies held by the right-wing Varma League, which has seen a significant increase in popularity during the campaign, especially on social media.

Among moderates neither on the left nor right, many express a newfound spirit of brotherly relations to their counterparts across the border, citing their similarities in tradition, culture and language. Unification is therefore seen as the likely candidate for success in the referendum.

-Travis Dice

1 June 2018. Federal Herald

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Pictured: Voters in Saxonia

Sunday's votes regarding the Girkmand-Sachsen unification referendum are currently being tallied, with most news outlets now reporting a 90% chance of the vote passing.

Out of some 3,000,000 registered Sachsenian citizens, the current results are 62.6% (1,752,800) in favor of "Yes", with 37.4% (1,047,200) in favor of "No".

The situation is unlikely to turn around at this point with only minor predicted percentage changes, but voting will remain open for any late voters until Tuesday night.

The Girkmandian federal council will conduct one final vote following the passing of the referendum which will ultimately decide whether or not Sachsen is to be admitted into the federation.


Pictured: Pro-union demonstrators in Sachsen

-Travis Dice

2 June 2018. Federal Herald

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Pictured: The parliamentary building in Saxonia

Voting officially ceased at 11 PM local time and the final results were published an hour later at midnight, reported Sachsenian news outlet Daily Pager.

The final results of the referendum are as follows: 62.8% (1,770,960) in favor of unification and 37.2% (1,049,040) not in favor of unification.

Shortly after the announcement of a pro-union victory, crowds took to the streets in celebration, waving Sachsenian and Saxonian flags. Politically involved homeowners in Girkmand hoisted up both the flags of the federal republic and Sachsen.

President Fischer is scheduled to make a speech tomorrow morning to address the outcome of the election. Public relations officials representing the Girkmandian federal council announced the date of the final inclusion vote to be set for Sunday. Depending on the outcome of the Girkmandian vote, Sachsen's official integration into the federal republic is set to begin in August, with the finalization of the process estimated to be somewhere in late December 2018 to early January 2019.

Both governments are reportedly well-prepared for the logistical task of combining their administrative infrastructure, although some legal complications are estimated to occur within the first five years of unification.

-Travis Dice

3 June 2018. Federal Herald

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Pictured: Spectators look on as riot police disperse protestors in Viburk

A protest staged by the Girkmand Democratic Party (GDP) leadership in Viburk, Kerlia, has resulted in 68 people being injured and 102 arrested.

Kerlia, and particularly Viburk, are home to the majority of 500,000 native Western Slavs living in Girkmand. The event's intended purpose was to bring forth the voice of Slavic minorities against perceived Saxon cultural domination in Girkmand.

Minister-President of Kerlia Yuri Tsaryov issued a statement condemning "everyone, who has corrupted party policy in order to further their agenda through acts of violence".

The protest which took place between 14:00-16:00 initially began as a peaceful march, with some 300 people of varying political backgrounds attending the rally. According to the organizers of the event, violence began to erupt as a result of hooded counter-protestors provoking the march by shoving, pushing and ripping apart signs of the attendants.

According to eyewitnesses the police presence at the rally was "insufficient": only two patrol cars were deployed to the rally despite widespread concern of potential violence. The on-scene uniformed police officers were unable to contain the melee due to their disparity in numbers, and had to wait for additional reinforcements which arrived fifteen minutes later.

Brawling protestors and counter-protestors had to be pacified by force. Viburk police reported that the severity of injuries sustained by both attending citizens and police were "considerable" due to the amount of confiscated improvised weapons found on several arrested individuals. These improvised weapons included wooden clubs, brass knuckles, bike locks and homemade flails.

The Sachsen Unification has caused considerable uproar in the Slavic community of Girkmand. The Federated States of Untenvik and Kerlia were the only two states to vote against unification, which directly reflects the great amount of minorities, mostly Slavs, living in their states.

-Travis Dice

31 June 2018. Federal Herald


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Pictured: Members of the Black Guard who violently broke up the anti-union rally in Viburk on Tuesday

The Viburk Police released a statement that they have apprehended Michael Kruger, 24, who is now charged with the murder of William Hutz, 20, a protestor who received severe head trauma as a result of Tuesday's violent outburst.

William Hutz was brought into Viburk Mercy Hospital in critical condition. He had received a concussion as a result of being hit over the head with a short steel pipe and falling head-first into the concrete floor, as was seen on local store CCTV footage.

The perpetrator was identified as Michael Kruger, a member of the local Viburk Black Guard.

Kruger was swiftly taken into custody earlier this evening largely in thanks to abundant eyewitness testimonies and camera footage. He is currently charged with voluntary manslaughter and faces five to six years imprisonment with a chance for probation.

Immediately following the news of Hutz's death, sympathetic crowds have taken to leaving lit candles and flowers on the sidewalk where William was believed to have been knocked unconscious.

Public outcry has turned to demanding the criminalization of the Black Guard and similar right-wing parties.

Viburk City Mayor Peter Blazkowicz stated on social media that: "William could have been my son, and I grieve for his family. We have to take measures to ensure that this never happens again."

-Travis Dice

2 August 2018. Federal Herald

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The Beyer Police Department has issued a statement that the Palm Street Mall is currently under siege. Reportedly two gunmen entered the mall with automatic weapons and took several hostages. One police officer has been killed in the line of duty. Federal Herald will continue to update the story as it progresses.

-David Fitzgerald

31 August 2018, Federal Herald


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Pictured: Federal policemen continue to enforce a strict quarantine around the mall.

Local Beyer county and federal police continue to besiege the Palm Street Mall in Beyer.

Late last night, police spokesmen released the identities of two confirmed perpetrators involved in the hostage crisis: Boris Baburin, 26 and Vladimir Garin, 29. Neither of the two men have known previous criminal history.

A video surfaced on popular social media site Twatter around midnight, uploaded by one of the perpetrators on their own personal account: "@boba25".

The removed video contained footage of the frightened hostages, most of whom had their hands tied behind their backs with cable ties, laying or sitting down against the walls of what has now been confirmed to be Goldberg's Jewelry store. The recording confirms that at least 18 people have been taken hostage by the duo.

At the one minute mark, the camera focuses on a male who is standing up. Police confirmed the identity of the slightly bruised ace reporter Travis Dice, one of the executive writers at Federal Herald.

One of the perpetrators appears from off-screen to hand Reporter Dice a sheet of paper, from which he is forced to read the group's demands. The transcript is as follows:

"We--- wish to extend our demands to the federal government of Girkmand and the Beyer county police department, as well as the federal police department. The government's anti-Slavic--- rhetoric, and its insistence on the destruction of the Slavic minority, has forced us to retaliate on behalf of the oppressed Slavic peoples living in Kerlia, Untenvik and elsewhere. The GDP (Girkmand Democratic Party) has failed to serve its people. Our politicians are simple yes-men who dare not question the authority of the federal government's unconstitutional integration with Sachsen, which serves only as a springboard for further, Saxon-supremacist action.

Our immediate demands--- are as follows: nullify the effects of the Girkmand-Sachsen unification referendum. End Girkmandian military co-operation with the imperialist TRIDENT and its co-organizations. Allow federal states to secede from the federation. Establish the free state of Jukraina from the southern Slavic states. End compulsory conscription and establish a volunteer army, and lastly, our safe passage from the country.

In order to ratify our demands, we offer the full and safe release of all hostages. Failure to meet the demands--- will result in their summary execution."

Federal police have yet to publicly answer to the demands, and no further negotiations about the release of the hostages have been made from neither side.

The combined police forces besieging the mall have made a request to the Federal Armed Forces to dispatch the counter-terrorist Special Security Detachment unit of the Federal Political Directorate. In the meantime, police buildup continues at an astonishing rate outside the mall.

-David Fitzgerald

1 September 2018, Federal Herald

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Earlier this morning, police officials revealed that they have secured the release of two hostages as a result of overnight negotiations with the captors.

Franz Heckler, 42 and Anna Hartwall, 25, two of the 18 believed hostages were exchanged for medical supplies and food. It is believed that one of the gunmen may have been injured during the beginning of the siege.

The Special Security Detachment was seen moving into the quarantine zone late last night. Police snipers have taken positions on top of apartment buildings surrounding the mall, where they patrol 24/7. The fate of the remaining ~16 hostages is still uncertain. Specialists suggest that capitulation to the demands is impossible, and that the only chance to resolve the situation with the least amount of bloodshed is to take out the captors.

-David Fitzgerald

2 September 2018, Federal Herald

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The increasingly volatile siege has begun to reach its boiling point after the hostage takers issued their ultimatum to the police this morning, demanding an agreement to the terms stated in their earlier manifesto within 24-hours, or to 'face the consequences'.

Federal government representatives have refused to comment on the siege or the perpetrators' demands since its beginning in Friday.

Police efforts to secure the release of the remaining ~16 hostages have proven fruitless so far.

-David Fitzgerald

 4 September 2018, Federal Herald

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Fierce fighting has just broken out inside of the mall between police specialists and the perpetrators. Spectators report continuous gunfire with frequent pauses in-between.

It is speculated that the police are currently attempting to assault the mall in an effort to free the hostages, just 5 hours before the deadline for the perpetrators' set ultimatum.

-David Fitzgerald

 4 September 2018, Federal Herald

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