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Federal Republic of Girkmand

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The full wiki encyclopedia to Girkmand can be found here: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=girkman...actbook/id=main

The Federal Republic of Girkmand
"Freedom and Order"

Girkmand, officially the Federal Republic of Girkmand, is a country in Western Argis. The territory of Girkmand is composed of 13 autonomous member states, one of which is a federal district. Girkmand's closest neighbors are the Tsardom of @The Eurofuhrer to the east and the Republic of @Cavunia to the southwest.
General Overview

Capital: Girk


"So That We May Be Free"


Official Language: English

Demonym: Girkmandian

Population: 6,286,509

Ethnic groups (2011):

  • 80.7% Girkmandians
  • 10.5% Other (Argic Nationality)
  • 8.3% Slavs
  • 0.5% Other (Non-Argic)

Government: Federal parliamentary republic

  • President: Gerald Webb
  • Vice President: Tommy Howitzer
  • Speaker of the Tribunate: Emily Noon


  • Upper House: Federal Council
  • Lower House: Federal Tribunate


  • Tribal trading kingdoms (c. 6th century BC)
  • First Girkmandian Empire (AD 400-500)
  • Descendant States (600-700)
  • Girkmandian Republic (1000-1600)
  • Second Girkmandian Empire (1857-1898)
  • Federal Republic of Girkmand (1898-)

Currency: FRG$


  • Total: FRG$387,220 billion

Timezone: WAT -3 (Western Argis Time)

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +890

Internet TLD: .frg


Military Overview


Federal Armed Forces

Current form: 1975

Service branches:

  • Federal Army
  • Federal Navy
  • Federal Air Force


President of the Federal Republic: Gerald Webb

Minister of Defense: Victor Heinz

Chief of Defense: General James Williamson


  • Military age: 18
  • Conscription: 347 days term
  • Available for military service: 1,155,368 males
  • Fit for military service: 990,000 males and 920,980 females
  • Reaching military age annually: 33,700 males and 31,416 females
  • Active personnel: 9,000 staff and 25,548 conscripts
  • Reserve personnel: 900,000
  • Deployed personnel: 0


  • Budget: FRG$2.830 billion
  • Percent of GDP: 0.75%


  • Domestic suppliers:
    • National Weapon and Machining Works
  • Foreign suppliers:
  • Annual exports:
    • Volume of about FRG$100 million
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