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Journal de Presse de St. Françoisbourg

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Interview with Prince Jean-Marie III

Today we had the great honour to interview our Prince, Jean Marie III. We were invited to the Royal Palace and had a nice Interview


Q: Hello, first of all, you grace. So how are you doing the last time?

A: I have been doing great last time thank you, as some people may had noticed, i took a little bit of time off to take a rest, because i really needed one.


Q: I guess you had it rough a few weeks ago then, your grace.

A: Well yes i had a lot of Meetings with the Cabinet and we discussed a lot of important Financial matters, we were discussing with each other for like 8 hours a day, so i was really tired at the end.


Q: Now we are speaking about it, can you say anything about the plans of next year or maybe even coming months, my grace?

A: Well not too much, but i can say that we are planning to have a lot of diplomatic meetings in the near future and i cant also tell that i am sure that the new plans will make our country even more wealthy.

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