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In a small employee lounge somewhere within the Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, a television turns on, and the National Arstotzka Anthem begins to play, and shortly after the image of young man and woman pops up.


Goooood Morning Arstotzka! Its 9 o'clock and by now mostly everyone should be hard at work! Isn't that right Barbara!


That's right Daniel! and to prove it a loyal citizen has just sent us an image this morning which begs the question; how long has it been since we've seen the sun Daniel?


By my count Barbara its at least 20 years!


Well not any more Daniel take a look at this image!


An image of clouds play out, the clouds are a mix of black and gray, and an ugly brown they make up almost the entirety of the image; except for one small area, where the tiniest of pieces of light takes form... it personally looks like a flashlight (its definitely a flashlight).


Now isn't that beauuuuuutiful Daniel?


Yes indeed Barbara! Yes indeed, a sure sign that those environmentalist wack jobs were insane when they wanted to push those regulations into law!


I'm sure glad those traitors were done away with!


That was a great time! But were getting off track Barbara we don't want to waste time now do we?


Of course Daniel. What's on today's schedule?


Well for starters! A High Inquisitor has declared that the Lord High Administrator is expanding the military budget to now include research in to "Unmanned Drones and other Machinery" Contracts and Sub Contracts will be made available via the usual legal channels. For you businesses out swimming in the red this is your chance! For you would be inventors; this is your time to shine! and for you larger entities to whom the money means nothing... the possibility of glory is always possible.


So don't waste it.


In other news Naval Patrols have picked up signals of an oncoming fleet, not registered within Arstotzka records! The order to blow said trespassers to kingdom come or what not unfortunately has been delayed. Apparently his most Glorious Excellency has ordained it that our people begin to leak out to the outside world, outside of our Glorious Homeland, to spread the word of our righteous mission to progress Order and Law overall.


Absolutely riveting news Barbara! I am certain the outside world will be glad to welcome the truths our Glorious Nation has to share!


Now that's about all we have to talk about this morning its time to announce today's execution we go live to the execution scaffold!


Live footage plays of three people, dressed all in white, bound to posts, hands tied together to look as if they were praying (which they probably are anyway), white scarfs blinding them, and gagging them, standing upon a scaffold is presented upon the screen.


From Left to Right Everyone!


First we have. Jacob Bridger, Male, 25. A Social Worker in service to Sigma City Province Authority 4421, apparently Jacob under the influence revealed some "interesting" views upon what he thought about our Glorious Nation. Now at first as you know such traitorous thinking and speech is not illegal, and being under the influence local officers saw no trouble.


However, when he continued this pattern for a full week... and went so far as to even suggest open rebellion against the glorious government, and slander the Lord High Administrator


The Local Officers were not amused. Therefore the traitor is sentenced to Death by firing squad. May God have mercy on his soul, for their is none to be found here.


The man standing farthest to right does not remain standing for very long, the man is torn apart by a hail of bullets, his head practically disappears in a mist of red, appendages go flying, and blood splatters all across the ground and even getting upon his fellows... It is not a pretty sight. If you listened closely one could hear the whimpers of his fellows, and if you looked closely one of them wet themselves.


Next we have Lucille Vermont, Female, 42. She has been judged guilty for the distribution of illegal narcotics, to children beneath the legal age.


She will hang for her crime.


As if by some mysterious force the pole that held the women fell, and she was lifted high into the air the camera following her ascent, if you listen closely you can hear the exact moment her neck broke, as she struggled silently till her body ceased to move.


Following this is Michael Tabern, Male, 13. A deserter, and a coward. Attempted to escape compulsory military training having even corroborated with his family to assure his escape which as you my fellow viewers can clearly see failed miserably.


His traitorous family has already been dealt with by local police, but he has been saved so that he be made an example of to any other spineless wretches. He has been sentenced to Death by beheading.


Three men walk up to the scaffold one bearing a large Ax. They take the boy by the arms as the pole that held him up falls away, the boy struggles, brief grunts of desperation escaping the scarf. The men don't even flinch, the boy is held down and the man with his Ax performs the act swiftly.


Their bodies will be left outside of Sigma City Hall and the families of Bridger and Vermont for failure to discipline and report their kin's actions have been scheduled for re-education; let this be a reminder to all. The Lord High Administrator is always watching, and always listening.


If you would betray your mother nation, or lift a hand against it. Justice will be swift, and certain.


The weather and sports at 10!

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