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Trilateral trade proposal


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To Regina Nova Maxima Korvini of Cristina

From the President of the Magnean Confederation


The Free City of Cristina is renowned for being a major international transport hub in Europa, serving some of the busiest sea and air trade routes. The Ports of Aline and St. Izabella are some of the busiest in Europa in terms of cargo tonnage.

The Magnean Confederation, on the other hand, is landlocked, with limited access to regional and global trade. It is for this reason that my government would like to propose and negotiate the creation of a trade agreement between the nations of Cristina, Magnaeus and our mutual neighbour Fleur de Lys.

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pic.png Tri-nation area of Cristina, Magnaeus and Fleur de Lys

We believe a mutually beneficial trade agreement would comprise of a triple win for our nations. The active role of Magnaeus in humanitarian activities and international affairs can open doors which hitherto have remained closed to Cristina's businesses.

The Magnean government is looking forward to discuss the terms of this agreement. We invite you to our capital city of Venège.



Sophie Gerber

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From: Queen Nova Maxima Korvini.

To: President of the Magnean Confederation, Sophie Gerber and Président du Conseil de la République de Fleur de Lys, Charles André Alexandre Mécra.



Dearest, since that glorious day we declared ourselves an independent nation again, we took as high priority a policy of integration with the rest of Europa.

Your proposal is very well received and appreciated by the people of the Free Port. At this time when we are still rebuilding part of our infrastructure after that terrible war in which we had to fight for our sovereignty, a trade agreement between our three nations appears as a great opportunity for the Kingdom of Cristina.

We are renewing and enhancing our technical and scientific resources which combined with our valorous human resources can certainly help boost the development of the region.

However, in order for any agreement to be reached between us, I think that it is firstly necessary that both the Magnean Confederation and the Republic of Fleur de Lys formally recognize the Independence of the Kingdom of Cristina before the Europan community. We in Cristina are free from the chains that bound us to that terrible political situation that limited us and confined us to isolation. We wish with all our heart that Europa can see us in the same way we see ourselves today. So many of us died for it.

Finally, nothing would please me more than to visit the beautiful Venège. I know it will be memorable and most enjoyable. I also take this opportunity to invite both of you to come and meet our infrastructure in person.

It is with great expectation that I wait for the talks on the agreement.


Semper Servus

Regina Nova Maxima Korvini.

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From: Queen of the Kingdom of Cristina Nova Maxima Korvini
To: President of the Magnean Confederation Sophie Gerber


I inform you that the delegation that will visit Venége, at the invitation of the most excellent President of the Magnean Confederation Sophie Gerber, is already composed. 

The delegation will be headed by me, Queen Nova Maxima Korvini, and will be attended by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Telecommunications Franco Bilaro, by the Minister of Public Administration Sir Nico Salano and by the Head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCFC) Lady Jesica Martinala, among other important heads of the political and economic scenario of the Free Port of Cristina .

As soon as the authorities of the Magnean Confederation determine the appropriate date for our visit to your beautiful capital, we will begin the final preparations for our departure on an official Cristina Airlines flight. 

We look forward to our meeting. May it be very enjoyable and profitable to all.

I wish you and the whole Magnean Confederation a great day. See you soon. 

Semper Servus
Queen Nova Maxima Korvini

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The travel to Venège is enjoyable. Surrounded by people of her high confidence, the Queen hears what everyone has to say. She is amused as they advise her on every aspect of her visit to Magnaeus: what she must find in Venège, what this meeting represents in political and economic terms and on the local culture, as if they were giving her the "final instructions. "They treat me as someone who still needs so much guidance", thinks Nova Maxima Korvini, Queen of the Free Port of Cristina, as she smiles and agrees with her many advisers on this trip. However, she knows how good it is to have them here. After all, even after sixteen years, she is still more a militant revolutionary than a politician. "They are good men and women that serve the Kingdom very well, they all care about Cristina and that is why I brought them with me".

"Even so, I still wish Adriana was here". The Minister of State has been her friend and confidant for the past years. Of all in the government, Adriana Monadic is the one she trusts the most, but at the moment she is composing and preparing her own delegation to hustle at the Sunset Sea Islands where she will represent the Kingdom of Cristina at the meeting on the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The old Royal A-300 plane, the Lysian jewel of the Royal Air Force, has not seen much action in recent years since the queen has not travelled outside of Cristina since the death of her husband, the King, twelve years ago. Nova well remembers of her last trip in this aircraft, many good memories of those days come to her mind and her heart is comforted. She loves this plane, she loves how it takes her to the past and now to the future.

Excusing the others, the Queen leaves her armchair to go sit next to the young woman who was the quietest among all the passengers. "Nervous?", she asks Rosana Giannini, whose appointment to assume the position of Cristinese ambassador in Fleur de Lys was suggested by the Minister of State herself.

"Yes, a little, your Majesty", replies Rosana, "I hope to live up to this mission and the confidence that my Lady places in me."

"Nonsense!", says the Queen, "I have read the files about you, your curriculum... graduated from the Royal Institute of International Relations where you are now professor of political science and international relations, graduated in French and post-graduated in International Relations from Lysian institutes... and all this at the age of 24! That is impressive. Besides, Monadic does trust your skills and If she does, so do I." The Queen smiles as she holds the woman's hands.

Rosana smiles back and nods. "Thank you, Your Majesty."

The Queen returns to her armchair and to her thoughts and memories while the others continue to exchange ideas with each other.



:pic: Ambassador Rosana Giannini

Upon arriving in Venège an hour later, the Queen and her delegation are very welcomed by Magnean authorities. After due official ceremonies, they enter the official limos that will take them escorted to the Hotel where top suites were prepared for them. There they are welcomed by Carlo Montalto, appointed to be the Cristinese ambassador in Magnaeus, that gives the Queen's delegation some more details on the important meeting with the leaders of Magnaeus and Fleur de Lys.


:pic: Ambassador Carlo Montalto

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Months of deliberation went into preparing the press conference in Venège. Everyone and their cat wanted to weigh in on the precise language and contents of this trade agreement. Access to the southern seas would disrupt much of the existing transportation industry, both rail and trucking. Lobbying firms spent triple their usual budget to got their hands on all or at least some part of the trade proposal that was being prepared.

Gossip press was also having a field day. This would be the first time for Queen Nova of @Cristina to visit Magnaeus. After the civil war and independence from Mantella, the common folks had developed a strange obsession with their southern neighbors across the mountains.

And the reporters were also having a go at President Mécra, who has chose to fly the 120 km from Lyrie to Venège in his Concorde. For the economically sensible Magneans, this was impossible to understand. Why waste all this fuel when you just take a car, train or even a boat across Lake Venège?

President Gerber couldn't be bothered by all this media gossip. She had another diplomatic event to consider. Last year's diplomatic ball was a great success. This time would be no different. She had her usual team of specialists to make sure of that. The only worrying bit was the biting cold winter weather. Summer events were so much nicer...

President Mécra and his countrymen had taken up residence in the Hotel & Spa Chateau La Colline, together with Queen Nova and her delegation.


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After the brief meeting, the appointed Ambassador Cristinese to Magnaeus Carlo Montalto guided Queen Nova Maxima Korvini and her delegation through some of the Venège’s tourist venues to the Tennis Club owned by Nova's uncle, Daniele Alexandre, where she lost a fierce tennis match against a professional Emakeran player. After the game the Queen granted some interviews to local and international news agencies.

Later, after a stroll along Lake Lyrie, Nova and her entourage returns to the Chateau la Colline to get some rest and then change for the dinner. Neatly groomed and dressed, the Queen is led along with the Cristinese delegation to the reception hall of the famous hotel. There they are received by more journalists. Patiently and very charming, the Queen answers and replies to all questions and compliments until she notices the entrance of the Président du Conseil de la République de Fleur de Lys Charles André Alexandre Mécra, himself accompanied by a young lady. Nova then apologizes to the journalists and takes a few steps toward the Lysians approaching her.

When Mécra introduces himself, the Queen can not help but smile. With a mix of amusement and great admiration, she offers her left hand for him to kiss. She knows everything that she needs to know about the political life of Charles Mécra, or so she thinks. Her mother, a Lysian musician, is a longtime admirer of the Président du Conseil. "There are so many things you can learn from him," Joanne never got tired of repeating this to her daughter.

Votre Majesté - says Mécra taking Nova's hand and bowing - A pleasure, and certainly leisure, that I agree too much, to meet you.

Bonsoir, Monsieur Mécra. Enchanté de faire votre connaissance. - says the Queen, delighted.

The Lysian President of the Council then opens some space to introduce Ms Juliette André. Nova looks at the young woman in the eyes. Che bella donetta - says the Queen to Juliette - I'm sure you're more than capable for the task. You will love Cristina. The Queen smiles at the woman and then introduces the ambassador to Magnaeus Carlo Montalto, and the ambassador to Fleur de Lys Rosana Giannini. The finest of the new Cristinese prodigies in diplomacy and political affairs - Nova concludes with a certain air of pride. The Queen leaves to Ms Giannini the task to introduce other members of the Cristinese delegation what she does in a perfect French.

Monsieur Mécra, I have no good knowledge on the Magnean cuisine - says Queen Nova with a smile - Please, what would you suggest?

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Once again amused by the expressions and grimaces of the Council President of Fleur de Lys, the Cristinese Queen smiles openly and looks at Rosana Giannini. “Nous aimons Venège, monsieur ... la ville est belle et temps est très agréable” - answers ambassador Rosana.

The Queen takes Charles Mécra's arm and is escorted by him to the table prepared for the dinner. She takes her seat and looks surprised, albeit pleased, at the political Lysian when he seats next to her. She waits until everyone else takes their seats and turns to Mécra. “Lysian cousine! I have not had such a pleasure in a while” - says the Queen with remarkable satisfaction. The Cristinese ambassadors also agree with the cousine recommendation. Rosana is still talking to Juliette in Cristinese when the cards are given to the guests, Nova entrusts Mécra to takes care of the requests and turns to the Magnean hosts, praising the city and the hotel choice. “Venège is so wonderful, much more than I ever imagined” - says the Queen. “And your people, so polite and hospitable... I have been treated very well since I arrived, thank you”. She then looks around the room, the architectural style and the old decorations that harmoniously blend with modernity. “Ah, the Belle Epoque! This place reminds me of the old and beautiful cháteau of my father's family in the north of Mantella...  Magnifique”.

When she turns her attention to Mécra again, Nova finds the Lysian still talking to the Chef Sommelier. The Queen exchanges some glances with a few other guests and smiles, amused and at the same time admired with Mécra’s knowledge and concerns on the cousine. Suddenly, after ordering some dishes and wines, Mécra decides to entrust the chef with the rest of the menu.

“Mmh, Langoustines bretonnes rafraichies, doré caviar, nage réduite ... and an excellent choice of wine” - finally says the Queen with a satisfied look - “it was a really good decision to leave the menu under your recommendation, Monsieur Mécra”. Nova then looks into Mécra's eyes in more depth. “What do you expect from our summit, Monsieur Mécra?” - asks the Queen. "It is not my intent to be rude or too direct, but I'd like to know if you think it's really possible for us to reach a great agreement as expected?"

Many in Cristina, including me, believe that our three nations will be able to create not only the Europa’s largest trade and Industrial hubs, but also a return to our shared roots, a positive return to the great ages of the Eternal Empire, a bond that will always keep us tied in some way” - continues the Queen, secretly mourning Mantella's isolationism.

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The Queen’s eyes follow each Mecra’s gestures and facials as he tastes the Chassagne Montrachet. She knows one thing and another of Lysian whites, having learned from her uncle. But she is now enchanted to observe how Mecra takes it to another level. The Lysian then approved the fine drink and makes the final recommendations on how it must be served.


“Be careful, dear one, that man knows how to handle a dinner and if he comes to apply such skills on politics you will be singing Lysian motto while dancing on the table before that summit ends”, said her smiling mother back in Cristina. It is clear for Nova that for Mecra there is no difference between one thing and the other… he knows how to get you perfectly involved in it. But she is already amused and entertained and want to see and experience more. Care with traditions always fascinated her. Cristineses tends to think and act as they are the only ones in the whole world who care for the old things and traditions, despite the advanced modernization of their city. “The Président du Conseil excels in it, at least when it comes to fine meals and beverage”, she thinks with a softy smile.


Some time later, when they all were enjoying the dinner, a more clear political aspect of the night comes to the table. The Queen hears each of Mécra’s words with attention. It is good to hear directly from the Lysian representative that his country interests matches with what Cristina is already doing towards the expected agreements between the three nations. Nova waits until he makes his initial statement before she starts.


“Cristina thinks that would be very interesting for we all and is already acting in that way. One can see it in our very recent history that when my people want something they go for it, and they go hard. Too bad it led to a sad armed conflict”, she says. “Now we wish to ensure that such things will never happen again in this region and what would be the best way to construct this if not by strengthening our economic ties? Others may follow us in that way”, she compliments.


When the Chef Sommelier shows her the fine  Mantellan Gaja she decides to taste and approves it, not only because she appreciates it or because she was at that point wishing to taste something more of her usage, but hoping that her gesture displays a bit of political message too.”Perfetto!” She softly exclaimed and smiled at the Chef.


As the discussions go on, the Cristinese Queen feels herself immersed in the ambient. Between Mécra's smiles and the expectations for the results of the important summit, between the various frivolity and anecdotes being told and the incredible degustation, Nova knows the importance of this moment. Tomorrow the conference with the Lysian and Magnean representatives may result in achieving goals she has been pursuing for more than a decade. The realisation of a dream of King Rober II, her deceased husband.


The Lysian was conducting everything right in the dinner. It was enjoyable moment of relaxation and fine experimentation of senses, as the Queen expected. Everything is setting the ground for tomorrow but without letting the attendants concern to much for now.


For now, Nova amuses herself while observing the Président du Conseil trying the Cristinese bread. With a smile she nods to him and try one herself. She continues to talk to the two leaders, one time asking president Sophie Gerber more about Venège’s last fares and fashion and on another time wondering to president Mecra when he will accept to play a tennis match against her in Lyrie. She also go back to politics and economics when she judges that is the right moment for that, telling them that agreements between the Cristinese government, the Monetary Authority of Cristina, which regulates the country offshore finance and the Cristinese Trade Organization, which determines taxation rules are already in advanced stage so Lysian and Magnean Companies would be taxed even more lightly. Moments later she also let out that improvement and upgrades are fast being developed on the Cristinese infrastructure using the most advanced technology and human resource to encourage economic activity.


Nova noted that the other Cristinese were also involved in healthy political debate with their counterparts but also enjoying the dinner, letting the details for tomorrow. The Queen was right to rely on the young ambassadors from the start as they were being very able to handle the moment despite their apparent inexperience.


Just when Nova decides she I already satisfied with the meal they brought that elegant carts of cheese. It was in her last visited to Lyrie, fifteen years ago, when she last saw this. The Queen is once more drawn to Mécra words as he interrupts a talk to announce the new event and make an analogy between politics and cheese, much for her amusement. Laughing and smiling she thanked Mécra for that lesson and cheers with him, raising her glass following the Lysian gesture. “To Peace!”

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Nova had just tried a small piece of the Charollais when Charles Mécra passed copies of an essay to her and to president Sophie Gerber of @Magnaeus.

Surprised, Nova looks at the Président du Conseil de @Fleur de Lys with an half smile naturally drawn on her lips as she takes the essay passed by the Lysian. A bit curious, she reads on the front page… “Trattato Trilaterale di Cooperazione Europea”. The Queen opens the document and briefly browses it. She then gently passes it to Rosana and look again at Mécra. “Grazie! I am sure the Cristinese is written just fine. Besides, I like the way you think, Signore Mécra”.

Rosana Giannini, in her turn, takes a little longer on the words of the document. After reading it she looks at her queen and softly nods.

Finishing wuth the delicious cheese, Nova properly rests the cutlery. “Signora Gerber, Signore Mécra and the good people around this table, although I am enjoying the company and the meal, I may call it a night. I am truly satisfied for this night”, she looks at Mécra, thanking him for the presented menu with a soft nod. “But now I am in need of some sleep. It was such a day, isn’t it? Tomorrow will be even better, that I know for sure. For now, if you excuse me, I will leave to my suite”, the Queen says politely, expecting the others to respect her decision to leave.

Ambassador Carlo Montalto, who was still savoring a generous slice of the Pouligny-Saint-Pierre suddenly stands up, leaving the cheese on the plate to take Nova's left hand, helping her to stand. She thanks the young men and turns back to the others on the table with her characteristic smile. “Have a good night, signoras and signores. Please, don't let my leaving be the end of this great night for yourselves

Rosana passes the essay to Montalto while Nova shake hands with Charles Mécra and Sophie Herber and their ambassadors. She knows her queen will read those pages with more regard when alone in her room. The other Cristineses politely excuse themselves and stand up, each at his or her own time, leaving the dinner room after some formal last words with their counterparts. Rosana is to stay at the table for final considerations and last talks with Lysians and Magneans.

In her suite, Queen Nova dresses a soft and more comfortable silk dress and seats on a chair by a beautiful wooden writing desk and opens again the document passed by Mécra. She reads each line with attention . “Very good. It seems we have a good starting point here”. She sends digital copies of the essay to each members of her delegation and to Minister of State Adriana Monadic back in Cristina, for their consideration.

Quickly, a video conference is set up using an official app developed exclusively for the government of Cristina. Some time later, the essay gets the approval of the majority of them, Minister of Public Administration Signore Nico Salano still seeing little gain for the people of Free Port of Cristina in such trilateral agreement, for much of the others consternation.

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What a magnificent evening it had been so far. This made president Sophie Gerber very happy indeed. The guests had been wonderful. It was a treat to see these heads of state getting along so well with each other. The way Queen Nova Maxima and president Mécra interacted reminded her of old friends that know each other through and through. People who weren't there to witness it would never believe it if you told them about it later. The closeness and amicability were a joy to witness. And the diplomatic staff was also putting their best foot forward. Yes,  this truly was a marvelous moment in time.

Sophie felt a toast coming up.

"Ladies, gentlemen, if it pleases you," she started out. "I would like to propose a toast to the fortunate fate that brought all of us together tonight. These central Europan nations have always been at the crossroads of many different cultures and ideas. This dinner is an excellent example of all that is right about our region. Take for example this food which combines the best elements from each nation. This evening I have seen many of you enjoy the delightful Cristinese bread with enjoyable Lysian cheese and fresh Magnean fruits, paired with the charming Mantellan gaja. Grazie mille amici miei per questa meravigliosa serata. Let this be the start of many wonderful things to come. l'Avenir sera brillant pour l'accord trilatéral. And as they say in Magneus: A sitzunde Saager isch glich vil wärt wie en liggunde Schiisser."

(Later that evening)

The Queen of @Cristina had already withdrawn to her chambers. She was a clever lady, that Queen, knowing full well when to strategically retire and reevaluate the situation. The Lyrian delegation still lingered in the drawing room of Hotel La Colline. Apparently, président Mécra was feeling quite playful tonight. Was this the liqueur speaking? He openly challenged president Gerber to a game of billiards.

"Ah but of course monsieur Mécra I will gladly accept this challenge," remarked Sophie with a sly look and feigned amateurism. She reached for the nearest cue and pretended not to know how to apply chalk. Mécra, seeing this, came to the rescue of a lady in need of help. "Oh monsieur Mécra you have so many talents!" she said to acknowledge his completely unnecessary assistance. "As our honored guest, of course,  you are most certainly permitted to start this first game." Mécra obliged by breaking this first frame. Unfortunately for him, not a single ball was pocketed.

Sophie smiled. "You know, Charles... May I call you Charles?" she asked hesitantly. "Well, you know how we Magneans have the reputation of being very precise in everything we do." Sophie turned once more to Mécra and winked. "Let's make this game more interesting, shall we? I propose that if you win, I will tell you the story of how in university I earned my nickname Sofia la Macchina."

"A bet, this is so very exciting, thank you, madame, I will certainly accept your invitation to challenge for the win of this small game we play between friends like ourselves," rambled Mécra. "But now tell me, please, Frau Präsidentin," he continued asking curiously, "What do you expect from me in case you happen to win?"

"Well Monsieur", Sophie answered, "In the case that you lose this little game of ours..."

She didn't immediately continue her sentence, but leaned over the edge of the table. Her cue pointed straight at the whitey. With one fluent motion, she launched the cue ball into an umbrella shot, playing full color and immediately pocketing two, while also setting up a third for consecutive play. How lovely to be underestimated. She didn't look at Mécra but his mouth must have been wide open.

"... in that case you will, for the rest of this trilateral summit, stop using the silly name 'Lake Lyrie' and use the proper name 'Lac Venège' as has been the traditional description for many centuries. Surely an educated man like yourself must know this by now?"

The game was on.

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