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[IDEA] Capital of Culture

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Going through the main NS forums, I came across this topic by the people of Rushmore. It describes their setup for electing a "capital of culture". https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=287463

And here are some other, RL examples as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_of_Culture


I am sure we could institute something similar. Who here is interested?

While a monthly update seems perhaps too much for our region, perhaps 2-3 months is a better rhythm?

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I think this is an interesting idea.The city doesn't need to be a capital, right? There are other, smaller cities that deserve equal attention. For Magneus the city of N?mchen is very h?bsch.



You and I both have already been nominated for featured nation. So that would exclude us from being capital of culture.

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Talked about this on Discord earlier tonight. Some thoughts.

Timing. Make it a recurring item. Elect a new city every 6 months. Keep some cities in reserve. A rotational system is also proposed.

Activity. If you put a city forward, you commit to explaining something about your nation's culture. Art, history, people, events, etc. I'd go for a minimum of 3 articles about your culture.

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10 hours ago, Sunset Sea Islands said:

@Orioni Dude when did you go to bed? It was half past two in the morning when I left. How long did you and @Iverica continue chatting?

Not too late, I think. Switched off around 5AM. Stopped reading at 6AM. Woke up at 10AM.

10 hours ago, Gallambria said:

Why not have something like the World Expo?

World Expo is certainly possible, if you find enough interesting. It's a similar to this idea of a rotating culture capital. 

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I'd take part in this. It sounds right inline with Adapton national identity, so it would make sense for Adaptus to put forward a city. 

I've lived in two cities which have fought for both the UK capital of culture, and European Capital of Culture (Gateshead/Newcastle and Sunderland). So I'm somewhat familiar with the process. 

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