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EBC-network-logo.pngOur first post!


President Darko Divac revealed his revised plans for environmental protection today. These rules effectively solve the nuclear waste problem, as a building site has been chosen. This strategy calls for the digging of a hole to house the waste, a support infrastructure to keep the pressure manageable, and the dirt will be used for plugging the hole. A station above will monitor the condition of the barrels, incase a crisis happens. In other news, a statue of Josip Broz Tito has been taken down in the center of Belgrade, FC Zagreb beat Podgorica 4-1, and the latest model of the Yugo, the Yugo TRA, is enjoying great sales.


And on to our next big story of the day, international relations. The Eurof?hrer is still testing waters to find suitable allies, and so far none have been found. Our great nation is also trying to get a spot on our regional map. In today's morning presser, communications director Svetoslav Petrovic told reporters that he is, "dismayed that none have stepped up, but we are sure suitable partners will come." However, for all of us here at EBC, we think the future looks bright for our country.

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In a moderately surprising decision, the Slavic Senate has voted to approve a bill that drastically increases funding for the space program


The space program was suffering from some budget problems and stalled development on the Nadati III, the project designed for interplanetary travel.


This declaration shortens the timetable for construction on the spacecraft, and also gives money for much safer training procedures.


These funds will come from the shutdown of several dictatorship military bases. These bases were simply not needed and were being used as storage. The valuable materials will go to an auction, while the rest will be scrapped.


In addition a new airport will be built on the former site located in Prizren, in the Kosovo Administrative District. This airport will serve many people flying to cities such as Belgrade, Zagreb, and beyond. The Transportation Minister, Jurij Princip, is very excited.


'"It gives the people of this area a much bigger freedom to travel." he said.


In related news, former dictatorship era statues are being thrown down, a damn has been built on the Sava river, and a fishing boat off the coast operated by two eurofuhrerian fishermen was capsized. Miraculously both have been found alive.


From all of us here at EBC, thanks for stopping by.

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EBC-network-logo.pngThe Eurofuhrerian Grand Prix just finished its first race of the season.


The Grand Prix, established just this year, has received surging ratings and great approval from viewers.


The winner of the race in Solivrov is an experienced driver by the name of Drago Dubinsky. When confronted by reporters after the race, Dubinsky said that it "is an honor to participate in this circuit."


The next race will take place in the city of Ljubljana, capital of the Slovenian administrative district. Many fans are excited.


Our next story today concerns fake news. The Eurofuhrerian government is cracking down on these sites that spread bad information in an effort to get the populace more politically informed. As a result, many websites supporting conspiracies and practices that have proven to be untrue have been shut down.


In international relations, the Eurof?hrer is closer to getting a spot on the map. The government is still looking for allies in this period.


That does it for us at EBC, thanks for stopping by.

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The Congress approved a bill that makes companies responsible for what they dump into the environment and stricter sanctions for waste dumping.


This bill, proposed by an environmentalist congressman from Slovenia, received great approval from all parties.


Congress says that this will keep the Eurof?hrer beautiful.


Companies do not agree


"We make great goods for consumers!" yells a red faced businessman. "These levels of sanctions will hurt our business!"


But business or no business, the Eurof?hrer will stay beautiful.


Our second story considers violent sports.


Gridiron football has been banned by the Eurofuhrerian comittee on sports. They view the long lasting effects of CTE as detrimental for the country.


The most popular sports in the Eurof?hrer, soccer and basketball are still legalized and supported by local sports schools.


From all of us at EBC, thanks for stopping by.

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In a traditional fox hunt, the president had an encounter with a rabid wild wolf.


Thankfully, the wolf did not bite him, and he is in the hospital in stable condition. The estimated timetable for his return is 4 weeks.


Until then, the government will be headed by Vice President Danica Medvedyev.


Medvedyev is known for being more liberal than most in the unified party, and her chance is strong in the 2018 election.


When confronted by reporters, Medvedyev said,"I am obviously terribly sorry for the condition of our president, and I sincerely hope for him to have a quick recovery. However, I will do the best of my abilities to keep everything running smoothly. I feel that I can accomplish something that many others in my position cannot."


Another big story, the Zagreb orchestra was rated as the "Best In The Eurof?hrer" for their riveting performance of "Rhapsody in Blue". Belgrade came in second for their amazing rendition of Marche Slave


Conductor Milos Dubnya could not be happier with the result. "Everything just came into place, the melodies and harmonies, and I am so happy that we won the prize."


The Zagreb hall, which drastically needed renovation, is given a gift of 750,000 Euros.


In related news, Eurofuhrerian train company EmTrak is looking to build tracks with other nations. The nations mentioned in talks are Cavunia, Prymont, and a cross continent trip to Cashar. Many say this will strengthen ties with other countries in the region.


The Eurofuhrerian SuperLiga kicks off today, with Partizan facing Split, a rematch of last year's championship, many are very excited.


From all of us here at EBC, thanks for stopping by.






user posted image


The Zagreb orchestra after their prize winning performance.

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Welcome to EBC, the Eurof?hrer's most trusted news source



LJUBLJANA- A senior senator representing Slovenia in national affairs has died of natural causes. Kresimir Molotov, who fought in the Yugoslavian war, fought for former veterans. His replacement will be decided in the upcoming 2019 midterm elections. A snap election is being held for the smaller term.


The United Party is expected to win the seat, however the socialist party has been gaining in the polls.


The flag will fly at half staff in honor of his great life.


He died at the age of 76.


In related news, employees rights to ban customers has recently been defended in civic court, President Darko Divac and his family are steadily recovering, and FC Pristina BEAT Belgrade in an upset of 2-1.


From all of us here at EBC, thanks for stopping by.



user posted image


The Eurofuhrerian flag flies high over Lake Vlasina

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BELGRADE- The Eurof?hrer has officially established diplomatic ties with the United States of Prymont.


Interim president Danica Medyensky is very pleased with the situation. "We have found an ally on our continent that shares our ideology and values. We are thankful to the United States of Prymont for their cheerfulness and cooperation in the diplomatic process. We will certainly become tight allies in the years to come."


President Darko Divac released a statement while recovering, saying, "I am excited to begin a new chapter with the United States of Prymont. We have a great ally!


An embassy has been built in the Prymontian capital.


Train transport company EmTrak has recently announced the building of a railroad from Belgrade to New Halsham. This will be used for commercial shipping as well as some private shuttles.


Construction has started, and both sides are eager for the day when it is complete. EmTrak CEO Johan Cech says, "We here at EmTrak see a great opportunity for our growth and for our country's growth with the United States of Prymont. It's a win win!



From all of us at EBC, thanks for stopping by.

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EBC-network-logo.pngWelcome to EBC, your trusted news source.


The Eurof?hrer is now looking for more allies in their quest for international respect.

The budding democracy, in a new continent in the region dubbed "Little Europe" by Sunset Sea Islands is looking for more companions.


There are diplomatic ties between two nations so far, the aforementioned Prymont and Sunset Sea Islands.


The Eurof?hrer is next to Cavunia and is a reasonable distance away from the isolationist country of Derthalen.


And now, sports.


Red Star Belgrade Basketball beat KK Partizan in a close match, 82-78. Ognjen Kuzmic scored 16 points and 12 rebounds, while on the losing side Stefan Bircevic had 22 points. This win for Red Star puts them in the drivers seat in the Southern Conference.



In related news, the port city of Zagreb is still accepting shipments, surveyors are exploring the Eurof?hrer's deep forests, and primary schooling in the Eurof?hrer is recently resuming after a two week break, and Highway 34 was stopped for 5 hours today due to a fruit truck rolling over and spilling its cargo.


From everyone here, thanks for stopping by today.






A view from the Eurofuhrerian embassy in New Halshamuser posted image



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EBC-network-logo.pngWelcome to EBC, your trusted news source.

Antargic Developments

Antargic talks are heating up now, with claims made by the Entente of Oriental States and the ISTC. The Eurofuhrer has also laid claim to an area. The early infrastructure plans have been released to the public.


:pic: Early infrastructure exterior of the proposed base.

The Minister For Foreign Affairs, Boris Herjavec, is currently at a diplomatic meeting held to resolve the matter. 

In other news, @Iverica and the Eurofuhrer have begun diplomatic relations. New ambassador to Iverica,  Nikolai Milosavlevic, is thrilled with the results. “We have another committed ally, and we hope that we shall stay close friends in the future.

Eurofuhrerian Expansion

Surveyors and explorers are currently exploring the mysterious lands bordering the Euroführer, opening up talks for an expansion. The great Sylvakia, the term used for these giant wooded areas are populated with many animals. Tiny streams also dot the landscape.


:pic: Photo of western lands, taken by drone. Includes old paths used by former residents.

Stay tuned for more info, and thanks for stopping by.

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Crowning of new Eurofuhrerian Tsar

After former tsar Drazen II died in April, many knew tsar Alexander IV was in line for the crown. At a youthful 28 years of age, Alexander brings exuberance and newness to the Palace, which desperately needs it. Alexander sat down with us for an exclusive interview from EBC:

Reporter: The challenge of being a face of one of the most recognizable nations of Europa, a position that dictates how we will be faced by foreigners, are you ready for that challenge.

Alexander: Yes, I believe I am more than ready to assume this responsibility. Our foreign image is already pristine, and I will work diligently to keep it that way.

Reporter: You have always been “one of the people” from attending soccer and basketball games as the Tsarevich, and also walking through the main squares, greeting people as you walk by. Will you continue to be a people’s Tsar?

Alexander: Most definitely. Our people are already looking forward to the coronation, and I can’t wait to continue to help our great country. 

Reporter: A new neighbor has just been established, the country of @Girkmand. How will foreign relations build between the two nations?

Alexander: I hope we can come to peace and prosperity. They are high on the General Secretary’s list of potential allies, and they would be a great ally.


Portrait of Tsar Alexander IV in traditional military outfit


Reporter: Expansion, a hot topic in the country. Do you support it?

Alexander: Yes I do. I dream of a point where we border @Cavunia and @Girkmand in the near future. Hopefully we can establish that dream during my reign.

Reporter: How long do you project yourself ruling for? 

Alexander: Most likely around 60 to 65 years, although optimistically linger of course.

Reporter: Thank you for sitting down with us today, and good luck as our next Tsar!

Alexander: Thank you very much.


The coronation will be held on October 10th. It will be a private ceremony reserved to only friends, family, reporters, and possibly international diplomats. This is a EBC exclusive story.


Well, that does it for us, thanks for stopping by.



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Overview of the Crowning


The crowning of the new Tsar, Alexander IV, was a great success. The ceremony ran smoothly, and the tsar was crowned as the new Head of State of The Euroführer!



The newly crowned Tsar doing the honors of crowning Her majesty Ludmilla the Third.

Ludmilla will be the co-ruler of The Euroführer, but both monarchs have no true governmental power.

The Tsar and the Tsarina, will tour the country before settling at the Winter Palace, their residence for the winter season!

This day will be remembered as a great day in Eurofuhrerian history!

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Welcome to the Eurofuhrerian Broadcasting Channel, your trusted news source.


In anticipation of a major Grand Prix involving all corners of Europa, the famous Solivrov Circuit, in the small town of Solivrov has put in a bid for a race to be held there. 

Designed in 1921, the track was created by the transition of public roads to nearby towns. It became a marquee circuit in the 1940s and has been a challenging ride for many drivers. 2.jpg

Aerial view of the Solivrov Circuit.


In the 1960s, economic decline and safety concerns led to the track being closed for four years, being reopened in1967.

Nestled in the rolling hills of the northwestern part of the country, the prestigious track has been the host of the Eurofuhrerian Grand Prix since its inception in 1977. 


Akin to the Prymontian track, this will be the second track entered in the bidding from the “new world”


In other news, General Secretary Darko Divac offered congratulations to new Variotan leader Dina Diva.

In a statement released to the press, he said he following. 

“First off, I congratulate you on your amazing victory. Even though we do not agree on some issues, I am sure we can get along quite well. However, being the leader of a great country like Variota is no small task, and I hope you are up to it. We congratulate you and encourage you to do the best things with the hearts of your people in mind.”


New leader of the Variotan people, Dina Diva.

That is all we have for now on EBC, thanks for stopping by today,



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